Don’t Poop on Kimberly Powell’s Carpet or She May Slap You to Death like She did to her 15-Month-Old Granddaughter, Amber Enard!

Posted: August 8, 2011 by ladyjustice84 in Aggravated Child Abuse, Arrested, Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Crime, Crime Against a Child, Death, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Mug Shot
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By LadyJustice

Denver, Colorado-Police have now released Kimberly Powell, the grandmother that allegedly beat her granddaughter to death, pending further autopsy results. The release came the SAME DAY she was arrested for the investigation of child abuse resulting in the death of her 15-month-old granddaughter, Amber Enard. Amber died in a horribly violent way on August 3, 2011 at the hands of her own 48-year-old grandmother police say. What the little girl went through was pure hell.This baby girl, that was barely over 1-year old, soiled herself on Powell’s carpet and, when Powell stepped in it, the “grandmother” went ballistic. She preceded to slap her numerous times and even “rammed her head into the wall,” according to witnesses. Powell says she just cleaned the child up and put her in bed to watch a movie with her and that Amber was sitting there, alive and well, when Powell fell asleep. Court documents say Amber had bruising on her chest, abdomen, back, shoulder, face and forearm that appeared to be deliberate after her body was found the next morning.

The reports say that her mom found little Amber’s dead body face down and cold in the bed the next morning. By 6:30 am she was dead and cold. Someone else in the home started CPR and 911 was immediately called. (I love how they can call the cops quickly AFTER she’s dead and cold but what about calling them when you see the little girl getting the crap beaten out of her?) She was pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital upon arrival.

After witnesses came forward Powell was arrested and released on August 4th. (How about keeping her in jail so she can’t beat another child to death?) “We certainly had enough probable cause to arrest her yesterday and that has not changed, but we believe based on the new information and in an effort to protect her rights we have to continue our investigation and get complete autopsy results,” Lt. Matt Murray with the Denver Police Department said.

“They’re suspecting her but I don’t believe (s)he did it,” Amber’s father, Emanuel Enard, said. “That’s my mother-in-law, that’s grandma, and grandma is a damn good grandma with the kids.” (No one wants to believe that they left their child with someone that killed them. Or maybe he knew Amber was in danger and just didn’t care?)

Neighbors say that the family threw house parties almost nightly.

“We hear a lot of screaming from their home,” Charlie Jackson, their neighbor, said. (Again, why didn’t anyone call police???)

“My daughter is 1 years old. She’s teething. What am I supposed to do? Put my hand over my daughter’s mouth and tell her to stop crying?” Enard responded. (Um, how about comforting her or seeing a doctor to make sure that’s indeed why she was screaming?)

This also isn’t the first time Powell’s seen charges either. Records show that she’s been arrested for car theft multiple times, shoplifting, parole violation, disturbing the peace, and failing to appear in court. (That sounds like my ideal babysitter and a “damn good grandma with the kids!”)

It makes me sick to see someone that could have done such a horrible thing to a child they should’ve loved go free. I understand that the accused “have rights too” but I think that if anyone’s a danger to society, this woman is! I think she should still be rotting until the coroner comes up with what actually happened to this little girl! As soon as the coroner’s finally report is out I’ll post an update!

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  1. thinkgoat says:

    ”We certainly had enough probable cause to arrest her yesterday and that has not changed, but we believe based on the new information and in an effort to protect her rights we have to continue our investigation and get complete autopsy results,”

    Hmmm. That’s interesting. Keep an eye on this – that statement has me extremely curious. I hope there’s a reason for letting her out…this is Denver…I’d like to believe they know what the fuck they’re doing.


  2. ladyjustice84 says:

    I certainly hope they know what the hell they’re doing! I also hope dear mommy and daddy will protect any other possible kids from her until they prove her innocent!


  3. Fed Up says:

    I am speachless… And that does not come easily…


  4. ladyjustice84 says:

    I didn’t know that was possible Fed Up, kidding kidding!


  5. Fed Up says:

    I know.. It is unusuall for me.. All I can say is I still can not wrap my head around it..

    Who beats a child in diapers for pooping…???? If she was potty training.. Who cares it does not matter.. CRAZY..

    Kudos to you for the write up.. I just do not know how you did it..


  6. ladyjustice84 says:

    I get that often actually. I’m not really sure how I can separate myself well enough to not call this possible monster everything in the book but yet stay connected enough to write the comments that I do. Maybe it’s my mental illness showing, lol.


  7. powell says:

    to this very current day grandmother Kim, mommy and daddy all remain free while amber is gone. no one was charged or did one day of jail shame on them for living and without being punished



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