Darrel White’s ‘In Sickness and In Health Till Death Do Us Part’

Posted: September 9, 2010 by thinkgoat in Crime, Involuntary Manslaughter
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By ThinkGoat

Cincinnati, Ohio Maggots. One of my most favorite subjects, both medically and the gross out factor…and sometimes the intermingling of the two. Back in the 1920’s, maggot therapy was first used as debridement and as much as I understand the usefulness of these white nasty wiggling baby flies, I’m not completely sure, even with facing losing a foot or something, I’d readily allow my doctor to fix me up a maggot dressing. Don’t get me wrong, I can look at maggots crawling on people all day long with complete amusement fascination, but the thought of those things hooking and devouring my flesh or infection is not worth entertaining. But they work. Well, the right kind work. They have to be of the “blow fly” (not to be confused with the botfly, another incredibly fascinating critter), and well, I imagine if you’re having a little maggot therapy done, you’d really rather it be sterile and not so much “spontaneous”. The good maggots devour the dead tissues and the bad maggots devour everything else. The good maggots will leave their host once the necrotic tissue is gone, the bad maggots have no sense of proportion, they munch on everything without stopping. “Can you feel them?” is most likely one of the common questions (answer is fuck yes) with a quick follow-up of “does it hurt?” (answer is ‘sometimes’) I’ve had the pleasure of being able to ask “controlled” questions of patients who’ve had the “spontaneous” maggot infestation. “Controlled” meaning: I was on duty and acting on a professional basis, not able to ask the questions that I would truly love to know. And that’s why I chose the story of Jorene White to bring me out of this 20-day hiatus…

Not that Jorene can answer any of my questions, mind you. Her story is one where I can talk about maggots, speculate, gag a bit, and post a couple gnarly pictures.

Jorene White

Jorene’s husband called for police assistance when he found his 46-year-old dead on their living room couch. I suppose they took one step toward the door, puked a little, donned some protective gear, then entered. They found Jorene’s body in what they concluded was an advanced state of decomposition, thinking she’d been dead for a good week. Darrel White stated she’d just died though. The medical examiner concurred. Despite the rotting flesh, she had just died.

Mrs. White had crippling arthritis, which left her bedridden and completely dependent on her 65-year-old husband. One neighbor stated Darrel was always running back and forth to the store getting things for her. That may be but what she really needed was a regular bath and a regular turning. Or maybe better drugs – drugs that wouldn’t make her feel as though bugs were crawling all over her. Oh wait…

Bed sores. Tons of them found on her body. Flies. Tons of them found on her body. The flies’ babies. Tons of them found on her body. The very ones that ate her to death. Maybe she couldn’t throw off the sheet (that Darrel kept on top of her) long enough to see those ghostly white fuckers sticking their hooks into her flesh but I guarantee she felt them. Her “official” cause of death: sepsis.

A Grand Jury just indicted Darrel White on involuntary manslaughter and failing to provide for a functionally-impaired person. If convicted, the maximum sentence would be 11 1/2 years.

Like any good husband, Darrel has stepped up to the plate and has taken absolutely no responsibility for allowing his wife’s body to be consumed by maggots and has, in a sense, blamed her for her demise. He claimed she vowed to never go to the hospital again. Tough shit. She obviously couldn’t move. Throw her over your shoulder, drag her by the hair, anything – she couldn’t fight back. Take her ass to the doctor, dumbass. Get rid of that god-awful smell that caused the police to don special masks prior to entering. It’s a concept even a complete retard can grasp.

While Darrel has been indicted, their two adult sons (who were often seen walking outside the home) avoided charges claiming they may not have known due to their father keeping that sheet over her. I claim bullshit. Unless they were devoid of the sense of smell missing the ever pleasant odor of rotting flesh and they were devoid of hearing the claims of “god damn, I feel like there’s something crawling all over me”, they had to have known something was just not right. But whatever. They got the biggest perpetrator in this case. The boys will be allowed to marry and repeat the cycle of complacency and neglect.


  1. critkal_rn says:

    It never ceases to amaze me of the stupidity that is out and about in this world. What is really scarey is that these two wonderful sons-of-the-year will be able to marry and reproduce thus allowing the dumbass factor to continue into the the next century and beyond.

    The father is a piece of work. I say put the bastard in solitary confinement and throw a handful of magots on his Don Juan and let nature take its course. As for mom, may she rest in piece and get the last laugh when the maggots eat away his little ole pecker and continue right up his asshole. Glory be to God, revenge is sweet or in this case obnoxiously foul smelling!


  2. elizabeth bgridges says:

    this is just sick, wow that man has serious issues, big time, he needs to rot in jail along side of jesse james kilgore thats right think goat, i am paul budrawich’s aunt.


  3. thinkgoat says:

    Hey Elizabeth, how are you and your family doing?


  4. elizabeth bgridges says:

    we are all doing, ok i went to jesse’s sentencing hearing in april and he just stared at me, he had no remorse at all. he is in valdosta ga prison. i want to hearing on the phone that that bastard is dead, i am sorry think goat, but i still can’t believe it. and paul’s sister julie that has wrote u told me to tell u hello. paul n jen’s kids are doing good, the middle boy started pre-k in aug.


  5. thinkgoat says:

    Paul and Jen’s children are so fortunate they have the love and support of all of you and with that, they will continue to do well.

    And who knows, maybe one of these days…the sooner the better, you will receive that phone call stating the taxpayers in Georgia no longer having to foot the bill for those monsters. That either they met their death via their own hands or the hands of someone else. I only hope it’s painful and they see it coming.

    I’m glad you’re doing okay. Julie pops in and says hey every once in a while (and she did tonight!). I’m glad you did as well. You can email me anytime: thinkgoat2@gmail.com. Continue making a difference, Elizabeth. Best wishes to you and yours.


  6. deadmyron says:

    Oh, such a wonderful world we live in! Big fucking deal she didn’t want to go to the hospital…better than getting eaten alive! Even my friends, the botflies, are not as voracious as a blowfly maggot.


  7. Lynn says:

    I can’t stop itching, feel as if I have a thousand bugs on me!


  8. 1andrea1 says:

    It all goes back to the smell.

    Like helping old people bury their rotted dead cat.


  9. thinkgoat says:

    The smelly rotten leaking cat. 😀


  10. thinkgoat says:

    Do any of you lurking on this story have an update for us? If so, please post it…


  11. jessica says:

    My relative did something like this to my granny. Coroner said she been dead for 5 days sis said she just found her that morning but she had maggots and flies. Just unreal and sick


  12. thinkgoat says:

    DeadMyron! *swoons*

    Hey, thanks for the link – that bed was quite a bit more than disgusting.

    “He had his hands full, there is no doubt about it,” Piepmeier said. “But at some point you have to realize that you have to do better than that.”




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