Now Former Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy, Allan James Waters, Shows Up Drunk to DUI Sentencing!

Posted: June 14, 2011 by ladyjustice84 in Crime, Drunk Driving, Drunken Stupidity, Just Messed Up, Mug Shot, Police Cover-Up
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By LadyJustice

How dumb can one ex-deputy be? Dumb enough that Allan James Waters showed up drunk to his DUI sentencing! (Like they weren’t going to notice!)

The former Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy was caught driving under the influence of a lot of prescription pills on March 1, 2010. He crashed into another vehicle after he failed to stop at a red light. Deputies who knew Waters responded to the accident and then 30 minutes later released him to drive off! (Can we say cover up?) Seven minutes after his first crash he proceeded to have 911 called on him multiple times for driving recklessly, failing to accelerate at a green light, partially stopping in an intersection at a red light, and almost crashing into another motorist. (Nice to know that if the deputies fail to do their jobs the citizens will!)

Waters then hit a curb and over-corrected swerving to his left where he then hit ANOTHER car driving in the left lane! But when he has an accident he really has an accident because he hit the car so hard that it jumped over a planter to the wrong side of the road! He then drove a “short distance” before stopping. In the last accident he injured a 78-year-old woman.

When the deputies got to this scene they called the California Highway Patrol (CHP.) They saw that he was displaying signs of drug use including slurred speech, trouble following directions, and a lack of balance. (Why didn’t the deputies see all that?)

He was arrested, finally, and then released on bail. (Can we say obvious risk to society?) Waters pleaded guilty in April to driving under the influence of prescription drugs while off duty, crashing into a Lexus, and then, about an hour later, crashing into a Toyota, and injuring that 78-year-old woman. Investigators later said that they found evidence that Waters switched doctors multiple times, falsified documents, and once traded fake cocaine for more prescription pills.

Waters’ $100,000 bail had the condition that he not consume alcohol. (What about not consuming the pills that caused the mess to begin with?)

Now flash forward to June 10, 2011. A bailiff informed prosecutors that Mr Waters had alcohol on his breath when he showed up to court. Because of this Deputy District Attorney Brock Zimmon used that as his basis to ask Orange County Superior Court Judge Frank Fasel to increase the 37-year-old Waters’ bail. (Why not put him in jail to rot awhile?) Judge Fasel agreed and upped the bail to $250,000. He also postponed the sentencing on the previous charges of DUI and set another appearance for this dumb criminal on Wednesday to face new charges for showing up drunk. Waters’ is already looking at a possible 15 years and 4 months in prison. (I would’ve needed a drink too!)

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  1. says:

    Such a handsome man to have all this trouble – I would love to have sex with this guy and take his seed.


  2. Warhammer 75 says:

    Okay if you’re going to mix pain medication and help you need to get done done before you start that s*** and then if you’re going to use that stuff together make sure you stay home or if you do go somewhere let somebody drive for you I used to do the same s*** I used to mix alcohol with Oxys and I would always blackout and up getting into a wreck or getting a DUI. I had to learn the hard way and obviously he is too but like I said once you get that Under Wraps and you don’t have to worry about it anymore you can just stay home and get as messed up as you want but eventually you know taking the pills or snorting them with alcohol is going to get old eventually like in my case I quit drinking altogether because that you know I started using the needle it was quicker and more effective than taking the pills or shooting them so you know and I had my choice between Oxys Dilaudid and morphine which is much better than me know chewing or swallowing those Oxys r Roxy’s r Lortab & Percocet. On morphine Oxys or Dilaudid to shoot up I find heroin So eventually if this guy’s going to graduate from just taking the pills to shooting them cuz it’s going to richly get old that way he’s probably already snorting them unless he’s gotten clean. Just know that song and dance mixing pain medication and alcohol and going out and driving never works you might as well get everything you need to get done done and get all the driving out of your system before you get home and then once you get home you know hide your keys and your wallet and chill at the house.



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