By LadyJustice

In the weirdest turn of events I’ve ever seen the man last seen with Jackie Douthart, Benjamin Biggs, is now dead. All because he chose to steal an SUV, lead police on a high-speed chase, and shoot 2 police officers and then himself. You heard it here first people! I was one of the only ones to publish something BEFORE this dude went psycho car thief that told people that he was the last one seen with Jackie Douthart. See the first article here. So when a link was posted by a reader of the article (thank you by-the-way) I had to see where it led.

It turns out a manhunt that I had followed all day on Wednesday, June 29th, was all about Mr Biggs. No one is quite sure why he was in Quincy, Illinois that day but regardless that’s where our story begins. He decided to abandon his vehicle at the country club in Quincy and then went to a ball field where he stole a man’s unattended 1997 Chevrolet Suburban. (Weird coincidence: Jackie was supposedly dropped off near a ball field in Mt. Pleasant by this freak the last time she was seen.)

When the police responded to the stolen vehicle faster than Biggs probably expected they would, Biggs backed into a police car while shots were exchanged with an officer. Biggs shot the officer, Tom Miller of the Quincy Police Department, but the bullet ricocheted off of his gun belt and he wasn’t hurt badly. (God must REALLY love him!) Ben Biggs then fled down highway 104 into the woods. (Wow, I couldn’t write a better chase story!) Officers from Quincy Police Department, the Adams County Sheriff’s Department and Illinois State Police, including SWAT officers from Springfield, all responded. (You’d think the moron would stop there knowing he wouldn’t get away, but nooooo!)


The house that Ben Biggs killed himself in after a 6 hour standoff with police.

The suspect then wrecked the SUV near Kingsley, Illinois by the fertilizer plant, and fled on foot. Officers then set up a perimeter and started to search houses in the area. That’s when a group of officers entered the wrong damn house. Biggs heard them coming and opened fire hitting Sgt. Joe Lowmeyer square in the chest. He was saved only because he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. (Once again, God loved him!) His fellow officers then got him, and themselves, to safety and surrounded the house.

After that all attempts to reach the wackjob, Biggs, failed and they were at a standoff for over 6 hours. Finally a camera was put into the house by police and they observed Biggs not moving. That’s when they decided to enter the house using 3 flash bangs for safety. At 9:45 pm the Illinois State Police made entrance to the house and confirmed that Benjamin Biggs was dead. Adam’s County Coroner, James Keller, said July 1st that Biggs died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. (I’m glad he won’t be giving us an encore and we won’t be paying for him!)

In all the whole ordeal lasted just under 9 hours. Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley says, “The last half hour, we were gathering information where we thought we could make entry and put an end to this. We determined the suspect’s status, the team was successfully able to do that. And we have a lot of relief.”

Lt. Lacey says, “The reason that there was no rush, the situation showed itself that the suspect was not opposed to using violence. The house was held with a perimeter, so we knew where the subject was. It was to our advantage to not make a rush judgment and it worked to our advantage.”


Jackie Douthart, missing out of Mount Pleasant, IA.

As for the house, it was deemed a crime scene and then released Friday to the rightful owners. No one has been living there. (That’s probably another good thing.)

The bad part about losing this douche bag is that we may never know why this happened or what happened to Jackie Douthart. Lt. Brad Lacey says, “You could make a lot of surmises of what was going through him to do such an act, but it would’ve been nice to be able to sit down and put the puzzle together, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.” (I personally think that he might have been on drugs or having a mental break. When he saw the ball field he might have thought about Jackie, and whatever really happened to her, and just lost it.)


Biggs' previous mugshot.

The police aren’t releasing what’s in the backpack that was found with the dead freak or what’s in his abandoned car. They have released some of his criminal record. He’s been arrested for drugs (the basis for my theory) and assaulting a peace officer (imagine that!) Both officers that were shot are now fine and at home.

The article that connects my previous article into all of this is here. Let’s all pray that they can still find Jackie Douthart without him! If you see or have seen Jackie collect all information and contact the Missing Person Information Clearinghouse Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation at (800)-346-5507 or call the Mount Pleasant Police Department at (319) 385-3511, (319) 385-3511, (319) 385-1450. When Jackie Leigh Douthart was last seen she was wearing a zebra stripped shirt, black vest, blue jeans, and flip-flops. She is 5 foot 4 inches tall and around 120 pounds. She has shoulder-length brown hair with purple highlights and green eyes. Jackie has a pierced belly button, a tattoo of “Zoey” on her left ankle, and a tattoo of a butterfly on her right shoulder blade. She is also missing all of her bottom teeth.

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  1. halypa says:

    Wow. I appreciate your following this story…but have a heart. I know you think you are doing Jackie’s family a big favor but let’s remember Ben had a family too. I have known him for a very long time, and he was not a freak or “douche” or whatever else you feel you have the right to call him. And he NEVER talked about people the way you are talking about him! Ever heard of “not speaking ill of the dead”? You could learn a lot from that.
    I honestly hope Jackie is found safe and sound, just like everyone else. But before you make him sound like a horrible human being and make her sound like a fine upstanding citizen just remember…she was hanging out with him…Please use your head and realize what you say affects others. And maybe you should do a little more research before you go running your mouth online..


  2. thinkgoat says:

    Hey halypa, maybe you should have read the “About CrimeCrawlers” before you decided to confirm being a fuckhead apologist.

    The only bad thing about Benny being dead is the fact we may never know what his involvement is in a missing person case. He sounded like a fuckup from the start and sometimes it’s best that karma plucks the retards off the Earth so society doesn’t have to continually foot the fucking bill for them.

    Let’s just hope he left a trail of stupidity that leads to one family getting some kind of answers.

    Since you’re so sensitive, you might just thank LadyJustice for writing the story instead of me. She was a lot nicer than I would ever dream of being when writing about your buddy. 🙂


  3. ladyjustice84 says:

    TG is right, I was nicer. Not now though. I feel sorry for his family that raised a psychopath like him. No one ever expects their kids to turn out to be murderers and that’s exactly what Benny obviously was. He tried to kill 2 cops that were trying to save him from himself. Unless you want to tell me I’m wrong on that too.

    The wonderful 1st amendment lets me talk about this freak just as he deserves to be spoken of. I’m not nice to people that feel the need to off themselves just because they’re dead. I’m so very glad that he’s never going to hurt anyone again. I do have sympathy for his family but not for him. HE was obviously a douche bag because he SHOT 2 POLICE OFFICERS!!! Only idiots do that!

    Honestly, I wouldn’t even admit to knowing him if I were you. But then again ever heard the phrase “birds of a feather flock together?” Yeah, it applies here. You want to say that Jackie’s a bad person because of who she hung out with well what does it say about you that you not only hung out with this idiot wack job but you STILL admit to it even after he did what he did? Thanks for playing the game there, halypa!


  4. JChase says:

    Ben was and is fuckup he is a bad person and so karma did get him as for Jackie she was a whore and a big drug user and she may or may not be found .I can say that if she is found it will not be alive. when you mess with meth the out come is never good. Iam glad that thay are both gone what a wasted of space. ppl that use meth are killing them selfs anyway. WHY DIDN’T there folks do something to help there kids thay are fuckup too.


  5. thinkgoat says:

    LMAO JChase. Even if Jackie was a drug-addled whore, that doesn’t mean one should turn away when they’re missing or dead.

    We’re talking about adults here, right? Since when are parents responsible for their grown kids’ actions? (I think that’s what you’re alluding to in the last part of your post – my tard-to-English translator needs new batteries)


  6. ladyjustice84 says:

    JChase, I seriously hope that you never have kids but if/when you do I hope they never do anything wrong. The fact is that Jackie didn’t do anything to deserve what happened to her. No one does. The only reason that I believe Mr. Ben did deserve what he got was that he was killing, or trying to kill, other people and he killed himself because he was a coward! Being a drug addict or anything else does not give someone else the right to end your life or to otherwise take you away from it. Oh and, JChase, I really hope you’re without sin to be casting such a big first stone. Tell me, how on earth do you know that Jackie had anything to do with drugs or that Ben was a bad person? Would that be first-hand knowledge???


  7. JChase says:

    Yes it would My 7 boys and my family know all to well and as for adults children I have put 2 of mine in rehab when i saw them out of control. Jackie went to school with some of mine and her mom is really messed up your kids learn from you and do what thay see and hear if her mom was a better she mite not have gone down the road she did Jackie new what she was doing and she chose drugs over her child thats why Matt has Zoey. as for Ben my son has had many fights with him. he was a bully and freak a lier and a whole lot more.And yes I do blame the folks if I help mine why did thay not help theres.


  8. JChase says:

    Jackie did get what she deserved she new were drugs would take her and she still went ther thats why she did not have Zoey. seriously she did do wrong she was in the meth what part of that is not wrong. bad begets bad. duh


  9. ladyjustice84 says:

    In the state of Iowa you cannot force someone into rehab unless they are a danger to themselves and/or others, the internet is so wonderful! So that must make your family award winners! How about you learn how to write, spell, and punctuate and then I’ll try to have something resembling an intelligent conversation with you?


  10. thinkgoat says:

    When a “child” gets to consenting age, a parent’s hands are tied. I imagine your children aren’t all that “well adjusted” if you have not held them accountable for their actions. If they’re not held accountable, they’re never going to grow up to be productive citizens of society…they’re always going to know their mommy or daddy will be there to help justify their behavior by tucking them into a rehab, a mental institution, etc.

    Even if someone’s parent is a “user” doesn’t mean they will grow up to be the same. And if they do, it’s by their OWN actions. Surely, if you’re old enough to have 7 boys, you know and understand that, right?

    Regardless – all this doesn’t mean jack-fucking-shit in the grand scheme of things. Whether Jackie was a user or not doesn’t matter – it simply doesn’t justify the fact she’s gone missing and may very well be dead by the hands of another individual.

    I put up with a shitload of bullshit on these boards but something I cannot fucking stand is someone coming on insinuating that a victim more or less deserved what happened to them. Those assumptions are never made by rational and decent human beings.


  11. ladyjustice84 says:

    OK, I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK WHAT JACKIE DID OR DIDN’T DO!!! No one deserves what she got! How would you have felt if someone had kidnapped or killed your children while they were doing the same shit? I seriously doubt that you’d feel the same!


  12. thinkgoat says:

    JesusFuck, JChase. Your bastardization of the English language is damn near giving me a headache. Have one of your kids proofread your shit prior to hitting “post” – that is, if they’re not fucking high or drunk.


  13. ladyjustice84 says:

    Damn scroll bar made me accidentally “LIKE” this JChase retard’s post…I don’t like it at all!


  14. JChase says:

    when i put my kids in rehab thay came out on the right side of life. And thay were held accountable. And now as adults doing well and are very well adjusted 2 of them are cops.And one is a judge as for my spelling iam sorry. But not sorry for drug users. In the state of Iowa you can get a court order to have anyone put in too a 72 hour hold and more all it takes is family. I know becusse we have had to do it. If Jackie is dead it is by her own hand becusse of her own actions and know one can say other wise.she was know victim. My children are not high or drunk. she got what she ask for a life of drugs. I don’t fell sorry for her she new better. I lost a child at the hands of someone and my child was kidnapped and it took 5 years to find her. So I have been down both roads.


  15. ladyjustice84 says:

    I think you’re full of shit! You probably would’ve mentioned it before now if you’d lost a child. Jackie only “died because of her own actions” if she somehow died of an overdose and then hid her own body…You are some sort of moron. You insult the victim and then when we call you on it you suddenly have some sort of experience that’s similar to Jackie’s. What a coincidence!


  16. thinkgoat says:

    JChase, look moron, if I had a penny for every single time someone inflated their family’s credentials, I’d not have to play around and read your bullshit.

    You’re nothing but a lonely old fucker who’s probably jacking off at the thought of Jackie, the victim. I recognize all the “signs” – saying it’s her fault, fantasizing about that shit while jerking your 1.5″ of infected dick.

    Get a life. Quit bragging about imaginary friends and buy a train ticket to Orlando, Florida…your perfect match, Casey Anthony is slated to get out, Wednesday. You two can live in a make-believe world for the rest of your pathetic lives.


  17. thinkgoat says:

    Way to go, LJ – I think you ran JChase away.


  18. ladyjustice84 says:

    I think you did that TG! You mess with ThinkGoat and you get the horns bitches!


  19. thinkgoat says:

    Pffft. I was being nice. He’s just lucky I was in a good mood.

    Must have been time for “medication” at the home. He disappeared rather abruptly. I hope he didn’t surpass his computer usage for the week. I don’t think I can wait several days to play with him, again.


  20. ladyjustice84 says:

    Maybe his kids came out of their drunken stupor and figured out that daddy had lost his mind. Well what little he had anyways! Maybe he took your suggestion and hopped that train down to see Casey! He’ll have to wait ’til the 17th now though 😦


  21. deadmyron says:

    Oh, LJ & Dear TG! How I loved this spirited exchange. I know I only drop in now and again, but it’s good to see that TG’s wit is sharper, if that is possible. LJ: Excellent scoop! Excellent article.

    Fortunately, Ben Biggs killed himself before he could do any more damage. He was a potential spree killer and those assholes usually end up taking their own lives. My theory is that they cause so much chaos that they can no longer live with the consequences of their misdeeds, so they eat a bullet.

    JChase: Thanks for your input as well. If everyone who was a “whore” deserved to die, I wouldn’t be paying so much fucking child support. I am now actually dumber for having read your mendacious (look it up) bullshit. Fuck you so much. ♥


  22. ladyjustice84 says:

    Deadmyron, thanks! I couldn’t agree with you more about Biggs or that JChase douche! Thanks for the support and thank you too TG!


  23. thinkgoat says:

    Aw, DM, what a nice surprise this morning. I heart you, fucker.


  24. deadmyron says:

    And I heart you right the fuck back, TG! LJ: You are quite welcome.


  25. darla f says:

    as a resident of henry county, do not hold your breath. i sincerely doubt the johnnylaw are actively searching for the girl.


  26. ladyjustice84 says:

    Honestly, you’re probably right Darla F. Simply because of all the crap that’s been talked about the true victim in this case, Jackie, and knowing the laziness of most cops, I’d agree. I think it’s a pitiful thing for the police to put this on the back burner though because if, and that’s a big if, Biggs didn’t have anything to do with it more women are sure to come up missing. He could’ve also had an accomplice in which case I’ll pray for your safety and that of your female friends and family Darla F! No one ever cares until someone “important” comes up missing…


  27. sm31 says:

    Well JChase is a douche bag….definately needs a reality check…by the way Jackie is family and I don’t appreciate jackasses trash talking Jackie. By the way, where does it say that all children who have parents that do meth become meth addicts themselves? I have to say personally that my parents were in prison for 4 years because of meth. I on the other hand have a college degree….not a meth addict. Fuck you JChase….get a fucking brain and a heart….Jackie and our family do not deserve your psychotic outbursts.


  28. ladyjustice84 says:

    I’m sorry that Jackie is missing and that you all have to put up with this Stephanie. You have my most sincere sympathy! I don’t know Jackie or anyone related to her but you are absolutely right. No one deserves to go missing no matter what and no missing person’s family deserves to hear their loved one talked about so badly. Are there any updates that I don’t know about? The news is hardly saying anything at all…please keep us posted on anything that we can do to help out your family!


  29. sm31 says:

    By the way, she’s a distant cousin and probably doesn’t know me because I am quite a bit older than her, although my sister and her sister were friends in school.


  30. Tammy Haynes says:

    This is Jackies mom and Id like to thank the ones who r not talking trash on my daughter. She was doing awesome in life,had a list of goals she would have finished by the end of this year. Zoey ended up with her dad(Matt) because his parents have money not because he’s a good dad. He has his addictions too. Thank you for being compassionate!!!


  31. ladyjustice84 says:

    Tammy, I’m very sorry about what your family is going through right now. I’m praying for Jackie’s safe return to happen very soon!


  32. Rachel Sinn says:

    i would just like to say jc who r u to judge, those who judge apond others shall judge apond the smallest matters. we r all only human and we have all made bad desions in life but we learn from r mistikes and that is what makes us stronger. Jackie is a very strong and kind person and would do anything for anyone. who was a very caring and loving mother Zeoy ment the world to her and nothing else and that little girl needs her mom more then anything. Jackie is such a happy go lucky type of person but yet stubrun and bull head but theres nothing wrong w that thats what makes her so strong and thats what made her so detrmained to do what ever she had to do to get her little girl back cause it killed her not having her w her cause she was a wonderful mother and Zoey will always knw how much her mom loved and cared for her


  33. People Say Its My Hobby To Help Find People says:

    First jchase you are a jackbag that needs to be castrated so you can’t pollute the world with anymore of your offspring. The whore you should have wanted dead is or was the woman you call wife. OK I have said this from the start. If someone would have told the po po Jackie had 2 ozs of ice or crack (meth or coke) and $2500 in cash on Her, She would have been found by the po po in 1/2 an hour. There is no money for the po po searching for missing persons. They only want to get drug offenders, owi and traffic violators because they are their bread and butter. The po po in “Mt. please arrest me for talking to people” Iowa have dropped the ball in so many cases I am surprised the state of Iowa hasn’t came in and taken over their duties. They are so Barney Fife that they can only bust people who I have no chance of defending their selves. The po po here love to hear the words PUBLIC DEFENDER. Please JESUS forgive me of my sins and the sins of my friends and family. Please JESUS bring Jackie back to Tammy. Tammy needs her baby back.


  34. sm31 says:

    Well I truly hope that Jackie is found…..but after this guy shot himself I think he knew what happened to her. I have a feeling that we will never know. Hopefully someone else that knew Jackie and was with her that night would know something and come forward. The Mt Pleasant police are probably not doing as much as they could or should be doing. It’s always like that in small communities…I wonder if they searched his place, phone records, etcetera??? Good Luck Tammy!


  35. VMO says:

    I think that this thing is completely one sided. Not that I knew ben or jackie personally. But I mean there are always three truths your truth thier truth and the actual truth. you all are bashing on ben, and making jackie out to be an angel. Yeah he could have killed her, but you do not know that for sure. maybe she took off and does not want to be found. Yeah ben has a bad track record, but seriously. and how do you know that what you read is actually what happened? I know from experience that news stories and stuff you read online can be a bunch of bullshit. so unless you were with jackie when she dissappeard or in the house with ben when he died, you have no idea. yeah cops say what happened. In my situation the cops had the story completely wrong, COMPLETELY wrong, it was on the news and everything and it was all false the only thing that was true is that both my parents were dead. But everyone has it in their head that he killed her, and yeah maybe there was some suspicious activity but like I said you do not know for sure. And some of you that thought he deserved to die. No one deserves to die, and yeah it seems that he took his own life and if he did, he did. that is what he wanted.

    and as a parent, think about it. you might think ” if that was my son I would disown him” “he is a psycho path” etc. but since you are not in that situation you do not know how you would react. of course no one thinks that their son or daughter is going to turn out any other way than what they imagine. But when it happens that is reality and you can not just change your feeling for them, maybe some can but I know most dont. that is why there are teens that go to rehab “tough love”. and that is not the parents fault. I remember being a teen and no matter how much my parents talked and set examples for me, I ended up using drugs and drinking before I was 18, and that was because the people that influenced me that I met at school. and call me what you want, I was easily influenced. But I promise almost all kids do it. even if you do not think it is your own. My parents never suspected anything, I just lied. And I mean luckily I grew up and stopped that bad behaivor, but I am just saying it happens.

    So if you think about it, you all obviously think that Ben is a bad horrible person, but like I read earlier, this Jackie girl was actually hanging out with him. And from what I remember your “in” if your in the “in crowd” and I am more than positive they were not just hanging out listening to music. And it is very unfortunate that she is missing, and my heart goes out to her family I could not imagine lossing a daughter, sister, friend. And on the other hand my heart goes out to his family to, they lost a son, brother, friend.


  36. deadmyron says:

    I would think that shooting two fucking cops kind of gives us an indication as to what kind of fella old Benny was. If he’d kill a cop, which he tried to do, I don’t think he’d think twice about killing someone else.

    Real the fuck up! Nobody deserves to die just by association. I don’t give a shit what she did during her life.

    Remember Bernice Bowen? She stuck up for her fuck, even after he blew her four-year-old’s head off with a 30-30. She backed him all the way. She didn’t even bother to tell the cops that the asshole had a handcuff key on a chain around his neck. The result was three cops were killed by this shithead before he finally sent his own ass to hell.

    Why even defend this piece of shit? The best thing he ever did in his life was kill himself. His family should be grateful it wasn’t them.


  37. ladyjustice84 says:

    VMO after I read your ramblings about your family I could almost see how screwed up your view could be after that and almost understand how you could say all of the crap you spewed. I never said I didn’t feel for his family and DM is right, they should be grateful he didn’t hurt them too. As for her deserving to die because she hung out with “the wrong people” let me ask you something: Does that mean that an innocent woman that’s walking down the wrong street and is kidnapped, raped, and shot just for being there deserves it? After all it’s her own fault for walking down the street, right? WRONG! I don’t give a shit who you are or where you are no one, and I mean NO ONE, has the right to take your shit-filled life as much as I’d like to be free of people like you! Also, the media is one part of the story. The police have said what he did with consistency which makes me believe them. Oh, and the fact that the asswipe took his own life is pretty convincing too! I agree with everything DM said!


  38. thinkgoat says:

    Check out the deep thinking skillzzz on VMO! Of course we’re one-sided, dipshit, we generally side with the victims as most rational people do.

    I bet I have a little more experience with “news stories” thank you, VMO. Want to compare? I like playing those little games and just as a fair warning, I’m pretty motherfucking good at them. Just because you have a couple of dead parents and you gleaned 5 minutes of “fame” from their story being covered, it hardly makes you an expert. “It was on the news and everything”! Wow. Neat, kid. ^5 and all that happy horseshit.

    Now, go take your personal issues someplace that might give a shit. We don’t give a fuck what went on with you. Go seek attention and validation elsewhere. You’re not going to find anything but butthurt here.


  39. Tammy Haynes says:

    I know who JChase is and shes just some pot smoken lying bitch who lives on the backside of a motel in mt p…… Its a shame that she thinks her life is so much better than all of ours. She only has 3 children and there aint no doctor,lawyer etc etc in that family plus their either still using or recovering but I guess to each there own on what you think is a good or bad prerson. Im going searching again tomorrow…. and JACKIE LEIGH DOUTHART is a beautiful person inside and out. But whats really sad is alot of the people who have been talking smack on her … she would have given the shirt off her back to them if they would have needed it. So assholes you lost one hellava good friend in the smack talk.


  40. thinkgoat says:

    Jidiot didn’t fool a single one of us. Not even for a split second.


  41. ladyjustice84 says:

    I figured JChase was something like that…lmfao!


  42. Fed Up says:

    O.K. First you say her momma was bad and kids do as they are shown.. Then you say she got what she asked for a life of drugs.. What Fucking Fence are you sitting on.. I sure hope it is the Hell mouth and you and you’re sorry ass falls in.. Jchase that is for you..

    Sorry ass people.. This is something I hate to see in this world.. And with parents like chase we are seeing way too much of it.. I do not care if she was a drugged out hooker.. She is still someones daughter and deserves to be found.. Fuck that she is a missing person and deserves people to try to find and help her..

    That being said the likely hood of her being found alive is low.. This ass killed himself.. That says to me he did not want to be held or questiond about it..

    I can only hope the system does not take the path of..( what a druggie well we are not going to waste our time or money to look for them..)

    I can only say for myself if someone in my town comes up missing.. I am helping the search.. I do not care if it is a drugged out hooker, A child, Although I would not help find a child abuser..


  43. ladyjustice84 says:

    Unfortunately, Mount Pleasant has apparently taken the stance that Fed Up talked about. I’ve seen and heard NOTHING on any of the local news stations since Ben killed himself. I hope there are still others besides just her family searching but the police sure aren’t hurting themselves. It’s very apparent that they don’t care. I hope to God that Ben was the one that took Jackie ’cause if not everyone in Mount Pleasant is in danger of being next. That’s the sad part, don’t the police realize that if this can happen to one person in their community that it could happen to anyone, even them? I don’t get it…


  44. chelsea says:

    You have no clue what your talking about
    Why do you think the.cops didn’t release any information hmmm I wonder because Ben had marijuana in his back pack and it would have made cops amazing stupid plan fail! ! Ben didn’t want to go back to prison for something he didn’t do! !! He ran from them because. He had pot in his back pack! ! And you really think he killed him self? ?no cops need someone to blame, pin, Jackie disappearance on! ! So they took him out in cross fire! ! They figured that if they blamed in him everyone would shut up and move on keep the town happy and pretend they got it all under control! ! You should really pray for.yourself jackie and Ben what you wrote.was vile wrong and just plan fucking disrespectful! Our police department hasn’t done shit for ether family and they don’t care about it because 1. They both have recoreds 2. They both don’t have money 3. Because there lazy and they don’t make money looking for missing! !!
    I hope pray that they find jackie or jackie just comes walking into hers familys lives again
    !! Saturday on old highway 34 two boys found a human skull make this is big break case needs! !
    For future reference don’t write.about something you have no clue bout


  45. chelsea says:

    All of you have no.clue wtf the heck your talking you should all be ashamed of your selfsame
    You are disrespecting JACKIE. AND BEN
    And go with my last comment media would have came to my hometown Mr.pleasant Iowa if the police and the city would have cared but over half didn’t care because. Cops didn’t care I mean a girl goes missing months after javkie and cops freak out look for her and this girl turned out a runaway from her crazy adopted parents and why did cops freak out over her hmm o I know because she has money because bet adopted parents are pastor of. Church because she doesn’t have. Drug or criminal recored because her familys well respected !! And jackies family not! ! We will never know what happened until they get REAL GOOD detectives on this case! ! I pray and hope the body they found is jackie I so sorry if anyone that loves jackie reads that I just want peace for all of you and jackie I want just


  46. chelsea says:

    For jackie and you! ! I want Ben bugger named clearered !!
    I pray someone reads this that is a big time new reporter or a real cop reads this and comes helps out mount pleasant. Chelsea


  47. ladyjustice84 says:

    I do have a clue what the hell I’m talking about but do you? Cops get paid investigating ANYTHING. So they do, in fact, get paid to look into missing cases. Ben did die from a bullet from HIS OWN gun. The truth is the truth and that’s what I wrote. So sorry that you can’t handle it. I hope the skull that they found is Jackie as well because it’ll hopefully finally show what happened to Jackie.


  48. thinkgoat says:

    Ladyjustice sourced her information, which makes her 100% more credible. Chelsea, your story was truly written for a failed TV mini-series.


  49. AB886 says:

    Reading this was ridiculous! Some people are so damn rude 😦 I hope its NOT her remains and that she is alive and well, however the chances of that are slim. NONE of us will ever really know what happened so there is no point in all the name calling and accusations…grow up people!


  50. chelsea says:

    Haha why because you got your info from papers and police department!! Doesn’t matter !! But you should be ashamed for writing such horrible thing s


  51. thinkgoat says:

    And where do you suggest we get our information? The Psychic Hotline?

    And ashamed for writing what? A story about a young lady who’s gone missing? A story that’s widely ignored by everyone other than a local source?


  52. Are you freaking kidding me? seriously? for one I am Jackies little sister, and i am a firm believer that Ben didnt do it. there isnt any reason for me to assume he did, and for you to call him a deushe bag is just plain wrong, you dont know the type of person he was, you dont know anything about him except what you read. and for most of the people who did a column about my sister, you dont really care if shes found, i mean sure you might have some remorse, but all you care about is your readings and how well you sell your news papers. its rediculious… Chelsea… i love how you word your sentences… it definately gave me something to think about.


  53. Alien Hunter says:

    Your all wrong! Ben and Jackie were chosen by the aliens to start human life up there in the alien world. They are happily procreating the population in Mars! Duh!


  54. thinkgoat says:

    but all you care about is your readings and how well you sell your news papers. its rediculious

    I’m sure Ben was such a peach of a guy…so misunderstood. And for being the sister of this missing girl, you’re dealing with grief (if you have any) in some perverse ways but I sure like how you end all your posts with “xXbeautiful_suicideXx”. It’s adorable, really.


  55. Alien Hunter says:

    clap clap clap, way to go “thinkgoat” put down the sister (sarcasm), all of you are rediculous, no one knows what the family of both parties know. Your just over opinionated, thats whats wrong with this country today….


  56. thinkgoat says:

    What’s wrong with this country, today, is illiterate people.


  57. Demon says:

    I find you all very funny. Maybe there was a third person to this story……


  58. Bobby says:

    I knew Ben Biggs, went to high school with him, even hung out with him a few times after highschool. and ill be the first to say, the guy was a fucking asshole. a class A bully and I didn’t care for him much.

    But the fact of the matter is, he was still a human being and does not deserve to have his name slandered like this. you don’t know for a fact that he did what they said he did or it went down like they say it did. I believe cops less than i believe crack heads.

    Ben had his issues, some pretty big ones, but just because he did drugs doesn’t automatically make him a murderer. that’s what pisses me off about the world. if you are accused of wrong doing, the moment they find something bad in your past, they just assume you did it.

    Ben was an asshole. but he’s dead now, he’s paid his dues, he’s square with the house again. Let them both rest in peace, and don’t slander the dead.


  59. First off, why would he lead the cops on a full out chase and then kill himself after stealing a car when he heard they wanted to interview him about this if he wasn’t guilty? The fact remains that I stand behind my article and everyone knows, including the cops, that he murdered that girl. The idea that you would stand up for someone you yourself calls “a bully and an asshole” makes me sick. Slander is only counted as such if there is someone that can prove that what I said was false and malicious and no one can because it’s neither. Thank you and good bye!


  60. Zoey Sanderson says:

    Hey all u writing Carp about jackie douhart are mean sick people I’m Jackie’s daughter and I’ve read most of these comments and Josie is my aunt tammy is my grandma all u talking crap about my mom shut up u guys don’t know what happened I may just be 11 but yeah that’s my mom ur talking about my mom was a beautiful person inside and out ! I was her world I love her so much! And I wish I was in her place I wish she was here! Thanks all u that aren’t talki g crap about my mommy!


  61. thinkgoat says:

    Zoey, sweetheart, I’m sorry you had to read the bad comments. The internet can be such an ugly place and it’s no place for a young lady.


  62. Zoey Sanderson says:

    I know it’s not and thanks I really miss my mom she’s been gone for 3 years and I need to learn more i miss her like crazy !!!!! And now my grandma Vivian is in the hospital!! Ad I have a new baby cousin that don’t get to see her aunt 😦


  63. tammy haynes says:

    that statement from that demon person……”theres probably a third party” im pretty sure he is correct.
    most of henry county know who did it but nobody gives a shit!!! they probably did it for shits and giggles. I don’t know why or who but it was wrong. there was this man visiting her place she was found , it was around 1:30 pm and cody biggs pulled up and asked the man what he was doing there.and the man said paying my respects. then cody told him that he had to leave because the killer goes there every day at 1:30 just to sit and look at what he did. im sorry I cant talk anymore.


  64. Jeannie Morris says:

    Okay for all the people talking shit you stop!Im jackies niece You honestly don’t know anything. Yeah maybe you think you do but, if you knew anything about what happened you would have informed the police. Your opinion isnt need. Knowing that there are people that care about both of theses people!! You need to just grow up. Thanks very much


  65. Zoey says:

    I am sick and tired of people talking shit about my mom. She was a good person and everyone makes mistakes. So you cant talk shit about her i bet you all wait i do not bet i know you all have made mistakes i dont have to know you guys to know everyone makes mistakes you dont know my mom she was a beautiful women inside and out. Knock your shit of you guys are acting like you guys are 3. Love you Jeannie and Grandma Tammy


  66. Caleb says:

    Lady justice is a fuckin idiot.


  67. Caleb says:

    I think it’s funny Lady Justice can sit here n judge n talk shit about people she’s never met n don’t know shit about… yea, ur cool


  68. ladyjustice84 says:

    Caleb, excuse me, but do you know me? Do you know, for a fact, that I know none of the people involved? The answers to those questions are of course no. So, that being said, kindly shut your trap because I can guarantee that you don’t know anything about anything just judging by the fact that you can’t leave a full reply the first time, nor can you spell the simple word, “Yeah,” or write a correct sentence. The fact that you could call anyone an “idiot” with a straight face is, in itself, comical. Thanks for playing! Bye-bye!


  69. thinkgoat says:

    Caleb just likes to come on and call people who showed an interest in Jackie Douthart’s case “fucking idiots”. It’s a mental condition of his/hers. (not for sure…Caleb’s writing style seems a bit feminine…)



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