Timayo Knight Is Not One To Give The Stink-Eye

Posted: April 22, 2011 by thinkgoat in Assault, Crime
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By ThinkGoat

Mobile, Alabama  There’s nothing that will make me homesick for the South quicker than a few pictures or a good story. I have a great love for the people in the deep South. I seized the opportunity to work with a number of true Southerners and gathered enough material to fill a book of short stories. I’ve neither scratched my head so much nor laughed so hard as I did while working with this “breed” of people. And they are a breed. Especially the ones who found their way under my guidance. I’m not sure if my upper management wanted to sink me or if they actually thought I could do something with some of these characters. Nonetheless, I seemed to end up with the most lively, 100% of whom were bussed in from Northern counties in the state, and all of whom brought with them daily woes of their extended families.

When I first read this story, a couple a days ago, I saw “Prichard man” and immediately looked at the name of the accused to see if 1.) he’d been employed by us or 2.) he was the cousin/nephew/son/husband of someone we employed. I was sort of disappointed to find his name was not familiar and extremely disappointed I’ve lost contact with my two favorite ladies down there so I could get their take on what transpired. I’m positive they know someone who’s given them the inside story here and I can almost see and hear Miss Mack standing there with her hand on her hip, rolling those eyes back in her head as she’s relaying the gory details. “Shit girl, that boy done dug his uncle’s eyes out. One at a time, girl. Dirtied up that spoon and everything. I ain’t eating off their shit no more.

Although there’s not a lot on this story yet, and not that there necessarily needs to be more, what’s being reported is strange enough.

Police received a call to respond to a house occupied by Bonnie Pogue, (79) and his nephew, Timayo Sharraud Knight (31). When they arrived, they were greeted by two additional family members, (the ones who actually saw fit to call for assistance), Knight, and Pogue, who was bleeding from the face.

Facial injuries aren’t all that uncommon in a domestic dispute, which it may be safe to assume, this started as one. Pogue’s injuries were a bit more unusual. With a bloody spoon on the counter, two eyeballs in the trash, this 79-year-old lying there with a couple of holes in his face, and a confession, the police investigation was fairly easy. “I plucked his eyes out” seemed to tidy up the case fairly easily. At least for them.

The judge in the case has denied Knight bail for his 1st degree assault charge. They’re claiming he’s a danger to the community and/or himself. Pogue is still in serious condition at a Mobile hospital.

There are certain things I have to know. Didn’t the uncle struggle at all or did he just allow his 2nd eye to be scooped out of his head? Granted, Pogue was a 79-year-old disabled Air Force vet, I’d think he still could put up one hell of a fight before the 2nd eye was attacked. But I think the biggest pressing question I have is:  Did Knight have the decency to use a grapefruit spoon?

One last thing: If uncle resembled anything like this dude, I may have done the same thing. Just saying…

  1. NotABreed says:

    Ok, you had to put that picture there?? OMG… that visual I did not need!


  2. thinkgoat says:

    Is that your way of thanking me?


  3. bornagainst says:

    nasty visual….lol…there goes my desire for dinner.



  4. Space Pope says:

    Rehearsing for Equus ?


  5. Whudafuxupyo says:

    ;O I thought extracting a tooth was awful! Pass the Visine 8-j


  6. ladyjustice says:

    Lovely visual! I have family in Alabama…maybe they know something more on this…hehe.



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