By: LadyJustice

London, England-Imagine the horror of having your 13-year-old daughter stolen off the street in broad daylight. Now imagine having to wait 6 months before they find her naked, decaying corpse in the woods. All the while the police have been advising you that your child’s voicemails were being listened to and deleted so she must be alive.  Years later you find out that a tabloid was deleting these voicemails and giving you false hope all along. This is only part of the nightmare that Amanda “Milly” Dowler’s parents have lived since 2002.

Amanda "Milly" Dowler

Milly disappeared on her way home from school on March 21, 2002. She might never have been abducted and killed by Levi Bellfield, convicted FINALLY on June 23, 2011, if she hadn’t gotten off her train 1 stop early to visit with friends. But when she started home, in broad daylight, that’s exactly what happened to poor Milly. That’s where Milly’s parents’ nightmare started.

During the 6 months that Milly was missing the police said that she must have just went off with someone because, among other things, she was checking and deleting voicemails on her phone. This provided hope to her family that she was still alive and might be ok and coming home one day. Then the wack jobs came out to play.

The first of the wack jobs was Paul Hughes. He started sending Milly’s mom threatening letters saying that he had killed Milly and would kill her too. He was then found, in prison, and given 5 years for his letters. The “best” part is that he was in prison for indecently assaulting a 12-year-old while he was sending them these horrible letters! The prison service apologized for not properly screening his letters. (I’d sue the hell out of the retards!)

Milly's parents, Bob and Sally Dowler, and Milly in the inset picture.

The next horror these parents lived through was Lianne Newman. She repeatedly called Mr and Mrs Dowler, the police, and Milly’s school pretending to be Milly. She pleaded guilty in April of 2003 to five counts of making phone calls to cause annoyance, inconvenience, or needless anxiety and received a measly 5 month jail sentence.

Then the very special Gary Farr stepped in. He was a teacher who sent emails to Milly’s parents, police officers working the case, and even her school friends and claimed that he knew where Milly was. She was smuggled out of the country to work in Poland in the sex trade industry and her death was all a cover-up. When police caught up to him Farr was sectioned indefinitely under the Mental Health Act on October 19, 2006 for being a serious psychological danger to the public after pleading guilty to a charge of harassment. (Thank God that weirdo is put away for awhile!)

Finally this horrible, living nightmare seemed to come to a head when Milly’s unclothed, decomposed body was found by people hunting for mushrooms on September 18, 2002. Sally and Bob, Milly’s parents, must have thought that their daughter’s case would FINALLY be taken seriously. Little did they know what would happen next.

Levi Bellfield, a former bouncer and wheel-clamper, was officially identified as a suspect on February 25, 2008 when he was convicted of murdering two other young women, Amelie Delagrange and Marsha McDonnell, and attempting to murder a third, Kate Sheedy. The worst part of this whole case is that he tried to abduct another young girl that looked just like Milly the day before she was taken. Rachel Cowles was that girl and she later identified him during Milly’s trial.

Sick serial killer, Levi Bellfield

While awaiting his trail on Milly’s murder and serving his sentence on the other murders this asswipe preceded to send letters to Milly’s mother and father. He denied any involvement in any murder and Bellfield never said Milly’s name but instead referred to her only as “the MD situation.” It was never released why the prison let these 17 letters go on to reach his victim’s family.

During the murder trial Milly was portrayed as a depressed girl. Her father was also shredded and made to admit to having a  bondage fetish that Milly had accidentally found out about. After all of this torture Milly’s parents received justice for their little girl when Levi Bellfield was convicted of her murder on June 23, 2011. They thought it was over. Wrong!

This passed week it has come out that the News of the World Tabloid had given the family that false hope of Milly being alive during her disappearance by hacking into her cell phone and listening to and deleting some of her voicemails! She wasn’t the only slain girl who’s phone was hacked either. The parents of 2 murdered girls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, have also been visited by police investigating phone-hacking by these so-called “journalists. ” These two 10-year-olds were killed in 2002 by a school caretaker who was jailed for life.

The private investigator accused of being the one to hack the phones, Glenn Mulcaire , said Tuesday he was under “constant demand for results” when he worked at the News of the World tabloid. (So fucking what? That gives you an excuse or something?) In his “apology” statement Mulcaire says he knew what he did “pushed the limits ethically” but he didn’t understand that he had broken the law. (Yeah, ok, right!)

Now all of these parents have to go through an inquest to see what really happened and how big of a hindrance it was to prosecuting these sickos. Although the tabloid announced that it is folding up shop! It’s last edition will be Sunday.

If I had to live through all of this torture and grief and I still had my sanity (I don’t see how anyone could) I would make sure to sue every last person involved! Why didn’t the police figure out that the phone account had been hacked back when Milly had disappeared? Yep, I’d be one rich parent and a lot of people wouldn’t have jobs anymore! I mean, where the hell was the protection from further victimization for these families?

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  1. ladyjustice84 says:

    UPDATE: The CEO of the idiot company that use to own this tabloid, Rebekah Brook, has resigned. The Murdoch family has taken out ads to run in reliable newspapers this weekend apologizing to the families of the victims. Also, the FBI is now looking into whether these assholes hacked the phones of 9/11 victims.

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