Give Arias Death, Already.

Posted: September 28, 2014 by thinkgoat in Arrested, Crime, Death, Decapitation, Domestic Violence, Guilty, Murder
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By ThinkGoat

Here We Go Again, Arizona  “Longevity runs in my family, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my natural life in one place,” Arias told “I believe death is the ultimate freedom and I’d rather have my freedom as soon as I can get it.”

What’s the fucking holdup?
Here’s a synopsis of this case: Bombshell happens upon a good Mormon (single) man with promise, realizes marrying him will solve her financial issues, gain her friends, and she could hopefully spawn little bat-shit crazies to fill his 5-bedroom house in Arizona.

She becomes a Mormon, seduces him repeatedly, and discovers she doesn’t quite fit the bill of someone he’d be willing to take home to his family for Sunday dinners.

Arias, however, was not the personality type to be dissuaded. When not wanted, she’d show up anyway, often times crawling through the doggy door at Travis’ house. She would follow him to other girlfriends’ homes and slash his tires.

Blah blah blah. I’m sure you can recite the months of psycho behavior that continued, leading up to June 4, 2008.

Arias, moved back to California, rented a car, dyed her hair, drove to Mesa, Arizona, and showed up at Alexander’s house in the middle of the night.

What did he do? He stuck his dick in crazy. Again.

He was planning a business trip to Mexico, in which he was taking a female interest of his and Jodi Arias was full-on displaying her sexual charm mixed with a whole buffet of psychosis.

alexander in hallShe took pictures of their sexual escapades, Travis cleaning himself up in the shower, and mistakenly, Travis laying dead at her feet after she slit his throat. Oops.

It took 5 days for Alexander’s friends to finally decide something had happened before they went to check on him.

Met with the smell of decomposition and blood down the hallway, they called the police and immediately threw out Jodi’s name.

Travis Alexander was found crumpled in his shower with 27 stab wounds, near decapitation, and a bullet hole in his head. The stab wounds (one penetrating his heart), were enough to kill him. The slit throat, killed him. The head-shot, killed him a third time.

Arias had tried to clean up the crime scene but quickly realizing there was way too much blood, she drug Alexander to the shower, threw some cups of water on him, took the sheets off the bed and threw them in the washer. Somehow the camera made it in there, too.

She was too stupid to realize deleted pictures could still be pulled off a SD card.

Faced with the evidence against her, she changed her story from not being close to Mesa, to two masked intruders forced their way into Travis Alexander’s home, brutally murdering him but leaving her unharmed, to finally, right before she went on trial, she murdered him in self-defense.

During the trial, this pathological, manipulative liar drug her victim’s character through the mud. It was the most disgusting and fascinating murder trial to watch unfold.

The State, armed with a bulldog of a prosecutor, dismantled Arias’ story piece by piece and ultimately, she was found guilty of murder, making her eligible for the death penalty. Immediately after the verdict, Arias played interviewee, and granted many riveting question/answer periods with various journalists who fit her bill. During one, she said she welcomed the death penalty. Actually, she preferred it. The jury, however, decided to turn chicken-shit and ended up being hung on the decision, thus giving Arias plenty of time to change her mind about the whole thing.

Monday starts jury selection for the penalty phase of the Arias trial. It was going to be very interesting because Arias had petitioned the courts to allow her self-representation. The court obliged but faced with that being a reality, she turned chicken-shit and the court-appointed attorneys that cannot stand her, must once again try to keep her alive.

I’d love the defendant, the defense team, and anyone else in the Arias camp to just get up there and say, “You know what? Let’s stick the needle in today.” Unfortunately, this more-than-likely will not be the case.

There are hundreds of forums, articles, pictures, etc. dedicated to this case. Read them. They’ve taken much more time developing the story than I wanted/needed. I’m just sick to death of this narcissistic twat and captivated at the same time.

Unfortunately, the trial will not be televised in real time (as it was with the main trial) but you can bet your sweet ass I’ll be monitoring courtroom tweets on my phone and adding my own commentary. I will, however, attempt to refrain from throwing shit.

Sound off – Do you support the death penalty? If you’ve been following this case for the past 8 years, what shocked you the most? Do you think the jury will be courageous enough to put her to death?

One more thing, I’m back, bitches.

  1. Lazlo says:

    Was wondering when you would stop resisting the demons that drive you. The world is sicker than ever and needs your unvarnished viewpoint. Welcome back, T.G!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ThinkGoat says:

    The meds were killing me. Coming back seemed to be the lesser of two evils

    Liked by 1 person

  3. thelemurknows says:

    Yay, glad you’re back!!!
    Burn this worthless POS at the stake.


  4. thinkgoat says:

    Thanks, old friend! Welcome back to you, too.

    I can’t get over how this thing has manipulated her way to continuing to suck precious oxygen.

    Do you think they’ll find a jury who’ll do what’s necessary or one that’ll give her life?


  5. RedRidingHood says:

    Ahhhh…… I awake from my slumber I realize that I smell fresh meat.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. thinkgoat says:

    It’s not fresh meat, it’s ass.


  7. laniedude says:

    I bet longevity runs in her family cuz homicidal rage is not one of the family traits…….but maybe keeping her alive will give her the opportunity to keep donating her hair to Locks of Love!


  8. laniedude says:

    Welcome back Goat


  9. thinkgoat says:

    Locks of love. Ha ha. They didn’t take near enough. I would have started at the neck and stripped her clean, skin and all, but that’s just me.

    And thanks LDude! Pleasure to see you


  10. deadmyron says:

    “He stuck his dick in crazy.” TG…I love the way you write! That sentence really resonates with me, for I too, have inserted my penis in crazy. More than once. Fortunately, I wasn’t sliced and diced while in the shower. Man, Mormons have the shittiest luck with crazies!



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