By ThinkGoat

Union City, California I am a self-proclaimed Dollar Store junkie. I love every. single. thing. about that place. My most prized possession purchased: a retro 70’s plastic pear plate thingy that I proudly display on the stove top. Even though it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve laid eyes on, it’s made even more special because I got it on sale. At the Dollar Store. 75% off. These little miracles are what keeps me going back to that store. Well, that and I’ve a friend who punches the time clock there. She’s never at a loss when it comes to sharing amusing idiosyncrasies that can only be found in a place that sells “Totally Awesome Green” stuff next to the “Totally Awesome Lemon” stuff. (which is, by all intents and purposes, totally awesome). While I’ve never witnessed people confusing the aisle for a toilet, I keep my hopes up each time I enter through the doors. I’m not sure what my reaction would be, rounding the corner only to find some drooling butthead squatting next to the stationary but I can guarantee you, rounding the corner and seeing what this grandmother did, my reaction would be quick and painful and perhaps deadly.

A two-year-old was in a Union City Dollar Store with her grandmother and aunt. She’d disappeared from sight for less than a minute to return a ribbon to the Christmas aisle. (God love that child – she’s about the only one who returns stuff where it should go). But again, she left her grandmother’s side for less than one minute. That’s not long – but it was long enough for Eugene Ramos to “allegedly” rape that little child in the aisle.  As the grandmother rounded the corner, she saw this disgusting 36-year-old puke pinning her granddaughter to the floor, his pants and underwear down and the child’s diaper removed.

The first plan of action, grab the baby and scream like there is no tomorrow, which is exactly what this grandmother did. The aunt grabbed onto this bottom dweller and tried to hold onto him as he struggled and finally got away. Thank god for the chaos that unfolded, no one knew exactly what was going on but they heard screams, saw this puke trying to escape, and tackled him. I imagine most people thought he was trying to rip off the store. No one rips off the Dollar Store and gets away with it. That’s my philosophy. But whatever it was that made them think quickly and subdue that fuckwad, they reacted well. They held him there until police could respond.

I’m all for dissenting views being expressed but I aim to win while debating whether sex-offenders can be/should be rehabilitated. Especially those who are sick enough to target children. This little fucker has a thing for little girls. He was convicted of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl back in 2003 with the intent to rape. Clear case in point of just how effective rehabilitation is. Case in point of just how well they’ve learned their lesson by spending a pathetic small jail term. Case in point – these wasted fucks should never see the light of day if they must continue breathing. The only thing the Middle East and Third-World countries have going for them is the authorities look away when people bludgeon perpetrators to death, slowly, in the streets, for crimes like these. I’ve watched countless videos of vigilante justice being administered in these places. It’s gruesome and hard to sit through. But I swear, it’s effective as fuck. It’d work here. It’s better than sending them to jail, soaking up taxpayer’s dollars, and sitting in group therapy listening to stories of how their lives can once again be normal when they get out in 2 fucking months. It’s bullshit. Do our children a favor and kill these pukes on the spot. Support legislators who’ll fight to reform the judicial system where someone who beats the life out of some perv who fucks children gets two months in jail, if there has to be punishment at all.

Eugene Melendres Ramos has been booked for kidnapping, sexual acts with a child, rape, and false imprisonment. They’re holding him on $350,000 bail and I hope a tattoo across his forehead that reads: “I just got arrested for fucking a 2-year-old at the Dollar Store”. His cell mates will love him. That is, IF he has to make it that far.

  1. Deb says:

    How he thought he would get away with it is beyond me. What a freak!


  2. thinkgoat says:

    I doubt he even thought about whether he’d get away with it. The laws and penalties for guys fucking children aren’t even close to being stiff enough. (no pun intended) So they go away for a couple years or so and have to register as a sex offender. Big whoop. The get out and do it again.


  3. Lazlo says:

    Defilement of a Religious Institution should be one of the charges. Pulling that shit in the Bargain Hunters Cathedral! That’s not how his momma raised him.

    And whats up with dudes head? He looks like a rodent who stuffed his cheeks with birdseed. They may make nice handles for his celly’s oral pleasure, though – if they aren’t all slicked up with perv grease oozing from his facial pores.


  4. crtikal_rn says:

    As a parent, I think we all have 2 fears. 1) Are child being kidnapped 2)Our child being raped. My heart goes out to this child and I would hope that this child never have a memory of this incident. As for the grandma, mother and the other shoppers in the store, EXTREME KUDOS and I bow down to you all for not letting this fucker out of the store!

    As for justice for this scum of the Earth……I think he should be strung up from a chain linked fence. I think the family that this man brought all the horror to, should be the first to stome this bastard. After that, anyone who has been molested gets the next crack and after that the public at large. Now, just for fun, lets make this an electric fence and give him a few volts from time to time. I also feel that the last stone, brick, ballbat that will take this bastards last breath, should once again go to the famly involved.

    I don’t feel that these bastard can be rehabilitated. We’ve all heard the joke that ou can’t fix stupid, well, I don’t think you can fix a child molester. Once a slimeball always a slimeball. They should never be let back into the community. Regardless if they never touch another child again, the simple fact that they are free, will instill fear into the public. These bastards stole the innocence from their victims and that sometimes forever inprisons them into a lifetime of fear, why should the molester be able to experience any form of freedom. That is like insult after injury. They took the innocence, the feeling of surity about themselves. Fuck’em, kill the bastards!


  5. Shannon says:

    They’re getting pretty fucking bold and brazen. I’m peculiarly curious and amazed as to why fat face decided to violate and assault her in the store rather than just kidnap her and have his way with her, uninterrupted. Pedophiles are usually methodical, patient, and premeditated as we all know. Maybe a schizophrenic pedophile?

    Unfortunately, unless more and more parents start taking matters of vengeance and justice into their own hands in these types of situations the world will be ran amok with their filthy like, as if it isn’t already. If they aren’t killed off there’s a huge possibility for parole and release and definite re-offending. The system isn’t always fair and just and the bad guy doesn’t always get what’s coming to him/her.


  6. thinkgoat says:

    Most pedophiles fit the profile you posted, Shannon. But then there are ugly fuckers like this dude who must strike quickly. Somehow I imagine he couldn’t even entice a starving dog with a 10 pound steak wrapped around himself.


  7. Lanie Dudek says:

    ewww his face kinda looks like that Mr Peanut guy. Hope he lives long enough to be used by Bubba


  8. Vicki says:

    He should be raped and murdered in prison – I don’t think anyone will miss him


  9. Evil Twin Jess says:

    WTF is wrong with his face?! Does he have the mumps? I would have put my car key through the fucker’s windpipe, then another one through his nutsack.

    I can only hope he gets a cellmate that is the same size in relation to him as he is to that poor child. I hope the result is that HE has to wear diapers.


  10. julie woods says:

    that is one sick fucker !!!! general population for his ass, no room for baby rapers in this world !!! the men in there would punk his ass and do away with him ***



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