By: Deadmyron

Spokane, WA: I have always wondered how the major media outlet chooses their news articles. Most people get their news from television or newspapers, etc.  We all know names like: Polly Klass, Adam Walsh, Casey Anthony and Carlie Brucia. When these cases were at their apex, the national networks featured little else.

Me? I cruise the WWW looking at cases just as egregious, yet they never seem to find the spotlight. For those who don’t know, these atrocities are almost pandemic in their frequency. I never lose that sense of anger when I read what these innocent children went through. As a minister, I’d like to think that the souls of the children are taken away before these things happen.

I have had a hard time finding suitable photos to add to this article, and surprisingly, there are very few usable ones. The lady holding the picture is the aunt of the victims. Angela Gilbert struggled with her emotions as she shows the picture to the press. It pictures the two little guys and the mother. The youngest boy is no longer with us.

22-year-old James J.R. Cooley was arrested this past September after his girlfriend’s one-year-old son, Santiago McCreight, was found beaten to death in her apartment.

J.R. admitted to authorities that he had abused the child by squeezing him and shaking him because the of child’s incessant crying. J.R. blamed his rage on his lack of marijuana. Now, I am a staunch advocate of complete legalization of marijuana. Rumor has it that even I have smoked marijuana in the past. Never have I met a soul that couldn’t handle being without a baggie hanging around. Never.

I have raised two of my thirty-six children, and I can tell you that there are times that babies are going to cry. At times a child will cry for no discernible reason. They’re fed, changed, warm, held, but they still cry. My solution was to put them back in their cribs and shut the door for a while. It worked well…most of the time.

J.R. has another cloud over his head, however. Back on May 5th, J.R. was suspected of beating his then girlfriend’s six-month-old child, leaving her blind and mentally disabled. He was never charged with that crime until after his arrest. Big question mark. Why? It may well have saved little Santiago’s life.

Do you like him yet?

This happens daily in the States. It would be great if we could find a way to uncover these low-life fuck-holes before they offend. They do display similar traits, but a lot of people carry the same traits and never offend. I guess we should all face the fact that it is impossible to catch them until they do commit an atrocity.

Why this walking turd was free after the first crime is a matter of conjecture and only the Spokane Police could answer that question. Any answer they gave would be lame, in my honest opinion.

I’d like to present to you a hypothetical situation: If you knew positively that a certain person was eventually going to kill a child, would you kill them first? Could you actually walk up with a gun and shoot him/her in the face?  I could. I’m certain. I think I would take my time with J.R. Perhaps I would first shoot to inflict pain and maybe let him bleed out.

Hopefully, he will arrive in prison and be placed in population. There I hope he has to suck the snotty end of every meat stick in the population.

Fuck you, J.R. Cooley.


  1. Darling Violetta says:

    “Fuck you” is what I say to my friends and people that annoy me.

    “Fuck you” is too polite for this miserly waste of good oxygen.

    Forget shooting him.

    Let’s stick a red hot fire poker up his ass til his eyes fuckin’ melt.


  2. deadmyron says:

    Oh, I agree! “Fuck you” is really too polite. Your fire poker idea indeed trumps my slow shooting idea…as long as he suffers first. It still boggles my mind that he was free after the beating of the first infant. NOW, after he’s already busted for murder, NOW they file charges in the previous case. That frosts my gonads.


  3. thinkgoat says:

    Why wouldn’t the authorities investigate further into the first incident? I just don’t understand how they could not follow through on a case like that. Had they, this child more that likely would be alive.

    Birthers, go get yourself fucked, that’s fine. But don’t bring the assholes home to kill your children.

    Thanks for the write-up, deaddude. See? I told you the stammer you got from your “incident” wouldn’t affect your fingers.


  4. scorpiogirl says:

    “If you knew positively that a certain person was eventually going to kill a child, would you kill them first? Could you actually walk up with a gun and shoot him/her in the face?”



  5. ladyjustice84 says:

    I could, and would, shoot the bastard after I first let the biggest of my friends beat the shit out of him like he did to that child! But the last paragraph was funny. Never heard a penis described like that before! Not a pleasant mental pic, lol.



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