Terry Payton Claims He’s a Monster – His Community Feels Otherwise

Posted: July 24, 2011 by thinkgoat in Crime, Murder, Op-Ed
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By ThinkGoat

Paris, Illinois

Even a speck of common sense tells us that the shortest way to get from one point to another always takes the path of a straight line. Following a meandering road that zigs left and zags right is surely less efficient than taking a direct route. We hold these truths to be self-evident.

Often, upon tackling a story, I’ll familiarize myself with the geographical location of the crime scene and get a flavor of the demographics that comprise the area of interest. It generally serves no purpose other than pacifying certain curiosities within myself and if, for some reason they prove to be interesting enough, I’ll include a portion of my findings as a prelude to the tale.

I found nothing particularly noteworthy in Paris, Illinois; the demographics seemed to reflect a quintessential little town in the Midwest with a population a little over 8,500. That was before I stumbled upon the description of Vance Park, “a hushed quiet place that’s perfect for meditation”. Vance Park is a sunken garden that hosts a serpentine wall and at the far end of this little oasis, a lion’s head fountain. I have to wonder if this tiny community realizes the stark symbolism between Vance Park’s settings and the real life events that culminated in murder, the rigidly straight wall of justice made serpentine by the pre-existing factors that led a once quiet and reserved young man;s actions to emulate a lion’s roar.

Let’s meet the accused, 16-year-old Terry Payton.

Terry has been arrested and is facing two counts of Murder 1 for the death of his mother, 53-year-old Kathie.

It’s really not a stretch to see how this arrest was made. After all, Terry turned himself in. He sent a text message to his buddy, Jakob Shumaker, that stated, “I killed el madre, need help making her disappear. I stabbed her steven times after mercilessly beating the shit out of her” and he posted, “I’m a monster” on his facebook wall.

I’m no cop but it doesn’t take too many police hours to take the puzzle pieces and put them together. Dead woman + murder weapon + confession = open and shut case. Or so it’d seem. But what makes this case extremely unusual is the fact this small community has rallied together and standing firmly behind this accused murderer..even raising money for a decent defense attorney for Terry’s representation.

But why? Why are so many seemingly rational human beings willing to turn a blind eye to what’s clearly against the law, something as heinous as first-degree murder, and support a boy on the doorstep of adulthood who admitted to stabbing his own mother, not once, but seven times? Clearly the community members are either “certifiable” or there’s something so powerful that’d make this many people plead with the judicial system to look past the aesthetics of  a nice and tidy straight line of justice and suggest, instead, picking the zig-zagging serpentine structure that allows consideration into what led to the monstrous attack on a woman who’d raised him for 16 years.

Kathie Payton was allegedly a drunk. Not just an ordinary drunk but a ranting-raving-abusive-“I-wish-you-were-never-born”-pass-out-on-the-sidewalk type of drunk. You know, the kind everybody points to, whispers about, and pities. The kind of drunk that makes one thankful they’re not having to deal with the utter chaos and shit this lady brought upon herself. Every quintessential town needs a quintessential drunk.

But no child deserves the daily chore of having to be their parent’s keeper. No child needs to have to explain their parent’s irrational behaviors, and no child deserves a parent who repeatedly beats into their brain they’re worthless, a hindrance, and a waste of time. No “normal” child deserves to be physically and emotionally threatened. Not ever. And most “normal” children have the safety net of family and a system that’s set in place to guard children from this type of torture.

Terry Payton had none of these things afforded to him…his father and paternal grandparents were estranged and living in England (allegedly due to a nasty divorce and control issues from Kathie), Illinois’ Department of Child and Family Services added Terry as yet another fucking statistic in their failed “system”, and lastly, Terry Payton suffers from a form of autism (Asperger’s Syndrome) that may have left him alone, confused, and fed up to the point of snapping like a rubber-band.

There are witnesses coming out of the woodwork willing to help Terry…statements from individuals that have witnessed the abusive relationship Kathie had with her only son. We’re not talking about his peers who’re more likely to stand in his corner, there are professionals ranging from business to education who’ve stepped forward with tales of horror.

Where were they prior to Terry snapping? Why didn’t they step up to the plate and actually do something prior to this murder? Why do people wait until the “inevitable” happens to speak out?

Enter child protective services.

Calls were placed, reports filed, home visits executed.

If these agencies utilized a little common sense in lieu of doing the least amount possible, they may actually be able to help the children with whom they’re charged. For example: If there’s an allegation hotlined by someone mandated to report abuse (a school official), common sense would trigger some red flags if, when you arrived, you were turned away from the parent in question.

Common sense prevails when you have someone like Staci Garzolini-Skelton, a counselor at Paris Cooperative High School vs. a drunken lunatic who has the propensity to do nothing but save her own ass vs. a young autistic boy who’s scared shitless of his mother. Ms. Garzolini-Skelton phoned IL DCFS to report her conversation with Kathie Payton that included threats of severing Terry’s legs while he slept (my personal favorite) and slitting his throat if he stole her medicine. In two follow-ups by DCFS that were prompted by that phone call, Kathie flat-out refused to speak to them and Terry refused to acknowledge the alleged abuses.

I stated I was “no cop” and I’m stating I am “no counselor”  but I have a shit-ton of common sense and a few years of spotlighting dumbfucks who fail at seeing the obvious. A dependent will rarely come forward with the truth, even with bloodied lips, blackened eyes, a broken soul, if they know they’re just going to be returned to the same abusive household and the cycle of abuse continued and often amplified. Don’t they teach this stuff in “I’m a State worker who can fuck your life” 101?

DCFS dropped the ball.

The autopsy allegedly showed Kathie Payton sustained seven stab wounds and head trauma. The toxicology report (at the time of publication) has either not been returned or not been released. It wasn’t until after the initial autopsy report that Terry explained bouncing her head off the floor a couple of times prior to stabbing her dead, something he’d left out in his original statement to the police.

While researching this story, I found myself reading hundreds of comments on a message board. Some were caught up with this little detail. Me? Not so much. I think it’s perfectly normal to forget what I consider “little details” like testing the hardness of one’s skull while reliving the larger details like taking a knife and jabbing it into human flesh a good seven times. It also leads me to the troubling nature of this piece. The charges.

If what has been documented is true, why would the State pursue First-Degree Murder? Perhaps it has to do with a “less than thorough” or “rigidly confined” investigation. It is alleged that the Illinois State Police investigator interviewed neighbors regarding the black/white issues only: Did they see or hear anything  during the time Terry was to have stabbed his mother? The investigators asked nothing about any sort of background  leading up to Terry snapping.

In Illinois, First-Degree murder, according to the Illinois Compiled Statutes (720 ILCS 5/9-1) is defined as:

(a) they kill an individual without lawful justification if, in performing the acts which cause the death:

(1) they either intend to kill or do great bodily harm to that individual or another, or know that such acts will cause death to that individual or another; or

(2) they know that such acts create a strong probability of death or great bodily harm to that individual or another; or

(3) they are committing, or attempting to commit, a forcible felony other than second degree murder.

Second-Degree Murder, according to the Illinois Compiled Statutes (720 ILCS 5/9-2) is defined as:

(1) At the time of the killing they are acting under a sudden and intense passion resulting from serious provocation by the individual killed or another whom the offender endeavors to kill, but he negligently or accidentally causes the death of the innocent individual; or

(2) At the time of the killing the believe the circumstances to be such that, if they existed, would justify or exonerate the killing under the principles stated in Article 7 of this Code, but their belief is unreasonable. Basically, Article 7 provides that a person is justified in the use of force against another when and to the extent that he reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to defend himself or another against such other’s imminent use of unlawful force. However, he is justified in the use of force which is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm only if he reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to themselves or another, or the commission of a forcible felony.

Some residents of Paris, Illinois are claiming he stabbed his mother out of self-defense although there hasn’t been any real information substantiating that claim. At least none released to the media. Terry Payton is to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to see if he’s “sane” and can stand trial. Based on the information I’ve seen, I’d be more apt to throw my support behind the Second-Degree Murder charge and ask for leniency in sentencing. Of course, if I were a defense attorney, I’d shoot for manslaughter…start with the lesser of charges and reach a plea-agreement somewhere shy of painting this kid who lived a life of torture out to be a cold-hearted killer.

There are a select few who’re speaking out against Terry Payton, his aunt, Jan Burno, is one.

While I understand the emotions behind losing a loved one, there’s a fine line between being despondent and just plain crazy as a shithouse rat. Watching the video of Ms. Burno has led me to be believe she leans more to the shithouse rat sector with tinges of despondency thrown in for viewing pleasure.

Ms. Burno has been stalking the message boards trying to convince people that her sister was a great mother to Terry, that she purchased thousands of dollars worth of clothing and video games for her son while he turned into a spoiled little brat, demanding more, claiming the video games and those community members rallying around him made him into the vicious knife-wielding freedom-crazed kid. Kathie and Terry relied on public funds to get them through life. Kathie was unable to hold a job, they were living in publicly funded housing. I doubt very seriously child support was used to purchase anything but booze. It never is. (or boob jobs and if Kathie was anything like her sister in the video, she didn’t need one of those)

There are so many contributing factors into what may have led Terry to take a knife and silence his mother. What is for certain is that Kathie Payton is indeed dead, she was indeed stabbed, and Terry admits to being the one who delivered the attack. By all accounts, just looking at the bare bones of the crime, one would agree that the charges of First-Degree Murder are proper. But as one begins to take into consideration the nature of Terry’s mental state due to the abuse and couple it with his Asperger’s Syndrome, I find it negligent the State has not decided to immediately offer a lesser charge. I said, “negligent”, not surprising.

I’m hoping the residents of Paris, Illinois will not forget that a life was taken and Terry should be held accountable for his actions. I hope these same residents will not continue to provoke Ms. Burno as she attends the hearings to represent her sister. (Believe me, people, I know how incredibly hard it is not to poke a psycho when you see one) Lastly, I hope the State’s Attorney’s office isn’t so near-sighted, thinking they have a quick seal on a case that is proving to be a long and twisted wall of history by adopting the philosophy that the shortest way to get from one point to another always takes the path of a straight line.

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  1. Lazlo says:

    Excellent write-up TG. I really feel for the young man, but still have reservations as to leniency. Perhaps it is my own hard-assed thinking that I have to reconcile, but I have always argued a murder is a murder, and I don’t care why they did it. Nothing drives me crazier faster than some slick attorney arguing that his client was “abused”, and therefore shouldn’t be held responsible for his actions. I am truly divided as to my thinking about this case, and am in debt to you for making me think – and perhaps refining my worldview a little more.


  2. thinkgoat says:

    Thanks, Lazlo. I didn’t head into this particular story, lightly. I think it’s a first for me, taking a stance for leniency.

    It was a difficult piece and it’ll be an interesting one to follow.


  3. deadmyron says:

    An old Cherokee told his grandson, “My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies & ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, & truth.” The boy thought about it, and asked, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?” The old man quietly replied, “The one you feed.”


    As parents, we are the teachers. Our children are (usually) a reflection of ourselves. Autism runs in my in-law’s family. My nephew and grand-nephew both have autism to varying extent.

    My nephew was bullied in school. So much so, that even certain teachers bullied him. This all culminated in a scene between his Driver’s Ed teacher and himself. Unfortunately for the school district, the bullying issue came to light. My nephew was shipped to another school district at the expense of the offending school district.

    Autistic children know they are different, without having it thrown in their face. If the truth is coming out here, what happened to Terry is nothing short of torture. And when it comes from the only person he should be able to depend on; well, I would guess he may have acted out of not only anger, but desperation.

    This will be an interesting case to follow, TG.


  4. ladyjustice84 says:

    I think that since there seems to be sufficient proof that she was an abusive mother, not to mention a leach to society, he should be charged with second-degree murder at best. I think leniency should be shown BUT he needs A BUTT-LOAD of therapy before I’d want him in society living next to me. I would want to know with reasonable certainty that I wouldn’t remind him of dear old mommy and get the same end result that she did. I think Post Traumatic Stress Disorder would be a good defense if they can’t prove self defense. You know, she beat him and tortured him so often that when he flashed back he snapped!


  5. Concerned says:

    Terry suffered so much abuse at his mother’s hands and at the hands of the officials that were supposed to protect him. The police were called on numerous occasions. My own mother called the police and tried to get help for Terry on one of the numerous occasions his mom locked him out. The police returned Terry to his mother when she swore it was all just a misunderstanding on Terry’s part. The police and DCSF dropped the ball. Now that all of this is coming to light, my mom was contacted by DCFS and they are acting very surprised, as if this is the first they had ever heard of Terry being abused. Teachers have been calling DCFS for years reporting Terry’s abuse. Why didn’t anyone help this poor boy?

    I still have a major issue as to why a boy who just turned 16 in May is being tried as an adult. As OJ’s attorneys claimed “There has been a rush to judgement” in this case and I really think this poor boy is going to be railroaded into prison by the inadequate justice system in Edgar County Illinois.


  6. thinkgoat says:

    There are five major ways that youth can be prosecuted in adult court:

    Judicial Waiver: 45 states allow juvenile court judges the discretion to have a youth’s case tried in the adult criminal court.

    Direct File or “Prosecutorial Discretion”: 15 states allow prosecutors the discretion to have a youth’s case tried in the adult criminal court.

    Mandatory Waiver: 15 states require juvenile court judges to automatically transfer a youth’s case to adult criminal court for certain offenses or because of the age or prior record of the offender.

    Statutory Exclusion: 29 states automatically require a youth’s case to be tried in the adult court based on the age of the youth, or the alleged crime, or both.

    Age of Majority Statutes: Three states automatically prosecute 16 and 17 year olds as adults – Connecticut, New York, and North Carolina. Ten states automatically prosecute 17 year olds as adults – Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin.

    We just posted a story out of Jacksonville, Florida where a 12-year-old is being tried as an adult for killing his 2-year-old brother. That case has stirred a lot of controversy about the “age of majority statuses”.

    Thanks for posting, “Concerned”. Terry’s story has already garnered a bunch of attention from our readers. I hope his story continues to be told.


  7. Lynn says:

    This poor boy was abused for years, he snapped.If you have ever been in an abusive relationship you might understand his desparation, the torture he endured, his physical and mental pain at the hands of a mother who is supposed to protect and love him, not slowely kill him inside and out., and as usual nobody wants to get involved and AS USUAL the police CANT DO ANYTHING until something happens. Its pathetic and sickening! This boy in my opinion needs extensive treament and conseling probaly for many years because he sure didnt get to this point by being loved and treated well. I dont think a murder charge should even be considered. She murdered him first mind and soul. No wonder people feel that have to take things into their own hands because the law sure doesnt handle it right and neither do the people who “DONT WANT TO GET INVOLVED” We all need to get involved! There is way to much child, spousal abuse in theis world. Some laws need to change!


  8. Fed Up says:

    I just wanted to say this is NOT the first time DCFS has ” Droped The Ball”.. This town is a HUGE FAILURE when it comes to protecting it’s children!! It is a town full of own agendas and lust for money and power.. The really crap part is they think they are all powerful in that little town, But are not crap in the real world.. WAKE the HELL UP!! I have nothing for for the officials in that town.. And now some are former class mates caught up in the twisted ways of a corrupt system.. There in fact used to be a childrens home in this town.. Yes a little town of only 8 thousand had a home for children.. That alone should tell you something about it.. Some people say I like it here.. And some will be angry about this post.. But the simple fact is if you have not been somewhere else you think that is normal.. And it is NOT.. I am sorry but it gets my blood boiling.. Did he do something wrong YES.. But the officials did a HUGE no no.. Where is their discipline????


  9. Wow says:

    Great write up TG. I have been lurking for about 5 months but this story made me come out of the back room.

    I do agree that there should be some form of punishment for this kid and I agree he is facing the wrong charges. You would think that within a smaller community like that place, the authorities would have their crap together a little better than they do. Surely the cops knew about the issues at his house, why in heaven’s name didn’t they forward that information onto the state police investigators? If they did pass that information along, why didn’t the state unit include that in their reports? Of course that is assuming it is not in the reports because if it is, why in the world would the states attorney ever pick murder in the first degree and two counts of it?

    It is sad there is a dead woman and it is sad that her boy was the one who killed her before the alcohol did. It would have eventually.

    One more thing if I can,,, this was wonderfully written,,, it is a sad story but true to your style you had me on the verge of tears for this kid and then a belly laugh comes out of nowhere “While I understand the emotions behind losing a loved one, there’s a fine line between being despondent and just plain crazy as a shithouse rat. Watching the video of Ms. Burno has led me to be believe she leans more to the shithouse rat sector with tinges of despondency thrown in for viewing pleasure.”


  10. Jan Burno says:

    What this paper thinks of me is of absolutely no value…I am alive to defend myself.The slanderous lies spoken about my sister Kathie are something else entirely. You keep stating that the entire community of Paris is behind Terry. That is not the case. You are listening to a group of teenagers & their parents that tell any one that will listen that terry Payton is the victim & that Kathie was a monster & deserved what she got. Have any of you stopped to consider that the detectives working Kathie’s murder case just might have facts that you don’t.? I am not on the message boards trying to convince any one of anything. I am stating facts that I know…not vicious gossip & hear say as the author of this article is doing. This counselor (Mrs.Skeleton) should have called the police immediately if she honestly believed Kathie was going to saw Terry’s legs off with an electric knife! The DCFS did not drop the ball they saw the remark for what it was, sarcasm at it’s worst. Why is this coming out now? Because this is all they have & they know it. Kathie’s second language was sarcasm & I told her on more than one occasion that it would get her in trouble one day….well this is the day. The people that knew Kathie knew her sense of humor, including the school counselor if she were honest. This wretched group that call themselves supporters of Terry are not helping Terry , but hindering him from feeling the remorse he should after committing such a haneas act. You can mock & poke fun of me all you want if it eases your conscience that you are justifying the murder of another human being. Kathie’s life had value, Never,in my wildest imagination did I think a scenario such as happened in Paris, Illinois could take place. To be told by a misguided mob of teenagers & their parents of all things, that my sister deserved what she got & I would end up in the same f—— position if I came back to court….is hard to comphrehend. I hope the states attorney takes the threat more seriously than Sheriff Motley of Edgar County & some of the press…not all. Dan Klein did an excelllant job reporting.Again…I can & will defend my self….Kathie had no trial but was executed by a son that was out of control & liked playing games on the dark side. That is a fact. Kathie was on disability for those of you who keep saying that she could not hold down a job. She had a pace maker & had another surgery scheduled in just a few weeks of the day she was murdered. If this paper & others can not report facts instead of Gossip & hearsay from people that just want to be part of the hoopla , either quit or work for The National Enquirer.


  11. thinkgoat says:

    Blah blah blah fucking blah blah, Jan. I’ve attempted to read every word you posted about 25 times in other places. (paragraphs do work wonders if you hit “enter” – makes your posts easier to read)

    Anyway – we’re not a paper. That shit is so yesterday. We’re a true crime site and we’ve been doing this for a long time. We know when we smell bullshit and 95% of your posts are just that.

    I am a gore fanatic. I do nothing but write about the “dark side” – I research this shit 7 days a week – I probably spend more time on this computer than your nephew did playing those games. NOT ONCE has the exposure to the “dark side” ever made me pick up a knife and get all stabby with someone.

    Face it. Your sister’s constant nagging, bitching, bullying, abusive ways wore Terry down to a point where he snapped. It wasn’t because he wanted his way – if that were the case, he’d have turned the bitch in repeatedly…he wouldn’t have tried to protect his mother and his severed and dysfunctional home life by giving false statements to the IL Dept of Child and Family Services. He was a child who was brow-beaten so badly, he thought he had nowhere left to turn.

    This may be your first rodeo, Jan, but it isn’t ours. We have extensive background in how children react in a volatile situation. We can source thousands of cases where child protective services dropped the fucking ball. It happens more than a child killing their parent due to some video game or even better, as you’ve been claiming, a child killing their parent because they want to have sex. (what the fuck, woman? That is one of the funniest and most outlandish accusations I’ve read in a while)

    I get you’re hurting. I’m not about to take that from you. But I think you’re just playing the attention whore, here. You’re stalking boards like it’s going out of style, your statements bounce from one end of the spectrum to the other.

    As far as the “mob of teens” – you need to learn to shut the fuck up and walk away. You’re allegedly the adult. While I acknowledge there shouldn’t have been that “altercation”, you certainly fed it. YOU had control over your own reaction and again, you chose to be the attention whore. I watched the video of you several times (I’m into self-torture like that) – you whipped yourself into such a fevered pitch that you were damn near foaming at the mouth. That doesn’t bode well for how you want your mental stability to come across. When your lipstick runs because of the thick drool coming out of your mouth, it’s time to just walk away from the “mob” and the camera and collect yourself. I’m telling you, I’ve viewed all kinds of footage and that was a pretty rabid scene.

    When was the last time your sister held a job? I know many with pacemakers who’re able to continue working. I also know of a ton of people on disability who’d never be able to afford thousands of dollars worth of video games or clothing. Where did she get all the extra cash? Groceries are fucking expensive – by her picture, it looks like she ate fairly well. Then again, alcoholics tend to get bloated, too. But still… where did this extra money originate? Enough to blow on superfluous crap?

    Lastly, try using a different “slam” than the National Enquirer. You’ve used that toward anyone who doesn’t buy into your fabricated and delusional explanations.


  12. Fed Up says:

    WOW.. No one ever said to my knowledge that she got what she deserved!!!! Not one person that I know thinks that… And DCFS did drop the ball or we would not be having this conversation. In respect the system failed everyone in this case.. And for you to act as if it did not is insane.. Did anyone ever think that maybe she had a hard time dealing with his autisim and needed help.. Help that was not given or asked for.. Did they try to help with the alcohol abuse.( that is the only thing you do not deny..) I am sure you will now.. Did you know that the “sarcasm”(your words) + autisim = disaster. Did you ever think or read up on his dissorder?? If so you would have done more to help your sister.. Not just throw your opinion that her “sarcasm” would get her in trouble one day.. All of the people on his sites have said yes he did wrong.. But do you beleive he deserves two life sentences?? You act as if you’r sister has no blame in this.. And you know you are wrong.. And you know there should of been help offered to them.. These are facts.. Do not sit there and act as if your sister was all perfect.. There is no such thing.. And for you to blame everyone and everything else but the people involved is insane… You say you are standing for your sister .. But to abandon her son that you say she loved so dearly and would do nothing wrong to.. That says it all.. You can not deny the witness accounts.. And in the end he will be held accountable.. But he is also a child with a dissorder that does not belong in the prision system for the rest of his life.. And for you to abondon him is shame on you.. The only so called family he had.. You say everyone is a liar and not honest.. But you and you’r sister..


  13. thinkgoat says:

    Fed up, that was an excellent post. Kudos.


  14. Fed Up says:

    Thank you.. I appreciate you taking this case to your board… It is a tragedy that it has come to this.. And we appreciate you getting this case to be read by so many.. Awareness is the goal..


  15. CuriousGeorge says:

    The abandonment must be a family trait. For his mother to sit there and talk to a counseler like that, imagine what she is like when she is talking to her son. “IM GOING TO STAB YOU!” — “IM GOING TO CUT YOUR FUCKING LEGS OFF IN YOUR SLEEP!” —- “YOUR FUCKING WORTHLESS AND SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN BORN!” —- ” I WILL SLICE YOUR THROAT IF YOU EVER TOUCH MY PILLS!” —- It is no wonder he was scared! I bet this poor kid sat up night after night wondering if his mom was gonna kill him. NOBODY DESERVES TO BE TREATED LIKE THAT!! I feel this kid is honest and if he said she had him in the corner with a knife first, then I believe that. He seems to be telling the truth about everything, even beating her in the head. If that is how it went down, then I call it self defense!


  16. deadmyron says:

    Hey Jan. Deadmyron here. Did it ever once occur to your silly ass, or your sister’s silly ass, or DCFS’s silly ass that autistic people do not really understand the concept of sarcasm? They don’t process information the same as regular folks.

    It didn’t look to me like you had too many friends there at the Edgar County Courthouse, either. Perhaps it was your Tammy-Faye-Baker-crawled-out-of-the-grave look. Or it may have been the rabid fervor of your attempted defense of Kathie. As for myself, I watched that video wondering if your sister verbally tortured her son with the same kind of passion…fueled with alcohol…that you showed on the courthouse steps.

    You’re not helping your sister’s cause by acting like an idiot. Real the fuck up, lady!


  17. thelemurknows says:

    Nuttier than a shit-house rat is right on, this woman’s portrayal in the video does NOT help the cause of trying to convince people that her sister was loving and compassionate, what a mess!!! This whole case makes me want to bawl my eyes out, the misery that poor kid went through and the demons that will probably continue to eat at him for the rest of his life. I pray that he can get the help he needs, now. He DID commit a crime, no question, but should he be thrown in prison for 20 years like the gangster that shoots the clerk at the convenience store because he needs crack money??? Nope. This IS no cut and dry, black and white case by any stretch.

    I feel bad that the mother was such a pathetic P.O.S., I’m sure she had her misery as well in her lifetime. No, she didn’t deserve to die, but that kid didn’t deserve the shit sandwich he was dealt out daily from her, either. SHE should be alive, now, and be serving time in jail and the kid getting the psychological help he needs and love from a real family. I don’t understand why her family didn’t step in to HELP! Everyone knew what a drunk and a “case” she was, and supposedly that the kid was “violent” (or whatever!)….and apparently it was common knowledge he had special needs. WHY?!?!? Now the sister is trying to find justice, why the hell didn’t someone in the family do something about this craziness YEARS ago?


  18. Fed Up says:

    I agree.. Now they are going for 120 years in max prision.. Two counts first degree carry 60 years each.. Also to note that she had another child.. A daughter taken away years ago by the father.. She told people the girl passed away.. His dad is British.. And when they divorced she had him deported and now he can not even get in the U.S. to try to help his son.. She changed phone numbers etc. to keep his father from speaking to him.. And she told him his father did not care.. When his father did get contact with him he would ask him to come to England.. But he would not because someone had to care for his mother.. She would pass out outside the complex and belittle, hit, and humiliate him as he tried to get her up and inside.. All the while tears running down his face.. These are only a few of the eyewitness accounts… And Yes Jan I know the facts it is public record!!! She needed help and would not take it when it would present itself.. A child will never turn on their abuser unless they know they will not be put back into their care.. So HOW DO WE HOLD THE STATE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS??? Sadly I do not think we can.. One of his class mates said….. Before: Sorry we can not help you… After: You are being charged as an adult.. You can not have it both ways.. Now he will live with this demon all of his life..


  19. i just live here says:

    I consider myself to be a fairly sarcastic person, and I’ve never EVER felt the need to THREATEN anyone under the guise of sarcasm. I have never made such gruesome or violent threats to ANYONE and tried to say it was sarcasm. It’s NOT sarcasm. It’s a threat, pure and simple. Someone needs to wake up and smell the coffee. No mother should say those things to her child, even jokingly. It’s just sick. Kids that say things like that in school while goofing off with their friends get expelled these days for “making threats” so why would she think it’s ok to speak to her autistic son that way?

    I’ve known Terry for years. He always struck me as a quiet, extremely intelligent, polite boy who had an overprotective, controlling mother who had to know his every move. I’ve heard rumors for as many years of her alcohol abuse. I always felt kind of bad for Terry, but now that I know what he was going through I feel even worse that more wasn’t done to get him out of that situation before this happened. It’s unfortunate he could not stick it out long enough to get out from under her “care.” I don’t think he deserves to serve an adult sentence, especially if all the allegations of his previous abuse are true… up to and including the abuse he suffered that morning and into the afternoon. Yes, it is rare that you find that many people willing to support an admitted killer (he did confess)… so now it’s time to ask why so many people are willing to support him. No one is saying the act is wrong. I think most are simply saying they can understand why and how it happened. I even questioned the amount of violence in the act… at the same time trying to remember we are talking about an autistic boy, loaded with adrenaline, probably having flashbacks to how he had been treated his entire life. She wasn’t innocent either. She allegedly reached for a knife as well. Violence begets violence. And from the sound of it, his life was filled with it.


  20. ladyjustice84 says:

    I’m concerned about putting an autistic boy in prison in the first place. Wouldn’t he be a sitting duck for victimization? I would think that with his background of being abused that even in protective custody he would become a victim yet again. Prison just isn’t the right place for him…


  21. Justice Is AWOL says:

    I would certainly not call this boys mother overprotective of him, maybe of the money he brought her, if it wasn’t for that she wouldn’t have had a problem shipping him off. Sadly we see this all to often, these poor children are conceived and kept simply for the financial gain, they are nothing but benefits. In my opinion she was an abusive controlling witch. The system failed him, the so called aunt failed him and the justice system is now trying to keep up the abuse that has been heaped on him since birth. Sad Sad state our country is in.


  22. Beth says:

    Ok I have something to say since my son is Jacob. It does take a village to raise a kid but where is this village? I know Terry did not want people to know how his mom was he would say something like when she wakes up she will be ok and let me in or in a few days she will let me back in! He would never say after she sobered up he did try to protect her because he loved her! As for punishment now come on that is bullshit he just needs help dealing with all he has been though!!! Two counts of murder BULLSHIT is what I say!!!!Terry needs someone that loves him and can help him get though this not locked away and never heard of again. I have been around Terry he is a good kid notice I did say kid because that is what he is! Oh ya I forgot Miss Bruno quit spreading lies and gossip you confronted Terrys sister she upheld him! Our kids are good kids and they have my respect! Jacobs Mom


  23. Jan Burno says:

    Psycho? Where have I heard that word before? The grieving sister holding her nephew’s Bible outside the courtroom where he “the victim” is being charged with 2 counts of first degree murder….. I am the psycho…foaming at the mouth ;)! Are we in the Twi-light Zone? I was naive enough to think this so called “crime site” was legitimate. Hah!….just a
    joke & feeding frenzy for the freaks/crazies. As far as the appropriateness of my attire is concerned……did y’all notice the freak show around me? Nahhhhh, of course not. Do not lump the community of Paris in with “these.” Some one said that Kathie’s husband was not allowed back in this country because he broke a window on federal property. What a laugh. This is not a paper…you are trying to patronize the lowest element of the Paris community by behaving just as vulgar & perverse as they are.Kathie did not have a trial, she was executed by her son . Now she is being tried in the court of public opinion by a group of perverts that feed off of the pain of others. Terry was a bright kid & could have had a wonderful future but he chose the dark side with people that really do not have his best interests at heart. Terry was out of control….that is a fact. When it is all said & done Terry will be tried by civilized people that believe in the value of a human life & judging on facts … not malicious rumors & hearsay by a small group of gossip mongrels that partied right a long with Kathie in her drinking days. Have y’all taken a good long look in the mirror lately? That goes for you too Mr.Crime Crawler.


  24. ladyjustice84 says:

    Jan, first I’m so sorry that you lost your sister. Now, I want to know a few things: Who is watching out for this child? Now that you want to be the center of attention where the hell were you when Terry “chose the dark side with people that really do not have his best interests at heart” and was “out of control?” What are you doing to get your nephew, that you say your sister loved so much, the help he deserves? Most importantly, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE PEOPLE IN PRISON DO TO PEOPLE THAT ARE EASY VICTIMS LIKE THE ONES WITH AUTISM? Even in protective custody they will eat him alive. Is that what your sister would want for her son? Is that what the woman that you’re defending as a good mother would want???


  25. Fed Up says:

    Really?? Nothing new to come out of your mouth?? You say the similar lines of bull on every page YOU STALK… Let’s cut the SHIT!!! No one is minimizing your loss of your sister.. You are doing that to yourself.. All you do is spew this it is everyone else blah blah.. They turned him into a dark side freak..


    You self loathing skank.. I know you stalk these boards looking for anything to try to use against Terry.. You are a sick BITCH.. You do not care what happends to him.. And I have given you every politeness I could.. Now you call me names deny the failure of that system..

    BITCH I LIVED THAT FUCKED UP SYSTEM THERE IN GOOD OLE PARIS IL.. Don’t tell me it is not fucked up.. And it is people like you who keep it fucked up.. Yes I call you a skank.. I saw you at the court house.. Say what you want about how the TEENAGERS were dressed.. The simple fact is they are teenagers and will grow out of it.. YOU WILL NOT.. And I know for sure there is a decent goodwill in that town.. How does it feel to be called names..?? Have a little respect for other people.. From your posts I can see YOU need help in that department..

    Oh yes and on that note.. YOU SOLD ALL OF TERRYS THING TO MAKE MONEY.. It does not matter what you sold them for.. You did it out of spite.. Not your things to sell.. They were gifts to him not you or your sister..

    The simple fact is you act like people are against your sister.. Blah Blah.. No they were not.. They say she needed the help she was not given by YOU AND THE SYSTEM… In truth JAN YOU ARE TURNING THEM AGAINST HER.. We all just pray she was not like you.. You need help.. Your personality makes you ugly!!! And now you rant about standing for your sister.. Where were you to help her through thr drinking?? To help her learn to care for a child with autisim.. Oh yeah the paris moto NOT MY BUSINESS..

    I know for a fact there are classes and groups for parent with autistic children right there.. You all wanted him away from his father and his family.. But you did not do what was best for a child.. You did not take advantage of the help that was free if you went and got it.. Nor did you see fit to take or ask when it came to your door.. Why are we puting this on you?? You act as if she was the best parent and did no wrong.. So we would assume you were there everyday and all present if their day to day life… No?? Well we are sorry.. You make it look as if you were..

    Truth be known YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON.. Say you do.. If you did you need to be held accountable too..

    In the end I stand by my first statements.. Did he do wrong YES.. But do you realize and I know you dont.. The punishment is not fitting the crime.. And that is why people are standing up and taking notice.. And the fact that you deny ANY abuse tells us you are an abuser yourself..

    I have faults and I admit them.. I am not ashamed of them.. They are part of me.. Now days people wont ask for help for the fear of being looked at differently.. Help was needed and not given.. I do not think any of you were equiped to deal with an autistic teenager. It is not the same as an autistic child.. But you wont admit it.. You also seem to forget that Terry has stated that he loves his mother.. And is in fact in a great deal of pain himself.. But you keep thinking about number one.. Yourself..

    Finaly you put yourself on these pages.. Simple solution.. We will not change our position.. So if you do not like it.. Stay off of the pages for Terry.. And yes that is caled stalking when you keep looking for any page in reference to Terry..


  26. deadmyron says:

    Oh Jan! Are you REALLY so bored and lonely that you feel the need to play media whore on crime sites? You feel the need to paint yourself in this tragic picture as another victim?

    Were you aware that autistic children, especially one’s with Asperger’s Syndrome take what is told to them literally? When told by their mother that they are going to have their legs sawed off, they expect that. If you tell them there is a pig flying above their heads, they look up expecting to see a flying pig. If you really gave a shit, I think you would already know this.

    And hey, where were you when all this shit was going on? I haven’t heard one word about you attempting to help. Honestly, if my sister (who has an autistic son) treated her kid that way, I’d knock her ass out. Literally.


  27. Tana Smith says:

    thelemurknows…the family wouldn’t help because they never admitted she drank….simple as that!!!! It’s easy to ignore it if she lives far away. Now you have the sister admitting the family secrets on line…really smart. She fails to understand that Kathie’s past will be brought up and be part of Terry’s defense.


  28. thinkgoat says:

    Fed up, you’ve become one of my favorite posters. Clear. Concise. On point. Perfect grammar. I hope you’ll stick around.

    Aunt Jan. You never seem to answer any questions. Before I address your latest post, let me lay them out for you, numbered, so you don’t get lost. Rules are: I will ask my first question and preface it with “#1”. When you post, it’ll be easy on you…just type “#1” and then your answer. (NOTE: Question #2 will need your answer indicated with typing #2 – as the questions progress, so will the numbers. You understand, right? Is that clear enough?)

    Here we go:

    #1 Honestly, how often did you and your sister speak or see each other?

    #2 If you knew or assumed Terry was a handful, why the bloody hell didn’t you attempt to get her (your sister) any help?

    #3 Did you know your sister had an addiction problem that had spiraled out of control?

    #4 How, as Fed Up has pointed out, can you disrespect your sister so heniously by turning against Terry completely?

    #5 As a child, did your sister display signs of psycholgical issues?

    #6 Why WAS Terry’s father deported from the United States?

    #7 What is the story on Terry’s sister? Is she a half-sister? Relationship?

    #8 Why did you callously get rid of every single possession of Terry’s? (except “his” bibile)

    #9 When you were in their home (after the incident) did you take pictures of your sister’s hand written “I love you” notes with the sweet smiley faces?

    #10 (This one is optional – meaning I felt it interesting enough to include but you’re under no real obligation to answer) What brand of lipstick do you wear?

    Please answer these questions honestly or as honestly as you can. They’re asked in good faith and with as much of a civil tone as I possess.

    You’ll see, if you answer honestly and treat them with as much respect as I had for you while typing them out, I will not do to your response what I’m about to do now…and that’s take your divel apart line by line.

    I have a reason for asking these things – I’m not in Terry’s paternal relative’s camp. I believe they’re delusional in thinking no charges should be brought against him. I’m also a wee bit curious about his defense fund – only 60k to take on a murder case. That’s an incredibly LOW figure and I’m not stupid – I know there are some extra expenditures that do not directly pertain to a defense attorney. We’ll leave it at that…for now.

    I do not know Terry, I do not know a single solitary person in that little corner of the world, I have no vested interested in this case other than a little time and a ton of curiosity.

    Anyway, back to what I alluded to a few paragraphs ago…addressing your latest post…



    Where have I heard that word before?

    I imagine the number of places is staggering. Perhaps the mirror speaking back. Perhaps your husband. Perhaps all through growing up. Maybe even your own sister – maybe that’s the reason you two weren’t close. (as others have alluded and that’s why I posed question #1 – to clarify your relationship)

    The grieving sister holding her nephew’s Bible outside the courtroom where he “the victim” is being charged with 2 counts of first degree murder

    Yes. The “grieving sister”. Not a SINGLE one of us has a right to deny you that. And yes, Terry is a victim. He’s also a perpetrator. Regardless of the “whys”, Terry is responsible for taking a life. I get that. Always did get that. It’s something that sets Crime Crawlers apart from some rallying behind him, including his paternal relatives.

    For whatever reason, whether it’s because you believe Terry was out of control or whether it’s a lifetime of abuse coupled with his autism, Terry needs help. As an aunt, you need to embrace that. I doubt very seriously Terry will walk, if that’s what you’re afraid of…that he’ll not be held accountable for his actions. I don’t see that happening. But First-Degree Murder is the wrong charge. I hope that’ll sink in and you’ll embrace the thoughts of a lesser charge – as defined in the article, in Illinois, Second-Degree fits the bill a little better.

    I am the psycho…foaming at the mouth


    That’s you, right?

    Sidenote: Ironically, as I was uploading this picture for coding, a pop-up ad came saying, “Those are your lips” – it was a covergirl ad. The simplist things humor me

    Are we in the Twi-light Zone?

    See above and ask me that with a straight face.

    I was naive enough to think this so called “crime site” was legitimate.

    I hate when people crawl under the fence into my yard without reading the posted warnings. It’s typical.

    Hah!….just a joke & feeding frenzy for the freaks/crazies.

    And that’s why you’re here, right? I don’t expect you to read through any archives and see the actual work we’ve done. That’s too much reading and time away from validating yourself online.

    As far as the appropriateness of my attire is concerned……did y’all notice the freak show around me? Nahhhhh, of course not.

    That was pretty off the wall as I’ve not noticed a reference to your attire until you drew attention to it. Hold on, let me review the tape again…. Okay, I’m back.

    Whoa. That’s one butt-ugly shirt you’re sporting. No offense. Our tastes are COMPLETELY out of sync. I tend to be a little more “reserved” in my attire. Of course, I don’t have huge tits to be jiggling in other’s faces, either. But if I did, I probably would have stuck with a solid colored blouse and not one that screams “chaos”. At least not to attend a court hearing. Come to think of it, I imagine that particular garment would be appropriate for a night club. And I’m not adversed to flying in sometime and going out for a night on the town with you, Jan. I bet you’re actually a lot of fun in a daring sort of way. (notice I’m warming up to you? I refrained in using “psycho”)

    As for the other’s clothing…I mostly saw children. Jeans are okay – I don’t think tank tops should be worn in court ever. A huge difference is, they have no real vested interest in being there other than showing support (or being a part of) while you, on the other hand, are representing justice for your sister’s murder.

    Do not lump the community of Paris in with “these.”

    We’re not.

    Some one said that Kathie’s husband was not allowed back in this country because he broke a window on federal property. What a laugh.

    See question #6 And you’re right. We can’t get illegal aliens deported, breaking a window on federal property is laughable. I’m with you there. Completely. So what’s the story?

    This is not a paper…you are trying to patronize the lowest element of the Paris community by behaving just as vulgar & perverse as they are.

    Right again! This is electronic. A website. We’re not patronizing anyone but justice. We’re not condoning the loss of a life, we’re speaking out for the proper charges. As far as vulgarity…this piece was over 2100 words. 6 of those are “fuck” or “shit” or variations of the two. One of those was in a direct quote. As far as ratios go, it doesn’t even register…a fact that embarrasses me a little. I generally try to have a higher content of profanity but I was having an off day. Our normal readers have started to forgive me.

    <blockquote>Kathie did not have a trial, she was executed by her son . Now she is being tried in the court of public opinion by a group of perverts that feed off of the pain of others.

    No she didn’t have a trial. And that’s no one’s fault but the State of Illinois’. And yes, your sisters alcoholism and violent (physical and verbal) history is being vetted in an open format. It’s natural. To claim it’s only being done so by perverts is something that offends me. Since I have delt with true crime extensively, I earn the right to label a pervert as those who take their infant and fuck them to death. It happens all the time. (of course, pervert is one of the nicer labels we attribute to them) And really, coming right down to it, don’t you fit that bill you’ve just lined out for everyone? Aren’t you feeding off the pain of others?

    Terry was a bright kid & could have had a wonderful future but he chose the dark side with people that really do not have his best interests at heart.

    You included. You may be most guilty since you’re actually related to him. You and his paternal relatives who, I also feel, betrayed him. Every.single.person. failed this boy.

    Terry was out of control….that is a fact. When it is all said & done Terry will be tried by civilized people that believe in the value of a human life & judging on facts … not malicious rumors & hearsay by a small group of gossip mongrels that partied right a long with Kathie in her drinking days.

    Terry is sick…both from his autism and a life of being co-dependent. He’s still a child in many ways. Children of alcoholics are sometimes sicker than the alcoholic themselves. Check it out. THEN, mix in being an autistic teen. It’s a recipe for disaster…something family neglected. All of you.

    Have y’all taken a good long look in the mirror lately? That goes for you too Mr.Crime Crawler.

    While I cannot answer for others, I can assure you I look in the mirror many times a day. I happen to have one in the bathroom that runs the length of most of the wall. I’m not real pleased that, while sitting on the toilet, one can view themselves in the mirror. But it is what it is until some remodeling takes place. So to answer your question, yes, I do look in the mirror. Oh, and when I do, I don’t see Mr. Crime Crawler, I see Ms. Goat. Don’t feel badly, Jan. Everyone is guilty of assumptions.


  29. Disarm says:

    Dear Ms. Goat,
    Kudos to you, this is a great article and I love this site. But I think you will now be busy arguing with the rest of…. them, since you have opened the can of worms with the family. So I’d like to say, good luck to you;)


  30. ladyjustice84 says:

    Disarm, you are so nice but I don’t think TG will have ANY problems with that at all! lol I’m actually looking quite forward to it!!!


  31. thinkgoat says:

    What can of worms? (I hate vague shit) Questioning the low amount for a defense attorney? Asking why Terry’s father was deported? Stating First-Degree Murder is the wrong charge for their relative but stating my opinion that Second-Degree fits? Acknowledging what’s in every single report – that Terry admitted to stabbing his mother? Stating I was approached to solicit money on this site for Terry’s defense? (Oops. Wait. I didn’t include that on site until just now!) Stating I’m (or Crime Crawlers for that matter) is not in “their camp”? Stating they, along with everyone else related to this boy, failed him? Or was it some innocuous statement about what attire to wear in the courthouse?

    We piss people off all the fucking time. It’s the nature of the beast. 😉


  32. Cuckoo for CocoPuffs says:

    “But I think you will now be busy arguing with the rest of…. them, since you have opened the can of worms with the family. So I’d like to say, good luck to you;)” << – by Disarm

    That resembled a threat. But ThinkGoat has one extra thing "they" don't. A LAWYER!


  33. deadmyron says:

    Disarm…why the ambiguity? It does sound very much like a veiled threat. Perhaps you should respond without the metaphors.


  34. Disarm says:

    No threat, I have just been through the arguments, and I am just exhausted with the whole thing. I apologize, and I really look foward to you getting these answers. I am just glad to see people outside of Paris view the case the same way I do.


  35. Disarm says:

    Ok, now that I’ve had time to wake up, why would I leave a threat along with my e-mail address lol? Sorry, I thought that was amusing. I agree that Terry should receive a lesser charge. I pretty much agree with the whole article. I have seen comments about it on other sites, and there are people pissed off, I don’t get pissed off easily. By can of worms, I was just saying that Kathie’s family just doesn’t give up on arguing, so I hope you have the time. By being vague, I was hoping not to get pulled into the arguing, but I guess that backfired! I still enjoy this site, thanks!;)


  36. thinkgoat says:

    Oh, I know people are pissed off about this article, I’ve received a few notes! 😉 One of the draws of Crime Crawlers is we tell a story in an unforgettable manner and we do it for a reason. That generally gets quite a bit of attention. The greatest thing is, not one of us really gives two shits about who we offend. It’s not really in our control how other’s react, anyhow.

    Sometimes I have problems with what I state..it comes of all wrong. Don’t worry about it, Disarm. As far as the “arguing”, I think we can more than handle anything that arises. We’re pretty used to it!

    I told “Fed Up” and it goes for you as well, I hope you stick around – we feature some pretty incredible stuff on the front page. Some of it will stick with you for a very long time!

    Thanks for coming back and clarifying.


  37. Fed Up says:

    Oy Vey… I seriously doubt she will be back.. She likes to try to argue untill she finds a new victim to try to sway.. But I do hope she does..

    I sat up thinking..(yeah I do that sometimes) And I just need to say this.. Even if everyone gets pissy.. I am an adult I can handle it..

    1. Jan we are sorry you lost a sister.. And a nephew…
    2. Jan I really hope you can find some peace within yourself..
    3. I DO NOT think he should walk free..

    Summary:.. Jan do no think we here on this site are blind to the laws or immoral acts people commit… I personaly do not get the HEY, let us charge two counts.. I like it simple life without a chance in hell of getting out.. This is a example.. I am not saying that is what he needs either..

    I hope one day you find peace so you can also morn the loss of a nephew.. I do not want to see you caught up in rage and in the end something happens to Terry.. Then you will have remorse to think you could of done something.. And I really do not like seeing people like that.. Just my opinion take it as you will..

    I think the majority here say No he should not go free.. I think a lesser charge is in order and a place besides a max prision.. We all know what could happen to him in there.. Let us not try to deny that that population is a LOT on the inky side.. He would come out of there worse than before..

    Jan you have a hard road before you.. And the family secrets are being shoved in the face of all.. But in the end it is the wrong charges, Terry needed help, Kathie needed help, And no one did anything.. No one believes you did not know about the abuse.. And it is evident that there was and is still abuse going on.. (i.e. you saying hurtful hateful things about your nephew..) After all he did turn himself in.. That has to count for something.. It shows he does have remorse..

    I think the article was well writen and shows the true side of Paris.. How soon we all forget.. Look at the history and remember there were other BIGGGGG things that went down in that little town!!! Money, Power, And corruption.. The kicker is it is all for what big city people would call scraps.. But there it is the big time.. Murder, Double homicide, Convict the wrong people on purpose!! I could go on.. So once again I say thank you to TG for taking the time to get the bare boned facts.. Look back deeper TG and you will see what I mean..

    So go ahead threaten, Argue yourself into an utter frenzy.. I am one hardheaded person.. And you would be wasting the breath.. But hey I am game..


  38. thinkgoat says:

    Again, excellent post, Fed Up.

    Aunt Jan is a victim as well. She’s also the biggest one victimizing herself. Continuously. It’s hard to acknowledge a victim’s role when they’re so rabid but everyone deals with unfathomable events differently.

    I imagine Aunt Jan is experiencing a tremendous amount of guilt as well, whether she’ll ever acknowledge it or not. I don’t see how one could escape such an “emotion”. Prior to admitting one’s guilt, there must be acknowledgment of existing problems and I just don’t see her at that point. She’s yet to acknowledge any fault of her sister’s…and until that point, she’ll never begin the healing process.

    I keep going back to a statement you made in an earlier post that was so incredibly “dead on” – if she loved her sister as she’s claiming, and her sister loved Terry unconditionally, why can’t she come to the place in her heart that makes her support Terry getting help and the proper justice sought than seeing this kid hung? Her contradictory statements and her apathy toward her nephew just leaves me baffled.


  39. So tired says:

    As an earlier post eluded, Paris has preferred it’s own form of justice for a very long time. (Research Illinois vs. Randy Steidl and Herbert Whitlock. That is only one of many examples of Edgar County nonsense. The tragedy here is that a young man has fallen victim to the system that was sworn to protect him. I do not condone the violence perpetrated in this case. It is horrific. Regardless of Kathie’s shortcomings, she was a human being who did not deserve this. The system failed her as well. However, what is done, is done. My interest in this case, at this point, is to lobby for this young man to be justly charged and appropriately punished. Terry did not have the resources necessary to act in a responsible manner. Tell me, if anyone can, where he would have learned the skills to do so. The state officials who let Terry and Kathie down need to be held accountable for the destruction that their apathy has enabled. Step up, those of you who are doing no more than collecting a government paycheck and take your punishment along side of this boy.


  40. thinkgoat says:

    You’ll find very few states actually stepping up to the plate and revamping their broken child protection programs. As in really doing something.

    Here’s a horrible case that’s caused action to be taken against CPS in Oregon. https://crimecrawlers.wordpress.com/2009/12/13/richard-and-angela-mcanulty/ The last story I read (and didn’t post) was that there had been many people removed from their jobs as a result of this abuse case and they’re addressing their own systemic shortcomings. Similar to Terry’s story, calls were placed to CPS regarding the condition of this child, but because she was older, CPS did nothing. Her parents MAIMED this child and she weighed 50 pounds at 16-years-old.


  41. Fed Up says:

    I agree with So Tired.. And I have stated before there needs to be action and punishment delt out to the people involved.. It will not happen..(I say that with the hope that it will) people have a tendency to try to prove me wrong..


  42. So tired says:

    thinkgoat, I agree that is a horrible case. I am happy people were dismissed for their lack of action. I may be a cynic, but I doubt any will see the door in Edgar County. I have never considered myself an activist, but then again, maybe I was waiting for the right cause. This may just be it!

    Fed Up: All we can do is attempt to enrage enough people to force change.


  43. thinkgoat says:

    We all start somewhere, So Tired. The more awareness there is, the harder it is for these agencies to shove things in the closet.

    Accountability. We preach it. We preach it. We preach it.


  44. ladyjustice84 says:

    TG, how the hell did that girl survive at 50 pounds and 16-years-old???


  45. ladyjustice84 says:

    Ok, so I actually started reading the story and my question is stupid now. I read maimed and assumed that it was just physical scars…now I feel retarded…


  46. Fed Up says:

    The worse thing is the corruption starts at the bottom and goes to the top.. There is a few good ones.. In the end they are silenced by the bad..

    I truely hope that the sentence given fits the crime.. I do not beleive it should be a get out of jail free card.. But two life sentences is harsh when you know the whole story..

    These are not just stories woven by teenagers.. There are witnesses that are officials..
    These things were done to this child for his whole life.. Now it is over and even if he gets out.. He will have to try to relearn how to live.. His life would not be one of constant degrading, Would not be physical.. And that could be a hard lesson for him to learn.. He knows no different.. Even though he wanted it to stop he will be scared forever by this..

    We all know there are mothers doing the same to another child.. Let us use this to make sure if we see it we do all we can for that child.. Chances are it is happening to a child you know.. The kids know they tell eachother and swear the other to not tell.. Let us all talk to our children and try to help them through it too.. In this day and age we are loosing our children, Their innocence is taken way too soon.. As a parent we teach good touch/Bad touch.. What to do if someone grabs them.. All at an age so young it is frightening.. During all of these lessons we need to say it is NOT o.k. for a parent to abuse you or anyone else.. And ask them to please feal free to talk to you about it..


  47. Space Pope says:

    From what I understand about trying people on the facts in Paris, that never happens until the police and States Attorney have had ample time to construct said facts, including the fabrication of witnesses and evidence. Justice there is whatever they want it to be at the time.


  48. hellz says:

    Literally woke my husband up laughing so hard at question #10. Freakin’ classic. I will definitely be frequenting this page often. Ill add my opinions at a later time.


  49. Concerned says:

    Space Pope….you must be either a resident of Paris or a former resident. Only those of us who have lived there would be as cynical or as truthful!


  50. Space Pope says:

    No, I’ve never lived there, but I only have one county in between. I had heard it could be a rough place if you got on the wrong side of the wrong people, but never thought that much about it because you could say that about anyplace, really. Then I read Too Politically Sensitive.

    I knew about the murders, and I knew that sometimes people get railroaded into prison, but I never woulda dreamed it could actually get that bad. I had kind of a Oh Shit moment when I realized I had worked for one of the people Callahan referred to without naming, but he described the guy’s background well enough that I’m sure the guy I worked for is the guy he was referring to. I was only around him a few times as I was in kind of a remote location. But it still sent a chill through me when I read about something he might have done that was pretty..scary, but not connected to the murders.

    I had a bitter experience of my own with the patrol section of ISP a couple of years before reading that book, and between the two, it has just annihilated my trust in police or the judicial system. I KNOW there are good cops out there still, but firmly believe they are a dying breed and too few to buck the system.

    As time goes on I’m figuring out how much the town I live in has in common with Paris, and it’s enough to make you not want to leave the house sometimes. It sounds to me like where this boy is concerned, more of the same, they are ready to throw him to the wolves to cover up how bad they’ve failed him.


  51. Tana Smith says:

    Does anyone know why the hearing scheduled last Fri for Terry Payton was postponed?? I also heard there was a big article coming out in one of the Chicago papers…any info on that??


  52. Beth says:

    Hi I am not for sure when the article will be in the Chicago paper it should be this week they told us. As far as why they postponed it to august 11 maybe since it is a status hearing they are still testing Terry to see if he is fit to stand trial I am honestly not for sure on this though so do not quote me ok.


  53. Tana Smith says:

    Is anyone here going to the hearing for Terry Payton tomorrow? Please keep us updated if you can….thanks


  54. Space Pope says:

    No mention of it on WTHI tv or website.


  55. Tana Smith says:

    The article appeared today in the Tribune. Pretty good all around. I hope DCFS is proud of the way they drug their feet…they knew there was trouble in the home…could have pulled him out immediately but waited…so like the gov’t. Hurry up and wait. Their procrastination cost 2 people their lives!!! How sad!!


  56. Tana Smith says:

    Jan has been run off the topix board in Paris under HIGHLAND COURT forum. She just doesn’t understand that people are tired of listening to her whining. If she had cared at all about her sister, why hadn’t she been to Paris before? No, instead she waits until after she’s murdered then rushed down and cleaned out the apt. of Terry’s things…she is not the next of kin….why did they let her dispose of all his things. That is stealing if I ever heard it!!!! I blame that one on the cops…Terry was charged…not convicted. Hope I’m never arrested for anything….my house will be trashed!!!!


  57. Disarm says:

    Terry was found guilty of second degree murder in this case….



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