Helping Edward and Melissa Garcia Will Cost You An Arm And A Leg

Posted: December 9, 2010 by eviltwinjess in Death, Murder, Robbery, Theft, Torture
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By Evil Twin Jess

Los Angeles, California Herbert Tracy White first met Edward and Melissa Garcia at an ATM in Hollywood, where they bummed cigarettes and money from him.  He later told his wife he was helping out a “lovely young couple”.  Herbert was a former alcoholic, who had turned his life around and become known for helping those down on their luck.  According to his wife, he would often answer the phone and go out in the middle of the night to give rides to intoxicated acquaintances because he didn’t want anyone to drive drunk. The holidays were his “busy time of year”, due to all the parties, so when he got a call at 2 a.m. on November 28 asking for a ride, it was nothing out of the ordinary. Except that he never came home.

Mr. White borrowed his wife’s car, told her he would see her tomorrow, and went to meet the Garcia’s. He got them safely to their room at the Continental Hotel, but determining exactly what happened beyond that point becomes unclear. It’s unclear because out of the three people who were in that room that night, one is dead and the other two have gone on the run.

Herbert Tracy White

The police believe at some point Edward and Melissa Garcia, convicted robbers several times over, attempted to rob this man who had already gone out of his way to help them. He had given them money, cigarettes, and free rides, but that wasn’t enough for these greedy bastards. He probably resisted, as anyone would. His punishment for not bending to their demands was being murdered and dismembered in that hotel room.

When a member of the hotel’s housekeeping staff went in to clean the room on November 29, she discovered a backpack and a blanket shoved under the bed. Further inspection revealed that backpack to contain two arms and two legs, and the blanket to be hiding a man’s torso. The body parts were identified as Herbert White. Edward and Melissa Garcia had allegedly cut him into 5 different pieces with a knife, stuffed him into a bag, shoved him under the bed, and attempted to clean his blood from their hotel room before fleeing with his money and keys.

Edward Garcia Jr. and Melissa Hope Turner Garcia are still on the run, but they left Mrs. White’s car in the hotel parking lot, so if you’re in the Los Angeles area, you might not want to pick up hitchhikers. We’ve seen how these people repay good Samaritans.

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  1. deadmyron says:

    What a lovely couple! Wouldn’t it be romantic if they could be executed together?

    Nice write-up, Jess. Welcome to the fold!


  2. thinkgoat says:

    Just how fucking big was that backpack? I bet that housekeeper isn’t too quick to snatch up personal belongings left behind now.

    Don’t worry, these two will be caught. Just look at their eyes. There isn’t a whole lot of smart bouncing around in there…

    Fantastic first story, Jess.


  3. olderoftwo says:

    It was an accident. They didn’t mean to kill & dismember anyBODY.


  4. brody says:

    I gotta go with thinkgoat here. I don’t ever remember any backpack in the world that could of held that much. Also, to Jess ( my wife) glad to see that your smartassedness finally paid off for something. Thanks thinkgoat maybe she won’t be such a smartass to me anymore now that she has your outlet.


  5. thinkgoat says:


    I really hate to disappoint you here – Jess’ smartassed skills are just going to be refined by writing. You’ll find her exercising those new found depths on you.


  6. Interesting says:

    Ya know, if they would have stolen the car, I could understand the dismemberment due to the cost of gas these days. Looking at these two, though, I think good drug stings will likely catch them.


  7. TERRI says:



  8. brody says:

    That’s the problem with drug addicts Terri. They eventually get to a point where they don’t give a damn about nothing but the next score. But, I still don’t quite get the point of cutting him up. I could see it if they were planning on transporting the body for disposal. Just to hide it under the bed though makes no sense what so ever. Goes to show you that “No good deed goes unpunshed”. Shit like this is why so many people just refuse to help people at all.


  9. Lazlo says:

    Excellent write up Jess! So glad to have you here.

    Was thinking that maybe they cut him up as snacks for the road, but got stoned and forgot him. You know: “Oh wow, I think we left the snacks at the hotel.” Happens all the time.

    And @Olderoftwo – Ugh! What a cut-up to be using your incisive wit for such a tasteless pun. I love it.


  10. Krystal says:

    Really glad I never pissed her off, she used to be my best friend, wow. I knew she was a little crazy but damn, this is sick and I am praying for the family of the guy they murdered!


  11. melissa says:

    Wow! That is crazy! Thanks krystal for informing me that I knew her! I was trying to forget.. I was always afraid of her in school! I can’t believe my ex cheated on me with her! I bet he regrets that! I knew she was crazy but I only thought shed go as far to kill a dog or herself not a person! Wow!


  12. Krystal says:

    The security guard knocked on the door and told them to keep the noise down, i am sure at that point they panicked and just shoved him under the bed and left.


  13. george sanchez says:

    I hope Dey fry dem no good bastards


  14. Rob says:

    Does anyone know whatever happened in their criminal cases?


  15. ~RENEE~ says:

    Yes they just went to there preliminarys and they are both sitting in the county jail…still being charged with capital murder seeking death penalty…going to be at least another year until they are sentenced


  16. ~RENEE~ says:

    And Krystal & Melissa did u guys go to school with her in California?? I knew her when she lived in York,PA i knew her and her husbanb they tried to do it to a drug dealer 2 years before this and the drug dealers friends came and shot the house up and Melissa got shot in her foot..i thought she would have straightened out…drugs do stupid shit to people


  17. Krystal Jones says:

    No we went to school with her in York PA.


  18. Krystal Jones says:

    Anyone know what jail, i would like to write her


  19. Anthony DeMarco White says:

    Hey you all. Update ! My family & I , “finally” have a court date tomorrow (5/17/13) to receive a trial date for the “start”of these cowardly devils trial…. damn near 2 & a half years later ! I, being his oldest brother, will make sure these “roaches”, receive no less than DEATH, no matter where they end up at… for there are cellphones in “all”of our jails & prisons out here in Cali., & they WILL be dealt with then, if they don’t save “ME” the trouble & kill themslves first !!!! Stay tuned for further updates !!!!!!! Anthony DeMarco White P. S. Love you, Herbert Tracy



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