By ThinkGoat

San Diego, California  Number 1: This particular baby has nothing to do with this story. Number 2: I really hate this pose, now that I’ve seen a few thousand variations of it in different degrees of awfulness. Number 3: This particular story does feature a premature baby and photographs…and a pediatric nurse who fostered that baby when no one else seemed to take interest.

Given the heartwarming introduction to this nurse, how is it this story made its way to being featured on CrimeCrawlers? Well, my friends, not every story here has to be filled with death, destruction, and debauchery. Some stories are chosen to make you feel good.

This isn’t one of those.

Meet the monster – 50-year-old Michael William Lutts.

Michael, a pediatric nurse, fostered a newborn premature baby.That’s commendable. He did what any proud parent/foster parent does with a new baby, he took lots of pictures. And video. There’s quite a difference in what Michael allegedly did compared to what most every other parent does – that difference is, the pictures and video featured a naked baby being fondled.

Instead of the Bow Chicka Wow-Wow soundtrack that generally accompanies such videos, according to the F.B.I., Michael chose to keep the original in place: The screaming and crying. There’s another thing he chose to keep in place…the identification tags on the baby’s legs. Not only do I completely hate child and animal abusers, I hate lazy people who don’t remove tags.

Allegedly, Michael Lutts not only found audience in the dark and fucked-up world of child pornography, he found someone who gave him all kinds of scene advice, maybe an agent-acting accomplice? In the face of condensing titles, let’s just call 34-year-old Stephen H. Schaffner, monster #2.

Let’s meet him.

According to the grand jury indictment, Schaffner, from Greensboro, Maryland, was a clinical professional counselor before he had his license suspended in June of this year. He also let his licence in Arizona expire in 2011. This is purely speculative but looking at him, the intelligence doesn’t seem to be dripping from this prick’s face, now, does it?

It’s alleged, Schaffner received imagines of the infant boy being molested the evening the baby was taken to Lutt’s home. It’s also alleged, Schaffner directed Lutts to provide more images and video of the baby boy receiving oral sex. Jesus Christ, you get the picture these two have unfortunately painted for us.

The F.B.I. employs some resourceful folks. They have the manpower to retrieve every single horrific image the kiddy-diddlers put out for the rest of the sick fucks to fap to. Thank God for that. I understand them needing to get their ducks in a row, so-to-speak, so they can gather as much evidence as they can to make the charges stick and these mouth-breeders go away for the maximum amount of time but I wish they’d conduct their raids with poisonous gas and dick-sickle. I’m not too sure how many people would protest the protocol change. (Well, maybe uber-liberal human-rights activists but even then, who honestly thinks these types of monsters are human?)

Combined, these two need to have their dicks lopped off, cut in half, shoved in their eye sockets and their bottom lips pulled up over their heads and stapled their scrotum. And I’d consider that a pretty conservative start to the punishment they deserve.

Michael Lutts is charged with a federal violation of sexual exploitation of a child. More charges may be filed, according to the sources. Pile them on. Steven Schaffner is also charged with sexual exploitation of a child.

Schaffner faces between 15 and 30 years in prison for his charges and if he lives long enough to get out, he’ll have a lifetime of supervised release. Let’s hope Lutts faces more than that and is put in general population so the taxpayers don’t have to support him through a lengthy prison sentence.

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  1. crabby patty says:

    i cant wait for their friends to come here saying they were framed or other stupid statements.
    welcome back thinkgoat. you were missed in a sick way.


  2. deadmyron says:

    You should run for judge, TG, I would tout your brand of justice.


  3. loopycann says:

    I would love to cut the penis ‘ off these degenerates and feed em to my Oscar. Take the gash it left and pack it with salt ,bandage it with duct tape ,( so it won’t come off) and put em in a pickle bath till their flesh rots off.No, that would be too nice for these two.Ass wipes look real intelligent. We probably paid to put the “counselor” through school w/ tax money.Looks like a friggin feminist Hillary lover Wrought with self hate for being whiteWhat a pig.



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