Fairrin Moss Won’t Be Featured In Any Parenting Magazines

Posted: January 24, 2011 by thinkgoat in Assault, Child Abuse, Crime
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By ThinkGoat

Columbus, Ohio What in the world was she doing there? Did she have a key or pick the lock? Was the door even locked? What right does a relative have to just walk on in an apartment occupied by someone else and just take charge? If I were Fairrin Moss, I’d be highly ticked off at my sister. Not only did she invade Fairrin’s home, she found that pesky little 3-year-old locked safely away in the closet.

Now, when I say “closet”, I’m using that term loosely. I’m not even sure how someone would use that space. In a couple of sources I researched, [they] equated it to a space one would store linens or towels. Maybe. If you only had two. I’ll tell you what. Let me give you the dimensions of the “closet” where this little boy was found and you tell me what it’d be used for. Take out your standard ruler. I want you to get a clear picture of what I’m talking about. I’ll wait.

Are you back? Good. Take that ruler and lay it down on your table vertically. Mark each end. You should have 12 inches. Now take that same ruler, lay it down horizontally, mark one end and flip it over. You should end up with 24 inches. That is the exact size of the space that housed this 3-year-old child. He couldn’t sit. He couldn’t stand. He could only lay in there and pray his monster mother didn’t come home until his fresh wounds healed so there’d be room for more. You know, a tiny body can only host so many.

The child’s aunt removed him from the closet and ran some bath water for him. That’s when she noticed his feet, his body, his poor little extremities. Her attention was called to the blisters that had taken over his right foot and the nasty blue and red bruises that’d taken up residence all over his little body. And thank God, she bundled him up and took this traumatized child to the hospital.

Sgt. John Hurst stated, “The child was beat over the head, in the head, in the stomach, on the side, legs, grabbed by the neck.” He also stated doctors had deducted the child was dipped in boiling water, feet first. I suppose this physical abuse, coupled with caging him while she left the house, pretty much takes Farrin Moss out of the running for “Mother-Of-The-Year”.

“The long-term effects of this, it’s hard to tell. Physically he’ll probably recover with some minor issues.  Emotionally, that’s something that could last a lifetime.” – Hurst

Farrin Moss (23) was charged with assault and child endangerment. She’s currently out on bail. Her son is recovering in foster care.

Surely children don’t bring in that much money on welfare, do they? Enough to offset the incredible inconvenience and annoying features they apparently present to some mothers? Why don’t these people ever put them up for adoption or better yet, (if it’s money they’re after) quietly sell them to someone who actually wants a child? Believe me, there are “adoption agencies” out there who still sell children. It’s not quite as easy as taking the monthly allotment of Govt. cheese down to the corner in exchange for crack, but still…

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  1. Lazlo says:

    Dear God! The so called “tiger cages” broke full grown men in Vietnam. I can’t imagine the damage that was done to this poor child. I hate you for writing up these stories, TG! I hate myself for suckering into reading them. And I especially hate the sub-human she-thing that could do this to a child. I simply don’t understand…


  2. eviltwinjess says:

    Well said, as always, Lazlo. I completely agree. I never seek out this type of story, for obvious reasons, but when I do see one, I just can’t help but read it. And then I ALWAYS wish I hadn’t. I will never, ever understand how anyone can hurt a child, especially their own child. I wish with all my heart there was a way to prevent child abuse before it ever happens. Unfortunately, short of going completely Orwellian, it’s just not possible. And it is handled pathetically by the courts. The maximum sentences for assault and child endangerment are far less than this monster deserves.


  3. jessica says:

    This is awful!! Plan sick!! Somebody needs 2 dip this bitch in hot water & lock her in a coffin so she can rot in hell!!! Why would anyone especially a parent do this 2 a innocent baby?? What’d he do spill her bong?? I cannot belive ANY judge would let a monster like this out of jail & into societty after she caused so much physical & emotinal pain 2 a baby!!! To put her a jail cell would be a suite compared 2 what her own child had 2 live in!! Prayers go out 2 this lil man & his family!! Real family that is!!! Monsters like this do not deserve freedom or rights, they deserve nothing but a life of hell!!! It’s called karma, her time is coming!!!


  4. thinkgoat says:

    Look at her cockiness in her mug shot. I imagine the only thing she’s pissed off about is losing her monthly income she’s “entitled” to because she popped out a miniature human. She’s going to have to resort to blowjobs to fund her habits again.


  5. Shannon says:

    What Lazlo said. I simply don’t understand either.

    Ohio’s Dept. of Job and Family Services motto is “Ohio works first.” You must “work” in some fashion in order to receive benefits of almost any kind, with only a few exceptions, and are only allowed to receive welfare money 36 months of your entire life. Having children isn’t going to allow them the convenience of not getting a job. I wish more of our young people realized this.

    I feel extremely poor decision-making and a false sense of reality are a few of the culprits. Some people still don’t realize the emotional and physical sacrifices that come with having a baby. You have a young mother with false dreams and a young father who wants nothing more than to get laid. Ultimately, it’s the child who ends up paying the price for their stupidity.

    People would rather keep their baby/child than be labeled a bad mom for giving the child to someone who will love and take care of him or her. I’m presently dealing with that exact situation. My husband and I and another mom are currently sharing the responsibility of taking care of brothers that are 10 and 11 that attend school with our sons. Their mother would rather keep them with their overburdened grandmother while she lives in another town, shacked up with whomever on any given day than to allow them the consistent love and care both families are already giving to these precious boys.

    May this little boy heal God-speed and end up in the arms of someone who will love and protect him.


  6. scorpiogirl says:

    Did they say she is out on bail, anyone got an address?


  7. julie woods says:

    what become of the child? will he reocover from the trauma that was brought on by the evil bio mother? hope she get’s the hell beat out of her stuck in the closet and left for dead!!


  8. thinkgoat says:

    Any update on this child or the child’s situation? I ask because I see we’ve had visitors. I hope they come on to defend what momma should have swallowed…


  9. thinkgoat says:

    Well, this is from one of Fairrin’s buddies…

    “you know its really said that this world is so fucked up that we live in racism will never end judges are fucked up prosercuters stink police, mayors governers are all fucked up they all lie cheat steal help the whealty and fuck the poor black person livin pay check to pay check. a young black mother spank her child sit him in the closet for time out they wanna gave her 13 years in prison. for child endangerment a fuckin Casey Anthony child is dead missing for thirty days before even reporting it this bitch gets three fuckin years and get to go home and right books movies and what the fuck ever. when will we as black people learn to stick together and help our children cause the white man dont give a fuck that we are killing stealing and robbin each other all the fuckin Anthonys need to go to jail for child endangerment not be getting fuckin movie, and book offers and you corupt ass fake cops need to start obaying the fuckin law too yaul sell more drugs than the average fuckin dope dealer thats y some neighborhoods never get raid it cause it will takein away your suplimental income like wesley snipes said in new jack city you cops and politics are so deep in the drug game that shit will never end treat everyone fairly if i gotta obey the law then so the fuck should law enforcement and thats y the younge boys are shooting at the fuckin cops cause they know how corupt the bastards are”

    If anyone can understand that rather long paragraph – outside of the “we da black peoples are getting fucked”, please elaborate.


  10. Fed Up says:

    Oh Tg I just read it three times.. Each time getting more confused..

    The spelling, Who am I kidding I get the gist of it but damn…

    I think racism.. But we all see ALOT of white people on this site too..

    How about some KUDOS for the sister who took that poor baby to the hospital.. See I am not racist.. Also she is Black and did the right thing.. So please stop with the “Y’all” crap.. That in it’s self is racist..



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