Rhonda Arkley Shows Politics Aren’t Her Only Passion

Posted: December 6, 2010 by thinkgoat in Arson, Crime
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By ThinkGoat

Apple Valley, Minnesota When Rhonda Arkley ran for the Minnesota Senate in 2002, she was a Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidate. Priding herself as very progressive and active in environmental and atheist organizations, she completely left out ‘crazy as a shithouse rat.’ I’m kind of astounded she didn’t win. She fits the political profile. After all, the great people of Minnesota elected an ex-professional wrestler, Jesse Ventura as their Governor several years back:  they elected the shitty comic, Al Franken, who donned a large diaper and made a complete ass out himself and now expects to be taken seriously. What the hell could have been so different if they had elected Rhonda. Who knows? She may have had the guts to fix whatever plagues the political system up there. She seems to be quite resourceful in that department. Plus, she’s got the crazy thing down pat. There’s not much hiding it. Not now, at least.

The cause of death of Rhonda’s 22-year-old son who was found in his bedroom November 17 has yet to be determined. But suffice it to say, that’s neither the prelude nor the epilogue to Rhonda’s “erratic” behavior.

The address wasn’t difficult for police to find, they’d been there several times before. Rhonda (49) was no stranger to seeing police respond to her address either. She served a year’s probation in ’05 for 5th degree domestic assault. Who knows what kind of hell went on behind those closed doors and who knows if part of her behavior led to the death of her son. What is certain is some new form of hell broke out last week that left her husband scrambling, a neighbor calling 911, and Rhonda leading police on a chase through a nearby community.

Mr. Arkley fled and a neighbor phoned 911 as their house on 142nd street became fully engulfed in flames. I’m not sure why Rhonda was opposed to turning up the thermostat or perhaps building a small fire in the fireplace. Those two options would have fared better than taking a can of gasoline through the back part of the house and striking that match. If it was a large display she was after, she succeeded. But this wasn’t just any breed of crazy she was wearing. The flaming box of memories wasn’t the only thing she set out to destroy. Her next steps showed her determination to get to the heart of the matter.

With Stuart out of the house and suffering from some smoke inhalation, a search for our little crazy ass pyro ensued. But they needn’t look far. Rhonda was locked up tight in her vehicle sitting in the driveway getting a little stabby with a screwdriver, right into her own chest.

Seeing the police sort of snapped Rhonda back into reality. She started her car and took off like a bat out of hell. It wasn’t until spike strips were thrown over the road ahead of her vehicle that she finally decided running wasn’t exactly beneficial. Plus, fleeing wasn’t in the plans – that only came about because police were interrupting the poky poky game she was playing with that screwdriver. So with flat tires and the risk of harming herself via a moving vehicle, she stopped her locked car and gave herself up to the police. Or something like that. Kind of. Only after she stabbed that screwdriver into her chest a couple more times using a hammer to drive it. And that folks, is some hard-core crazy. (the “ain’t coming home any time soon” kind of crazy)

With the house a total loss, both Rhonda and Stuart hospitalized, a station wagon with flat tires, and a whole string of fucked up, authorities are still grappling to see what to charge her with. Fleeing a police officer, arson, too psychotic to see the light of day? The first two are being considered, the third…well…even the best trained officers know not to fuck with that level of insanity. Plus, they may need a government job when she’s elected.

Ventura, Franken, and Arkley. Minnesota's political scene. Funny, she looks like the sane one.


  1. christine says:

    this is the most ignorant article Ive ever read! You obviously know nothing about this situation besides what you read in the paper or saw on TV. Ronda is a good woman with a big heart that was broken with the loss of her son and the many events that followed. she wasn’t trying to get warm wtf is that bullshit she was trying to get rid of memories that are haunting her. ill give it to you that it was rather extreme but damn you make some empty judgements on her. hopefully someday someone does the same to you!


  2. thinkgoat says:

    LMFAO Are you for real? I don’t need a front row seat to know this woman is completely fucked in the head. She has a violent past according to her arrest record – she sets a fucking house on fire and then drives a screwdriver through her god damn chest. And her heart must not be all that big – all those times she got poky, she seems to have missed it. She doesn’t fit my definition of a “good woman” – then again, I don’t hang out with people who’re crazier than shithouse rats. If memories are haunting her, she should either try moving, electric shock therapy, or a frontal lobotomy. One or all of those are more suitable than not giving two shits about her husband as she pours gasoline all over her house and lights it with him inside.

    I hope she goes away for the rest of her life – someplace where she’s far removed from those of you who call yourself “friends”. If you were worth a shit, you’d have seen the warning signs before she went off the deep end and would have gotten her some help. But nooooooo. It’s only after the fact that you come out in her defense instead of helping her so she needed no defense. It must suck knowing you failed her.


  3. deadmyron says:

    Christine? How can you even defend this woman or her acts? People just don’t snap. There are warning signs. Everyone has problems and address them differently, but Jesus Christ! Can’t you even admit that this was way, way over the line.

    You may believe this or not, but in the early ’90’s, my wife divorced me for a fucking ex-con. I had my car totaled, lost my job and my two kids, and was evicted from my house a week before Christmas. All this in the space of a month. Add to that my violent temper and my refusal to medicate myself and you have a ticking time bomb.

    Did I go out a do something stupid? Yep. I went to kill the ex-con. My friend called the LEO’s out and they found me just outside his city limits. I would be in prison right now if not for him. I would also be dead, if it weren’t for other friends who bothered enough to care. I’m sort of better now.

    I’m grateful for those friends. You must realize that sometimes inaction has worse repercussions than actions.


  4. Darling Violetta says:

    Oh my, Christine… My darlin’ heart… since those events haven’t quite awakened you to what the rest of the world can plainly see…


    The facts speak for themselves, lovely one.
    Sadly, she was a crazy bitch before our ThinkGoat ever read the store. And as for you wishing the same on others… shame on you! Haven’t you heard of karma? I suggest you think carefully before inviting that fine friend of yours with a big heart over. Never know when she’ll twig snap on you…


  5. NTBD says:

    You have a right to your opinion, I’ll give you that. However, since don’t you know the whole story, your opinion blows.

    First off, Rhonda had no impact on the death of her son, Collin. He died of an accidental heroine overdose. If you want to put blame on someone, put it on Stuart, his step-dad. He was a terrible man that didn’t care for either of his two step-sons. Rhonda tried on various occasions to get Stuart involved and act like a parent, but that proved to be hopeless. Two weeks before Collin’s death, Collin reached out to Stuart for support in trying to fight his horrible addiction. Stuart just sat there and laughed while Collin put his heart on the table.

    Secondly, what led to this event was an act of selfishness on the part of two people, Rhonda and Stuart. Both are to blame, but I can tell you that Rhonda is suffering greatly from anxiety and depression. Losing Collin has changed her. Stuart, well he could care less about losing a son (only a step-son to him) and it has shown since the day Collin died.

    Anyway, take it how you want to. Just know that this particular situation is not cut and dry. There are so many variables that the media hasn’t published (because they too, don’t know the whole story) and has ultimately distorted the image of that household.


  6. thinkgoat says:

    First off, wow. Just like a good group of leftists…able to point that finger at everyone BUT the one who deserves it. If Collin died from a heroin overdose, that’s no one’s fault but his. Well, unless Stuart tied him down and stuck the needle in his arm each time. (or the various other ways an addict uses heroin). Still, shame on Collin for not turning him into the authorities. That is, if he didn’t enjoy that nodding-off feeling. (boy, I sure hope you can detect sarcasm, NTBD) It’s not like the boy was under “legal age”. He was twenty-fucking-two. Stuart probably believe the kid should be out on his own instead of overdosing on heroin in the family home. So yeah, I can see how that’s all Stuart’s fault.

    It doesn’t take one person to make a household dysfunctional. Rhonda either was extremely lazy or didn’t really give a rat’s ass because if she knew Collin was using drugs, she didn’t throw his ass out and if Stuart was such a monster, she didn’t throw him out either. Instead, she continued to enable her child to the point of death. (which is all to often the final outcome of heroin addicts) and she continued to play house with her husband.

    Addicts rarely put their heart on the table and if they do, it’s only as a form of manipulation. If they were serious, they’d put their heart on the table at some rehab.

    I really don’t give two shits what led to this, I only care about the event. And you must admit, it’s pretty sensational.

    If you’re so close to the situation, I’ll ask you. Why didn’t you get your dear friend to some help that she needed prior to adding “arson” to her resume and a few extra holes in her body? You can come onto a website that’s featured her story and place blame in a zillion places but not once have I read where you defenders are blaming yourselves for letting a good friend down.


  7. thinkgoat says:

    I’m so glad you came on, NTBD. It prompted me to go look for an update to this story! ❤

    Guess Rhonda just couldn't let go of that violent (and criminal) side of herself. I can't wait to see how this is explained!

    (Dated December 22, 2010 – today)

    Rhonda Lee Arkley, 49, is charged with first-degree arson, second-degree assault and fleeing police in connection with the Dec. 2 string of incidents.

    According to the criminal complaint, 49-year-old Stuart Arkley was lying on a bed in a lower-level bedroom when his wife came in and started throwing gasoline on him. She then threw a lit oil lamp at him and beat him in the head with an exercise weight. As she hit her husband, Arkley allegedly said, “You don’t deserve to live either, I told you this would end badly.”

    When Arkley’s husband escaped to the upstairs level, he found the phones had been disconnected. When he tried to leave out the front door, Arkley was blocking the exit. She then started to spread gasoline around the house, saying, “Before kill myself, I want to burn the house down because I do not want anyone else to see this house.”

    Arkley’s husband was able to escape out of a window and run to a neighbor’s house to call 911.

    When interviewed by police, Arkely admitted to attacking her husband, starting the fire and trying to kill herself with a screwdriver.

    That’s a whole lot of crazy.



  8. NTBD says:

    From an outside standpoint, it’s easy for someone like yourself to judge people and form an opinion based on the media (the media has all the answers, right?). However, have you ever heard the phrase “don’t judge a man till you have walked two moons in his moccasins” before? If you have, it obviously means nothing to you and that life is this concept that can be easily manipulated. If that was the case, then this already messed up world would become seemingly perfect. However, since it’s not, you’re being naive about the situation once again.

    As far as the comments you made about Collin’s situation is concerned, I feel sorry for you. Your lack of compassion and failure to understand shows me that your knowledge about the subject is lacking. I recommend you grab a book on the subject and get your self “edumacated.” Though, I doubt you will. It seems easier for you to formulate childish opinions then to try and gain a competent level of understanding.

    Anyway, I’ll leave you to your high horse so that you may continue to bad mouth the people you know little about. Oh wait, the media told you everything. I forgot, my bad. Your comments now make complete sense (boy, I sure hope you can detect sarcasm, thinkgoat).


  9. thinkgoat says:

    Wow, guess you told me, huh? Since I’m not buying your friend’s sob story, there’s simply no possible way I’d ever know anything about the subject. Let’s compare notes, want to?

    I know heroin addicts. I’ve worked with them first hand. Have you? I’ve watched the struggle to find a way to “get straight” every single day while their brain concocts new and inventive ways to beg, borrow, and steal. I’ve heard them in recovery state that there were days they thought they’d die but were even more afraid they wouldn’t. I’ve watched them dig their fingernails into their skin trying to get the “critters” that move beneath the surface out. Have you? I’ve responded to scenes where the addicts have puked so much it looks as though they decided to roll in it as if it were their monthly bath. I’ve suctioned that shit out of their nose and mouth in hope of saving their pathetic ass. Have you? I’ve heard every single excuse known to man as to why they kept using other than the truth – addiction.

    I doubt you “lowered” yourself to even smell Collin, let alone attempt to educate yourself about what a drug addiction can do to a person. It’s so vogue knowing an addict, isn’t it? It’s cool riding on the shirt-tail of some lunatic atheist bitch who failed an attempt at a political seat on the State level…claiming she lost because she was soooo misunderstood. Kind of a sickness-by-proxy high for you, isn’t it?

    You are right about one thing. I have no compassion for this situation. In fact, the whole thing is quite amusing. I write about one fucked in the head person and get two more to play with! It’s a win/win situation for me.

    I’m not sure what’s funnier – your cluelessness or your hypocrisy. I love when people come on and preach about the many reasons people shouldn’t judge others while doing the exact thing themselves. It really makes you look stupid and I don’t think you’re stupid. You’re way too progressive for that. You’ve just led a sheltered live, know little about the real world, and have found a situation you can attach yourself to in an attempt for validation. Plain and simple: you failed. You failed yourself, you failed your friend, and you failed to make a sound and reasonable argument on your lunatic’s behalf.

    Merry Christmas though. (unless you belong to that same atheist circus club as your buddy – then I guess I should wish you a merry fucking christmas) Either way, I really mean it – from the bottom of the cold heart I’ve yet to penetrate with a tool. I’ve asked for a set of Stanley screwdrivers from Santa, so I can get a little stabby myself – to walk two moons in her moccasins. (<– love that you chose the Indian (feather, not dot) version – it's so much better than the layperson's)


  10. ***** says:

    Absolute shame. People like you need to get a life instead of bullying other people that you obviously don’t know very well. I am one of the people in Rhonda’s life that knew her the best, and even though I am angry for what she’s done and who she’s hurt, I understand that she was suffering in her own mental illness. I hope she finds peace but she also needs to serve her time for the crimes she’s committed.

    For the shit hole who said that Stuart was a terrible man, go to hell. You don’t know him and I’m going to take a guess that what you’ve heard about him has come from either Rhonda or Collin. Both of whom were addicts who couldn’t stand that he didn’t condone their drug habits. So shut up and get a life yourself, asshole.


  11. thinkgoat says:

    Stuart was the absolute victim in this whole mess. Funny no one but you, ***** wants to acknowledge that. Funny the two fuckers want to blame him for everything but place none on the gutless and brutal actions of the lunatic.


  12. Concerned says:

    I agree it is a horrible situation. I agree there have been alot of things done that shouldn’t have been done here. However, something to consider here is the language used regarding the family. Making a point about the story is perfectly alright, however there are surviving and innocent children in this case too. I do not find what happened to be “amusing” in any sense of the word.


  13. thinkgoat says:

    I’m sure everyone has heard or read any and all of those words at some point in time…it’s all good.


  14. Darling Violetta says:


    Plain and simple.


  15. Tom Carlson says:

    Damn, it’s almost May. Is it too late to call Thinkgoat a fucked up right-wing piece of shit cocksucking asshole Christian?

    If not, please let me know and I’ll drop by immediately.


  16. thinkgoat says:

    Awe, Tommy. You forgot cross-dressing faggot. Really. I thought for sure, if anyone could compile a comprehensive list, it’d be you.


  17. Tom Carlson says:

    Darn it, Thinkgoat. You know, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt on that one.

    But I suppose if the high heels fit …


  18. thinkgoat says:

    Platform all the way.


  19. thinkgoat says:

    Any updates on this whacky gal?


  20. Fed Up says:

    Yay.. TG you sure know how to draw the hidden crazies out… I have known ALOT of people in my life who did commit suicide.. They did it though… And I have to say they were in a mental state.. However this woman had to be on something… Not one of them sat there and stabed them selves over and over to do it.. This tells me she was not trying to hard.. Thus leading me to say she was all sorts of wasted..

    As for the STEP_DAD oh people… A step parent is never really accepted or a parent to a step child.. It is the natural parents responsability to discipline etc.. The children just do not have respect enough to let someone new do it.. It is natural.. This was an adult not even a child.. I doubt very seriously he poured his heart out for help and the man just laughed mockingly.. If you all did not know that you are all retarded…

    You are indeed crazy to think we all will feal sorry for someone who you all who “KNEW” was going off the deep end.. The woman tried to burn her husband alive.. But to you nooo he deserved it for not saving her drugged out adult child.. That man should not have been there.. He should of been in a rehab.. Not go for a meeting rehab either..

    You just can not see the crazy when you are caught up in it.. I hope this time has let you see the real worl for what it is.. You choose the level of crazy in life.. As for you wishing harm onto others for having an opinion.. GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!! You came here we did not go to you.. There are alot of things in this world these people see and report on.. If it was not to a “friend” you would not give two shits.. You need to see if the cell in the crazy house is open next to her.. Make you a reservation..


  21. thinkgoat says:

    None of the crazies like me, Fed Up. I just don’t understand it. But, if they did like me, I wouldn’t get to have such “spirited” conversations with them. After a couple of these “exchanges”, one particular idiot solicited help from a friend and they flooded my TG facebook account with messages, attempted to change all of my TG account passwords by requesting new ones (like that shit would work) – showing me they’re just as crazy as Rhonda. (all but one kid – after a few exchanges he either decided I was right about the whole ordeal or decided he wasn’t winning – nonetheless, he calmed down and turned out to be a pretty nice dude)

    I can’t imagine losing a child as Rhonda did. I’m pretty certain I’d be locked away, too, but not because I’d tried to incinerate my husband, burned down my house, and tried to get all poky with a screwdriver. Of that, I’m pretty fucking sure.



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