Brown County Sherriff’s Office Trolled On-line Predators Last Weekend

Posted: October 14, 2014 by deathstalker2 in Sex Crime
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by deathstalker2

Green Bay, WI — A coordinated effort to net child predators on-line was conduced this past weekend involving nineteen local, federal, and state law enforcement agenices in Northeast Wisconsin.  The net brought in a haul of twenty-four predators, which isn’t a bad catch.  Capt. Jeff Sandborn of the Brown County Sherrif’s office stated that this number being so high from their last operation is concerning to authorities.  In 2012, their last operation like this only brought in five people.  “That was substantial.  We thought we cut the head off the snake right there”, Sandborn said, unaware of how much he’s revealing about himself in that statement. The article notes that 84 arrests of this sort have gone down since the year “20-12”, which makes me think the author juxtaposed a year and a football score together, and the error managed to make it past the editing process.

I do applaud the efforts of the officers to try to bring these people in, and I’m glad they are catching up to the modern age, but I still find it somewhat hilarious how far behind the times they are.   And judging from the looks of the majority of these people they caught, it’s amazing they’d even catch these internet savy geniuses.  They are obviously well-educated people with mensch level IQ’s who could have easily outwitted the police on a normal day. Using CraigsList, law enforcement agents placed ads posing as 15 year old girls, which the perps replied to.  Evidently, the ads were so well written that the criminals were unable to see the red flags raised by on-line ads placed by under-aged girls on a site that has had to crack down on such things as well as CraigsList has done over the past few years.  Maybe the officers used correct 15 year old girl terminology like “OMG want 2 have s3x w/ me?” to confuse the potential offenders.  In any event, the officers used the transcripts and pictures of the ensuing conversations to nab the perps under the charge of using a computer to facilitate a sex crime.  That’s the only charge they could get to possibly stick since the officers couldn’t get any of the suspects to meet up with the under-aged girl, because the reality of the situation is that nobody ever really meets anyone off of CraigsList.



  1. thinkgoat says:

    because the reality of the situation is that nobody ever really meets anyone off of CraigsList.

    Loved the article, DS. Cleverly written, as always.



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