Small Children Found Duct-Taped Inside a Burning House

Posted: June 28, 2011 by ladyjustice84 in Arson, Attempted Murder, Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Crime, Crime Against a Child
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By LadyJustice

Guadalupe, Arizona  Police are trying to figure out why 3 children were in a house when a couch catch fire and, more importantly, why 2 of them were bound with duct-tape.

On Wednesday, June 22, firefighters received a call at 5:30 pm that said children were in a house where a sofa was on fire. When they responded they found 3 children in the house alone. 2 of them had been bound with duct-tape around their hands and feet.

The rescuers described the 2 children that were bound as a baby or infant and a 2 or 3-year-old little girl. Another little girl between 5 and 7 was found inside as well but wasn’t bound. (Lucky her!)

A neighbor said that it was obvious from the beginning that something was amiss at the house. She claimed to have seen the tape “around the arms and then on the legs” as the children were taken from the house to the Maricopa Medical Center. The children were listed as “no information patients,” which is pretty common in criminal investigations.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Investigators are trying to figure out why the kids were bound. (I think it was because the parents were too damn lazy to do their jobs and the 7-year-old was lucky enough to be able to listen to them when they said to stay put. Since the littler kids wouldn’t, they got duct-taped while mommy and daddy left.) The sheriff’s office is treating this as a criminal investigation. (Good thing that this happened in a county with a really tough sheriff!)


  1. Not A Breed says:

    No, no, no! Someone had to be responsible for the littler kids! That’s why the oldest was left un-duct-taped!
    She had to bring the others food and water, not to mention clean up their poopy diapers!


  2. ladyjustice84 says:

    You know, I thought about that just earlier today…maybe the 7 year old tied them up…yeah that’s it!


  3. thinkgoat says:


    A 17-year-old girl is facing serious charges after a fire breaks out in a home where her two siblings were found inside, restrained with masking tape.

    Police have recommended that Sadie Johnson be charged with arson of an occupied structure, kidnapping, endangerment, and discharging a weapon in city limits.

    Authorities are releasing her name and mug shot because the County Attorney has decided she will be prosecuted as an adult.


  4. ladyjustice84 says:

    That’s so special…she needs prison soooo badly!


  5. kayonia says:

    this bitch needs to be bound duct tape and set on fire…lord forgive me but you dont hurt children and whateva she had to do wasnt that got damn important…



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