Randy Harbin And His Friends Didn’t Like Cool-Aid In His Car

Posted: June 22, 2011 by eviltwinjess in Arrested, Crime, Murder, Premeditated Murder, Torture
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Samaota, Harbin, Crosman, Lambertson

By EvilTwinJess

Lakewood, Washington  Cars are stolen every day.  Some are found and returned, some are sent to chop shops for parts, and some are wrecked by their drunken/high/stupid thieves.  Alfred Keith Roberts chose the wrong car to steal.  Roberts, better known as “Cool-Aid”, allegedly stole Randy Harbin’s car earlier this year, with Harbin’s drugs still inside.  Obviously, Harbin couldn’t just report the theft to the police because of the drugs, so he found his own way to handle the situation.  Harbin’s solution involved duct tape, a knife, and a video camera.  He and his accomplices would have been wiser to leave out the camera.On February 28, a woman turned in a DVD to the Spokane police department.  Apparently, the video had been given to the woman by her friend Debra Van Meter, whose son Michael Crosman had made it and gave it to his mother for safe keeping.  When police watched the DVD, they saw nineteen minutes of a man bound to a chair and gagged with duct tape, being beaten and tortured with a knife until he was finally murdered.  Naturally, police wanted to know where this video came from.  Following the trail from the woman who brought in the DVD led police to interview Michael Crosman, who initially denied involvement but later admitted to being the camera man.  Crosman’s mother told police she thought the video was a hoax.  Could she really not tell the difference between and amateur fake gore video and the real thing?  Does she think her son is Steven-fucking-Spielberg?

Comparing tattoos and other identifying marks on the man shown using the knife in the video to police records identified Maalo Samaota as the second suspect.  Through further interviews, it’s apparent that either Samaota or Crosman gave up Randy Harbin and Aleeya Dawn Freeman.  Police were told that Harbin, angry at Robert for stealing his car and drugs, asked Samaota and Freeman to “teach him a lesson”.  It’s alleged that Freeman lured Roberts to a hotel room, where Samaota bound, beat, cut and killed him while Crosman filmed.  Crosman told police he had been working at the apartment complex on a remodeling job so he had keys and knew it would be empty.

Roberts’ body was later found dumped in a wooded area of Pierce County, Washington, but was not identified until after his description was matched to the man from the video.

Crosman and Freeman have both been charged with first-degree murder.  Harbin was arrested when he showed up to court on an unrelated charge, and Samaota has been charged with aggravated first-degree murder.  Samaota’s attorney entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf last Friday, to which I say, what the fuck?  He’s on video!  I think this entire story is going to get very interesting, there are so many details yet to come out.  A fifth person, Heather Lambertson, was also arrested as an accomplice, but her exact involvement has yet to be released.  It’s also odd that not a single photo of Aleeya Dawn Freeman can be found online.  The other four suspects are pictured in their respective arrest stories, she is not.

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