By ThinkGoat

Calvert City, Kentucky The rigors of being a mother of two small children can prove to be extremely trying at times. A good parent sucks up the stress, doesn’t abuse the children in any way, and starts a countdown until bedtime; the time for peace and quiet, the time to relax and melt the stress right off. And what better way to achieve it than letting Calgon take you to some lushly green paradise that happens to have a bathtub plopped down at the perfect location. This story takes place in Kentucky, though. A place not exactly known for people with refined tastes or imaginations. So let’s substitute transporting to Costa Rica for … say … Fort Campbell. And let’s substitute the soothing nature of dissolved bath salts in water to say … snorting them for a quicker transformation. Let’s keep the two children in there for some added excitement. No story is quite so exciting if you don’t have a couple of munchkins to keep the hallucinations real.

Cynthia Palmer, a 29-year-old mother with a plan, gathered up her two youngins, snorted a little bath salts, and took off on Interstate 24 in Kentucky, heading to Fort Campbell. Normally this trip would take a little over an hour to drive. Normally. This is Crime Crawlers and this is Kentucky.

Allegedly Cynthia, hallucinating her ass off from this synthetic cocaine, decided driving along I-24 was a little more than she bargained for. So she pulled her car off this busy interstate, grabbed her two children (ages 5 and 2), and proceeded to walk across the roadway onto the median on her quest to arrive at Fort Campbell.

Funny thing about dealing with people having hallucinations:  you never quite know what they’re thinking. Take it from me. I’ve been there a time or two. Tripping people rarely communicate their thoughts succinctly. They’re often augmented with fits of laughter or bouts of extreme paranoia coupled with a freak out to beat all freak outs. The one thing about dealing with tripping people, they only temporarily lose their minds, they rarely lose their “material” possessions. Those “things” become an obsession of sorts and if an item is discarded during the trip, that decision isn’t made lightly. We’re talking lighters and stuff like that. But I’ve never babysat a tripper who’s lugging around a couple of kids.

Somewhere along her journey, Cynthia dropped her 2-year-old. Another thing about tripping people…when they’re on a mission, little impedes their desire to see it come to fruition, which apparently could explain Cynthia’s mindset. When she dropped her youngest child along this incredibly busy stretch of super-highway in the dark of night, she left him lying there, picked up her 5-year-old and continued on her journey. (I don’t know what the hell she was desiring in Fort Campbell but suffice it to say, she was hellbent on getting to it)

Apparently, several motorists decided to be proactive and call the Marshall County troopers and when they responded to the general location, they found the 2-year-old lying on the inside edge of the westbound lanes with some head trauma, presumably sustained from his fall. Further up the interstate, they found Cynthia stepping it off with the more physically fit and less needy of the two: the 5-year-old.

She admitted to snorting the bath salts, taking off in the direction of Fort Campbell, hallucinating to the point of needing to stop her car (you know, safety first), dropping the smaller package, and trudging on.

Her youngest was taken to the hospital for treatment of his head injuries, the 5-year-old was taken into protective custody, and momma was taken to the poky.

Charged with 1st Degree Assault, 1st Degree Wanton Endangerment, and Public Intoxication, it’s fairly safe to assume Cynthia didn’t make it to Fort Campbell. And won’t for quite some time.

Note to those wanting a rapid transport to utopia:  read the labels carefully. The pictures on the boxes are just for advertising – you really don’t magically journey to another faraway land. The bath salts are to be dissolved into warm bath water in which one climbs in, closes one’s eyes, and if you don’t fall asleep and drown, you’re to feel like you’re being whisked away to some relaxing destination. And if you forgo the recommended directions and choose to snort them instead, jump in and out of a car with children in tow, be sure, if you’re dropping them like bread crumbs so you’ll find your way home, to take more than two.


  1. ravenblackehart says:

    I hope she burned the shit out of her nasal passages. Hillbilly trash.


  2. you want a follow up to your story – to see the child?

    His name is Austin


  3. Therer is a page on facebook … Austins Miracle Story


  4. thinkgoat says:

    Thanks for the post, “concerned”. I found the page. While I support the desire to have Austin’s story told, even ask for donations to offset his medical bills, it kind of creeps me out when a page is done in “1st person”.

    Keep us updated as to what happens to Cynthia. I hope she gets a shit-ton more than a slap on the wrist. I also hope she never gets possession of those children ever again.


  5. FamilyFriend says:

    I have known her husband for over 30 yrs. !!

    He is not only one of our finest in uniform but a really good father & non drug abuser or user!!.

    It is sick that someone who knows NOTHING about the case or this family is BLOGGING about it .. blog on your own pathetic life or job. Please leave them alone!! …..

    She made an awful mistake that she will pay for 4 the rest of her life. I know her she will never forget or forgive herself… She loves her family above everything.. What was she thinking.. HELL IDK .. I would love to sit her down & smack her, but I do know that good people fall on there swords all the time!!

    That being said, the Facebook page wasn’t made for out-siders it was made for caring family & friends and it is adorable!! And written in 1st person by the father & aunt they needed some light hearted outlet!

    This little boy Austin, his brother Caleb,father Jeremy,sister Ally & mother (YES MOTHER CINDY)should have people praying for them not adding to the tragedy!!

    You are sad, pathetic & God will judge you how you judge others… !


  6. afinefrenzy says:

    The father is a soldier so he should have free healthcare on his children. Doesn’t Tricare pay for all the medical bills? Why are they soliciting money for medical bills that will be paid for?


  7. FamilyFriend says:

    He is not in a Mil. Hosp. Tricare doesn’t pay for 100% of ICU or REHAB!!


  8. thinkgoat says:

    An “awful mistake” is adding too much garlic to one’s spaghetti. What your coveted Cindy did criminal and she could have easily gotten that child killed.

    This is news. We report on news. Especially when it’s some pathetic drugged out skank who decides to take a joy ride while tripping her ass off with two kids in tow. I’m sure you’d just like to tuck this little family secret in your back pocket and have it all go away. Too bad it doesn’t work that way. Thankfully she fucked up to an epic level this time. It probably saved both boys’ lives. I hope the father, if still married, drops her like a sack of shit and files an order that she’s to never lay eyes on them again.

    And no, the facebook page is creepy. The message we received regarding the page was creepy. The little boy is adorable but pretending to speak as him is nothing shy of whoring him out.

    As far as your bible-belt upbringing – God can’t judge me. He simply doesn’t exist. 😆


  9. FamilyFriend says:

    So report the NEWS… do not write a fictitious story filled in with a few facts!

    Nobody is tucking anything away .. she deserves to go to JAIL & needs help, nobody is saying she should get road side community service!

    Their marriage & what happens with that is not even relevant or a top concern!!

    & think what u want about the FB page ..THEY are not whoring this kid out!! … Like I said it is for people who actually care!

    & talk about creepy your little picture is creepy!

    God is real.. u will find out that the hard way.. I will pray 4 you.. But I am sure you do not think I need to .. being so perfect.. LMAO


  10. thinkgoat says:

    You’re whoring that child out for money and attention. Pathetic and beyond mental. It seems like addiction must run in your circles…your buddy is addicted to hallucinating via drugs and you’re addicted to Crime Crawlers.

    What’s fictitious? Skank snorts shit to get high. Skank gathers children into car. Skank is way more fucked up than she thinks so she takes off walking along the interstate. Skank drops youngest child and leaves him in the dark along the roadway and continues walking. Skank gets busted.

    And pray for me if you’d like. It’s your time and resources that are wasted. And thank you SOOOO much for realizing I’m perfect. It’s something I don’t readily advertise but I’m super impressed you were able to conclude this without knowing me. You rock for someone who’s delusional.


  11. shelly says:

    Family friend…Asking people to pray for the baby(Austin) is one thing, He was dumped along the road like a sack of garbage and left, he needs someone to pray for him, BUT your facebook page is nothing more than putting the face of a beautiful child on a page and begging for money, money im sure will not benifit Austin in any way, it will all go to lawyer fees for the useless waste of skin that left Austin on the road to begin with, any leftover cash will probably go to the local bath n body for new bath salts! Asking ANYONE to feel bad or to forgive Cynthia not only is digusting but shows how fucking stupid you must be! You forgive someone if they spill a drink on the new carpet, or if they scratch your car…Leaving a toddler along the highway is not a “mistake”! GOD giving that cunt a beautiful child, so she can leave it on the side of the road, is the mistake, Cynthia not walking in front of a truck was a mistake, You came to the wrong page if you are looking for a pitty party for Cynthia!


  12. FamilyFriend says:

    How am I whoring him out? .. the child’s family asked family & friends who have already offered!! They didn’t advertise it on the web or paper!! Hmmm .. again FACTS!

    Delusional= u

    This is no news story Those stick to facts & not name calling .. It is a blog !!


  13. FamilyFriend says:

    Oh the $$ is not going to her defense .. ummm she is on her own on that!!
    And I do not think people nor was I asking ppl 2 feel sorry 4 her..

    I just felt that the blog was distasteful.. And as an American I can say as much!


  14. thinkgoat says:

    I sure didn’t go out looking for a facebook page regarding him – someone came on here advertising it. (it’s all over the account name as well)

    Continue whoring him out – it’s what lowlifes do best. And damn, it’s amazing how your typing skills have dropped to meet your IQ level.

    From your whoring page:

    Austin’s Miracle Story
    We all can’t forget about my mommy and pray for her also. She never meant for this to happen. She is a good mommy to me and Caleb. We all make mistakes and we all need to be forgiven. I love my mommy very much. I miss her so much.
    Yesterday at 10:11pm

    Austin’s Miracle Story
    My aunt has set up a P.O. Box for anyone who is able to help donate. This will help off set some of my medical bills. If you are able to help please send to…Austin’s Miracle Story P.O. Box 88 Harrisburg, IL 62946 And if possible some cards would be greatly appreciated also.Thanks in advance
    15 hours ago

    EDIT TO ADD: The solicitation for money was placed on a public facebook page:


  15. FamilyFriend says:

    I didn’t post that on here… so go yell @ that person & the Austin page was sent just to people on his friends.. and made public so people who cared could help … No one is making anyone! . And yes I am tired so I could careless on my spelling!

    & if the family feels she should be forgiven that is their business. Don’t you thin or does that make them bad ppl…lol


  16. thinkgoat says:

    You’re not only a hypocritical crackpot, but full of shit.

    They didn’t advertise it on the web or paper!! Hmmm .. again FACTS!

    ^^^^ You posted that statement. But you do realize a facebook page is on the web, right? And it’s a public page, anyone and everyone can read it, right? Perhaps you need to look up the definition of facts. Maybe god will help you.

    Oops, almost forgot the “lol” you like to use. That makes things so light-hearted.

    One more thing: You could care less or you couldn’t care less or you’re completely careless? They all mean something totally different. You saying, “could careless”, simply doesn’t make a lick of sense. I’ll tell you what, get a good night’s sleep and let’s play again tomorrow.


  17. btowntruth says:

    Just checked out the Facebook page for “Austins Miracle Story”.
    In the “info” portion THIS is part of it:

    “I was involved in a terrible situation”
    So,that’s what you want to call it…..
    “A terrible situation”….like the kid had a choice there…..

    Allow btowntruth to fix it for you….here ya go:
    “My mommy got high as a motherfucker snorting bath salts.She then in her tweaked out wisdom stuck me and my sister in the car and took us for a little drive….and in her drugged out wisdom,she decided she could get to wherever the hell she was going faster if she could travel lighter and lose some weight.
    And,well,the weight was me.”

    Terrible situation?Try drugged out mommy damn near killed the kid.

    Oh,and the P.O. BOx thing?
    You want to know who also uses P.O. boxes for donations?

    So,”Family Friend”,tell them to tell people to send money DIRECTLY to the hospital that Austin is at now.
    Trust me,they would know what to do with it.

    And it would be a heck of a lot less likely to go for the “good mommys” defense attorney that way.


  18. olderoftwo says:

    “He is not in a Mil. Hosp. Tricare doesn’t pay for 100% of ICU or REHAB!!” I was in the Navy (Never Again Volunteer Yourself) for too many years & unless benefits have changed, the military will & does pay the medical bills if a military member or their dependents are admitted to a civilian facility. FYI; This candiate for mother of the year (Cindy Palmer) will not only get her children back, she will get no jail time. Wait & see.


  19. thinkgoat says:

    There’s no doubt about that, older. Family and friends will welcome her back with open arms – this was just a terrible situation. They’re all praying for her as she lost her way. (You know, those interstate signs are so misleading!)


  20. afinefrenzy says:

    Nice try Family Friend but he’s active so he’s required to have Tricare prime. Looked at Tricare’s website and they cover 100% of hospitalizations at civilian facilities. Even if they did not, they would only charge $11 a day. He’s higher than an E4 so he should be able to afford $11 a day. I pay $22 a day for daycare and my husband is an E4. I’m sure he can afford $11 a day for a hospital stay. Another question I have, is why is he not trying to get custody of his sons? Why is the aunt trying to get custody? Is this in the best interest of the children? Is this the same aunt soliciting money for hospital stays that are paid for completely?


  21. afinefrenzy says:

    Here’s the link to tricare if you need because obviously the family is trying to take you and everyone else willing to donate for a ride.

    Don’t think I am heartless. I honestly feel for the young children. It just seems as if the family is seeing this incident as a meal ticket. Someone with the children’s best interest at heart needs to be caring for them. Not someone motivated by money.


  22. thinkgoat says:

    Nicely researched, Frenzy. Your efforts and posts only identify what some families do: capitalize on a family tragedy. I visited the facebook page early this morning – someone had posted something about medical benefits and also posted the Sheriff Department’s arrest record of Cynthia – pointing out she was the reason for this “awful mistake”. Someone yanked the posts down. Clearly they’re not interested in educating family and friends with the “facts” as our buddy “FamilyFriend” is keen on.

    By neglecting to state what Cynthia did, calling it what it really is, this is doing that child no good. He needs to be protected and the only way to fully protect him is to recognize the danger he’s in around this “parent”.

    I’d like to know if Daddy knew of his wife’s drug addiction and if so, why in the hell would he continue to allow those innocent children to be around someone so unpredictable, dangerous, and unsuitable?


  23. concerned citizen says:

    Read all of this and then read comments underneath (these are from February of 2010) – proof that the Sister who set up the fund to help offset the bills, do not get along, and I am sure any funds would not be used for the defense of the mother.


  24. concerned citizen says:

    Idk you might be right regarding the sister trying to gain something from the tragedy, but you can rest assured the father isn’t trying to get anything from it. That would be ridiculous – this mans child was near death; due to the actions of the mother. He was not involved in the incident so I feel it is unfair to shift blame, or make accusations about people who were at the side of a child during his roughest time in live so far. Let’s keep blame where blame is due – the mother who was careless in her actions; then let’s pray for her – because obviously she needs help. She will due time. She must.


  25. thinkgoat says:

    I get your point…to a point. Cynthia is solely responsible for the actions she took that evening. She snorted shit, tripped her ass off, and neglected/abused her children. However; it’s obvious her husband knew of her past with drugs and with that, one should have gained a watchful eye. Every drug addict/alcoholic displays signs of using.

    I’ve not only dealt with these situations on a first hand basis though acquaintances, but I’ve featured it repeatedly. Loved ones enabling loved ones to the point of something tragic happening. I don’t understand what happens to a rational person’s brain that makes them think children being left with these selfish fuckups is okay, but it happens constantly. This family got lucky because the children didn’t die…this time. I’m not blaming the crime on the husband here, I’m placing a share of the blame of what led up to the incident on him, though. Denial is a horrible thing for a husband to suffer through but it becomes deadly when there are children involved.

    I don’t think praying for her will do squat. Treating her like the pig she is, might. She needs institutionalized – as in jail. Again. Hopefully, since she has a “past”, she’ll see some real time but I doubt it. The charges just aren’t stiff enough.

    And thank you for posting the link. It was a very interesting read – especially the comments. It just proves Cynthia is nothing shy of a cunt with children.


  26. DarlingVioletta says:

    “From your whoring page:

    Austin’s Miracle Story
    We all can’t forget about my mommy and pray for her also. She never meant for this to happen. She is a good mommy to me and Caleb. We all make mistakes and we all need to be forgiven. I love my mommy very much. I miss her so much.”

    Oh how I love when stupid twats make pages like this. No, I will not pray for Cynthia’s stupid ass. We could pray til the day we die, it can’t fix what’s happened. If she were truly concerned about those kids, she would have never been so desperate for a high to snort bath salts to begin with. She would have been reading them bedtime stories and showering them with kisses.

    Good mommy? Good mommies don’t walk their kids on the freeway at night. And he loves his mommy? Simply because he’s young, the maternal bond is still strong, and he doesn’t know any better.

    Really, it’s sickening.

    FamilyFriend … If you continue to brag about being a family friend and taking Cynthia’s defense.. that’s damn near just as criminal. I’d be ashamed if I were you.


  27. thinkgoat says:

    Well it looks like our ‘mother of the year’ candidate didn’t drop the baby after all. Nope, she just knocked the bloody fuck out of him with a folding chair/stool. (one of two found in the car she ditched)

    What’s incredibly sad, according to her other child who’s 5-years-old, she pulled the car over because she thought there was a bomb in there. That poor child tried to convince her there wasn’t. What’s more: according to the same child, she thought Austin (the baby) was a demon or evil spirit and bashed him over the head. The baby was too hurt to walk and collapsed in the PASSING LANE of Interstate 24 despite the efforts put forth by Caleb, his brother, who tried to help him stand.

    It’s not known who has guardianship of these two boys but it’s not the father. That much is surmised by visiting the bizarre facebook page that’s been set up – where they’re STILL begging for money – even from someone in Australia who stated they could only send an Australian money order.

    Since there are a few “subscribers to comments” on this particular story, maybe you’d be able to answer a couple of questions…is mommy with daddy and is that the reason these children aren’t allowed to stay with him? Lastly, are any of you still standing by what a stellar mother she is who just made an unfortunate decision? Getting drugged up and dropping a child is one thing (as fucked up as it is on its own) but scaring the life out of children by claiming there’s a bomb in the car then attempting to bash her youngest’s head in are not exactly examples of good parenting. And seriously, every idiot knows the only way to get rid of an evil spirit is by snorting laxatives and shitting them out.



  28. DarlingVioletta says:

    Can we throw her in the hottest ovens of hell with that other crazy fuckin coot, Terrie Robertson?


  29. thinkgoat says:

    Darling, I’d like to do a little something more special for her than just automatic incineration.


  30. DarlingVioletta says:

    Slow baked and rotissiere style?


  31. thinkgoat says:

    I have a torch I use for my glasswork that’s been sitting idle lately…


  32. Tina says:

    Is Cynthia Palmer her real name?There was a woman in Auburn,me by same name whose boyfriend burned her 4 year old daughter alive in an oven on 10/27/84.My sister babysat little angela and her sister sara.John Lane was the boyfriends name.Cynthia died in 2005,not sure where john is(hopefully still fighting off bubba).While awaiting trial Johns cell was set on fire by 2 inmates.Unfortunately,they didnt succeed.


  33. thinkgoat says:

    Yes, it’s her real name as recorded and verified through court documents.

    And we featured a broad who baked her son a couple of months back. What the fuck snaps in your brain to make you shove your child in an oven and crank up the heat? I just don’t get it.


  34. thinkgoatfollower says:

    What’s the latest on this incident.. anyone know?


  35. Space Pope says:

    As far as I know they are wards of the state of Ky. in a foster home, although it’s possible they could be back with their Dad by now. The youngest that was hurt so bad was recovering nicely. I haven’t seen an update on this for a while myself, this info is old but it’s the newest I know of.


  36. thinkgoat says:

    It was speculated the children had gone to a relative who was soliciting money. Do you have a link that states they were in State custody?

    There’d been no confirmation that the mom and dad had actually separated – he (along with other family and friends) had been defending/supporting her “mistake”.


  37. Space Pope says:

    I’m sorry I have no link for that at the moment, but I’ll cross-check myself. I don’t recall if that was from Disclosure or mainstream, but it’s definitely about 3 weeks or so old and they could very well be back with family now.

    For myself, I would decline to donate without establishing just where it was going, and I mean really tight too, because the whole fam dammily got into an epic feud at Disclosures comments on the story, and it was really just too much to sort out who is who in all this. It seems to me like anybody that’s straight-up would’ve made a straight-up post re donations, and not some cutesy first person child/victims POV thing, but who knows ? To my knowledge there’s been nothing new thrown out on this one for about 3 weeks I think.


  38. thinkgoat says:

    I’ve not followed this story for a month or more – I did (for a couple of days) monitor the facebook page set up for the child. Any post that mentioned what the mother had specifically done was promptly removed. The whole page creeped me out.

    As stated on here, the family has medical coverage through the father – it just seemed like they were soliciting money under false pretenses. Not a single one of them was willing to be upfront about why and how this happened.


  39. Space Pope says:

    Info available at these links is a month or more old, and anybody who uses them will probably still have to search ‘Cynthia Palmer’ in their search box. Anybody using Facebook could try searching ‘Lori Collins’ and maybe find some pics of the child that was hurt so badly, if she still has them up.

    Marshall County Daily stated (I think in an editorial) that the childs brain was exposed. I had no idea the injuries were that severe. Damn. It’s also been said that he is recovering very well.

    Sorry if the links don’t work for some reason, but the addy’s are right.


  40. Meme says:

    I know this family. I had the pleasure.. no strike that. I had the unfortunate experience of living next to them on post at Ft. Campbell. I do not know the whole truth but I do know some truth and some rumors that neighbors share. Her husband has been put out of the Army for drug and domestic issues, or is at least in that process, I moved just before the SHTF. So if he has been put out it was dishonorable and there is no insurance. They had a developmentally disabled adult living with them, her uncle, they would leave him home for days at a time alone with no food or money. They had a dog they would leave outside for days at a time with no shelter no food or water. The MP’s and housing office had been called several times about them. I never made friends with them because I always felt something was off and she looked like she was a drug user. It is a stereo type yes I profiled her, and I was right. She was low class and trashy and I kept my kids from playing with hers. Our sons are the same age. Another family got sucked into helping them and had nothing but problems with them leaving their kids for what was supposed to be hours turning into days. She did not have a one time bad parenting moment. She has a history of bad parenting and BOTH the mother and father have a history of drug use and neglect for responsibility.


  41. Disarm says:

    Ok, so I had to look at the Facebook page….the 1st person thing is creepy. Like this baby is getting up every morning, getting on Facebook, and saying “hi” to all his “friends”? They are no longer asking for money though;) And what’s the deal with snorting bath salts? I’ve never heard of this? Is this just some random thing this crazy bitch decided to do?


  42. Fed Up says:

    I am really bothered… Not only is the face book creepy.. But who in the hell thinks they have a right to say that.. They can not sit there and use that child in the first person saying “she is a good mommy I love her and miss her..” They are some sick fucked up people.. That child DID NOT SAY THAT!!! More likely it was aloing the lines of get that crazy woman away from me…. And for someone to sit there and wriet that is insane…

    This woman does not deserve a second chance.. The 5 year old will always be scared of her.. And let us all hope that the 2 year old recovers and forgets this all together..(and I doubt he will)

    Pray for her??? No thank you.. I would rather use her as bait at the gates of HELL..


  43. Fed Up says:

    Simply insane


  44. thinkgoat says:

    Oh hell, there are a ton of bath salt snorting stories out there. It’s a cross between cocaine and LSD. (and not your ordinary bath salts)

    In our forums, we have a story of a guy who committed suicide while high on the shit – his mother has come on a couple of times to comment.


  45. Fed Up says:

    I guess I just never thought to look around my house for things to snort..

    Nor would I.. But then again thats how they came up with the magic in meth..

    How about we add some of that there rat poison.. That will give it a real kick.. Hardy Har Har…


  46. ladyjustice84 says:

    I think what she did was of the devil and not deserving of prayer. Although, bashing the kid in the head with the chair is probably the ONLY thing that kept him from wondering out into traffic and being hit, and killed, by a car…maybe that’s a miracle???


  47. thinkgoat says:

    From reading the fucked facebook page, did any of you get an idea where the children are now?

    And thanks, Meme – I knew this wasn’t Cynthia’s first circus and I had strong suspicions about Daddy Dearest. Not only do they get awards for fucking up their children’s lives but a career in the military to boot.


  48. Space Pope says:

    They had an epic internet brawl at Disclosure, with umpteen family members sounding off at some point or other, about the only one it didn’t include was Cindy since she was chillin’ in jail. The whereabouts or on-going well being of the children is unknown to me, no idea if they are with family or fosters.

    I never saw a single opinion on the FB page that was positive, everybody thinks it’s creepy, I think maybe done by an Aunt (?) on her side (?). As far as I know everything in the article here and comments is dead spot on but this is the first time I remember the Uncle that lived with them being mentioned anywhere. It almost makes me wonder if it wasn’t some unfortunate dude they took in and scammed out of his SS money or something, because that online family brawl they had was a doozy and I don’t think that ever came up once.

    Meme was very wise and perceptive to keep the kids away from them. I think if this was my family I would feed a bunch of them a pillow in the middle of the night and go live out my life alone on a mountain.


  49. Fed Up says:

    I got the impression they still have contact with the father.. And they are still talking in the first person.. People are responding back as if talking to the child.. I know it is hard when a child is hurt.. But I think it shows that family is riding the crazy train and need to let those kids off of it..

    I do not know a 2 year old who says Happy Friday.. Then the father posts as himself.. So maybe it is the aunt..


  50. Space Pope says:

    Contact at least with the father fits with my most up to date knowledge, which only comes from the ‘net, I don’t have a dog in the hunt. And crazy train fits fine with my evaluation of things as well.


  51. just disgusted says:

    I know the sister she is only like 16 or 17. I dont think she has anyhting to do with money. I dont know the whole story but I know that beforre u do drugs u know there is an outcome and it can be bad especially when u have kids. Number one I guarantee this is not the first time she has done it. Number two no hell no that bitch dont deserve a second chance actually she deserves to rot in jail and then on judgement day she deserves to rot in hell. honestly i am a christian and i will pray for her i will pray that this bitch burns in hell. i dont know how a person could hurt their lil bitty beautiful two yr old baby. SHES SICK AND MESSED UP AND DESERVES NOTHING BUT BEING DOOMED FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!!


  52. Aly.Palmer says:

    im Autsins sister&i think what you people are saying is absolutely ridiuclous! my dad is NOT neglectful&DOES NOT& HAS NOT done drugs! he is a great dad&does everything he can to make sure me&my brothers are taken care of! i agree with you about Cynthia rotting in hell because she’s just a horrible person&my dad was NOT dishonorably discharged! he has been deployed twice& the last time he was on the 3rd story of a building&it got blown up& he STILL went back&saved 4 more guys! he ended up having to get a tumor removed from his back because of it&wasnt able to be deployed again so he got out on medical retirement! none of you have FACTS because none of you know me, my brothers or any of us! you people need to keep your damn mouths shut about things you know absolutely NOTHING about!!!


  53. thinkgoat says:

    Is your father still married to Cynthia? Is the rest of the family still rallying around her saying it was just a “terrible mistake”?

    More importantly, how’s Austin doing, now? I hope he’s recovered fully and will not remember the shitty things his incubator did…


  54. Aly.Palmer says:

    Austin’s doing absolutely amazing&is back to his normal self. NO ONE was rallying around her. her mother, who is a worthless piece of trash, is the only one that doesnt think she did it&we all know she did. that had to be put on there&austin still occasionally asks where she is, we just tell him hes getting help. we all hope cynthia rots. &austin just thinks he was hit by a car


  55. Aly.Palmer says:

    &my dad has had more important things to deal with, like taking care of the boys&i. he is just now getting around to it.


  56. Meme says:

    Aly, I dont know what stories your being told by your father and family to protect you but I was his neighbor and know another neighbor that lived next to them at Ft. Campbell after I left. The dog, the uncle and the fact of leaving them uncared for is TRUE. The children were also left in the care of the other neighbor for extended times with no provisions such as diapers and food. I do not deny your father has deployed for his country and he told me when I met him that he was ex Marine so he has served both in the Marine Corp and the Army according to what he told me. He lived in Gardner Hills on Fort Campbell 7460-B McAuliffe Way, Ft Campbell 42223. I know this man and Cynthia. I am not making this up. I knew both boys. The oldest which is not your fathers biological child (hes mixed) was often left to play outside unattended. He was vary young. You did not live with them so I assume you live with your mom or another family member. You never came to visit when I lived there in 2009 next to them. Maybe your being protected from your dads problems.

    Anyhow here is an update I found. I was just talking to our old neighbor and we were wondering what happened. So here it is. She was convicted after pleading guilty. She was sentenced to 10 years.

    A woman who was accused of abandoning her toddler on the interstate last year is going to prison.

    Cynthia Palmer pleaded guilty Monday to charges of assault, public intoxication, DUI and wanton endangerment.

    Palmer admitted she was high on synthetic drugs last February when she started to hallucinate and got out of her car in Marshall County, KY.

    She tried to cross I-24 with her two young sons, but dropped the 2-year-old on the road and left him there.

    He suffered a head injury.

    Palmer was sentenced Monday to 10 years in prison.


  57. Ann Wamatacil says:

    Offender Information
    Min Date:
    Inmate ID: 251235
    Facility: Class D
    Age: 30
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Brown
    Height: 5′ 04″
    Weight: 160lbs.
    Inst Start Date: 03/05/2012



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