Marie at a Gala

Marie at a Gala

By NotABreed

What people used to say about Marie Tooker in 2007:

“Ms. Marie Tooker is the founder of Abbess Farms and the Abbess Foundation. She is a philanthropist in the truest sense of the word. She is dedicated to providing a stable environment for children and for the homeless. Her vision is to create a permanent legacy for future generations of young people in need by preparing them to be active, responsible and productive members of society. Marie Tooker is an active parent and very much dedicated to the preservation of the family.  (1)

Marie Tooker, or Marie Guerrera, or Marie Guerrera-Tooker (she goes by all of these) of Calverton, NY came across as a woman who cared about veterans, children and horses.  Of course, that was all on the surface.

She wanted the grant money available for the veterans.  She received grant money to set up a veterans home, even going so far as to hire an architect to draw up plans for three buildings in the shape of “USA” so they could be seen by planes – ugh, seriously?  No buildings have been built to date of course.  (2)

“ plans to try to stimulate business and industry to give them needed grants to create their vision.”  (3)

She would rather spend time – and money – in court arguing about renting buildings FOR children, than actually dealing with kids (4).  Oh, yeah, and at galas (5)!  And, lets not forget running for the school board (6) (7)!

She certainly didn’t properly contain her horses, as they’ve gotten out twice – once stopping traffic on the Long Island Expressway  for an hour (8).

Maries Horses Stop Traffic

Maries Horses Stop Traffic

And now she just doesn’t bother feeding OR watering them (Story:

What They Look Like Now

What They Look Like Now

“Police were tipped off to the neglected condition of the animals by a court-appointed receiver in a foreclosure action brought against the owner of the farm, according to Suffolk SPCA law enforcement chief Roy Gross.”

“I don’t ever remember seeing a horse in such poor condition; this is not your standard backyard cruelty case.” Chief Gross told the News-Review.

“The ones that were out in the field, obviously had grass to eat,” he said. “And because of the wet spring water that had puddled up, that must have been the water they were drinking. All the animals were neglected, though some fared better than others. We still need to do a complete evaluation.”

The ones that fared the worst, were the ones padlocked in the barn with no food or water.


This woman is extremely litigious.  She has spent several years and God knows how much money fighting bankruptcy in court (2007-(9), all the way up to 2011-(10) )  Yet she has been hosting a multitude of events at her farm, including rock concerts… and of course making money off of that.

And after all the fighting, she finally actually declares bankruptcy (11)!  This after reportedly receiving quite a hefty sum from the county (rumoured to be in the millions), after much bickering (pdf 12) for a measly 45 acres of her land (out of 130 acres)

 “Ms. Tooker sold the development rights to 90 of the 130 acres on her farm in 2005 and has held events there in the past.”  (13)

I suck at math.  I found elsewhere she “donated” 135 acres, but sold off another 45… and seems to have sold another 90 acres?  They’re trying to auction off five acres (which includes the house and out buildings).  How many acres did she have to start with?

5 Acre Peninsula

5 Acre Peninsula

If you’re looking to buy a peninsula, go to 3581 Middle Country Road, Calverton, NY 11933

Always Looking for Money

She showed up with a lawyer just to comment on a proposed Indian casino on the property next to hers.  Of course, they were interested in her property as well.  Either way, whether she sold or just had increased business opportunity with the casino next door, she would have made money.  (14)


What I especially love about the comments on the news stories is that they run from calling Marie a money-grubbing bitch-on-wheels to comparing these latest news stories (about how she’s abusing horses) to a “witch hunt” and to the Nazis – although, those in defense are few and far between.  I tend to look at the photos, and read the actual news stories that talk about how some of the horses were padlocked in a barn with no food on site, and no WATER on site.  Those FACTS tend to make me believe this bitch is torturing her horses.

  1. […] Just SOME of the Horses at Marie Tookers House of […]


  2. thinkgoat says:

    Her vision is to create a permanent legacy for future generations of young people in need by preparing them to be active, responsible and productive members of society.

    Kind of like the “Scared Straight” program?

    She provided a permanent legacy, alright, by showing what selfishness and doing things for the wrong reason (self-promotion) leads to.

    I love to see people like this exposed. Unfortunately, it was at those horses expense.

    Excellent story, Not A Breed. I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to have you hitched up with us. It’s such an honor and I look forward to what you have in store.


  3. Not A Breed says:

    Thanks ThinkGoat. I really do appreciate the opportunity!


  4. Lynn2 says:

    We have two of these poor imaciated, worm burdened, tick infested horses at our farm now. From the pic above, it certainly doesn’t look like Marie has missed any meals. After having to clean up her mess, I truly despise this dispicable waste of oxygen.


  5. lisa marie rogers says:

    This woman has scamed me and my family out of thousands of dollars. She took 4 thousand the first time but her psychoticness is what made her able to pull off these scams. My children have suffered . Read my add on craigslist rants and raves. She is a filthy pig . Her 3 children need help, they always seemed so scared of her. If you want her home number just use good ole google. I want to be compensated for my loss and how she abuses veterans like Frank. R. Lets make her do jail time.


  6. Michelle Lynn says:

    Oh this woman is disgusting. Let me tell you something. I have a 9 month old son and this nasty WHORE scammed my family into this foreclosed house she said she owned. Then she illegally evicted us in 3 days. Three fucking days. She probably blew the sheriff to do so. I was pregnant when she promised me that my son would grow up in a wonderful home. Nope she took our money while the house was being foreclosed. And broke into the basement and tried to rip out the all the wires in the home so we had nothing. She is a googely eyed cunt who needs god. Oh and her youngest little brother is 2 years old and who is gonna take him? My poor baby brother. Born to such a vile sick and demented nut job. Hope she likes prison. Scum of the earth


  7. Michelle Lynn says:

    OH and forgot to mention. These oh so noble veterans are DRUG ADDICTS. Who walk around with crow bars as her posse and try to intimidate people. This cocked eye cow needs to stop being such a loser.


  8. Lynn2 says:

    Regardless of the neglect of the poor animals, how is Marie has been able to scam monies and do all the rotten things some of you have mentioned here and is not in jail?

    I met this witch at a horseshow that was being held on her property. She forced all everyone to donate $20.00 before you could enter the grounds and it didn’t matter if you were a competitor or someone just coming to watch. I felt it rude that she would force this on people. Now, I question how much, if any of that money went to the charity she was collecting for.

    I do not understand why she has not been put in jail a long time ago with all the criminal stories now surfacing. She seems to have alot of enemies, I wonder if she sleeps with one eye open at nite, or is she too arrogant to think she can abuse animals, scam and hurt people and she will remain invincible.


  9. Not A Breed says:

    Sorry I haven’t been around folks, I’ve been pretty busy this last few days.
    I was quite shocked to come along and read the comments here.

    I knew from what I’d seen around that Marie was really snookering people… but it sounds like she’s quite a horrible person all the way around.

    And Lynn2? I highly doubt ANY of that money went to the “charity”. I don’t think there’s even actually a registered charity. Was she giving out tax receipts???


  10. Queeny says:

    What is it with starving horses? The most intelligent of animals and the kindest around, and this woman and the one in Illinois only leave them to starve! I just don’t get it!


  11. DivineRetribution says:

    Marie – what a total con artist! She obtained loans via fraud, graft and coersion in order to buy the farm in the beginning. She displaced a young family in the process, threw their belongings in a dumpster, tried to steal their vehicles, and attempted to remove 75 horses from the fields. Well, she is finally getting her due & revenge is sweet!
    Marie will go down in infamy as a cold-hearted, calculating opportunist. PS Her kids should be taken from her too. She’s not fit to be a mother.


  12. lisa marie rogers says:

    Why are people squatting in the dayton avenue house???? Is this murderer in jail yet and where are the children??? Where is Thomas Chisholm???? I know where she told me personally she was going to hide ..Don’t know if it’s true or not but I want the reward money.


  13. Looking for info says:

    Lisa Marie Rodgers, why not give me a call.

    EDIT BY THINKGOAT Never post your phone number on a website. It’s highly irresponsible and dangerous – especially a crime site.

    I’ve put the phone number on file – if this person wishes to phone you, they may email me at our site’s email address ( and request it.


  14. Not A Breed says:

    Or, Lisa Marie Rodgers, you could always post the information here, and then call the police.


  15. lisa marie rogers says:

    If anyone wants to contact me please email me at Does anyone know if she was charged with anything yet???? A court date maybe????


  16. lisa marie rogers says:

    Ok let’s see if justice will really be served on May 27th. I hope the judge gives her a max term. She should sit in jail and think long and hard to as to her next move. This way the whole time she’s there everyone could gather enough information and then charge her with the biggie!!!! See ya in the hamptons on that date!


  17. tiffanie says:

    reward money for what ?? you wouldnt believe the problems she is trying to cause my family after all we did was help her…id like more input from all of you about her..please !!!


  18. Nameless1 says:

    Marie is a nut job !!! She deserves everything coming to her STILL !!!!!!! Anyone who has had any ridiculous interactions/lawsuits etc with her feel free to email me. Was in court with her for a while after she tried stealing my horses an illegally trying to evict us. After all we did to help her ! AND all the $ we brought her by boarders etc.
    Speaking of she still owns two minis whom she is not supposed to have. Not sure where she moved them to hide them when i reported her.


  19. Nameless1 says:

    OH and PS two of the minis she got back were ones seized from her… That were actually given to me and she removed them without my permission / BUT with no paperwork can’t proove it.


  20. Marrie was there to help..she is not that bad..


  21. greg thomas says:



  22. brian dawson says:

    She is going to get what is coming to her everyone can’t be wrong


  23. Joe pescie says:

    She is a horrible person. I am disabled veteran that can not afford to support my family on my small income . So I supplement my income by doing jobs on the side. Marie called me to say that she had no water to her home nor her Tennant’s home. So we agreed on an amount. My wife googled her and warned me what she read. I always like to see the the better in people, so I did the job. Its winter I was freezing needless to say I was able to drive a well 30 ft. into the ground and gave her water. She didn’t pay me as a matter of fact all she did was (after the job was done of course) was complain that I did a lousy job to get out of paying me. The job was to get water to her house and Tennant’s home. That is what I did. I wasted 5 days when I could have worked for a decent human being not a shit sack. While there the police was called many times because of her problems with just about everybody. I witnessed abuse on what I believe to be her 10 yr old son.I am guilty of giving some one the benefit of doubt. The worse was yet to come for me. She had me drive out 3 days in a row to pick up my pay only to get there and she didn’t have it. I live over 70 miles from her so I lost in gas. On the 4th day is when she said she wasn’t going to pay me. It gets worse. She has my tools that she said if I come on her property 1 more day she will have me arrested for trespassing. I am a fool. My tools is how I do work. Let’s not forget they cost over $500. I feel foolish, but if I can prevent just 1 person from making the same mistake i will be satisfied. WARNING STAY AWAY!!!!!!!She is a theif, a liar, an abuser, and everything everybody says she is!!!!!!!!


  24. Lawrence Rupp says:

    Joe Pescie (i like the name) I have information for you. contact me at if you are interested in dealing with marie guerrera tooker



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