By ThinkGoat

Roodhouse, Illinois During his 2010 campaign for Greene County Sheriff, Rob McMillion stated one of his priorities if elected would be to “aggressively [investigate] criminal activity”. That’s why, when he received complaints of horses starving to death with carnage on the ground that Wednesday evening, it was dark, he waited until after the corpses of nine to eleven horses had been buried prior to making his “surprise” visit. With budgetary cutbacks, I guess flashlights were the first to be cut from the department. Besides that, we’re simply talking about animals. Horses aren’t bound to complain. Or are they? You tell me.

Nope. That one isn’t going to complain. It can’t. Death tends to silence everything. So let’s try a pasture-mate. How about this? 

Damn it. That one is dead as well. I’m going to have to go through almost a dozen pictures to find one who might actually relay the living hell that’s being suffered in a rural horse farm outside of Roodhouse, Illinois. Maybe these, once majestic beasts, can best tell the story:

When Scott and LaNise Kirk decided to check out a property they heard may be for sale, they stumbled upon the horror scene. At that time, they discovered nine dead horses laying on the ground and the remaining horses that were still alive, weren’t far behind in their fate.

Thinking something would be done, it appears this couple did everything possible in alerting authorities. The Central Illinois Horse Rescue Society was contacted…they contacted the IL Department of Agriculture. The sheriff’s department was contacted. So was the owner. Well, I don’t think the Kirks alerted the owner – it was more like the Dept. of Ag. As a courtesy. Something like: “Hey, a couple snooped on your land and found out you may be a sadistic cunt. Unfortunately, I need to send someone out to investigate so I’ll tell you what: You head out there and put some food out and we’ll just sweep this incident under the rug. There’s nothing we can really do if there’s food. What do they eat? Oh, let me look…hay. Maybe some oats. Shit like that. Maybe one of your neighbors would know where you’d find something like that. Oh, one more thing. Bury the eye-sores. You’ll never sell that property the way it is now. See you then!!

While the italicized conversation is imagined, what is factual is this: Stacey Kempf, the alleged owner of this concentration camp for horses contacted her neighbor, Art Churchill, to deliver a couple of bales of hay in preparation for the investigator. She also asked him to operate an excavator to bury the remains of the horses that were littering the ground. And as the party convened, (the owner, the investigator – Stacy Ballard, and Churchill), Art was shocked with what he saw. He ended up burying thirteen carcasses that day. He also stated they watched a horse thrash around on the ground because it was too weak to stand. From starvation. From neglect. Because it was indeed dying right in front of them. And what’s a good investigator with the Dept of Ag do in a situation like that? You’ve got it. Turn and walk away. You know, denial is a powerful tool. So is complacency. My guess is Ms. Ballard left that farm and made sure she got a nice meal that evening. After all, we’re just talking about starving animals. It’d really be a situation if they had been starving people. It’s easy to look the other way. Or is it?

There have been rumors the selfish and barbaric owner has thought about pressing charges against the Kirks for trespassing on her property. And it may be true. The Kirks did return to continue to gather evidence via pictures and video. They also returned with food for these helpless animals. And I can swear to God, if any State’s Attorney assists this monster, we’ll not rest until they’re out of office. The same can be said for Ms. Ballard, who seemed to be satisfied these horses were okay where they were because there was visible food set out for them.

What about their emaciated state? What about the fact thirteen carcasses were buried per her request with the legal depth requirement disclosed to Mr. Churchill? What happened to being able to see these horses that were struggling with life needed immediate veterinary care or to be euthanized? What happened to common sense?

It’s been three weeks since the Kirks came forward with their discovery. In the last few days, the owner (again the alleged owner is Stacey Kempf), has relinquished possession of the remaining horses to Steve Alexander, of the Central Illinois Horse Rescue Society. Although this is the only fortunate step in this case thus far, the owner still needs to be held accountable for the thirteen deaths and the 20 emaciated horses that were sure to meet their death as well. Since the owner’s name is well connected, and since the local media have refused to publish her name or any of the photographs, it’s my assumption they’re going to wait this one out with no arrests and wait for people to forget about it and go back to bitching about gas prices.

Fuck that shit. This “owner” is responsible for sucking the soul out of an animal with the most expressive eyes. She did so knowingly and willingly. To me, this act alone is one of the worst that can be performed by a human…to sit back and watch animals die from starvation, knowing their fate is in your hands. Watching hope slip out of their eyes. Take a look for yourselves.

A special thank you to Mr. Kirk for the use of his pictures. And to he and his wife for the love and compassion shown in coming forward with this story.

  1. Newtondak says:

    Exactly! I have an “old” dog – she requires a certain kind of food – she can’t take the extreme heat or the extreme cold – she requires special care. I would never think of just turning her out in the weather and not feeding or caring for her just because she’s “old”. If someone is not capable for whatever reason, or not willing to give an older or ill animal the care they deserve, they shouldn’t take the animal in the first place, or they should find a caring home for the animal – letting them just starve to death is NOT acceptable!


  2. On A Mission says:

    Here is the latest. This makes me sick.

    7.29.11 11:26 a.m. By Carmen Ensinger
    Jerry Hooker, the attorney for Stacey L. Kempf, has filed a motion for substitution of judge on the case.

    Kempf was charged in Greene County, accused of 30 misdemeanor counts including failure to dispose of dead animals, owner’s duty to provide care to an animal and cruelty to animals. Greene County Circuit Court Judge James Day rejected a plea agreement reached between the state and Kempf’s attorney, which would have dropped all nine of the Class A misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty; dropped seven of the 12 charges of owner’s duty and kept the nine charges of failure to dispose of a dead animal, which are Class C misdemeanors.

    Kempf made headlines in March when Scott and LaNise Kirk, who said they had heard the property owned by Kempf in rural Roodhouse, where the horses were kept, was for sale. The Kirks discovered and photographed 13 dead horses, in various states of decay, some of which had been eaten by animals, along with more than 20 other horses in need of care. Kempf was not residing on the property where the horses were kept.

    The plea agreement that Judge Day refused included a fine of $1,500, restitution of $802, two years probation, 200 hours community service at an animal shelter, not owning an animal for two years and a 30 days stayed sentence.

    The motion was filed on July 25 and asks for the removal of Judge Day from the case and for Seventh Circuit Chief Judge Richard Mitchell to assign another judge in the 7th circuit to the case.
    In the motion, Hooker said, “Since the filing of said charges, various newspapers in the Greene County circulation have characterized the defendant in a very negative light and there have been countless numbers of internet comments also characterizing the defendant in a very negative light.”

    It also states that animal rights activists stood outside the courthouse with signs reading “Justice for Horses” which were intended to intimidate those involved in the case and that several of those people who had been holding the signs were in the courtroom (without the signs). It is also referenced that these same people called the defendant’s council (Hooker) a “Horse Murder Lawyer” as he left the courthouse.

    The motion also references testimony during the 402 conference held at the pre-trial hearing in which Stacy Ballard, the Department of Agriculture investigator, testified that none of the horses that had died were starved or abused by the defendant. Ballard indicated the media misrepresented the severity of the situation in that only five horses scored less than 3 on the Body Condition Score (5 is considered normal). Ballard also said that the remaining 22 horses were a 3 or above on the BCS and that the Department of Agriculture “customarily don’t criminally charge for animals at a 3 or above.”

    The motion also states that Kempf has no criminal history and has owned animals for over 20 years. It referenced the fact that the Department of Agriculture and the Central Illinois Horse Rescue both believed the plea was fair and asked the court to accept it, as did the States Attorney and the defendant.

    Citing references, the motion cites a case in 2005 involving a Class A misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty in which the defendant failed to provide adequate food and water or veterinarian care for a puppy. The defendant was sentenced to six months court supervision. Also, in 2005 a defendant received a six-month court supervision sentence on a Class A misdemeanor charge of failure to dispose of a dead horse within 24 hours and a Class A misdemeanor charge of cattle running at large in that they failed to keep seven cattle and a bull from getting into neighboring fields and timber.

    “The defendant believes the Judge in this case is summarily refusing an agreement that all parties agree to when the Judge has accepted pleas in other animal cases and given lesser sentences and that to refuse the defendant a plea agreement and to force her to go to trial shows a prejudice, bias or ill will toward the defendant,” the motion states.

    Kempf believes that Judge Day has a bias against her and she cannot receive a fair disposition from him and requests the case be assigned to another judge for hearing.


  3. thinkgoat says:

    The judge doesn’t like me

    This latest move just shows what a spoiled rotten brat Kempf is and her attorney needs to grow some fucking BALLS. Fuck. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard an attorney whine so much. And what? Those of you who showed up at the courthouse scared him! LMAO You sign-toting gangsters. Next time just silently put a load of horseshit around his car.


  4. Fed Up says:

    Funny.. Not one of those cases she cites are for animal KILLERS.. I did not see one that said they starved twelve animals to death.. Left them to just rot.. Her father also stated she did not bury them because the ground was frozen.. Funny I lived in Illinois and they had funerals all the time in the dead of winter.. Just a sorry, Lazy, Selfish cry baby is all she is.. And the farmer that lived down the road took care of his horses final arrangements in a snow storm.. I find that all she can come up with are lame reasons for her ignorance.. Not even igmorance.. I find it inhumane..


  5. ponixpress says:

    Funny how a change of Judge or even a change of venue, coming soon I’m sure, didn’t come up until Kempf didn’t get her way. Go ahead Stacey, hold your breath, stomp your feet until you get what you want. Judge Day knows that the charges should have been more than misdemeanors and things were not handled in a professional, non-influenced manner. I hope the Greene Prairie Press runs that mug shot of Kempf this week, guess that would be painting a bad picture of her still. There still won’t be any type of prosecution given on Goetten’s part when trial does begin, so what’s she worried about? 200 hours of service at an animal shelter, please, that’s like sentencing a child molester service at a day care center or school. What a bunch of horse shit!


  6. shelly says:

    FREE HORSES ) 52 thoroughbred horses need homes. Will go to Sugarcreek this Sat. for slaughter. Gentleman died, his son wants nothing to do with them. Most broodmares are broke and some are in foal, yearlings, 2 yrs and 3 yrs old most are gelded. FREE and papered. Friend of the deceased is trying to find homes. 440-463-4288 Barnesville. Please also tell someone that may be interested. Time is of essence. Thank you

    ***This is not for Kempf!


  7. Newtondak says:

    The information regarding the 52 horses is outdated – this happened back in January but has been recirculating erroneously in the last month or so – see


  8. ponixpress says:

    Don’t worry Shelly, from what I hear, I think Kempf is busy trying to find homes for the pack of dogs she has accumulated. Everyone wish the horse slayer a Happy Birthday on August 9, hope she has many more miserable years to ponder what she has done.


  9. Newtondak says:

    I would have to agree with the part of the plea agreement that made her do community service in an animal shelter, but that should be the very least of her punishment. Any restitution ordered should also include payment not only for the feed and vet care, but also for the time committed by those caring for the horses.


  10. Peggy says:

    In response to having Kempf do community service in an animal shelter, who in their right mind would want someone like her near any animal after what she willing did to those horses! I’ve been following this story from the time this tragedy broke on the TV to the present, all I know is that Kempf is the only one responible for what happened and she should be held accountable. Hopefully justice will be served!!


  11. Newtondak says:

    I keep hearing references that she supposedly had someone hired to take care of the horses and THEY didn’t take care of them – If this is the case, why hasn’t this person’s name surfaced?


  12. On A Mission says:

    Just heard that the request for a new judge was granted.


  13. thinkgoat says:

    What the fuck? It must be nice to starve a bunch of horses then intimidate the “system”. Corruptness. She’ll walk for sure, now.


  14. Fed Up says:

    If she had hired someone she is still liable .. They were her horses.. And I know all of my bosses made damn sure I was doing my job.. And they should be accountable also.. Unless she did not provide the supplies.. And with that I am sure she did not..

    Let us all face the fact horses are expensive.. So if you do not have the funds you should not have them.. Then you have this thing.. Who not only had a horse or two.. It appears to me she was heading toward a horse farm.. And it is not a one or two person task.. Did any of the law officers note that little fact..

    I am enraged by this thing.. I call her a thing because I have no regard for her as a human..

    I still do ot know how she could have that many horses and not have to apply for “something” to have them.. These were not just a horse to have.. She had way to many horses and I think it should be regulated..


  15. ponixpress says:

    I hear that Greene County States Attorney Goetten is considering running for a Congressional seat. Guess we know where his first major campaign contribution came from, thanks Stacey.


  16. thinkgoat says:

    Interesting. One can feed a campaign but not horses.


  17. Guest says:

    Janet Zimmerman is scheduled for a bench trial tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Zimmerman was arrested and charged with criminal trespass for feeding the horses that Kempf had starved for so many months. Should be interesting to see the results of that trial given Kempf is in line for a slap on the wrist.

    If you ask me, the Department of Ag investigator should face charges also or at least be dismissed from her duties. I’m sorry, when you are called to a farm and there are numerous dead animals lying around, one would think that at the very least she would have ordered an autopsy on at least one if not more of the horses. Furthermore, law enforcement should have been notified before any of those animals were buried. They didn’t know what they died from. It could have been something contageous for all they knew. Kempf should go down for starving those poor animals and the investigator should go down for helping her cover it up. Just my opinion.


  18. thelemurknows says:

    The horse killer got off with a fluffy graze of the wrist this morning, probation and “maybe” a fine (we’ll see). The “new judge” was very accomodating to her. As was the State’s Attorney. She shouldn’t even have bothered hiring her own attorney, she didn’t need one.


  19. thelemurknows says:

    SUPERVISION, sorry, she didn’t even get probation!!!!


  20. thinkgoat says:

    A woman at the center of a major horse neglect case has agreed to have no animal ownership of any kind during the next 24 months as part of a plea to avoid jail.

    Stacey L. Kempf, 42, of Jerseyville pleaded guilty Friday in Greene Circuit Court to nine counts of unlawful disposal of dead animals and six counts of unlawful violation of animal ownership duties in an appearance before Scott County Judge Charles Gramlich.

    In return, the state — represented by prosecutor Matt Goetten — agreed to drop the remainder of the 30 counts that had been filed last March. All counts were misdemeanors.

    Significantly, among the charges dropped were all nine counts alleging starvation or abuse, more substantial allegations that could have resulted in up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine on each count.

    The charges were filed after the discovery of a number of dead or neglected horses on Kempf’s property southeast of Roodhouse.

    In all, 13 horses were dead or dying. Kempf agreed to relinquish 26 surviving horses, many of them in various stages of neglect, while the case was being prosecuted.

    The judge sentenced her to a fine of $1,500, plus costs, and 24 months of court supervision during which time she can have no animal ownership.

    She is to also serve 200 hours of community service for an animal shelter or rescue and is required to make restitution of $802.70 to Central Illinois Horse Rescue for its costs in caring for the surviving horses.

    Kempf was also sentenced to 30 days in the Greene County Jail, with the sentence stayed as long as she does not violate the animal ownership mandate.

    Gramlich was appointed to preside over the case after Kemp’s attorney sought a new judge.

    The investigation began in February when a couple, LaNise and Scott Kirk, had gone to the Kempf property after hearing it was for sale. The conditions they found there were eventually reported to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, which investigated, along with the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

    The cases prompted a storm of protests from animal rights supporters who bemoaned the fact that there was no felony law that applied in the case.

    Kempf’s agreement to relinquished ownership of the surviving 26 horses to the Central Illinois Horse Rescue eliminated the need for forfeiture proceedings to be filed by Goetten’s office and expedited the adoption process, Goetten said previously.


    Liked by 1 person

  21. The story of the charges being dropped even got a little celebrity attention.

    Sidewalk Angels is an organization, founded by Matchbox 20 front-man Rob Thomas and his wife, that supports no-kill animal shelters and rescues. The story ran in the JJC popped up their Twitter feed.

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  22. thinkgoat says:

    Right on! Thanks for the info – I checked it out, Darling.


  23. disappointed says:

    I know I said something before regarding getting papers on the horses I have taken, and was wondering if that person who said that can email me off the list please so we can chat about this. Im wondering what my horses backgrounds are, NOT for breeding purposes, she will never be bred ever again!! Please and thank you


  24. Newtondak says:

    You might contact the presiding judge’s office and see if they can make her provide any existing paperwork regarding the horses to the new owners – I would think that he could make her sign them over or to sign any paperwork needed to transfer ownership/registrations.


  25. thelemurknows says:

    I wouldn’t count on that judge being very cooperative, he seemed to ONLY have the best interest of Kempf at heart.


  26. ponixpress says:

    disappointed-I would be happy to help you out on identifying your horse if I know her or him. Anything younger than 7 years I would not be able to help you with. I’m sure she will not surrender any papers that she holds, I’m concerned that she might try and place the papers on horses that she obtains after the fact. AQHA requests that a watchful eye be kept on Kempf to keep her from doing this. If possible, thinkgoat can put you in touch with me, I’ll be glad to help in any way I can. I’m sure the supervision part will ensure she gets her job back.


  27. disappointed says:

    Ponixpress… Thank you I would appreciate any info on the ones I have taken and cared for. And Thinkgoat if you could email me on how to contact ponixpress that would be great. I think maybe if all of us who stepped up to the plate and took the horses in should write the judge, and see what we can accomplish. Anyone interested?? Its worth a try even if we cant get anything done.


  28. ponixpress says:

    I’m still waiting for the dumb ass that posted earlier here and on the local paper sites-thetruthwillsetufree or some crap. The truth didn’t set the bitch free-money and political ass kissing gave her the slap instead of the true justice she deserved. I’m still waiting to hear the whole story that was promised but could not be given until after the trial was over. Let me see if I can help out, cunt was lazy and dumb (per usual) would rather go to Lone Oaks or the movies in Jacksonville than take care of poor horses. Can’t drive to Roodhouse to feed horses but can drive even farther to Jacksonville to go to the movies. Kempf you are a fuck up, always was, always will be. Let me know when you would like to meet me in person and explain why you would do something like this you sorry ass bitch.

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  29. thelemurknows says:

    Amen, Poniexpress!!!!


  30. guest says:

    Here is the story out of the Greene Prairie Press that has been following the case all along.

    New judge accepts Kempf’s plea agreement
    By Carmen Ensinger
    If at first your plea agreement isn’t accepted – try, try again. And that is exactly what the woman at the center of a horse abuse and neglect case did.

    Scott County Circuit Judge Charles Gramlich not only accepted the plea agreement agreed upon by Greene County States Attorney and Kempf, but he went one better. The original plea agreement, which was rejected by the original judge on the case, Greene County Circuit Court Judge James Day, called for a $1,500 fine, $802 restitution to the Central Illinois Horse Rescue, two years probation, 200 hours of community service at an animal shelter and a 30-day stayed jail sentence, and she’s not to own an animal for two years.

    Judge Gramlich not only accepted the plea agreement, but he agreed to the request by Kempf’s attorney, Jerry Hooker, for court supervision instead of probation.

    “I think, in light of everything I know of, and I admit that isn’t a lot, I sure don’t think she is going to repeat this offense in any fashion,” Gramlich said.

    Kempf made headlines in March of this year when 13 dead horses in various states of decay, some covered with tarps, were found on the property she owns in rural Roodhouse, along with more than 20 others horses suffering from neglect and malnutrition. Scott and Lanise Kirk found the horses while they were looking at the property, which they said they had heard was for sale. They took photographs of the scene and posted those photos on Facebook, which eventually brought the case to the attention of media.

    The Kirks contacted Steve Alexander of the Central Illinois Horse Rescue, also located in rural Roodhouse, who then contacted the Illinois Department of Agriculture. IDA sent its investigator, Stacy Ballard, to the scene.

    Ballard wrote out several citations to Kempf for not having the horses buried within a specified time period.

    Kempf claimed the animals died due to cancer and lice.

    The Kirks eventually contacted the Greene County Sheriff’s Department and Kempf was arrested and charged with 30 misdemeanors including nine counts of cruel treatment (Class A misdemeanors), two counts of owner’s duties (Class B) and nine counts of violation of the dead animals disposal act (Class C).

    Under the plea agreement, all of the more serious Class A misdemeanors were dropped and Kempf would plead guilty to five of the Class B charges and all nine of the Class C charges for not burying the dead horses within a 24-hour period.

    Before Judge Day would accept the negotiated plea agreement at a pre-trial hearing in July, he requested a 402 conference to hear evidence of aggravation or mitigation of the plea.

    After hearing the evidence, Judge Day not only said he would not accept the plea agreement, but that he would not even consider a plea agreement in the case until after trial.

    Kempf then requested a new judge, citing bias on Judge Day’s part. She was granted her request and Judge Gramlich was assigned the case.

    Unlike Judge Day, Gramlich was more receptive to the plea agreement.

    “I have read the transcript (of the 402 conference) and in my considered opinion the plea agreement reached between the two of you is a fair agreement and should be approved by this court and will be approved by this court,” he said. “Suffice it to say, the defendant has been subject to some severe sanctions and I think the criminal law, as far as punishment goes, is more than satisfied with the plea agreement that has been reached here.”

    According to her attorney, Kempf has been suspended from her position with the Department of Corrections juvenile facility at Pere Marquette for the past six months. Records show Kempf earned $117,000 last year at the facility.

    Hooker requested the court supervision instead of probation.

    “Since she has no history of criminality, supervision would be the best chance that she would be able to keep her career,” Hooker said. “We are asking the court to keep her record clean.”

    The difference between the two years probation originally offered and the two years supervision she ultimately received is that after two years of court supervision, if Kempf does not violate the terms of the supervision, the offense will be expunged from her record.

    “I’m sure if she had any criminal background that it would have been brought to my attention,” Gramlich said. “She has been suspended six months without pay. Who knows what may happen with her employment? And if she loses her employment as a result of this, then the punishment is far beyond what the two of you have contemplated here by entering into this plea agreement. She is a long-time state employee and, as far as I can ascertain, has a good work record and it would be unfortunate that this would cause her to lose her employment and I certainly hope it doesn’t, and in order to help her in this situation I will accept the request for court supervision.”

    Faithful followers of the case were more than upset by the outcome.

    “How can you look at the photos of all of those poor dead horses lying out there and say justice was done here today?” Tonya Hickerson said.

    Larry Graham summed up Kempf’s punishment in his own words.

    “She got three slaps on the wrist, and they suspended two of them,” he said.


  31. Rob says:

    The reason she got such special treatment is that she is employed in the juvenile justice system. She was part of the system so they tried to protect her

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  32. ponixpress says:

    I understand that the Department of Corrections-Juvenile Justice has helped protect her from more than just this incident. Look the other way when she kills a bunch of helpless animals is one thing but pretend that certain letters from little girls don’t exist has to take the cake. Guess if it isn’t your kid then what the hell. Yes Illinois has to be the most corrupt state around.


  33. […] A Horse “Concentration Camp” Found in Central Illinois « Crime Crawlers Page Description: By ThinkGoat Roodhouse, Illinois During his 2010 campaign for Greene County Sheriff, Rob McMillion stated one of his priorities if elected would be to “aggressively [investigate] criminal activity”. That’s why, when he received complaints of horses starving to death with carnage on the ground that Wednesday evening, it was dark, he waited until after the… […]


  34. Beth Sinskys says:

    Much of this blog in regards to the way it was handled isnt true. Its opinion and not factual. Dont believe everything you read. Do fact checking and investigating before coming to your own conclusion.


  35. Awesome information thank you


  36. Helpful information. Lucky me I found your website accidentally,
    and I’m surprised why this accident did not came about in advance! I bookmarked it.


  37. In the words of Jack Kerouac: “It’s not what you write, it’s the way you write it.” Well, you
    do it well!I honestly cannot decide if I should share this blog with my friends or
    keep it as my very own private secret…


  38. Clarisa Damron says:

    This is one of the mist evil cases I’ve encountered. I’m sitting here half numb with shock and near the state of vomiting due to the immense pain my soul is feeling for the sufferage these caring loving creatures have been forced to indure. Not only the owners committed this crime, but every one of those officials need to be charged as well. They in no way did their job. By turning their backs they condoned this and enabled d it to continue. Please, please know that I will support any efforts that anyone can bring forward to prosecute and punish them!! I am totally outraged here!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Pete Kirkpatrick says:

    Could you guys believe that she has a state job were she has been promoted to Chief of Security at that job. Good way to use our tax dollars, don’t you think. NOT!!!!!


  40. Dai H says:

    Are the horses recovering?



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