Kyle Hankins Deserves to Have that Smirk Burned Off His Face

Posted: November 1, 2010 by thinkgoat in Aggravated Assault, Crime
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By ThinkGoat

Evansville, Indiana There’s at least one little 2-year-old who didn’t get to go Trick-or-Treating this year and she can thank her mommy’s boyfriend, Kyle Hankins, for that shit. And since this asshole had a history of abuse, she might as well thank her mother as well. She’ll maybe have that chance when she’s released from the burn unit and when her 3rd-degree burns start to heal.

Krystal Lockridge stated she went to bed around the same time as her children, 11pm, but awakened to her 2-year-old screaming around 2am. And with her injuries, I’m sure it was a blood-curdling scream.

It’s reported Krystal jumped out of bed and found her daughter standing in the living room with burns on her face. She was rushed to the local hospital and then transported to the Shriner’s Hospital in Cincinnati with 3rd-degree burns to her face, shoulders, and neck. Medical professionals are claiming it’s unlikely she’ll ever look the same.

So what the fuck happened?

According to Kyle Hankins, who obviously was playing “care-giver of the year”, little Kayleigh urinated in the bed and he got her up and into a nice warm bath and left her there. That’s when he claims the burns occurred…while she was in the tub. Perhaps he got the water a little too warm, warm enough to cause the most severe burns. Perhaps she turned on the hot water herself and this was a terrible accident. Either scenerio, Kyle Hankins was just being a good guy. (with the exception of leaving a 2-year-old in the bathtub at 2am, alone). But see, as usual, things just didn’t stack up.

Krystal allegedly told her daughter’s father that Kyle had purposefully burned that child. The authorities and medical professionals concurred. And what they found is enough to make ones stomach turn…

Kayleigh had been sleeping in her bed when this happened. They know this because her pillow and top portion of bed were wet. The burns were on her left side of her face, neck, and shoulder with the exception of where the scalding water had run down her little chin reaching the other side. Burning the entire way. She was sleeping. She was also sucking her thumb. This sadistic sack of maggots “allegedly” got a pan full of boiling water, walked into this sleeping child’s room and threw it on her face. More than likely, marring her for life.

The signs of abuse were there. Evansville police say Hankins has been arrest four time since 2005 for battery. Two of those times have been with the 2-year-olds mother.

Tell me, why do these women continue going back? Especially with the risk of that violence escalating to the point of it including their children?

Kyle Hankins is being held without bond for aggravated assault.


  1. Darling Violetta says:

    Perhaps someone should jab a hot poker up his ass while branding his nutsack? Give him his own scarlet letter..


  2. ravenblackehart says:

    These women just don’t ever seem to learn. They don’t see and hear the news stories? They don’t think it will happen to THEIR children? They don’t care?


  3. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    Most of those women don’t watch or read any kind of news, unless, of course, it is someone they know. When I was living with “Mr Wonderful” (and later married to him), his circle of friends and their significant (?) others were aware only of beer parties, bar fights, the latest fresh place to get some “smoke” or other stuff, who was doing who, etc. Most had children but you would never know because that’s not what interested them.

    One should have to pass several tests to be a parent….


  4. Lanie Dudek says:

    Sick, Sick, Sick.


  5. Brooke Dunne says:

    I honestly can’t fathom what was going through this sick prick’s mind.

    It takes time to boil a pot of water, so you know he had plenty of time to think about what he was doing.



  6. greg davids says:

    i know the mother father and the piece of shit that did it and he has never been right in the head and im hoping he gets what he deserves wich should be his nuts stuck in boiling water but i can say that the only mark on the little girl is a little scaring on her shoulder wich is still to much and this never should of happened


  7. thinkgoat says:

    Thanks for the information on the little girl, Greg. I’m so glad she’s not suffering from extensive scarring. And I agree on what his punishment should be but I’d take it a little further: after his nutsack is sufficiently boiled, it should be severed with a pair of dull kindergarten-style scissors. The kind that will barely cut through playdough.


  8. Matt Dunn says:

    This shit makes me want to kill.


  9. knowing_the_family says:

    Yes the little girl he did this too is just fine she only has 2 marks on her. She is a trooper just like her daddy. And maybe one day then all parties that had something to do with this will get something.


  10. carl says:

    when does he get out of jail? and where the hell is the girls real dad? this guy should be put to death. the mother disgusts me as well for even being around this guy seeing that he has these patterns. i hope someone rapes kyle up the ass with a knife while in prison.


  11. Fed Up says:

    I sure as hell hope the natural father is seeking custody of this child.. And the mother will not have visitation rights.. Did she do it no but she might as well have.. She put her baby in that position and there is no excuse for that..No matter how sorry she is.. However I am greatful she took her to the hospital right away.. I hope the father realizes that..

    As for Kyle let the men in prison take care of him.. Put his ass in general population and let it be done.. I am sure they can come up with something good for him.. A little sucky, Sucky, Pokie, Pokie, Stabby, Stabby would be just fine with me..


  12. Klock says:

    As for the mother, I never lost my kids. I was NOT in a relationship with him and have no reason to explain shit to any of you. The media lies when they have no true evidence to go off of! Just wait until something happens to someone you love. Where’s her father? My husband at the time? Taking her to the E.
    R. While I found someone to watch my kids. Talk your shit…. birds of a feather. Ignorance is absolutely bliss!



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