Anthony Garcia Slipped a Little Something Extra into the “Greek Yogurt” He Handed Out at a New Mexico Grocery Store.

Posted: July 26, 2011 by ladyjustice84 in Arrested, Crime, Just Messed Up
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By LadyJustice

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.-This is precisely why you should be careful about the food a random stranger hands you! When I was a little girl and went trick-or-treating I wasn’t allowed to eat anything until my parents had examined it. Even as a child I knew that people did bad things to food just to see others eat it. So why are we so trusting now as adults as to take free samples from people at a grocery store? That’s probably the question many people are pondering after eating Anthony Garcia’s special sperm yogurt at a Sunflower Market.This Sunflower Market employee should have known better considering he was 31-years-old at the time (he’s since turned 32.) But you can’t blame a guy for trying I guess. Especially since police now believe that he’s done this before at a different location as well.


Garcia was caught in the act of distributing his “goods” at the market in January and was finally indicted on the charges of adulterating food and making false statements to federal investigators on July 14th. It seems it took this long for investigators to run his DNA and make sure it was indeed his sperm and to figure out the correct charges for such an occasion. (Pardon me while I compose myself from laughing hysterically…ok, I’m better.)

A female customer called police back in January to report that the “sample” that she’d been given was not yogurt. I wonder how she figured it out when others didn’t…should we just assume that she has a knack for that sort of thing? Or maybe it wasn’t cold and that’s how she knew…?

While arresting him police also figured out that Garcia had an outstanding warrant for inappropriate sexual contact with a minor. I bet the people that ate his special recipe wish that the police would’ve arrested him for that before now. I know I’d be pissed!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now become involved to see if any other food has been tampered with. That investigation is ongoing. (STILL?!?) Garcia could face federal charges as well. I’m sure that’s also how he got the charge of making false statements to federal investigators.

“(We) have never dealt with a case like this in all the years (that) I’ve been in law enforcement. It’s horrific. It’s horrific for the victim,” Sgt. Trish Hoffman of the Albuquerque Police Department said. I sincerely hope that they don’t ever have to deal with this again either!

When he appeared in court Garcia did not enter a plea. It’s also not clear who he’s getting to defend his dumbass. (I’d charge A LOT of money for that!) I’ll let you know as soon as we get a plea in the case!

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  1. DUH says:

    ewwwww, I’m never gonna go to Sams at dinner time again.


  2. Fed Up says:

    Nasty.. I say make him sample some of his special sauce…


  3. thinkgoat says:

    The problem is, he probably already has. He thought it added an extra “special something” to the Greek Yogurt – a taste of Mexico.



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