By ThinkGoat

Mount Clemens, Michigan Osteopathic medicine:  A system of medicine based on the theory that disturbances in the musculoskeletal system affect other bodily parts, causing many disorders that can be corrected by various manipulative techniques in conjunction with conventional medical, surgical, pharmacological, and other therapeutic procedures. ThinkGoat’s medical theory:  disturbances caused by breaking the skull affect other body parts. See? I don’t even have to be a resident physician to pull that shit out of my ass. Nor do I need to be a doctor to be certain a bullmastiff didn’t cause three to four skull fractures and tears to the vagina and anus of a 13-month-old baby girl.

Dr. David Tyler Montaldi, a 31-year-old physician had been dating his girlfriend for about 6 months. Up until last month, they were both employed at Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center then a career hiccup occurred…David was terminated for misconduct. By that time, it was too late. His girlfriend had her blinders custom fit, after all he was a doctor and his daddy a doctor. (an OB/GYN) Who better to leave her infant daughter with while she had to work, than a medical school graduate?

David made a call to his girlfriend while she was working stating her baby girl was unresponsive due to their 100-150 pound bullmastiff sitting on her. (2nd warning missed – this doctor was too stupid to call for emergency medical assistance first, then notify the mother). Nonetheless, the mother came rushing home and immediately noticed her baby was in serious shape and called 911. (a 2nd source claims he called 911 after she arrived home and no doubt, freaked) Police who responded to the residence David rented immediately found huge gaping holes in his “the doggy did it” claim. Later, the medical examination of the child concluded the police paid more attention in scene processing and interrogation classes than David paid in his ‘introduction to the human body’ classes and ‘how things work’.

Sheriff Mark Hackel called the case “disturbing” and “horrific” – others working the case state it was the worst case of torture they’d ever seen. As stated above, this baby girl suffered three to four skull fractures and signs of sexual abuse exhibiting tears to both her vagina and anus. It’s unclear if this child will survive her injuries and if she does, her mental capacity will be severely affected.

This puke has been arrested on two counts of criminal sexual conduct and one count of child abuse, he was ordered to be held without bail during his arraignment yesterday. I hope they’re waiting on seeing what happens to the child as an excuse for why these charges are a fucking joke. Granted, if convicted on the sexual conduct charges, each carries a potential life sentence. Why not throw an attempted murder charge on top to make sure this wasted sperm never gets out to repeat his little medical experiment.

Watch the video, see how he shakes his head “no” when the prosecution is speaking? It’s just a shame that shaking isn’t a result from electric currents running through his system.

  1. thinkgoat says:

    I don’t know why the sound won’t come through – you can follow it to youtube and listen to the clip there. *shrugs shoulders*


  2. Darling Violetta says:

    I lived in Michigan for quite a while.
    In hindsight, I’d have to say that they breed ’em this way up there.

    Perhaps they’ll stick him in the wrong cell block, someone will decide that they hate chomos, and will handball him straight to the infirmary and club him on the head for good measure.

    The sick, sad thing about the state of Michigan is how little time many of these suck fucks do…

    We can only pray that this little child recovers.


  3. thinkgoat says:

    OMG – Darling, where HAVE you been? 😉


  4. Darling Violetta says:

    “Out to lunch”.

    I’ll drop you a line here in a bit, TG.


  5. thinkgoat says:

    So nice to see your name appear on the boards again!


  6. Darling Violetta says:

    Thanks 🙂
    That email I sent explains a bit. Gonna try to be a little more active if I can regain some footing for a bit.


  7. crtikal_rn says:

    With any luck, he will end up in a prison cell with a bunch of college deprived idiots that will get excited to have someone who knows how to play doctor with them. With any further luck….maybe one wants to be a surgeon!


  8. Lanie Dudek says:

    looks like he is wearing one of those heavy lead aprons they make you wear in the dentists office. Wonder why they would be protecting his nads. Maybe if the picture went lower we would see there is a big hole in the crotch area for the X-rays to penetrate.


  9. Shannon says:

    Michigan calls it criminal sexual conduct because of multi-dimensional variables, depending on the age of the victim, whether or not a penis or various other intrusional instruments were used, and whether or not other felonies took place within the same time frame of sexual violation.

    I say we call it what it fucking is…rape and sodomy of a little baby girl who will more than likely be so far beyond fucked up reproductively that she will be extremely lucky if her womb will carry life let alone sustain and deliver it. Oh, and let us not forget that she will most likely end up retarded and a totally useless as a human being.

    For those that believe this monster is innocent until proven guilty I say watch the fucking news and/or educate yourselves on the statistics of these boyfriends raping, beating, torturing, and/or killing the babies of their girlfriends. You will find that it is very rare that the biological father, other family member or some random piece of shit sneaked through the window and carried out these horrific crimes when there’s been a boyfriend in charge of watching a child that is not biologically his.

    Furthermore, I think it’s a god damn atrocity that so many of these motherfuckers get to live all because their victim survived. You tell me what kind of life this little girl is going to have. She’s already fucking dead.


  10. Diana says:

    This guy, and all of the others like him, deserve a bullet to the brain. Drag the fucker out back and shoot him in the head – it should be legal. As much fun as knowing the bastard is being tortured in prison, at least no one would have to worry about him being a repeat offender.


  11. Deb says:

    What a sack of shit! I hope he gets it up the ass by every mother fucker in the prison he is in. Worthless bastard.


  12. elizabeth bridges says:

    why in the hell do they have a bullet proof vest on this piece of trash, let someone take his ass out. he needs just wat he gets and more. there are too many women ready to sell their bodies or give it away and these lowlifes has to get lil kids to rape or molest, they don’t deserve to breathe


  13. deadmyron says:

    Animals like this unfortunately have the luxury of hiding behind the Constitution. I have a troll on another site that thinks the entire fucking world should be covered by the Constitution to the letter. Besides, being a pedantic fuckhole, I’m inclined to believe he is even more insane than yours truly.

    The last public execution in America occurred in August of 1936. Offhand, I can’t recall which state, but I do remember the picture of the man standing on the gallows and the wall-to-wall people watching. Hell, they used to bring their kids, a picnic. Make an afternoon out of it. Judging from the size of the crowd, it HAD to be a financial boom for the city. Selling sodas, etc.

    I suspected in my warped little mind that perhaps the meteoric rise of the drive-in theaters perhaps provide the citizenry with a new kind of entertainment. But the crowds at the last public execution convinced me otherwise.

    It’s time, I think to start them up again. Really. There’s more fucking morbid people around than you can count! Enough to pay $20 a head to watch somebody do the air dance. Every form of government would benefit. I bet they’d have to use a stadium.

    This fucking guy should be hung. Let him have his fair trial, as the Constitution instructs. The judge should set a date of execution, and throw the appeals process in the fucking toilet. Only if there is no question of his guilt and unless his doggie weighed 900 pounds, this crime is on him.

    Hang him publicly. Give the people their money’s worth, though and bring him to the end of that rope slow. Let him wiggle while his dying ears hear the jeers and cheers from the crowd. He deserves to die that way. I feel this should happen regardless of the outcome of the child. Fuck him!


  14. thinkgoat says:

    Deadmyron, that camel knocked the opinion right-the-fuck out of you, didn’t he? LOL

    I couldn’t agree more. I’d pay extra for a front row seat. 🙂


  15. MommyRN says:

    I know this guy. I work at Genesys Regional in Grand Blanc and he did his internship at our facility. He was a total womanizer and was sleeping with a new girl from the hospital every other week. He had “Doctor” or “GOD” complex as I like to call it as he was an arrogant piece of crap and never listened to those who have experience. You could tell there was something just not right with him, but for some reason many of the women there fell for his idiocy. He got one of the nurses there pregnant but never acknowledged the child (which is great for that child now). I heard he was terminated from the new hospital that accepted him into their program when he was booted out of ours, for locking a nurse in a closet for 2 hours. Hate him, hope he gets raped in prision, and then someone kills him. That poor baby.


  16. 17yrsurvivor says:

    Too bad the mastiff didn’t just take matters into it’s own paws…..


  17. deadmyron says:

    Oh, Mommy RN! How I love first generation information. Spilling new insight into his personality that you’d never find anywhere else. Thank you!

    TG I’ve been having some bad camel nightmares!


  18. thinkgoat says:

    MommyRN, If he must continue sucking oxygen, I certainly hope he does so only in agonal breathing while he’s being raped by a rusty iron pole.

    Thanks for the insight on this vile fucker. I didn’t mention in the article, the mother of this baby has another child who was staying at the grandparent’s house the night of the incident. I’m sure that child is going through some debriefing to see if, god forbid, this wasted fuck did anything to him as well.


  19. brody says:

    I love the vest. As Ron White would say “aim for the head.” Seriuosly though why would a woman leave her kid with someone she has just been dating after they hey had been let go with multiple accusations of misconduct? And if one child could go to the grandparents why couldn’t the other one?


  20. thinkgoat says:

    Some “women” in love make some really shitty decisions when it comes to their children. Even pseudo-smart women.

    There was a story I became so involved in – another 18-month-old who’s mother made a fatal mistake for her child by thinking with her twat rather than her head. She was a nurse – a pediatric nurse, met dude online, uprooted her child from family and friends in a small town to move in with her internet lover in a large city. Her child was dead 3 days later. Same deal – she left her child alone with this guy, came home and unfortunately didn’t recognize the signs of blunt force trauma. (again, a peds nurse – trained for that crap) I just don’t understand it either, Brody


  21. katie says:

    This is how they breed em up here in Michigan?? Get your facts straight. Montaldi is from Georgia. He has been in Michigan for a short period of time. This disgusting piece of shit deserves to rot in prison for what he did.


  22. thinkgoat says:

    @ Katie The story didn’t state he was from Michigan but rather the city/state in which this took place. The commenter (if that’s whom you were telling to “get [their] facts straight” was not stating he’d been born and raised there either, just made a general statement in reference to the crimes of this nature occurring in Michigan. Feel better?

    I hope he gets far worse than rotting in prison. I’m not above wishing him a painful demise.

    Edit to add: In Georgia, the baby would have been related to the fucker. Don’t get so defensive – Michigan is just a step ahead of fuckedupedness.


  23. ashley says:

    LoL Georgia?… I thought that was Alabama … Shit I better get my facts straight too, haha.


  24. Darling Violetta says:

    @ Katie: Doesn’t matter. The lower I-94 corridor of Michigan is a fucking, dear god I cannot even find the words for it, for people like this. I can’t imagine anywhere else in the state being any better. I can quite easily provide PLENTY of fact to back up that statement. I won’t apologize for insulting the place that might as well become a prison colony.

    Funny how some people get their knickers in a wad and all twisted up into camel toe when someone insults their home/favorite state. Boohoo.

    @Thinkgoat: No Michigan isn’t a stepahead. It’s already there. In the stretch of road that moves from Chicago to Detroit, it’s one fuckin’ scary and dangerous place to live. Want to commit a crime and do no time? Just live there in Calhoun County (MI), they cop some pretty lucrative plea deals there.


  25. katie says:

    Does it really fucking matter where this happened? No! This happens all over the country. The only thing that matters is that this piece of shit gets what’s coming to him, and he will. By the way the baby girl is expected to make a full recovery. She was awake and smiling yesterday. Bless her little heart that she can smile after going through all of that.


  26. thinkgoat says:

    Um, you’re the one who torqued out. Prior to your “get your facts straight”, everyone was playing well with each other. But hey, I enjoy passive/aggressive people! You make things interesting.

    Thanks for the update on the baby – what changed so much from “not being expected to make it” and “severely impaired” to a “full recovery?”


  27. justme says:

    The baby hadn’t had the testing done yet when the original story was published through the news channels. She has now and all is well. and this guy is a Douche with a capital D.


  28. katie says:

    A miracle I guess. The detective said it was the worse child abuse/ sexual abuse she has ever seen. They have enough evidence to lock this sick SOB up for life. I would love to know where everyone else is from because MI isn’t the only place with perverts.


  29. katie says:

    @ Darling- just because u lived in the ghetto doesn’t mean the rest of us do.


  30. thinkgoat says:

    You’ve got some fantastic deduction skills, Katie. I only read that Darling lived in Michigan, I couldn’t find any reference to her specifying a certain area for her residence but rather an observation in which I happen to share. You really need to get your facts straight, chick.


  31. Interesting says:

    “Michigan calls it criminal sexual conduct because of multi-dimensional variables, depending on the age of the victim, whether or not a penis or various other intrusional instruments were used, and whether or not other felonies took place within the same time frame of sexual violation”

    I call it being pretty well fucked in the head but, then again, I’m not a lawyer, psychologist or psychiatrist.


  32. Darling Violetta says:

    @Katie: Statistics speak for themselves.


  33. Nurse says:

    I also knew the sick , perverted Doc Montaldi from Genesys in Grand Blanc, the dude was in love with himself and thought he was gods gift. He used to go around with his plastic clip board full of candy and would dish it out to the nurses along with his crap. My question would be has he done this to other children or is this just the first time he got caught because he went to far? Regardless if he is from Michigan, Georgia or Timbucktoo, he is a sick motherfu***r and I hope he gets what he deserves in prison.


  34. thinkgoat says:

    Is the mating pool that shallow in Michigan? I’ve not seen one picture of this baby fucker that’d paint him in the sexy category. He just looks like a run of the mill punk to me.

    I hope all the women that went sniffing his trail are counting their lucky charms they didn’t take him home and the ones who did have douched and scoured their nether-regions. The thought I’d screwed someone who liked to fuck little children would make me want to steal a barrel of chlorhexidine and a box of steel wool.


  35. Whew! says:

    I, too, knew the sick fuck. I dated him about a million years ago. Actually met him on eHarmony, there’s a great plug for them (if you’re reading, I’ll be glad to go on one of your commercials with a testimonial!) Anyway, we dated briefly, and he was sexy, however, a complete lunatic. I was stuck in the car with him one time as he drove around for hours screaming at me and I just wondered if I would make it out of there alive. This was in Atlanta when he was still in med school, but already thought he was God’s gift. I ended things immediately after that event, go figure. Then he proceeded to barrage me with hundreds of emails, phone calls and whatever other means of communication. Mean, nasty stuff that I’ve never heard before or since.

    He’s allergic to wheat, if anyone wants to slip him a piece of bread 🙂


  36. katie says:

    He’s also narcoletpic. Scare the shit out of him, he will fall asleep then you can have your way with him. Its scary to think his dad is a gynecologist and backing his son up. Maybe you should write a piece about that thinkgoat- make his clients aware.


  37. thinkgoat says:

    A Narcoleptic doctor who tears up babies. Man, he’d be fun in prison if they let him in general population, wouldn’t he?

    When I researched the story, I wondered what his father thought of this whole thing. Interesting he’s standing behind his little swimmer. Do you have a source for any statements he made, Katie? I’ll try to look for one as well this morning.

    @ Whew. He looks sexy now, all naked under that vest, doesn’t he? Outside of his melt-down with you in the vehicle, did display anything else that would have set off warning bells? I’m just curious if he was the type to go from 0 to pissed in the blink of an eye…if this mother ignored signs that were present well before leaving her child with him.


  38. Whew! says:

    That’s exactly right, 0 to psycho in nothing flat. He was always very jittery, too much energy, and popping pills of all kinds. Wouldn’t tell me what they were…


  39. katie says:

    A close friend of mine was dating this asshole for a year up until recently. She found out about a month ago he was sleeping with several other women and broke up with him. He continued to stalk her. Mass text daily and obscene voice mails. Which she has turned in to the detective on his case. His dad tried to hire a few lawyers before he found one that would take on this loser. His court date is coming up soon. Will keep u updated on what happens.


  40. mary says:

    I just want to say, I’ve known Tyler my whole life. Women love him because he’s a goofball and he’s handsome. He’s a big kid. I don’t believe for a second he’s abused anyone. He maybe a womanizer and a little quirky, but he’s not abusive. This is a nightmare for everyone involved.


  41. thinkgoat says:

    @ Mary, do you honestly think half of the baby fuckers look like they could commit such a crime? Help settle my curiosity, just how did he get tangled up in this huge misunderstanding?

    And seriously, Mike Rowe is handsome. This guy’s not even registering on the “cute” meter.


  42. katie says:

    Yep your completely right Mary. His dog snuggles raped the baby… Anyone who defends him is as screwed up as he is…


  43. mary says:

    katie Anyone who really knows him would defend him. Not everything that allegedly happened was in the media by the way, though we all know the media is FULL of integrity… thinkgoat the word is a prosecuter looking for a case got wind of this in the hospital and he/she is the one who got this ball rolling in this direction.
    I’m ticked off that the damn media is so quick to convict they don’t care what they leave in their wake.
    And, if I didn’t know this guy, I’d probably be as guilty in my assumptions as any other decent human being.


  44. thinkgoat says:

    Let me see if I am reading this right…this child’s torn pussy and asshole were indeed from the dog who sat upon her? You’re not in the medical profession, are you? A dog sitting on her isn’t going to cause skull fractures. Babies can really sustain quite a bit without completely breaking. I find it hard to believe a bored prosecutor decided to fabricate this horrific tale and got every single police official on scene PLUS medical personnel to go along with his sinister plot against Montaldi. I bet it’s jealousy. Plain and simple. Montaldi was probably cutting in on his wommenz so he devised this plan to take him out of the equation. It makes perfect sense now. Thank you.


  45. katie says:

    I didn’t get my information from watching the news Mary. Wait until the DNA comes back and you will know that he pulled wool over your eyes. How about the shoe imprint to the side of this babies head? How does that make u feel?


  46. Sidney says:

    The shoe imprint should not have been released.


  47. Sidney says:

    I understand how Mary is feeling at this time.

    The facts will come out. So far the facts show that Tyler was sociopath. It seems he snapped when Katie’s girl friend broke up with him. His life went crashing down. I do believe someone who could do such horrible things always had it in him.


  48. Evil Twin Jess says:

    I actually feel sorry for Mary because I’m pretty sure she’s a complete moron. What exactly do you think happened to that baby, Mary? Because there is no way in hell the dog caused all that damage. There is PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, she was raped and someone crushed her head. Who else was there? As naive and trusting as you are, I’m amazed he hasn’t attacked you yet. You must not be his type, being past puberty and all…

    And Sydney, why shouldn’t the shoe print have been released? Because it makes him look guilty? That’s a pretty stupid thing to say.


  49. Sidney says:

    You miss understood. A lot of information hasn’t been released yet.


  50. katie says:

    Well it will soon enough. My only hope is this sick waste of life isn’t in seclusion forever.


  51. mary says:

    Evil Twin Jess I see you enjoy this kind of thing. Obviously people who enjoy being on this site enjoy talking about stuff like this. The only reason I’m on here is because I’ve known this man for a very long time. I know his family and have THE upmost respect for them. I have a very very hard time believing he did this. I absolutely believe it was an accident. I have a question for you all. If a bull mastiff weighing over 150lbs were to attack a baby…you tell me what that baby would look like. I’m telling you all there is more to the story than what has been released. He may be guilty of negligence, but I can’t believe he’s guilty of torture. The sad thing is that child abuse is sooo prevalent today that noone suspects anything different. I’m amazed that everyone on here is so full of themselves to believe they know exactly what happened as soon as the first report came out… waiting for the facts to come out in a fair trial. But, I’m starting to believe that’s not possible. We’re all in shock.


  52. thinkgoat says:

    Mary, before you start posting on a website, you might want to take a look around to see what kind of site you’re on. We are a shame site. A true crime site. We fully intend to keep tossing boulders at three groups of fuck-heads: A. Those that do bad shit to people. B. Those that allow it. C. Those who come here telling us how much they hate use while chastising us for judging someone we do not know or attempt to justify criminal activity- usually with grammatically-incorrect rationalizations.

    EvilTwin Jess is part of my staff. None of us enjoy what happens to the victims but we certainly don’t blink an eye in exposing the suck fucks who hurt babies.

    To answer your non-existent question, I’ve seen what a dog can do to a child. It’s ugly. I also have been around enough to know there are bite marks when a dog attacks. The child’s face is mutilated as well as the limbs and the neck. I’ve not ONCE seen pictures or read a report where a dog ripped off a baby’s clothing and diaper and took time to fuck them in every orifice available – enough so to cause tearing. What about that don’t you get? (<– that happens to be what a question looks like…)

    Take a step into reality, Mary. It'll do you good when your rose-colored glasses break. Defending a baby fucker on this site will get you absolutely nowhere.


  53. mary says:

    The truth will come out.


  54. mary says:

    Hey! By the way thinkgoat, you’re right. I should have looked around first before defending a man who has not even had a trial yet. I’m sure you’re very proud of yourselves for being the first to shame people without all the facts first. Bravo.


  55. thinkgoat says:

    There was enough probable cause to make an arrest. And since I’ve had a BIT more experience than you in this arena, it’s pretty easy for me to say your buddy is fucked. Rarely does the entire truth come out during the trial but I bet it’s safe to assume the “truth” that does come out will more than likely make your pussy sick.

    You failed to answer my question. Tsk Tsk.

    You’re really a fucking dimwit, Mary. I’ll cut you some slack on that. I always have a soft-spot for a jilted lover which is probably what you are. Maybe, just maybe if Montaldi hears that you’ve been defending him on this awesome site, he’ll give you an ounce of the time you’ve craved all your life. Answer my question and then promptly piss off and go sing your sob story somewhere else that’ll give you the attention you need.


  56. katie says:

    Unfortunatly an innocent little baby girl should be the main concern here. Who is her voice? She was brutalized, tortured, raped and God knows what. Tyler will have his day in court and the truth will be out. If he is the horrible monster who did this he will get all he deserves and then some. It breaks my heart to believe anyone could do this to a BABY!


  57. Brody says:

    Mary, I don’t understand how you can get off defending someone like this? Not that one shouldn’t defend their friends and family. However, one should also know when their cause is lost and give up or at least keep their mouth shut. I have basic medical knowledge as I recieved first responder training. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING can tear the inside of a vagina except for something being inserted into it. No dog in the world I don’t care how talented could have accomplished this without help. As far as the fact that you knew him personally and don’t believe that he could do this. Well, lets see. I believe that the people who knew Bundy didn’t think much about his quirkiness in the begining. I do however, bet several of his victims wish that they would have. There are not always signs that people like this exhibit. That is the problem with sociopaths they are very good at hiding their problems that is how they adapt and get victims.


  58. Lazlo says:

    Mr. Brody, I couldn’t agree more. Kudos for a killer post!


  59. Whew! says:

    For years I have struggled with some of the things that this “man” said and did to me. He is very very conniving, Mary. I absolutely can see how he has fooled people for years. There are those that wear rose colored glasses and accept people when they have their bad days, without realizing just how sociopathic someone can be when things don’t go their way. Perhaps you only knew Tyler on his good days. Perhaps you never were one to say no to him, never one to have to bring upon him a shred of bad news. Perhaps you never really challenged him, maybe you were one of those girls that just looked at his beautiful exterior in awe of what a fine specimen he was…on the outside. Unfortunately, his thick candy shell got more than just a crack this time. This time his anger (and perhaps the voices in his head) took him too far. It is very unfortunate for that little girl, and her mother, that those close to him, such as yourself Mary, were so blinded by his cheap smile that you failed to read the warning signs. As horrible as this tragedy is, I believe everything happens for a reason, and part of the reason was to prove to all the women he has assaulted in his past, that they were not the cause. Hopefully being as young as she is, this child can recover, never scarred, and never remember. I will not let what she has endured be in vain. What a strong little girl to have survived his actions, and on behalf of all the other women out there that have suffered by this man’s hand, we thank you for your most precious sacrifice, that we can now more fully live our lives.


  60. Lazlo says:

    @Whew- That is one of the best, and most powerful, posts I have read in a while. I am glad you have found some solace in the evil that was perpetrated. And I am very impressed that while acknowledging abuse from this asshole in order to establish standing, you have not come across as a “victim”, but as a survivor. Kudos. And all the best wishes.


  61. thinkgoat says:

    Lazlo said it best – I echo his exact words. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into the hell he thrust upon his victims.

    You’re a true inspiration, Whew.


  62. 17yrsurvivor says:

    Whew –

    I pray you are able to find peace in the fact that this man and his actions have been exposed – that people aren’t always as they seem.

    Thank you.


  63. eviltwinjess says:

    I will join Lazlo and TG in saying, amazing post, Whew.

    I have no doubts that Montaldi has sociopathic tendencies. But I also believe Mary is VERY naive. Montaldi obviously did not do that great of a job hiding his true nature, we have accounts from 3 different people here that say they at least suspected he was capable of something like this. So I do not believe for a second that he was that good, or that everyone who knew him for a long period of time thought he was a saint.


  64. lou says:

    To say I am shocked by what I have just read is putting it mildly.. The first concern should be for the child and might I say the judgments made on here are just awful to say the least. I wish I had never read these. I am not an x-girlfriend but I am a family member and I hope all of you have had you fun judging someone before all the facts have even been released. I hope none of you have to endure being a family member and read all this crap about yours. But I quess some people just have nothing better to do with their time than judge others to make them feel superior. I myself will wait for facts and pray for all involved. I will spend my time better trying to do good and more positive things.


  65. thinkgoat says:

    Lou, I am amused you have such strong convictions about judging people but you’ve turned around and judged others who’ve posted something regarding your worthless family member. Do you know the definition of ‘hypocrite’?

    I hope none of you have to endure being a family member and read all this crap about yours.

    You’re the one who sought this information, right? I’m the site owner, the administrator, and the author of this story…I don’t remember searching you out and inviting your curiosity to my doorstep. (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) I’m not judging David, I clearly acknowledge what a wasted fuck he is. Plain and simple.


  66. lou says:

    In response to “do I know the definition” yes I do and I do not feel I am a Hypocrite,as I stated, I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone.
    Perhaps you misunderstood the meaning of my comment.I don’t wish ill will on anyone, even you. And I certainly do not believe anyone is worthless.
    Definition of HYPOCRITE
    : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
    : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

    As to “inviting my curiosity to your doorstep” might I refer to a previous post as to whom the site is for:

    “C. Those who come here telling us how much they hate use while chastising us for judging someone we do not know or attempt to justify criminal activity- usually with grammatically-incorrect rationalizations.”

    I don’t feel this makes me Hypocrite as I would not want to see this happen to anyone! As it appears only negativity is welcome on your site.

    And yes I did, by accident come to your website. It is out there for public knowledge of your opinion is it not?? Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. As for not judging might I refer to the meaning of opinion:
    Definition of OPINION
    a : a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter.
    Before this I didn’t even realize how much people express their selfs so vulgarly and judgmentally over public venues without all the facts being presented. So yes my eyes have been opened. Please understand It is not for me to place judgement on anyone. So glad I was able to amuse you. In the future I will have to keep my interest in more factual websites.


  67. thinkgoat says:

    You’re a hypocrite because you were judging those who’ve posted here why crying about those who’ve judged David.

    Thanks for the definitions – I was thoroughly confused until you came along to shine the light.


  68. interesting says:

    TG 2 Lou 0

    Thanks for playing Lou. Trying to explain that you’re not a hypocrite really just tells everyone, “Yeah, I’m a hypocrite but I don’t want to admit it.”


  69. Sidney says:

    I have been in the house and the girl friend should be charged with something. No good mother would have left her baby in that house with him. The house was disgusting, the man is guilty.


  70. thinkgoat says:

    How so? Details…


  71. Sidney says:

    A lot of animals, liqueur and prescription drug bottles all over the place.


  72. GRMC RN says:

    I too am an RN at Genesys Hospital. While I was fortunate enough to have never interacted with Montaldi, I do remember the times he would stroll through our unit throwing candy at our desks. He would throw candy on our desks and keep on walking. I was told he did this when he wasn’t on duty. Creepy, eh? Why would a resident give nurses candy? Hmmm???Guess that was his attention getting tactic. Guess it worked on some….too bad. I do feel for the mother of that baby. She was definitely blinded. I don’t know her, but I can’t image the guilt, the terror she must be feeling. I don’t see how anyone could think he didn’t do this with the evidence that has already been brought forth. Dogs don’t rape babies!


  73. SCED says:

    I too knew Tyler. He and I went to college together, had a class together, and played intramural sports together. I fell for his manipulation, as ashamed as I am to admit it. We dated very briefly but then it was like he dropped off the face of the Earth. We would still see each other in class, but he wouldn’t take my calls, and acted as if he’d never known me. I always felt like it was something I did, b/c I was young, immature and hopeful. My family thought he was creepy and a first class jerk, but I didn’t allow myself to see it. He was so very competitive with me when it came to our grades in the class. He would get so angry when I got a better grade than he did, that I began to fear doing better than him. It all seems so silly to me looking back at it, but I just knew he had the potential to be set off and I didn’t want to be the one to do it. I feel for his family and friends and those who believe in his innocence, but as someone who was wronged by him and left with something ugly that I will never lose because of him, his judgement day will come. The evidence will speak for itself, and then his family will be able to see beyond his charming and deceitful ways to the true monster that he really is. If this were my family member, I would really have to wonder about him after reading all of the first hand experiences people have attested to. But all in all, this incident has put everything into perspective for me, and now I can quit wondering what I did to deserve what he did to me. I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when I met this monster.


  74. DW says:


    Do you mean medical school? Because I only know of one person Tyler dated while in college (all four years) and this does not sound like that person.

    & my thoughts:

    I have known Tyler for a very long time and this is very difficult to comprehend. He loves all creatures too much to be a sociopath– yes he had a thing for the ladies and a slight temper, but this just doesn’t seem like him. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the dog did attack the girl (pick her up by the clothes and throw her against a wall or sit on her or something), but I don’t know how to explain the sexual abuse. Is it possible that the damage was caused previous to Tyler’s babysitting night (i.e. from the biological father)? Who knows? I’ll wait for the trial and if he did do this I hope he pays for his crimes.


  75. thinkgoat says:

    DW – don’t you think the police and medical professionals involved in treating this child and with the investigation could discern between being mauled by a dog and being mauled by a man? Seriously, delusions of grandeur are pretty pathetic for anyone over the age of 18.

    By the numerous personal accounts posted on here, it sounds like your buddy had a little more than a “slight temper”. There are worthless fucks nicer than your buddy who’re sociopaths – it’s not that hard to comprehend.

    Any attempts to identify other victims who’ve posted on this site will result in negative consequences. I think it’s crystal clear you didn’t know this prick as well as you proclaim. The way he apparently went through women (and perhaps men, DW?), I find it pretty arrogant of you to assume you know everything about him.


  76. DW says:

    I’ve known him my whole life and his temper was mild at best and he does not display the signs of a sociopath. It seems that your temper is little too hot with anyone that posts against your opinion…let’s just wait for the trial before we convict him world wide web style.


  77. thinkgoat says:

    By accounts from those who knew him, his temper seemed to exceed “mild”. And this it a shame site – we don’t subscribe to the guidelines of the courts.

    Edit to add: I have a low tolerance for apologists who find their way here. You’re singing the same old tired song – one I’ve heard a thousand times by a thousand close buddies.


  78. SCED says:

    @ DW: He took college classes at CofC in attempts to get his grades up to apply to medical school. You are right, I’m not the person he dated all four years through college @ Villanova, Thank God. I met him after he dated “T”


  79. SCED says:


    Is that enough personal information for you to believe that I’m not someone simply making this stuff up?


  80. SCED says:


    Is that enough personal information for you to believe that I’m not someone simply making this stuff up? Because certainly if you know him like you say you do, then you should know about his few years @ CofC and working in the morgue @ MUSC and you should absolutely know who “T” is. But then again, you obviously don’t know him as well as you think or even thought you did.


  81. PLZ says:


    Could you please not mention names or nicknames in the case of your last post. This is out of respect for the privacy of those associated with Tyler’s past. Thank you.

    On a side not: He was only at Villanova for 1.5 years.


  82. Kelly says:

    WOW. I just heard about this creep today when I was reading about his court proceedings in the Detroit news. Found your website after googling his name.After reading all these comments and a couple other items about Mr.M I definitely need a hot shower. And for the deluded fools sticking up for this cretin-forensics will prove to you how deluded you’ve been. God Bless this little girl.


  83. DSam says:

    I went to high school with Tyler…used to ride around in his Wrangler. I learned from him that it was illegal to listen to headphones while driving when he got a ticket for it.


  84. Nunya says:

    10 more days until this sicko is to appear back in court. Can’t wait until this creep is sentenced and the baby’s family can have closure and begin the healing process.


  85. thinkgoat says:

    Hey Nunya – please let us know what transpires.


  86. Sylvia Lea says:

    I agree totally with Thinkgoat, except my impression is that the doctor student should be executed “Comanche Style” and perhaps it will occur after 13 more days.


  87. Nunya says:

    Looks like he will be in court again on Thursday!


  88. thinkgoat says:

    Let us know what happens, please.


  89. Nunya says:

    So he is to be back in court 8/25…Will keep you posted as new information is released.


  90. thinkgoat says:

    Thank you, Nunya!


  91. Greta Early says:

    In the news today; Baby fell down the stairs. SUUURRREEE.


  92. thinkgoat says:

    Do you have a link to the story?


  93. Nunya says:

    How did this case have a hung jury???


  94. Justmeagain says:

    Pleased to tell you all he was found guilty on 3 counts today. Bastard got what he deserved. The little girl is also doing amazing and there is no lasting effects of the damage he did to her.


  95. Babysitter says:



  96. Babysitter says:

    32 years for what he did…


  97. HBS says:

    I also went to Woodward with Tyler. Damn. I considered him a friend back then, hung in the same crew and ate lunch together almost every day. Lost touch with him after graduating as best I can recollect, but this is a shock for sure. Only just found this out a few weeks ago when another old friend brought it up. So, did the guy I knew and generally liked over 20 years ago do this? Sure sounds like it. I do remember him being a little fidgety as a teen. Would snap his fingers a lot, both hands simultaneously and regularly. Quirky for sure, but I never saw any violence or temper. But, I wasn’t too close with him outside of school. Thought he went off to college with his same high school girlfriend, but I could be wrong. Certainly won’t name any names here. Just such an odd and disturbing thing to hear about.



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