Michael Wilson, Jr About Lost His Head and Hands in a Metal Recycling Incident

Posted: October 3, 2014 by thinkgoat in Abuse of a Corpse, Crime, Death, Decapitation, Felony Count, Murder
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By ThinkGoat

Memphis, Tennessee  Really? It’s Crime Crawlers. I’m not going to waste my precious time on some idiot who decides to risk life and limb on some sharp-assed metal only to get a few bucks in his pocket for groceries, tuition, whores, drugs, or a 40 oz. This story stood out because of something that prompted this quick-thinking dialog: “I’m like, man, what the hell you got going on, bro? He said something like he didn’t mean to kill him. I said, kill who brother? I don’t want to know who that is, I don’t want to know. You don’t got to tell me.”

Lacedric Ruffin showed up at the house belonging to Michael Wilson, Jr., to retrieve some scrap metal that was going to be given to him. He states he pulled into the back yard and started loading the shit into his vehicle. He happened to notice Wilson allegedly grabbing a plastic bag out of a garbage can and putting it in one of the metal objects that would soon end up in the junkyard.

“Ain’t no smell, wuden no funny smell. Wuden no, wuden no signs of nothin goin on until dat bag busted. When dat bag busted, everything got ugly.” (phonetically transcribed from the video in the first link – yes I have a gift – yes, the video is worth the watch)

Yes, my friends, when that bag busted, (and consequently, when things got ugly), a head came rolling out. And that prompted the “WHAT THE HELL” quote found in the opening paragraph. But believing in full disclosure, as any honest person would do when passing on an item, fuckhead Wilson told him a couple of hands were still in the bag. (apparently holding on for dear life)Severed head found in man's trash

Taking a cursory look around for anything sharp enough, within Wilson’s reach, that might be used to give literal meaning to the “two heads are better than one” adage, Ruffin listened to Wilson’s pleading. “I didn’t mean to kill him.” Hell yeah I’d make that crazy son-of-a-bitch think I believed him.

Wilson must have thought he and Ruffin were on the same page when he let Ruffin open his vehicle’s door with his hands still attached, and get the fuck out of dodge.

Lacedric Ruffin, who is currently on parole, put that brain of his to some rapid thinking. Knowing his fingerprints would be found on the vast portion of items scattered in that yard, and knowing he’d surely be an accomplice in whatever insanity fell upon that head and hands in the yard, he decided to drive his happy ass to the police department.

When police responded, they found the head and a decomposing body inside Michael Wilson’s house. Those pesky hands, which did not make an appearance out of the bag, were actually found in a bedroom, along with a left lower leg. They also gathered the tools used to dismember the body.

Neighbors claim Wilson is schizophrenic. I think I would have added “dumb as fuck” as a preface, but that’s just me.

36-year-old dumb-as-fuck schizophrenic Michael Wilson, Jr. has been charged with second-degree murder and abuse of a corpse. He’s currently being held on $2 million bond. Had he just spend a few extra dollars on Hefty bags, I doubt any of this would have happened.

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  1. thinkgoat says:

    I was disturbed by the female reporter’s jerky movements in the video more than anything else.

    She reminds me of a female Captain Kirk and I don’t like her.



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