Roxanne Jeskey Got a Little Crazy With The Pliers, The Box Cutter, and the Plastic Ball Bat

Posted: June 24, 2011 by thinkgoat in Aggravated Battery, Assault, Crime, Murder, Torture
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By ThinkGoat

Bangor, Maine  I know there are some extremely jealous married women out there, especially when it comes to any “ex” their husband may have. At one time, prior to being married, Mr. Goat called me by his ex’s name. I stopped in my tracks, turned around, and gave him one of those “What the…” looks and as the realization of what had happened settled into that sometimes confusing head of his, he explained how it should be taken as a compliment. Fourteen years later, I’m still processing that statement. My point is: I didn’t beat him to a bloody pulp over the mention of her name, I didn’t maim him after running into her at some store. No. I save those feelings of rage for leaving cabinet doors open, toilet seat lids up, and grape jelly smeared across the counter-top – those daily reminders that some men are just brain damaged. Not once has jealousy sent me into a tailspin to where I’d take a plastic ball bat and ram it through his ballsack to his guts.

The same cannot be said for Roxanne Jeskey, the 48-year-old crazy bitch who’s now accused of the torture and death of her husband because of a phone call between he and his ex. 

The toxicology report from Richard Jeskey’s autopsy will not be back for a couple of weeks and the coroner cannot conclusively state the “cause” of his death but until then, there was enough evidence to rule his death as a total “oh my fucking god” kind of homicide.

By admission, Roxanne tortured her husband with a variety of objects:  a pair of pliers, a box cutter, and a plastic baseball bat.

While he was seated in the bathtub, Roxanne described how she used the pliers to cause injury to his genitals and his reaction was that she “hurt him bad”. I suppose, in an attempt to get him to understand what she was doing, she offered up a soothing, “now you know how I feel”. Apples and oranges, Roxanne. Or rather, frank and beans.

It still doesn’t say how Richard lost an eye during this ordeal or just how he suffered his rectal incised wounds, his broken hyoid bone in his neck (a common fracture when strangled with great force), but perhaps his broken nose, his multiple broken ribs, and head wounds were caused when he fell “at least seven times” in that bathroom. She knows this because she laid down on the couch to take a nap but didn’t take any sleep aids so she could hear him call for help if [he] needed.

See? She was mad but she still cared for the man. Hell, she was the one who called the police a couple of hours after she’d calmed herself down. That shows some love, right?

The Grand Jury will convene June 29. It’s at that time, if indicted, she’ll then enter her plea. Until then, she’s being held without bail. If found guilty, Roxanne will be facing 25 years to life for the torturous murder of Richard.

I don’t know about you, I think she had a whole lot of crazy going. Hopefully the toxicology report will come back stating she’d drugged him A LOT prior to her outward display of disapproval and the pain of having his testies ripped at with a pair of pliers, her getting all stabby with one eye and his head, having his asshole cut at, and shoving that bat through his scrotum into his abdomen were somewhat dulled. I don’t honestly see how that’s quite possible, but I hope, for his sake, a little of that is true.


  1. DarlingVioletta says:

    “Oh…she’s a crazy bitch….”

    Yeah I can’t even think of the words for THIS piece of work.


  2. Space Pope says:

    OMFG indeed. It shouldn’t take too many stories like this to revive the codpiece industry.


  3. Me says:

    I’m sorry but this seems to me like a very disrespectful blog… this man’s brother is my uncle, and I know their whole family is really, really struggling with this whole thing… I can’t imagine how they would feel reading this… turning a horrific situation into a piece of literary work is just wrong.


  4. thinkgoat says:

    Color me stupid, but if “this man’s brother is your uncle”, wouldn’t “this man” be your uncle too?

    I’d be more concerned about the crazy-assed women in this world who don’t stop at the typical “smack upside the head with a frying pan” than someone who writes about the heinous acts committed on a variety of victims. But I do so love the “turning a horrific situation into a piece of literary work” part. Thanks!


  5. ladyjustice84 says:

    Wowie! I wanna know what she says in court! Keep us up-to-date TG!


  6. terra says:

    You’re right…coming from someone who just spent the last four months of my life with her! She is a lying manipulative evil woman who had me convinced she was a victim of DV. Until I saw that crazy bitch in action. She has starved herself and now weighs maybe eighty pounds and “been ready to die” for almost two years! Claiming insanity was a big ploy simply because that twisted bitch is smart enough to try and play the system. A brain tumor removed a decade ago is the worst bullshit excuse for not knowing what was done I’ve ever heard! Maine should contemplate starting the death penalty. When my ex beat me I thought about maybe putting a bullet between his eyes while I was still out of my mind upset…but what she did is beyond anything normal crazy bitches would ever consider


  7. got2bme65 says:

    I just found this article and Crazy Bitch is being rather nice about it!! I have known this Pyscho for many years and she has been violent and ignorant all her life! I hope she rots in Hell!!



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