Arson/Murder. Three Years Later Kathy Blentlinger’s Case Still Unsolved

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By ThinkGoat

Mt. Sterling, Illinois Some who’ve read this site over the past year may think I’ve got some kind of hard-on for Central Illinois police departments. While I understand the conclusion one would draw, I’m going to make it perfectly clear I adore the men and women in brown who actually work for the State, but as it’s turning out, those who wear blue are lacking training, resources, and basic common sense which ultimately ends in more victims than need-be. Small town departments are full with eager-minded individuals who don’t seem to possess any skills other than being able to write a traffic citation and who suffer from an over-abundance of ego. Small town departments need to use their ready-made resources (town gossip knowledge) to guide them in the right direction. Big cities’ departments don’t have that luxury. They actually have to find the pieces of the puzzle before they can attempt to put the shit together. Small town? The pieces are easily found. Let me give you an example:  Mt. Sterling, Illinois, population around 2,000, several suspicious fires, rumors of one person being present prior to the fires starting. One large house fire takes hold around 3:30am – so hot it melts the neighbor’s siding. One person dead. It takes 6 months for a coroner’s inquest to rule the death a homicide. 6 months of crucial time that could have been spent torturing interrogating, tailing, and arresting the person(s) for murder. In a small town, how is it that everyone knows but the ones who are actually responsible for making an arrest? Why is it coming up on three years that Kathy Blentlinger was killed and there’s been nothing more than lip-service?

Nearly three years ago, 34-year-old Kathy Blentlinger was spending the night alone as her 8-year-old son was visiting his father. Around 3:30 am a call was placed reporting a fire at her residence – a fire which claimed the life of this vivacious young mother. Upon first glance, it appeared to be a tragic accident and her death was not suspicious in nature. That is until the IL State Fire Marshal’s office came in and took a little look around. The fire was set in the opposite part of the house from her bedroom and started by an accelerate that makes for a pretty good fire…gasoline. People, if you’re going to play arsonist, be a little more clever in the ways you choose to start that fire. Gas is one of the easiest things to detect.

It took 6 months for Brown County to hold a Coroner’s Inquest. 6 months for that county to put into record Kathy died of smoke inhalation at the hand(s) of some cowardly fuck(s) who either had an ax to grind with her and/or a fascination with watching property go up in pretty multi-colored tongues of hot shit.

Investigating arson is difficult. Unless that person had been seen, left an abundance of clues that could be traced, had motive, and was being tracked by professionals who’re trained bloodhounds, it’s a hard road pinning the crime on them. But rumor has it, this wasn’t the first, second, or third suspicious fire plaguing this small community. Researching this case, anytime there is an article that allows comments, the same accusations are made. The locals seems to speculate on the same person – noting the propensity for flicking that Bic and having control issues. And in a town of 7,000, people notice everyone else’s dirty little habits. So why haven’t the police done anything?

According to Brown County’s State’s Attorney, Mark Vincent, “The investigators have continued to follow-up on leads and conducted dozens of interviews of family members of the deceased, family members of the persons of interest.” He continues with, “They’ve continued to follow-up on leads ever since, and the case certainly hasn’t gone cold as far as they’re concerned, or me.” Listen up Mark, it’s been almost 3 years since Ms. Blentlinger was murdered. There’s been no arrest. This case has gone cold.

Looks do not trump brains, especially when you’re dealing with someone who will be responsible with prosecuting the case once this murder gets solved. Take a look at Mr. Vincent. The succession of stills were taken over a 3 second section of video I observed. This succinct State’s Attorney, when asked if he thought this murder would ever be solved, takes a deep breath and grins for the camera then states, “It’s hard to say. I think there is a lot of evidence, but one of the things we have to consider as prosecutors is, a lot of the evidence we have may not be admissible in the criminal trial, and whether it’s solved or whether there’s a conviction are two different things, I think, in the opinion of those who know the facts. So, that’s a difficult question.” It’s only a difficult question when asked to a bunch of stagnant pin-heads who’re ill-equipped to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Vincent further states to the reporter that his office has been “in contact with Blentlinger’s family on a fairly regular basis”. He states “it’s extremely important to them to proceed with the case if and whenever possible”. See? With that kind of deep thinking, it’s a wonder this case wasn’t solved when he took office a couple of years ago. Dipshit.

On an extremely serious note, I’m not sure these bumbling idiots understand what a murder is. It’s not something to be smiling about when speculating on whether this case is going to be solved, it’s something that requires constant attention, constant follow-ups, and constant intense interrogations until enough information is divulged for a Grand Jury to indict. I can pretty much guarantee not a day goes by for Kathy’s family and friends where they don’t think about her murder. And a young man of around 11 years has too many questions about the set of circumstances that led to the death of his mother. The death that has gone unpunished by the very system that’s funded by taxpayers, the system that’s suppose to work, not give answers like, ” It’s hard to say.”

Get off your pleather chair, Mark. You’re not going to be able to piece together a case by looking at your pretty handwriting in the file and flashing those pearly whites. Direct the police department on exactly what you need for a conviction and make them fucking do their jobs as well. And for those of you who find yourselves paying taxes in that small part of West-Central Illinois, you need to start yelling and screaming about the ineffectiveness of the authorities. They have a lot of evidence. Make them earn their paycheck and learn how to turn that evidence into a solid conviction.

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  1. Evil Twin Jess says:

    There was a story about this on the Quincy news last night. I was only half paying attention, but I heard one person they interviewed say the victim actually feared for her life and said “If I die in a fire, this person did it”. WTF?! How much more do you need to haul that person’s ass in and interrogate them?


  2. thinkgoat says:

    I think that was quoted by an attorney who’s offering a $2500 reward for anyone coming forward with information that leads to an arrest. That is, if the authorities know how to make an arrest for a serious crime.


  3. deadmyron says:

    I wonder if their evidence “Not admissible in a criminal trial” is illegally acquired evidence?


  4. shelly says:

    Once again you have outdone yourself! I appreciate you bringing this case to light and hopefully someone will squeel! Having known Kathys family forever, this one is a little hard for me to swallow and forget.

    To the Grover and Blentlinger families, we will never forget, we will never lose hope.


  5. thinkgoat says:

    “it’s extremely important to them to proceed with the case if and whenever possible” – Vincent

    In all honesty, what the family wants doesn’t mean squat. A crime was committed against the State, it’s not a civil case. It’s murder. And his candor is awfully casual in light of someone losing their life at the hand of someone else.

    And I swear to god, I’ve watched that section of video where Vincent sighs, rolls his eyes and grins real big. It continues to just crawl up my spine. What a dickhead.

    And Shelly, I’d do anything in the world to help you. Let’s raise some hell.


  6. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    Yes, once again, local authorities not doing their jobs. TG, you do know that Mr. Vincent was State’s Attorney for Schuyler County, Illinois from 1996 to 2000, right? He just moved over to the next county. The same old incompetence.

    Brown County Democrat-Message, dtd Oct 13,2010

    $2500 reward offered in Blentlinger murder

    A $2,500 reward is being offered for new information leading to the arrest and conviction of Kathy Blentlinger’s murderer.
    Kathy Blentlinger was allegedly murdered in Nov 2007 and the matter is still unresolved, according to attorney Jesse Gilsdorf, who is offering the reward.
    “After years of being told by authorities that an arrest would be made within weeks, it has become apparent the police agencies need help in arresting the murder,” Gilsdorf said. “The person who brings in new information will be rewarded if it leads to a murder conviction.
    “It is hoped CrimeStoppers would have offered a significant reward, and perhaps that organization and others will join in ‘upping the ant’ by offering an additional reward.
    “Further, it is hoped the state police will consider reassigning resources from other important duties, such as seat belt enforcement roadblocks, so we may get a murderer behind bars.
    “Additionally, all police agencies involved need to improve their cooperation as for years several agencies have claimed they were left out of the investigation.
    “Many people in Mt Sterling are scared of the murderer. However, any piece of information may lock the jailhouse door, so any and all people with information that has not been told to the police are encouraged to report it now.
    “The people in Mt Sterling should be able to rest easy at night. Kathy deserves to rest in peace.”
    Anyone with information can contact Gilsdorf at his office, 111 S Capitol Street, Mt. Sterling, or call 217-773-2200.

    (another local paper stated that Kathy was a client and a friend)

    I like the ‘challenge’ he puts out there to our wonderful State Police here in Illinois. They are as useless as local authorities.


  7. thinkgoat says:

    @ R’ville – Haha. I found that out late yesterday. I was really hoping for an Ashland, IL connection for a trifecta.


  8. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    I’m just not as quick as you! Actually, I was going to post this on Wednesday but didn’t have time. Ya got me!


  9. brody says:

    However TG, I do believe either the current or the former sheriff in Brown County’s son is one of the people defending Mr. Boyd on your other thread. And I personally know for a fact that his daddy and crew helped him out of a lot of little problems in his day to. Funny how that seems to be a contributing factor (who you know and who you are).


  10. Steph says:

    I have not been on this sight for several months. Honestly it depresses me seeing how many crimes are unsolved because if ignorance. I am glad Kathy’s story has made it’s way to your hands. I did not know her personally but I was friends with one of her friends. I was told by that friend that a certain family member made a comment about wanting Kathy dead. Hence Kathy’s comment about if I die in a fire. That same family member is the one that has several unexplained fires in her past. One of which is a house fire. I feel sorry for Kathy’s family but I must say they picked a piss-poor lawyer. I have rented a house from Mr. Gilsdorf… It was awful. He was all talk. I will no into detail. I have also requested his help in a law matter and was told “I know what you make an hour and that you’re on public aid. You cannot afford my services.” What a great guy he is! He only cares for himself. I must also add that I worked at a gas station where he was a frequent buyer of alcohol. I’m not here to bad mouth the guy. I just wish the family would get someone better on the case so they can get to the bottom of things!


  11. thinkgoat says:

    Thanks, Steph.

    It is a depressing site when looking at it through those filters. The thing that keeps us going is hope. Hope our rage hits the right target and hope that something changes enough so that families of the victims are no longer victimized.

    Since I ran with this story, I’ve heard the same “rumors” as you. And I’m mortified to hear the family is perhaps not being fairly or properly represented.


  12. Helpfindthekiller says:

    This is a very known fact about this family member and her fires, it is also pretty much agreed upon that she is the one that started the fire at kathys house that night. She has started several of her own houses on fire and one of her sister that I know of. I dont know why the police dont get up off of their asses and bring her in.


  13. shelly says:

    helpfindthekiller…EVIDENCE, they must have enough evidence to prove she did it or it will be a waste of time! Remember when her house caught fire and she left her own kids in it to “save” herself? Her time is coming!


  14. Nosey says:

    is there a way to block chatters out so i dont even have to see their name ?


  15. shelly1968 says:

    Ahh Nosey again…Share some details NOSEY=) Names would be nice!


  16. Devastated to no end says:

    Steph, I ‘m not sure who you are, but thank you for all your concern in Kathy’s case. I think you are under a huge misunderstanding about the family hiring this particular attorney. I personally know that an attorney has NOT been hired, neither him nor anyone else!!!! What this attorney is saying and doing is on his own accord. I love and miss Kathy more than anyone will ever know. There has been no need for an attorney at this point. There is an ongoing investigation in this case. So, please recant your statement about the family hiring anyone…Once again, I thank you for your concern and if you wouldn’t mind please continue to pray for closure for it is very difficult daily.I would NEVER wish the pain on anyone that we live on a daily basis !! Just remember, life is very short and we are not promised tomorrow,however if tomorrow comes, we pray for something positive that we may continue on. It seems that every day is the same and more pain than anyone can imagine. It doesn’t get any easier ! God Bless !!


  17. thinkgoat says:

    I think your statement regarding the attorney is sufficient and thanks for coming on to dispel rumors.

    Do you have any idea where the authorities are in this investigation? When the last time anyone of authority spoke to Kathy’s family? It’s been over 3 years and the public seems to have the same conclusion as to who murdered her, I’m confused as to what’s taking so long in an arrest.


  18. Devastated to no end says:

    I thank you for not letting her case go stagnant. There has not been much communication with authorities and the family in quite sometime, I’m hoping that the delay in an arrest is so when the case is brought forward it is “IRON CLAD”. There is such a thing as I know you are aware, that is called Double Jeopardy.That could be a huge gamble. I have to continue to believe this case will be brought to justice. If I didn’t hold onto that,It would be too much to bear!! Just cannot stress enough that if anyone knows anything even if it appears small, PLEASE contact the authorities!!! I understand people may be scared, but go through it afraid !!! It seems that everyone in a small town knows everything about everything until it really matters.


  19. thinkgoat says:

    It seems that everyone in a small town knows everything about everything until it really matters.

    Sadly No End, that statement is very true. I’m so sorry.

    Feel free to email me if there’s anything in the world I can do.


  20. shelly says:

    Devastated … you know I have you in my thoughts and prayers daily. The day will come.


  21. TrueDat says:

    Dont know much about this case, but it sure is disturbing. I am not surprised by the States attorney connection.. And as far as Gilsdorf. I know the guy, He was assistant DA in McDonough County in the late 90’s. I did an internship there with the Victim/Witness coordinator. Inept is an understatement.. Creepy is a good adjective..But i am not here to call people names, just stopped by the sight to see what was new,,

    and T.G…. Keep digging, I am sure you can make the tri-county connection. All these people know each other. Cass/Schuyler/Brown.. I dont think there is a conspiracy,, I just think they are ill equipped, arrogant and uneducated… and cant seem to do their job. Well when they dont want to anyway… If you know what I mean.

    What about the guy found dead in the middle of the street early Thanksgiving morning in Beardstown. I think they pretty much know who did it, and I beleive the Illinois State Police are in charge of that investigation from what i understand. But perhaps they are not the best agency for that either. If you look back at murders that the ISP investigated in Paris Illinois and surrounding area a few years back.. It is not that they cant figure it out, they just dont want to..

    I guess my reason for mentioning that is,, This may be a great dissapointment.. especially with out a confession.. that is what it took in the Recent Murder case in Schuyler county right? I guess they would have eventually gotten it right, but leave it to these inept “professionals” and there would probably never be a conviction.. That is my point.

    I hope for this families sake something positive happends in this case. I sure dont know them, but cant imagine that if it were my sister or child that I would want any of these departments investigating the murder. I could probably do better myself.

    Good Luck..


  22. thinkgoat says:

    TrueDat, more and more victim’s families are hiring private investigators in hope of justice being served? It’s a sad day when your tax money supports these agencies, purchases proper technology to process crime scenes, allocates money for personnel training but yet a great deal of additional money has to be spent just to get a god damn murder investigated properly.

    I think you’re right. Most of the agencies are inept – then they try to cover up that fact. Evidence gets contaminated thus causing the crime to go “cold”. IF they wanted these solved, they’d certainly find a way. If they’ve preserved things from the scene, there’s technology in place to solve the crimes because let’s face it, the cases you’ve mentioned, I doubt very seriously the murderer is savvy enough to foil anyone, let alone the police. They just need to be held accountable in doing the jobs they’ve been charged to do. For too long society has allowed them to become complacent by not challenging them to step up to the plate.


  23. Nosey says:

    Well I would choose Vincent over Teena any day.
    And I am sure as soon as an officer’s relation gets into trouble, this will be solved too.


  24. C says:

    I’m not surprised that this case hasn’t been solved: Brown County incompetence strikes again. I don’t live in the area anymore, but I still visit and I’m more than aware of the good ol’ boys network that has traditionally been the agenda here, as well as in part the lack of a good investigation.

    I wanted to mention that this isn’t the only unsolved homicide — Frances Hill was murdered in Mt. Sterling in 1983. There was a suspect (a truck driver, from what I can recall), but no one was ever brought to trial. There were also some interesting rumors about Miss Hill and a then member of the Sheriff’s department that were hushed up. This homicide has all but been put on the shelf, and is never mentioned in the local newspaper. A murderer walked free, may have committed other crimes, and may have been a member of the community, I hope that this negligence and shelving doesn’t occur to Kathy’s case. As it is, I don’t recall many recent newspaper accounts of Kathy’s unsolved homicide. The local police look the other way and like to hope that the rest of the community will in time as well.

    I attended B.C. high school with Kathy; I didn’t know her well at all, but she always seemed nice and I feel terrible for her family that they have lost another daughter. Her family and child deserve to see her murderer held legally accountable, whose identity is well known in the community. She’s a well established arsonist.


  25. Shelly says:

    The family of Francis Jean Hill,”Fran” who was 22 when she died a brutal death in Mt.Sterling,November 11, 1983 has never got a guilty verdict in the murder. A truck driver, Eldon Lock, from Mississippi I believe, was tried and found not guilty. But as you probably know, several people were questioned, photographs of Frans body were found, and rumors ran rampant.Still nothing, after all of these years.
    Kathys family and friends will push for justice in Kathys murder. As in every case,there are rumors, he said she said, and everyone has an idea who did it…Proof is what is needed, someone somewhere knows something and they need to come forword, Fran has been gone 28 years this November, Kathy 4 years, perhaps 2011 will be the year to solve both cases!


  26. S says:

    Wasnt the man that was tried for Frans murder one of those oil well people who were in town? that is what i thought i remembered. He was tried but never found guilty.


  27. just the facts says:

    Kathy’s unsolved murder is very sad and a horrible situation. A homicide is tough to solve let alone one that involves arson. Being a former law enforcement officer I believe that the investigating agency might be “stuck” so to speak. Its easy for the John Q Public to be wanting and deserving justice, buts its another thing to prove it. Take for instance the Frani Hill homicide from 1984…the man charged with the crime was Eldon Locke who was a crude oil buyer working for Bi-Petro from Altamont, Illinois. I believe this to was handled by the state police, he was tried and found not guilty by a jury, all because I believe, there was a rush to prosecute. Public pressure, I believe all law enforcement as well as the S/A believed they had the right guy, but a jury thought other wise. I am not defending the local police in charge of these two cases just making some observations as to why some justice appears to move slow. Ms Think this is the case I was talking about with you several weeks ago via fb…
    I would just like for everyone on here who has any information on this case to make sure they report what they know to the ageny handling Kathy’s case. Maybe something that you think is small and insignificant might be what the investigators need to break the case open. Putting together the pieces of the pie.


  28. thinkgoat says:

    A few months after the murder may be rushing things but three years, in a small community is ridiculous.

    While large cities have many more resources at their disposal, smaller communities have to reach outside themselves to insist on someone other than their agency take over the crime scene so important evidence isn’t mistakenly botched. Over three years with absolutely no movement is insane and that small communities now perceive this complacency as status quo is equally insane.

    I understand being “stuck” so to speak. I also know, if I were the victim’s family member, I’d be camped out at the doorsteps of those who had the ability to make a difference. The reality is, and I know this from working with family members: they’re not given any information that may arm them with empowerment. Instead, they’re assured the “experts” are doing their jobs and made to feel as though they’re being a nuisance. It must truly be a helpless situation. Families are afraid to “push” for fear of pissing off the authorities. I realize that sounds cold and far-fetched but I come across it all the time. If a department is “stuck”, it’s their responsibility to bring it to the attention of someone else. Three years + is too long and any time that passes just makes it that much harder to solve. Statistics are not in their favor.


  29. just the facts says:

    I understand but if you have nothing other then hearsay you are going to get your ass handed to you in court. Thats a no win situation for the family or authorities. The local authorities are probably not handling this case,I would be surprised if they were, it’s probably the state police. Honestly it can take time to get your evidence back from the crime lab one lab is taking care of central illinois…not making excuses, but three years I believe is way to long. If I were the family I would be pushing the S/A Office and have him start inquiring why its taking so long…I know all I have heard is rumors about this case, I having family that live around that area.
    One other interesting death that took place in Brown was Christine Dunn, I have not heard anything about it, it’s like it never happened. I also would assume the sheriffs office turned it over to the state, ecspecially since that sheriff was beaten in the Nov election. Maybe the problem is within the state and whats taking them so long to complete and send their reports to the local S/A’s offices. Look at the Logsdon Murder in Beardstown…..
    I know that if it was my loved one, I would be like you Ms. Think, I would be raising all kinds of hell.
    One other interesting note…look at how many unsolved homicides, or deaths Brown County has had over the last 30-40 years, that will astonish you…..


  30. S says:

    What other unsolved homicides or deaths are you speaking of besides the ones that have been mentioned here. Where are you getting this information id be very interested in knowing about those too. I lived there most of my life and dont know of anything.


  31. shelly says:

    I hope that “S” doesnt stand for susie, that would give me the creeps!


  32. Fran's Voice says:

    Wow, I had no idea that after all these years that my sister’s death would still be a topic of conversation. Apparently it’s okay to make comments that are so far from the truth. After 25 years the loss is just as devastating. Had some of these “posts” been of genuine concern I would have let this go. The concern is very misguided. Were we happy with the outcome? No. Perhaps you could suggest to all law enforcement what they should do to make knowing what happened so easy…..Know that your life could change at the blink of an eye. What follows is beyond anything you can imagine!!! So be careful before you speak. I did not know Kathy Blentlinger or her family but I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to them. I know how their heart aches when statements are made without regard to Kathy’s life and the lives of those left behind.


  33. thinkgoat says:

    @ Fran’s Voice

    I’m not quite sure what set you off regarding someone bringing up your sister’s murder. If it were me, and my sibling’s murder had become a cold case, I’d be begging for people to keep pressure on the authorities until the damn thing was solved.

    One of the ways for this is to happen is to vet all rumors – leave no stone unturned…something that’s obviously not happened with her case. If it had, there’s be a conviction.


  34. shelly says:

    Frans voice, I am curious as to what was so far from the truth. Share with us.


  35. Voice of Fran says:

    Apparently my point was lost. I regret the post.


  36. shelly says:

    Apparently your point was lost. The only thing you should regret is not taking advantage of a crime webpage that could get info about your sister out there and possibly solve her murder. Not everything that is going to be siad, with or without your input, is going to be pretty, but I am sure you have heard the stories before. If something is being said to make you think this is in fun, or out of line, by all means, explain yourself. Take advantage of the page, email the web page owner and get your story out, for Frans sake, for your entire family and the friends she left behind. I knew Fran in school and she deserves that much.


  37. C says:

    Fran’s voice — I’m late for this discussion, and I don’t know if you will even read this, but I am sorry if perceive that my comments about your sister were misguided. I will say that the comments that I posted were unfortunately being circulated at the time. I never made claims about their accuracy; small towns are hotbeds of rumor and painful and inaccurate speculation.

    What I do recall, is that a young woman was brutally murdered, that a relative of mine was friends with some of her family (and my relative always recalled Miss Hill as being a good person), and that that local media have all but forgotten this crime. The local paper apparently has better things to mention than ‘cold’ cases that occur in that small community. Having had a university friend murdered several years ago (thankfully, his killer was convicted, didn’t get as much of a sentence as he deserved), I am aware of the gossip mongering, the frustration and the official stonewalling that goes on when a murder investigation is being conducted, so I can understand in part what the families go through.

    I remember how Miss Hill’s death, over the years, was simply put aside, and now I see the same behavior being repeated with Miss Grover-Blentlinger’s homicide, and yes, it does upset and anger me. And Mt. Sterling has another serial offender, David Dunn, who shot and killed his brother in law years ago, who is currently being brought up on involuntary manslaughter charges for the death of his wife Christine Dunn. My own opinion, from what I’ve learned about this case, is that her death wasn’t accidental at all, but the states attorney wants a conviction, so there are the reduced charges.

    So no, I never knew Miss HIll, and only was acquainted with Kathy but I can still relate to the injustices of all of these situations.


  38. karma says:

    she tryed it with my family on feb 2 2011…. but she failed, her own husband told me he thought she tryed to kill me now what does that say? I’ve been reading all comment and articles on cathys case…the one thing I don’t understand is I have been bugging mr vincent every month since feb now here is what he said he was going to meet with the att generals office do you all realize he said this a year and a half ago same thing! I say we organize a picket line outside his office and protest this issue justice needs to be served, and just another thought I seen the flow chart “she” is connected with 28 fires to be exact I think they should try one at a time she will eventially fuck up on her testimony ! Make her exhausted of court until she breaks!


  39. shelly says:

    Karma, I told you she couldnt be trusted, You said you were friends and she would never hurt you. The bitch is insane, she has no friends, her own husband is afraid of what she will do if he leaves her. Do you really think alot of people, especially local, will put their faces out there for her to have yet another target? Kathy deserves justice, her family has been more than patient. But staging a protest about “her” outside of Vincents office would be putting a bullseye on you. Adding gas to the fire is all it would do, she will strike again, and pray that this time she is caught and no one else dies. She still walks by your house, she is showing everyone she is not afraid. You are just lucky you woke up and got your children out safe and saved your home, the next target may not be so lucky. I suggest people call dailey and send letters demanding “something” be done, That would be safer than protesting outside his office. (217) 773-3112 118 N Capitol Ave, Mt Sterling, IL or call/mail the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan Springfield Main Office
    500 South Second Street
    Springfield, IL 62706
    (217) 782-1090
    TTY: 1-877-844-5461


    West Central Illinois Regional Office
    628 Maine Street
    Quincy, IL 62301
    (217) 223-2221
    TTY: (217) 223-2254


  40. karma says:

    Yes I was stupid and should have takin a lot of peoples opinions, I just try and imagine that everyone has good in them, I’m just that way! In this case I’ve learned a valuable lesson people are evil, but as far as a bullseye on me I sure hope so, this time she won’t be so lucky, I don’t sleep real well these days and am up very late so she comes back trust me cops will not be the first people I call, it will be a coroner expecially if she’s in my house, and I better not catch her walking past my house won’t be good I WILL GO TO JAIL, not scared. I am going to start driving lisa madigan nuts though thanks for the information!! Very helpful!


  41. shelly says:

    I know you are not afraid for you, I was thinking about the girls. I pray you catch her in your house! That would be awesome!


  42. karma says:

    Just curious, how do you know she still walks past my house?


  43. shelly says:

    You put it on facebook.


  44. karma says:

    Now I know who you are! Yes she did but hasn’t for a while, atleast not that I’ve seen…had me puzzled for a minute on who you were 🙂


  45. chefclem73 says:

    Unfortunately, she/he will burn again. They can’t help themselves. Time for she/he to leave the living world and rid us of further angst.


  46. chefclem73 says:

    BTW, I don’t know who posted under nuthut dude –


  47. karma says:

    Today jess gilsdorf raised the reward for anyone knowing anything about the cathy grover murder, which I believe is a very good thing,however I believe the reward needs to be higher so I contacted jess and told him I believe we needed to put cans out at local businesses to help in raising it higher, so if anyone see’s these cans please donate to help, justice needs to be served and not swept under the rug! This may or may not work but at this point its worth a try,so if anyone would like to help raise money for the reward to be higher then go for it, all money will be given to jesse to help raise the reward any ???? Call 217~773~2200 thank you and never give up hope.


  48. thinkgoat says:

    Is this Gilsforf guy still retained by the family of Cathy Blentlinger? And (God forbid) what happens to the money raised from cans at local businesses if no one brings forth a tip that leads to an arrest?

    Something to think about – if it were a member of my family or a friend who was murdered, I’d be very hesitant in donating money that’d run the risk of going to an attorney who essentially has nothing to do with the trial for that murder.

    Maybe money raised in that manner should/could be designated to a charity in Blentlinger’s name in the event of not being “claimed”.


  49. Devastated To No End says:

    Thinkgoat, I am resurfacing once again to set the record straight !!!! The family of Kathy Blentlinger has Never retained Jesse Gilsdorf or any other attorney for this case !!!! They have had no reason to do so !!!!!!
    Everything Mr. Gilsdorf has done is strictly on his own accord. When the family puts up reward money, you can be assured it will be put up in a secure account for that purpose, and will fall into no one’s hands unless a tip leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this murder.
    The family had no prior knowledge before this reward was offerred, and the family has no contact whatsoever with Mr. Gilsdorf.
    Karma, I’m sure the family appreciates your efforts with saving cans, but I urge you to not entrust the revenue to this man…. I for 1 agree with thinkgoat on this issue.
    The reward money needs to be more secure…please everyone continue to pray for Kathy’s justice, and once again, if anyone has information, please come forward, don’t be aftaid !!!!! Thank you and God Bless !!!!


  50. thinkgoat says:

    Please refresh my memory – why is the Gilsdorf guy financially vested in this case?

    And Devastated, I’d thump the hell out of anyone who’d dare question the financial integrity of the family’s reward money. That act goes without question and is the standard and obvious route for reward money.


  51. karma says:

    I do agree with what thinkgoat said, I believe the money (if know one ever comes foward and an arrest never occurs) then the money should go to the family ( primarly her son ) , the money will go into an account at a bank setup by mr gilsdorf who has nothing to gain here, his wife was good friends with cathy and cathy herself said weeks before she died that if something happens to her not to let it get swept under the rug she said this to mr gilsdorf and that’s why he has so actively been apart of all this, as far as putting up 3000.00 of his own money, I’m helping out not only for cathy but my own situation since nothing is never going to happen with justice for my arson that happened at my house, I know in my head and heart that its the same person here folks!


  52. karma says:

    And as far as trusting mr. Gilsdorf any person who can put up 3000.00 of there own money for someone who was technically not there own family, that shows me he’s a very caring person who just wants what everyone else wants and he’s keeping his PROMISE to cathy! So yea I trust him! Maybe you should think on that one!


  53. Devastated To No End says:

    Thinkgoat the answer to your question of the financial investment is publicity……there is far more to that story than anyone knows !!!! I remember reading in a newspaper where Kathy’s case was used for personal gain to try to get elected Into office and if I’m not mistaken, the family wrote a rebuttle letter and shamed him publicly for doing so….
    Karma, you are misguided in many ways in these circumstances, maybe one day you will hear the truth. Just sayin….
    I pray for your family daily that you too can get your case resolved, I think we all want to sleep more peacefully !!!!!! We must not lose hope.God Bless !!!!!


  54. Devastated To No End says:

    Thinkgoat the answer to your question of the financial investment is publicity……there is far more to that story than anyone knows !!!! I remember reading in a newspaper where Kathy’s case was used for personal gain to try
    to get elected Into office and if I’m not mistaken, the family wrote a rebuttle letter and shamed him publicly for doing so….
    Karma, you are misguided in many ways in these circumstances, maybe one day you will hear the truth. Just sayin….
    I pray for your family daily that you too can get your case resolved, I think we all want to sleep more peacefully !!!!!! We must not lose hope.God Bless !!!!!


  55. karma says:

    I’m sorry if you feel I’m misguided. *****lol, here’s the thing I wasn’t asking permission to put the cans out I was simply putting it on this sight. Because I had heard if you want to keep people informed this is the place to do it and as far as. Helping out I will continue to do so with or without peoples help I don’t see anyone else on here doing anything except criticizing people for helping out! So get off your ass and start helping! If this was my sister I wouldn’t ever quit doing all I possibly could until the day I died, I don’t care who’s cage I rattle! So let’s quit bitching, being scared, back~stabbing, and let’s do something about this we all have voices let them be heard for god sakes! Buy sitting back and doing nothing were letting a murder get away! The truth hurts sometimes but sometimes its what people need ! And personally I just don’t care who I piss off its better than being pissed on!


    By ThinkGoat: I edited out real names. If someone else chooses to use their name, they’ll do so. Otherwise, people will continue to be referred to by the moniker they choose in this thread. Final warning.


  56. t says:


    1. When, if ever, did the family put up a reward?

    2. Answer: NEVER;

    3. What does this man gain from using his own money?

    4. Answer: Nothing.

    5. Why would anyone complain about someone putting up a reward for the capture of
    a murderer?

    6. Answer: they wouldn’t. Unless they have something to hide. Perhaps people are not
    as devastated as they claim to be, otherwise why would you complain.

    7. Why would this man post a reward?

    8. Answer: Per the herald whig Cathy told him she was going to be murdered, and asked him to not let it be swept under the rug. It sounds like this man is just keeping a promise that he made to this murdered girl.

    Finally, is someone afraid that a reward might bring out the truth?


  57. thinkgoat says:

    I don’t mean any disrespect – having been in this “business” for as long as I have, I still remain highly skeptical of an attorney who’d front money. He may be a diamond in the rough but if the family has publicly backed away from this guy, there is more to the story.

    Asking the public for donations for reward money is admirable. Entrusting those public funds to a private attorney who has no legal ties to this case is irresponsible. If he wishes to put up his own money, that’s cool but asking the public to add to his coffer with no guarantee as to where the funds will be dispersed is irresponsible.

    If money is raised from public donations, they should be put into a secure account (as Devastated said) in the family’s name. If this attorney would suddenly have a change of heart, took the money and split, that brings nothing but more negativity to this case.

    There’s something about this guy’s involvement that sets my hinkey meter off and I’ve years of experience in researching and writing true crime.


  58. karma says:

    I’m sorry but irresponsible would be putting this money in this familys name, person of interest is in “this family” so absolutely not going in familys name and according to public record bankruptcy was filed on cathys funeral costs! So if anything else maybe the bank presidents name or the judges name but not to anyone in that family other than cathys own son!


  59. karma says:

    But thanks for your suggestion it was highly researched…… if you had been in this BUSINESS then you would have researched who the person of interest was and the fact that they are in the family, I’m honestly done with this sight donate don’t donate, I don’t really care what you do. I do know however it will happen with or without you people so keep talkin cause that’s all you people know how to do! And crime storys 99% of the time turn out to be a family member, sounds like you have lots of expeirence in your line of work to so why should we trust this sight what makes your sight any better than the next? Exactly


  60. thinkgoat says:

    As rumor has it, the alleged “person of interest” is not blood family, right?

    Your rants are humorous and you’re way too emotionally vested to see what I’m trying to say.

    Statistically, you’re incorrect. Study up. While you’re at it, it’s “site”, not “sight”. We’ve never stated we’re better than any other – as a matter of fact, we’re downright crude. I’m a total cunt and your opinion doesn’t mean shit to me. We were asked to look into covering this story and it was sickening enough to front page. We’re the only ones who’ll allow total vetting without censorship (with the exception of omitting the shitty fit you threw by adding a name you cannot confirm).

    Finally, back to the point, I’d much rather donate money into a secure account than some two-bit attorney who’s involvement seems shady at best. The fact that you went psycho after this attorney was called into question makes me wonder just how ethical your relationship is with him. How “highly” was your can proposal researched? And what sources can you publish?


  61. shelly says:

    WOW! I am a little confused about the shit being tossed around, Im all for a reward being offered to catch Kathys murder, Not a single person that is not family, has any idea about all of the facts. I assure each and everyone of you, Kathys family has not given up, just because its not on the news and in papers everytime you open your eyes, there is not a day that passes that it isn’t thought about. Karma, I think what you are doing is great, you have put your heart into catching this evil person and you are taking steps to keep hope alive, not only for Kathy, but for your own family who was in danger of meeting the same fate as Kathy, luckily, you caught the fire in time. BUT the families ability to pay for a funeral or hire a lawyer is no ones business and should not have been broadcast for everyone. The family of Kathy may not be made of gold, but their hearts are, and that should never be questioned, by anyone. I didn’t put much thought into the donation cans, I honestly thought Vincent was retained by the family, I had never asked. I do agree about the money raised being put in an account that the family can use, in the event no one grows a pair and tells what they know, we all know SOMEONE knows something. I do wonder why a lighter was kept for three years and not turned in till a reward was offered, why wouldn’t that be tampering with evidence, or with holding information? Obviously someone thought it was important enough to keep it all of this time. Again, Karma, I think your heart is in the right place, we all want this person caught, Maybe think about the things Thinkgoat and Devastated have said, but don’t give up, They cant get away with this for ever! Devastated To No End, Not a day goes by that I don’t hope that this nightmare will end, I am very fond of all of Kathys family and think they deserve justice. Thinkgoat…I love you for telling it like it is!


  62. karma says:

    I just got a hold of mr. Gilsdorf the other day when the jacksonville paper ran the article on cathy, because I want to help! And that words spelled HELP! I am very emotionally involved I want this person caught however, with everyones negativity against people willing to help makes me think there shady. Please god just delete me from here I don’t need this so called crime crawler family, you all seem very negative about everything, ungrateful, lying two~bit people. Oh and if the same thing ends up happening to me as it did cathy good god please don’t cover my story I don’t want bad press!


  63. thinkgoat says:

    Thought you weren’t coming back, “Karma”.

    Murder is a negative topic. 100% of what we cover is negative so maybe you could have spent your time better here, by telling me something I’ve not been told before.

    PS – I’m not removing shit of yours. I can’t fucking stand someone who is all gung-ho at spouting their “truths” and then, when challenged, wants everything deleted.


  64. karma says:

    I don’t care if you delete my shit or not, and I could careless if you like me or not, I’m not doing any of this for you, I don’t know you and don’t want to know you, I’ve have meant people like you before, you wasn’t the first fuckin kill joy and I’m sure you won’t be the last. I will show you just how capable I am, so watch for GOOD to happen because I follow threw with what I say!


  65. shelly says:

    Karma, you seem to be writing from emotion only, No one was putting you down for what you were wanting to do, they suggested you handle the money that will be brought in differently. you said you all seem very negative about everything, ungrateful, lying two~bit people. I was never once negative, nor did I lie and im not sure what we, the CRIMECRAWLER family, have to be grateful to you for. Did you know Kathy? I know you are friends with some of her family members, but did you know her? She wouldnt want people getting all pissed off and being flippant about her families wishes.


  66. WE WANT THE TRUTH! says:

    In my opinion, the reward is a good idea. The person who did this deserves nothing more than to be put away for the devilish act they commited. Kathy was a good mother, a smart individual, and a loving friend, she did not deserve this. Hopefully this reward will help bring justice because the people of mt.sterling are tired of living in fear.


  67. WE WANT THE TRUTH! says:

    Also, the attorney, if i heard correctly, was a very good friend of Kathys, his family as well. It is sick to think that he is doing this out of greed, hes a good man and he just wants to see justice.


  68. thinkgoat says:

    Karma, the more pissy you get, the less you make sense and the more you look like a total and complete moron.

    Not a single person was dissing the idea of raising money. The person responsible for handling the money, was.

    I laugh at threats, especially threats made by someone who’s usage of the English language is similar to a drunk monkey.

    There’s not a single person who doesn’t want this case to be solved, except the person(s) responsible for her death. If I were you, I’d follow through (<-notice the spelling?) on your "I'm leaving" bullshit and go whine, throw a temper tantrum somewhere else before you're reduced to a puddle of grammatically incorrect keyboard pounding.

    Edit to add: This attorney can do what he wants with his own money. Asking for the general public to trust him with funds, when he has no legally vested interest in this case, is careless.


  69. Schuyler County Resident says:

    Isnt this Gilsdorf character the same one running for States Attorney in Schuyler County? Kinda makes you go huuuuummmmm!


  70. thinkgoat says:

    Someone sent me an email stating the candidate for State’s Attorney in Schuyler County is Ramon M. Escapa.


  71. Schuyler County Resident says:

    Gilsdorf announced a week or two ago as well. Need a newspaper clip out of the R-ville Times?


  72. Schuyler County Resident says:

    Ramon may very well be the only canidate but there are two others running against him. LOL!


  73. thinkgoat says:

    Wow. Thanks for the information. The puzzle pieces are fitting together, nicely as far as Gilsdorf is concerned.

    I fucking HATE someone using a tragedy for political gain.


  74. sassidragon says:

    Gilsdorf was Kathy’s lawyer at the time of her death for a problem she was having. That is how he got into this. As far as I know and has been stated on here by others, Kathy’s family has not attained him. my personal opinion is that he is using this for his own agenda but it has helped in bringing light to Kathy’s case.


  75. shelly says:

    Sassidragon, I believe Gilsdorf had been Kathys attorney prior, but Kathy was creeped out by him and his wife and hadn’t spoke to them in over a month prior to her death, I believe he has a motive other than election, I believe he has an obsession with her and it didn’t go away when she passed. Just my thoughts on the matter. Either way, Justice needs served, who serves it? I could care a less, If the guilty party is not tried on earth they will be punished in death. Just sayin.


  76. Schuyler County Resident says:

    I cant understand why anyone would be creeped out by Gilsdorf and his wife! NOT! LOL!
    What ever happened with the drug bust at gilsdorf’s house a while back? The last I heard it was getting pinned on his kids?


  77. sassidragon says:

    from what I was told by people who live in mt. sterling, it is his step son and his room mate who were caught with the drugs. the basement was set up as an apartment for them and since it had it’s own entrance, gilsdorf and his second (?) wife were not charged.


  78. C. says:

    From my limited interactions with Mr. Gilsdorf (he’s had properties foreclosed on, yet he scouts around locally for other properties to purchase — eyes too big for the stomach syndrome), I’d say he’s offering the reward both out of some sense of altruism towards Kathy and also to portray himself in a good light. He’s defintely highlighted himself as one of the area’s local oddballs.

    I think the real issue here is there is plenty of circumstantial evidence, but no CSI -esque “smoking gun” that the D.A. apparently feels he needs to bring to a grand jury. The sad fact is, justice sometimes is back burnered in political resumes and a desire to have a slam dunk case with a plea deal. This is compounded by the very credible fear of certain individuals, who may have more information, that this perpetrator will retaliate in her well known manner against them or their family. There’s no guarantee that she would be convicted, or receive a long jail sentence. It’s terrible if her spouse (from what I recall, he always seemed like a nice kid in school) is so terrifed for his children and himself that he won’t leave her.


  79. Schuyler County Resident says:

    I hear the current Vincent is going to have some competition in the upcoming election. Maybe this case will get some more attention if there is a change of the guard in the States Attorney’s office.
    Wouldnt that be something if Brown and Schuyler Counties both get a new States Attorney! For Schuyler County’s sake I hope it is Escapa and not Gilsdork.


  80. Gabriel says:

    I did not know Cathy. So sad. I was visiting Mt. Sterling last year. I was informed of the incident. I also was dumfounded how someone could state they felt their life was in peril and the manner of threat seemingly go unwarranted. I have met Mr. Vincent. He appeared thoughtful and intelligent, but it was prior to elections. I don’t know the man well enough to pass judgement but he did state that one of his priorities if elected would be to ‘fix’ problems within the police department. The ‘problem’ I am thinking of has since moved on so I assume there will be no further harrassment of the citizens to include threats to minors and bold-faced lies regarding his heroic stature (which I estimate to be around 5′). This officer (I will refer to as B. Fife) was such an incredible dick and worthless piece of shit I am not suprised cases go unsolved. No offense to other righteous members of the P.D. I did know Ms. Hill. She was my cousin. She was quiet and kind and so undeserving. I was actually questioned regarding the case. Fortunately there were federal agents present as, again, the officer in charge of the interview was a total moronic larvae. I am sure some will recall G-egg? I also am aware of the photos found as they were found by another relative near the R.R. tracks on Pittsfield road. I will refrain from detail. I remember the trial and, correct me if I am wrong, E. L. reportedly had pornographic materials in his room at the LOL Motel that were similar to the nature of the crime. Seems he was found not guilty and then countersued. Seems that due to the nature of the crime the perpetrator may have been very personal and angry? Perhaps a jilted lover? They must also have been rather familiar with the surroundings to take such a calculated risk? To perhaps know what was available to aid in the act? Just thoughts. I also knew Mr. E.P. recently charged with a murder in St. Louis. I remember as a youngster his showing a hole in the back of his closet through which he observed mother bathing nude under a sunlap….odd. But I digress. I wish luck with these cold cases. The fact is that cash rules. With ‘limited’ resources you can bet nothing will happen unless a confesssion note falls in the D.A.s lap or some such b.s. I am sure they are probably sealed documents which means one interested in assisting may want to use their time researching archived information, sharing their found ‘facts’ on a blog, etc. He said – she said is a futile waste. People are going to get upset in such issues. I recommend sticking to the facts and avoid any personal character attacks, real or imagined. Choose your words carefully as you never know who you may offend and it could easily be you or I as the topic, could it not. And I am sure this gentleman’s aim was to help others, vent a bit, but help. With that I am sure some have formed the opinion I am an arrogant fuck. That’s o.k. At the very least I enjoyed this so I am o.k. with me:)


  81. anon ymous says:

    They are Looking in the wrong place. they need to look just under 2 hours northeast of mt sterling and they will find their guy


  82. thinkgoat says:

    Why don’t you contact the authorities with your information, anon ymous?


  83. Richard says:

    All cops anywhere are corrupt incompetent lying dickheads


  84. jason says:

    are they still investigating


  85. thinkgoat says:

    I doubt it. It’s been so long and there’s not anything in it for law enforcement and the county/state.

    Very sad.


  86. Devastated to no end says:

    Thinkgoat, I need your help! Can you please contact me ? Thank you !


  87. Ricer says:

    Sorry I am on here so late in the discussion, and I actually just came across it three days ago. I was looking for criminal ties to someone I am looking into about for a different case. I noticed a few things about the case, the news segment, her brother’s statement, and yes-even the gossip. From that, I have made several observations that might send things a little quicker to a result.
    1) She wasn’t home alone
    2) It wasn’t simple Arson
    Let me address #1 first:
    She was supposedly home alone, but someone was able to literally rip the smoke alarms out of the wall. This makes noise, and she would have awakened from it, and there would have been signs of a struggle. Therefore, logic dictates two possibilities, either she was comfortable enough with this person that they were in the house with her, or they broke in before she got home and hid somewhere until she fell asleep. But in addressing
    #2, I will eliminate the second scenario.
    Ok, #2
    Since the smoke alarms were ripped off the walls PRIOR to the fire, it qualifies as premeditated murder-she was targeted NOT to survive-the person KNEW she was there and not gone.
    Best scenario, or most logical, is that she let this person in (or she met them and agreed for them to come by), and since she did not wake up from the sound of the smoke detectors being torn off the walls, she had to have been incapacitated enough to not be able to respond.
    Since she died of smoke asphyxiation, she would have been drugged enough to be unresponsive (even a date rape drug will do this). I say drugged, because the smoke alarms would have to be eliminated BEFORE starting the fire. The fire was meant as a murder weapon, as well as to reduce evidence. Add the other fires that had been set prior to this incident, and you have the perfect recipe for a classic misdirect of false clues.
    This person is either a professional, which is possible but not probable, or the next option-a member of local law enforcement, who would know about the other fires and how they started, they’d know the victim, and they would be able to work the “false” clues already started by the incident itself.
    I think it’s possible the person I’m looking into now for my “project” may be who they need to look into.
    I will not mention names, as I have no solid evidence to back this incident up, but this person WAS on the payroll in Brown County at the time this tragedy happened.


  88. Devasted To No End says:

    How can I reach you?


  89. thinkgoat says:

    Ricer, my email address is thinkgoat2@gmail if you’d like to email me.



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