By ThinkGoat

Bartlesville, Oklahoma Lyndsey Fiddler, mother of three children (ages 4, 3, and a 10-day old) has quite an extensive criminal record according to the authorities. Not only had she been charged for driving without a license but driving that car without strapping in her small children. Unfortunately, this isn’t extremely uncommon – I see it daily. It’s the assault charges that begin to set of big warning signs. That, coupled with drug charges when she was 4-months pregnant with her last child should have been enough to put her on someone’s radar. Actually, it did. It was her family that tried to intervene by getting her parental rights revoked due to her drug abuse but the judicial system decided they knew best. There was something that left the family uneasy about this meth-crazed mother and 10 days after Ms. Fiddler gave birth, an aunt decided to pop in on her. Perhaps to see if she could lend some help, perhaps to ease the family’s emotional state of fearing the worst. What do you think she found?

All it took was Lyndsey gazing into the eyes of that newborn of hers to realize she needed to change her path in life. Aunt Rhonda Coshatt walked into that dwelling, overcome with joy. Children fed, house cleaned, momma relaxing because the children were bathed. Well, the baby was.

Do you seriously think we’d run a happy story here?

When Rhonda Coshatt walked into Lyndsey’s place, she had a difficult time waking her up. Not even the sound of an uneven wash load affected this sleeping methhead. That’s some crash. I mean, to go from putting in a load of wash to sleeping so soundly you don’t hear anything is something in which I’m not familiar, I’m a light sleeper.

Since Rhonda was failing at awakening her niece, she made her way to the washer. When they’re out of balance, they’re loud enough to wake the dead or wake a sleeping baby. And as she lifted the lid, she busted the myth. The noise failed to wake the baby and failed to wake the dead.

Remember the “bathed baby” remark? I wasn’t lying to you there. She did manage to bathe the 10-day old. Complete with an entire spin cycle. Little Maggie Mae was the cause of that unbalance load. This stellar mother whom the courts deemed responsible despite family testimony, “allegedly” put her 10-day-old infant in with a load of dirty clothes, started the washer, and proceeded to pass out.

I imagine it was the frantic and desperate screams of Rhonda that finally awakened Lyndsey and as she got her shit together enough to call 911 saying “My baby is dead” – she’s also heard arguing with her aunt in the background. Apparently Lyndsey thought blaming Rhonda for this snafu was advantageous but Rhonda can be heard in the background screaming, “”No I did not kill your baby, you did.”

There was no reviving this child. Attempts were made but the damage was done. Rescue workers have been left with the devastating image of dragging that helpless little being out of the washer – an image their superiors are stating has scarred them for life.

As for Lyndsey FiddlerFuck, she’s now extended her criminal history to include manslaughter. And guess what? The courts have come to the conclusion the other two children would be better suited elsewhere.


  1. Jesicà says:

    Omg!! This is AWFUL!! What a piece of shit!! Somebody needs 2 shoot this bitch!! Trully one of the worst things I have EVER heard!! My condolonces go out 2 the family who actually cared 4 these young children!! I wonder what kind of abuse the other 2 had 2 endure!! Trully a sad, sad situation!!!


  2. Lanie Dudek says:

    hope they spay her before she gets to jail. Some people should never breed. My condolences to her family.


  3. thinkgoat says:

    Can you believe this skank is 26-years-old? Thanks, meth.

    Emergency medical, police and fire crews found the deceased infant at a home in the 500 block of Shawnee Avenue, covered with bruises and injuries on her head, ears, neck, back, legs, ankles and buttocks.

    In this article, it states Aunt Rhonda lived at the same house…

    A family member, Rhonda Coshatt, who also lived in the home, told police she saw Fiddler leave the living room with the baby saying she was going to feed her, according to a police search warrant.

    A short time later, Fiddler returned to the living room without the baby and “passed out” on a couch, the warrant states.

    Coshatt went looking for the baby and could not find her, the warrant states.

    After hearing loud, banging noises coming from inside the washing machine while on its spin cycle, Coshatt found the infant inside, the warrant states.

    Coshatt told police Fiddler had “been up for three days using meth” and that she smelled what she believed to be methamphetamine burning in a bathroom earlier in the day, the warrant states.

    The warrant states that Coshatt is the grandmother, but police say she is an aunt.



  4. thinkgoat says:

    Here’s a complete history of her arrest/conviction record. (PDF format)


  5. wolfshowl says:

    Holy shit that is so awful.


  6. thinkgoat says:

    That baby looks SICK in that picture. (I’m fairly certain it was taken pre-wash – – – – couldn’t help it)

    Not that death is a suitable option – since the courts decided this “mother” was best suited to care for this child, maybe it’s better the death happened when it did. At 10 days old, the “swimming in the womb” sensation wasn’t completely foreign. The agitator is another story.

    All kinds of horrible imagery is popping in my head – someone needs to either indulge me or change the subject.


  7. ravenblackehart says:

    Can you imagine if the child had lived? Beat to death at a later date by one of SkankMom’s druggie boyfriends? Or worse?


  8. Lynn says:



  9. at33 says:

    that poor innocent baby. this story made me cry. there are tons of people who can’t even have children and the state allows these MULTI-CONVICTED drug addicts to have children, and let the taxpayers pay for it. This child didnt even stand a chance. =[ Its sad but we all know this baby is in a better place now… and wont have ot spend the rest of his life hating his mother.


  10. Snowblindo says:

    I say in cases like these the courts should be punished along with the offender! I mean the judge knew she was a waste of oxygen and they didn’t do the right thing by her kids. SO DIBAR THE SON OF BITCH…THEN HANG THIS PIECE OF WHITE TRASH!


  11. thinkgoat says:

    Let’s go, Snowblido. I’ll drive.


  12. sparkman says:

    I agree. The courts should be held liable for their ridiculous lack of common sense. The coroner should drug test the baby, and if they find meth in its system, they should charge the bitch with murder. Perhaps the inmates at Mabel Bassett will do to Lyndsey, what she did to that poor baby. We could only be so lucky…


  13. thinkgoat says:

    I’m sure they did a tox-screen on the baby. It usually takes about 2 weeks (10 days) to get the results. I’d be interested to know if they performed one when the baby was born. Little Maggie didn’t look well in the picture I found.


  14. countrygirl says:

    excuse me but that aunt is no angel. she is just as guilty as the mother. trust me. she is just as heavy of a user as that fucking mother and they both deserve to rot. she didnt just walk in on that mess, she has lied to everyone and even addmitted herself to the psych ward. who sounds just as guilty???


  15. thinkgoat says:

    I’d check myself into the psychiatric ward too, if I opened a washing machine and found a 10-day-old infant bouncing around the place, a little wrinkled up and bruised from head to heel. Jesus.

    And that child is/was the mother’s responsibility. Unless the aunt placed that baby in the washer and took it for a spin, she’s not responsible.


  16. crtikal_rn says:

    DAMN! I go on vacation and this is what I come back to??

    I have seen a strung out mother deliver her dead child and say some unfathomable things. I have seen children that should have been taken away, parents that needed to be put away and some that just needed to be shot.

    I cannot imagine putting a baby in with the dirty clothes and giving it a spin. Evidently she didn’t use the delicate cycle…..ok, that was bad….. The mother well the egg & oven donor should have to face the same demise that the baby did. Anyone want to go to the laundry mat and watch?


  17. Peeperann says:

    I just had a brand new grandson. He’s 10 days old today. That whore should have her skin peeled off slowly!!!! And i’ll be extremely happy to do it!!!!

    And I can’t believe the family even left her alone with that baby or the other children for one second!!!

    God bless tiny baby…..


  18. julie woods says:

    wow this bitch is a real piece of work! poor baby never had a chance to live:( soak her ass in honey throw her in a bee hive let them sting her trashy ass to death*** then again drop her in a pool of acid !hmm eat her up beyond recognition!!!


  19. Treece says:

    I have sat here for almost an hour thinking about what to post here. This woman sickens me. This story breaks my heart. I have 3 children and abuse always shocks me. How could someone put their precious infant into a washing machine?

    Then, there is another layer to this story that makes me so VERY angry. I had 2 of my 3 children in Tulsa, where I would bet this baby was born. My middle child, I went to only 4 prenatal visits. After he was born, he was kept in the nursery for 12 hours to collect urine and stool to test for drugs. I do not have any history using drugs. THIS woman did. Why did they not test this precious baby as the tested my son? Why did my child and I suffer through the resulting post partum depression and this scum took her baby home?

    There are so many questions. I realize that this story is old. But Little Maggie would still be quite young, had she been allowed to live.


  20. Rob says:

    The baby got off light. Could you imagine actually having to be raised by this woman?


  21. thinkgoat says:

    I totally agree, Rob. It’s cold, but better to meet some fates early than to be old enough to know what the hell is going on.


  22. Cheleesa Woods says:

    she should not even be able to get out of jail stupid MO-FO


  23. Christelle says:

    This is the most annoying text I have ever read. I fail to understand it because of its great number of sarcastic remarks, which are not even funny, and the large quantity they come in only take focus off the text, making it hard to follow.


  24. whoami says:


    Hard to follow??

    try putting your crack pipe down and using your finger to point at the words. Usually that makes it harder to lose your place. Maybe your problem is reading comprehension?


  25. Christelle says:


    Yeah, way to go. Just because I make a point on the text containing too many sarcastic remarks, you automatically assume that I am a crackhead at the level of Lyndsey Fiddler. And, on top of it, you imply that I am stupid.

    Maybe your problem is not minding your own business?


  26. thinkgoat says:

    Laugh my ass right the fuck off. Christelle comes onto a blog, commenting on something of which doesn’t pertain to her and gets all uppity about Whoami minding their own business.

    I love hypocrisy dripping of the fingers of idiots.


  27. Christelle says:


    You would think the author of the article would have more class than to go straight to personal attack. (But then again, judging on the writing…) I was only commenting on how I reacted to the way in which the article was written, which is in no way minding someone else’s business. It is a public article, ain’t it? Thus, you should be prepared to take criticism. I do, however, admit to coming on a bit hard and I am sorry that I sounded (really) offensive, but that does in no way serve you right to call me names.

    And how do you know that I am an idiot? I would, in that case, rather be an idiot, than to write annoying (in my opinion) articles and then not be able to take criticism on them.


  28. Christelle says:

    So, I guess I am an idiot based SOLELY on the fact that I thought your article was written with to many sarcastic remarks. Yes, that REALLY is a sign of strong character.


  29. thinkgoat says:

    Oh, criticism doesn’t bother me in the slightest. As you can see, I didn’t feel the need to waste my time addressing your “critiques”. (also known as: whining) Actually, I couldn’t care less what you think of anything published anywhere.

    I jumped in because I found it hilarious you’d cry and point your finger toward at someone when you did the very same thing. I fucking love idiots like you. (or if you’re opposed to that – pots calling the kettles black and every other cliche phrases. (I tend to get right to the point when dealing with trolls.)

    Anything else I may help you with while I’m here, honey?


  30. thinkgoat says:

    Oh, one more thing – is Lyndsey your sister, cousin, lover? You two look pretty similar.


  31. Christelle says:

    1. Don’t patronize me.
    2. No, you simply “don’t care” so much that you keep on writing back.
    3. I’ve apologized for my comment. I don’t expect you to do the same, but I don’t know what else I can do.

    I would though HAPPILY have a private conversation with you, but I would assume you are not up for (also known as: chicken) it.

    I manage to see that you are the kind of person who fails to realize any flaw you might have and always has to win an argument. There is no point in arguing with you. (AND you write so-so texts.) The difference between you and I is that I actually BASE my criticism on something, whilst you just hurl out words that you don’t know are true or not.

    Actually, I won’t bother coming back at all, so what you or any one else writes will not be read by me. I hope that satisfies you. And, if you absolutely want to call me names so I can see it, why don’t you let me know.


  32. Christelle says:

    Yeah, and what do you look like? The average fat American?


  33. thinkgoat says:

    I’m the sexiest motherfucker you’d ever see.

    Why would I want to correspond with you off this site? You seem to be the one who’s terribly butt-hurt. I’ll answer you all week long on this site if that’s what you wish. (and apparently you do – you state you’re not coming back at all and then you just had to make one more post) OR, are you wanting to date me? Shit, I’m slow sometimes. )<–See? I can admit flaws.

    You've forgotten a couple of things:

    1. I didn't invite you
    2. I don't give a diddly fuck what you think about anything.

    I just made my presence known because you introduced yourself as an idiot and you continue to prove it by providing example after example.

    Anything else, honeybuns?


  34. Christelle says:

    Fine, as I said: I’ll let you have the last word (since that seems to be of such importance to you).

    “Arguing on the internet is like running at the special olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.”

    Or, in your case, A FAT AMERICAN! 😀

    Good bye, I’ll go to sleep now. It’s 2 AM where I come from! 🙂 (School tomorrow!)
    And I won’t be back, you can take my word on it! 🙂


  35. thinkgoat says:

    Ah, pumpkin, you said you weren’t coming back 2 posts ago. I can’t take your word for anything. Lying and stupidity are a lethal mix. Seek some help.


  36. idfuckher says:

    Let me have Christelle TG. I like trying to fuck sense into stupid chicks. She more than fits the bill. Please tell me shes fucking ugly too. That would make the experience complete.


  37. Kayela says:

    This story is horrible. God please send mankind some help.


  38. Jennifer says:

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard! This poor helpless 10 day old baby girl didn’t stand a chance! Yes I’m sure she is in a better place now, but what a horrid way to get to that better place! Her mother should be drown slowly and beaten to a bloody pulp so she can feel what that beautiful little girl felt! I am pregnant with my fourth child, and could NEVER even begin to amagine doing this to one of my children! That worthless peice of shit deserves to rot in hell! The judge that said the children are safe and left in the care of a meth addicted mother should be disbarred and sent to jail for murder too! What a fucking moron!!


  39. Crystal says:

    Get it @thinkgoat ohhhhhhh humanity


  40. Crystal says:

    Nicely done…….but the meth mother, mmmmmmm bad bad bad bad TSK TSK


  41. shelly says:

    What a hell of a way to die, The crack head mom deserves an equally painful death, can you imagine? The aunt ,Rhonda Coshatt , lived with mother of the year, new she was doing crack for three days? Toss that bitch in the spin cycle as well. She should have thought about the child before this happened. Christelle, what an ignorant twat!


  42. Orimi says:

    You can’t really blame the courts in this case… The courts have been under a lot of pressure for the past several years not to take children into care unless there is an imminent safety risk (i.e. the child will probably die within a few hours if we don’t intervene). The department of social services gets its budget slashed nearly every year; no shit we can’t afford to get kids out of bad homes. And yet we have a skene of jackasses who think Ron Paul, Mr. “Fuck-Social-Services,” is going to make this country peachy keen. Child protective services is under the welfare umbrella too.


  43. Why is this shocking anymore? Parents kill their children all the time. The courts and justice system (which is funnier than 1 dead baby nailed to 3 trees) release disturbed individuals back into the public almost daily.
    Less children means less people that will turn into zombies when the apocalypse comes.
    And before you bite my head off, I don’t condone child abuse, neglect, murder or zombies.
    Unless we’re talking about murdering zombies. In which case, game on.


  44. BrooklynScout says:

    Oh man Im steaming. The things I want to do to this bitch here. I seen a photo of this poor sweet baby. Almost looks like she is holding up the peace sign. Precious self. Poor thing. Im sorry little one, but, I hate your mother. I know hate is a strong word, but, I really think I do. God Bless you honey. xxoo



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