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East St. Louis, Illinois Number 1, avoid East St. Louis like the plague. You’ll immediately know you’re there because, like Lewis Black describes North Korea, it’s so evil the color has completely been sucked out. And the monkeys from the Wizard of Oz live there. Think I’m kidding? Test me if you dare. It’s not a good place. Now even though downtown St. Louis proper is cool, there are still places there that creep me the fuck out.

St. Louis is built on the banks of the Muddy Mississippi with the downtown area right along those banks. It’s really a neat place to walk around – parts of the riverfront have been completely restored into quaint little restaurants and shops. But right next door to those restored beauties are abandoned warehouses that look as though they’ve housed some form of torture chambers. And running walking past them, I could swear sometimes if my heart wasn’t pounding a deafening beat in my eardrums, screams could be heard. And guess what? It turns out I’m a psychic. Those freaky little mini-movies that have played out in 3-second segments in my mind came true in one East St. Louis warehouse.

**Actual crime scene footage

It all started with a fire on top of a metal landscaping cart outside one of those fucked-up buildings I was telling ya’ll about. Since it’s hot as hell around these parts right now, it was fairly safe to rule out homeless people burning stuff to keep warm. Already shit seems suspicious. What if I told you that fire was either spontaneous human combustion or someones attempt to rid themselves of a dead body? Would you be interested? What if I were to add that burning mound of flesh was missing a few parts, like two legs and one arm? Told you this shit was suspicious. It’s only the beginning. Believe me, I wouldn’t give away this story in the 3rd paragraph.

So St. Clair County PD had a mystery to solve. 1. Who was that burning? 2. Who flicked the Bic? 3. Where the fuck are the appendages? Questions 4+ don’t really matter right now. I’ve got to slow down when telling you this shit.

Let’s address question #1. It probably would have been insensitive and quite the cliché to name this legless victim that was found close to the banks of the longest river in North America, “Bob”. (reason 2348923843 why I’m not on some special victim’s unit as a professional) Nonetheless, it didn’t take the police long to track down where the body had been prior to being torched. And they knew they were onto something when they found evidence leading them to one of the abandoned warehouses nearby. Once inside, they found identification leading them to believe “Bob” was really Zachary Irvin, a 22-year-old who left on a bus from his hometown of St. Elmo, Illinois in search of a new life/new employment. Dental records confirmed they had properly identified the body.

As for question #2. Police have charged two homeless men, Dennis Iagulli, 41, and James Pierson, 36, for the killing.

And now addressing question #3. Appendages. Who knows? More than likely it was the flying monkeys. They fucked that scarecrow up.

Warehouse Crime Scene

Now back to the warehouse. Someone had reportedly seen Irvin a few days prior to his death around the vicinity of the warehouse.  There was evidence this particular building was used as kind of a “tent city” for a small contingent of homeless people. But what piqued authorities interest as they nosed around,  was the fact three particular rooms seemed to be something out of the movie “Law Abiding Citizen” or “Reservoir Dogs” . There was blood splattering the walls and the floors, bloody fingerprints on door jambs,  and an array of utensils that led them to believe they may have played a part in the missing body parts that once belonged to Irvin. Why? Blood. (although at the time of the press release, the red shit that resembled blood found on the tools had not been tested). But because we’re pseudo non-conformists here, we’re going with blood. It just feels right, or “fits” so-to-speak.

Warehouse sneak peek

Here’s what was recovered:  meat cleaver, hacksaw, drywall saw, metal shears, claw hammer, rope, tin snips, binding material strewn around the room, and shell casings. All had a “blood-like substance” on them. 10-1 DNA testing will conclude that “blood-like substance” originated from Irvin.

As mentioned earlier, Zachary Irvin moved from St. Elmo to St. Louis after being laid-off from his job. He’s described as a good guy – one who readily helped out at his church. One a little down on his luck in a place where he grew up and one looking to better himself by finding some form of work in the “city”. Assuming he hadn’t a pot to piss in, he found himself seeking assistance (per suggestion from his grandmother) with Rev. Larry Rice’s New Life Evangelistic Center in downtown St. Louis. It was there that he and Iagulli argued and Irvin was allegedly lured to the warehouse. How they traveled from downtown St. Louis to East St. Louis is still a mystery. They were all homeless. Authorities believe Irvin was bound to a chair in the warehouse to keep him from escaping, (it worked for the most part – they obviously failed to restrain his legs and arm) shot, and cut into pieces that would be a little easier to move around and dispose.

***Zachary Irvin, victim.

Dennis Iagulli, 41, and James Pierson, 36 — have been charged with first-degree murder and concealment of a homicidal death. It is believed they shot Irvin, cut his body into pieces, and attempted to dispose of the body by setting it on fire. Each are being held in St. Clair County Jail in lieu of $3 million bail.

It seems as though this crime is being down-played by one Lieutenant. Bill Baker just seems to think 3 homeless dudes got into a “beef” and 2 of the 3 decided to settle it this way. I’m not so sure about that. I think 2 of the 3 were sadistic motherfuckers who found an innocent small-town boy they could mutilate for their own shits and giggles. It’s impossible at this point to know if Iagulli and Pierson drew the pentagrams all over the walls in the torture chambers but it kind of fits their theme. It’s also unclear if there have been other victims. Lt. Baker doesn’t believe so but let’s face it. These two look as though pure evil seeps from their pores. Who’d know if they off’d other homeless people – this kid they found just so happened to have family with whom he maintained contact.

Authorities have since cleared out the indigents that had set up home in that warehouse and East St. Louis’ mayor, Alvin Parks put the public at ease with this statement:  “We continue to monitor the situation to make sure everyone is registering for occupancy permits”. Uh-huh. I imagine the city office has been flooded with homeless people getting their permits. That’s bullshit. He knows it and I know it. These people are taking cover against those god-damn flying monkeys wherever they can.

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  1. ravenblackehart says:

    Hell of a story, TG. That Iaguli asshole looks inhumanly evil.


  2. Darling Violetta says:

    I agree with Raven.

    Those dark, empty, soul-less eyes…


  3. thinkgoat says:

    No shit. Evil.

    I can’t imagine what Irvin must have been going through mentally. Going from a small farming community where everyone knows everyone else to an abandoned warehouse – meeting up with these two evil faces – and the fear and panic he must have felt when he realized he simply wasn’t getting out alive.

    Everything about this story creeps me out.


  4. ravenblackehart says:

    I found his Myspace:


  5. thinkgoat says:

    Good find – I didn’t look because of the “homeless” shit. His “blurb” is a bit disturbing:

    “About me:
    I am Phillipine and Italian 5’11” 150lbs. slim masc GAY male who wholy believes in and Lives by karma, “What goes around, comes around 10 fold”. I am spiritual not religous. I have a plan that will hit the history books hard.(Theres more coming)”


  6. ravenblackehart says:

    Seems like his “plan” has been interrupted by the long arm of the Law. His karma too will roll over on him.


  7. ravenblackehart says:

    Looks like he last logged in last month


  8. thinkgoat says:

    I saw that, RaVen.

    I read in one article where Iagulli had been kicked out of New Life Evangelistic Center – the place where he and Irvin allegedly fought. I’d be interested in knowing how long he was “homeless” – what happened to the place where the pictures he posted on myspace were taken – if Pierson was a buddy or someone he met at the Center.

    I realize people can access the internet via various sources – it just seems odd that a “homeless” dude would sign into myspace of all things. Of course, I’m old-school. I also found it odd that a mother would leave the grave-side service for her murdered infant daughter and immediately start texting people. There’s so much I “don’t get” about the draw of the social networking.


  9. brubru2 says:

    if you look at his myspace login date you will see it was the day he burnt the body parts or concealment of the homicide- the torture started 2 days before also it might not be so impossible to think they drew the pentagrams since iagulli and ohio is next to one in the pic- Iagulli’s family thats on myspace are from Ohio- why are there missing body parts? if it was to get rid of evidence why not just cutt it up and burn it all togeather…where is the rest? I think it all fits into his plan on hitting the history books as he said on myspace- and im willing to bet there are more victims- it was also hard on Zach’s parents and family to burry him/ put him to rest and not even know there was parts missing, or that he was tortured or that there was those rooms- they found out from reading it in the post- there were tents and bedding in other rooms of that warehouse- so what… others just stayed there with what was going on- they wasnt scared maybe they could be next?


  10. Karrie says:

    Whoa.. for a second I thought Pink was back. Lol just playin.. But on a side note, Did they ever locate the missing parts?? I read the article but my son was distracting me so I might have missed that part.


  11. deadmyron says:

    A big problem is Zack not understanding you can’t trust anyone in the city. My family lived in the metro area back in the 1960’s and ’70’s. One could practically WATCH East St. Louis decline. I remember when they couldn’t pay the fire department or police forces. It’s a fucking dangerous place to be…day or night.


  12. brubru2 says:

    no his legs and 1 arm havent been found- how they traveled from st. louis to east st. louis- prob.the metro-


  13. Lynn says:

    They were probably hungry and wanted a snack! They are truly pure evil by there pics. Is there anyone else missing around that area? Sounds like they are pros minus the whole getting caught burning thing!


  14. cousin says:

    I am a cousin of Zach and our family is truely sickened by all of this. I just want to wake up form this nightmare and Zach will be ok. thank you for the statement about baker, i thought the same thing when i read his statements, what an idiot!!! just FYI Zachs mother contacted the ivestigator on the case and he told her no limbs were missing, all were burnt with the body. Zachs mother had to hear all about these missing body parts and torture chambers on the news, as did the rest of the family. what a horrible way to find out. Zach truely was an awesome kid who was trying to get his life back together. Please pray that these two demons get the death penalty so i don’t have to pay for them to rot in jail for the rest of their lives. We as a family are trying to not let these two monstors destroy our lives too, so we go on everyday and remember zach and the memories(they can’t take those away) and thank God that he is in heaven and in God’s time time DJ and Pierson will eternally burn in hell!!!!
    They both have seen their first court date and have formally charged.


  15. thinkgoat says:

    Not notifying the family with details of what happened to Zachary is inexcusable. And to find out through the press is even worse.

    Cousin – it truly sounds like Zach was a very decent young man. Trusting, kind, and good. And it’s very apparent he had the love of family and friends.

    If there is a God, he’s surly got his goodness wrapped around your cousin. One thing I’d love to believe, evil torments its own. And what I wish for these two fuckers is a very slow and painful death. Dismembered piece by piece – one at a time. That way the other will be able to anticipate his certain demise.


  16. ravenblackehart says:

    @Cousin, my condolences to your family too.
    Someone has removed Iagulli’s Myspace page since I posted the link to it, but here is the cached version I found today.


  17. Karrie says:

    On Iagulli’s myspace it says his income is $250k plus and he went to Grad/Professional School. hahahahahaa


  18. cousin says:

    thank you ravenblackehart. I actually already knew about the myspace awhile ago, i too noticed the last log in date. it makes me sick to my stomach the more i find out about these two. Recently found out that this pierson creep was wearing zach’s belt at the first interrogation SICK!!! they now think this was some ritualistic, cult realted crime.


  19. thinkgoat says:

    The more I dig, the stranger things get.

    Iagulli’s father was present (and granted immunity) for a murder back in 1971. (I believe) There was talk of some form of sacrificial ritual involving rabbits. (Paid archives) The murder took place June 21st. Summer Solstice. Zach was killed during the summer solstice.


    Jul. 20 ~ GRAND CLIMAX (thru Jul. 27) ~ (date varies annually ~ 5 weeks, 1 day after Summer Solstice
    (Sexual and Blood Rituals)
    Abduction, ceremonial preparation & holding of sacrificial victim for Lammas Day
    Oral, anal, and vaginal, and human sacrifice

    It’s hard to say if this was some satanic ritual – and it’s hard to say if the Pentagram was actually made by these two – I find it safe to assume police would have the rooms cordoned off – but who knows.

    The creep factor has increased knowing Iagulli’s father was somehow involved in a murder the same month, Summer Solstice, involving some form of animal sacrifice almost 39 years to the day. (his father died in 2005 and the murderer is reportedly out of prison?)


  20. ravenblackehart says:

    OMG TG, how shocking. Reminds me of the Ward Weaver case:

    where the son’s crime is eerily similar to his father’s.


  21. deadmyron says:

    Since the West Memphis Three case, I have been a staunch critic of ‘satanic panic’…from Michelle Smith Pazder to present. Remember the McMartin preschool trial? Everyone jumped on that fucking band wagon. The same with the WM3.

    This case, however, smacks of ritualism. Perhaps nothing organized…just a couple of fuck heads in love with the idea of belonging to something evil. The same could be said of “The Ripper Crew” in Chicago in 1982.

    Believe me, the Major Case Squad is not going to be allowed to delve deeper into the satanic aspect…not in economically depressed East St. Louis, especially.

    I noticed Zack’s mother has a picture of Zack on her Facebook page.


  22. brubru2 says:

    rooms arnt cordoned off- channel 5 news found the open door and went in and took pics


  23. brubru2 says:

    thinkgoat what was iagulli’s fathers name?


  24. thinkgoat says:

    brubru2 – you can email me @

    And I know news crews were in a portion of the warehouse – or found an opened door – but I doubt very seriously the room they used to torture and kill Irvin would be accessible yet but again, who knows? Baker doesn’t seem to think there was a whole lot to the murder!

    Still, I think if the actual “torture chambers” were accessible, the news would be reporting on that being the area where blood and evidence was found.


  25. trinity says:

    Cousin, I too want to send my condolences and to say that I’m sure Zac is now where he is now leading the life he so wanted It is awful that he couldn’t do it here on Earth. God will protect his “children”.

    As for the evil ones, Iagulli & Pierson. While what we are being shown are their mug shots, the emptiness shows in their eyes, even in black & white. They look so evil, I don’t even think there are words to describe them. I hope that they rot in hell. I personally believe in an eye for an eye. I’m thinking that they need to be nailed down to something and then take a very nice Craftsman table saw, band saw, hand saw or whatever you would like Hell even a cheese slicer would be great. I would slowly slice and dice their happy ass all the while pouring acid on them. Oh, I had better stop, I might get into trouble.

    TG, awesome article and yes, I agree that it is undoubtably the work of wannabe’s or real Pagan’s. I used to live in Belleville years ago and for me to get to work downtown St Louis, I drove thru East St Louis and get on the MLKing Bridge and then go to the office. It totally shaved an hour off my drive. Otherwise I would have had to go down to I55 and fight bumper to bumper traffic. Of course, I would repeat the route to go home. Today, you would not catch my ignorant ass anywhere near that fucking exit. Hell, I start to hyperventilate when we turn off to go to the racetrack! The fact that the police are not investigating this further is not only a disgrace but right down reckless and extremely neglectful not only to their constiuents but to the Irvin family. Hopefully, something will change their minds. Hopefully, it isn’t another dismembered body.

    Did East St Louis get rid of all their stray cats and dogs???

    I think I can honestly say that I do not need to visit their gambling establishment. While I like to travel to various boats and all, this is one that won’t be necessary to see. Besides, why would I want to go and donate my money to line the deep pockets of the city Godfathers and not go where it is supposed to go, the people and the community. Cities along the river can go one of two way, really good or really bad, no inbetween.


  26. Let me make it loud and sparkling fucking clear, Zach wasnt some homeless piece of shit. He was a good man, a good kid. I only have memories of him as a young boy. He was never against any immoral grain, he never teetered on lines that most do. He was not some misguided “hobo”. So lets end that once and for all.
    With that said, this violent act was an act of murder. The murderers, ARE vermin. Misguided, empty, lazy, pieces of shit. Vermin, spreading their murderous filth.
    After hearing what happened to my cousin, I learned everything else through the news. And saw the incidents like this have happened, before, and with this revolution that the warehouse is basically the murdered grounds it makes me sick. It makes me sick that the “police force” are too busy busting people with pot, or speeders. Not busting the right people.
    Zach was not some fuckin begger, panhandler piece of shit, he was human. DO NOT CALL HIM A HOMELESS FUCKIN BUM. Can you all see the contrast? Take one look, take one glimpse into those murderers, and its those people who if anyone, should be labeled as filth. Do not toss labels around, to where they dont belong. Stop tarnishing Zachs name and life by simple calling him “one of them, a homeless bum, begger, etc”.
    He HAD JUST moved to St Louis, to escape FROM SMALL TOWN LIFE. What do we call that? Someone with aspiration, someone with goals, and a fuckin mind. DO NOT call him some mindless worthless vermin bum.

    The St Louis police is a joke. I find it pretty sickeing that they “brush off” this case, becasue they’re too busy busting speeders or people at the mall stealing gum. Why do you think so much disgusting crime goes on in St Louis? Because NO ONE is afraid of the police there, in any way. MAybe thats why the Police choose to “brush” this off? They dont have enough will power to because they’re so fuckin worthless and cant manage to do anything outside of their 9-5 routine?

    And dont look for meaning in the murderers motives, ignorance has no motive, its just there. Ignorant, and ticking misplaced. Vermin, that should not be apart of this world in any way shape or form.

    I believe I was the first person to post up Dennis’ myspace page, after hearing that news. I see it has now been deleted, a month after. I hope everyone saved his families(one brother) contact info like I did, which was accessible via his “friends” list. Also accessible, was surely more of his “murderous” friends.

    The police, the news, said nothing of what I wrote in the above paragraph, yet I discovered more about one of the murderers via a simple google search than they must have in the whole case history. Goes to show you what can be done if needs to be.


  27. cousin says:

    @ Tyler, thank you for clearing up that Zach wasn’t homeless, i just kinda skimmed this article before and then when back and read it better after your post. I too have sent several emails to the effingham daily news, who put this story on the front page of the paper to try and clear this up. I have not seen any reprints yet though or even an email of apology. people just go by what they read and hear. RIP Zachy, we all love you and are fighting for justice!!!!


  28. thinkgoat says:

    Tyler – I think you’ve stumbled upon the wrong site – I don’t see one place HERE where anyone has called Irvin a “HOMELESS FUCKING BUM”. Can we see the contrast in what exactly? Can you read?

    Until you learn to read – don’t fucking come back here. I’m being real nice thus far but my patience runs very thin with dim-witted illiterate fucks like you coming on making accusations.

    By the way Cousin, where was Zach staying (or suppose to be) in the St. Louis area? A hotel? Friends? Relatives?


  29. Karrie says:

    So Tyler, why would anyone save his brothers contact information. What part did is brother play in all of this?


  30. cousin says:

    he took a bus to the larry rice’s place, where his grandmother had already paid for him to go, for some reason when he got there they wouldn’t accept him. we don’t really know the whys after that. He had a cell phone which he used to call his mother and father on fathers day(june 20, more irony) why didn’t he just get on that bus and come back home. we don’t know and prob will never know. all the answers we seek or in the heads of those two demons, who are prob never going to tell the truth. Please don’t be too hard on Tyler,we just sometimes jump to conclusions that this is what people assume. I have heard alot of things being said too like why was he homeless, where was his family, i didn’t know he was gay(he wasn’t) ect.. even though it has been a month our wounds are still very much open and hurting. It may take along time for them to heal.
    thanks trinity for the kind words!!


  31. thinkgoat says:

    I understand all that BUT, actually reading what’s being written goes a long way in how someone will be received here. I will be more tolerant of “Tyler” once “Tyler” actually takes more than 1 minute to scan what’s been written.

    Just so you understand why the media is calling Zachary “homeless” – he left his home in St. Elmo and ended up venturing to a place that takes indigent people. No one covering this story knew your cousin, this is true. And we see things as they are presented. Zachary went to the St. Louis area with no job, and no home – counting on Larry Rice taking him into his organization/mission/church. By all accounts – he was “homeless” by choice.

    In my article I clearly stated he was attempting to better his life by moving from his hometown to seek new employment and a new life to better himself. Not one place in this article was he compared to the two responsible for his murder. Further: I made a point of disagreeing with the dumbfuck Lt. who just brushed this off as 3 homeless dudes getting into a “beef”.

    Tyler needs to take a step back and stay of the net.


  32. thinkgoat says:

    Our Values

    The New Life Evangelistic Center founds its values on the love of Jesus Christ for all people; and especially for all who suffer from poverty, homelessness, addictions, and abuse. NLEC holds the following values in highest regard: empathy, advocacy, empowerment, dignity, responsibility, faith, hope and love. Above all, we are motivated by the Love of God to provide continuing support and advancement to the poor and the homeless in our local and global communities.

    Our Mission

    The mission of the New Life Evangelistic Center, is to provide Christian hospitality and respect for life through services of food, clothing, shelter, advocacy, education, job training, and physical, mental and spiritual health care to the poor and homeless in our local and global communities

    NLEC is Working to Make a Difference

    The spirit of God moves us into action to provide direct services of shelter, food, clothing, and job training. The New Life Evangelistic Center provides over 150,000 meals and sandwiches, and more than 65,000 nights of emergency overnight shelter every year. We provide 80,000 social service contacts — helping individuals and families throughout mid-America with clothing and food through our free stores, fans, blankets, utility assistance, transportation, medical assistance and housing assistance.

    Homeless Prevention:
    NLEC knows: The best way to fight homelessness is to stop it before it starts. When someone’s housing status is jeopardized by a crisis situation, such as a job loss, utility disconnection, or the threat of eviction, NLEC intervenes to help prevent homelessness.

    Homeless Transformation:
    When families and individuals do become homeless, NLEC seeks to foster and fulfill their own motivation to help themselves. When clients show this desire, NLEC equips them with job training, addiction counseling, spiritual guidance, and whatever else they might need to become permanently housed and gainfully employed.

    Homeless Empowerment and Education:
    NLEC’s unique on-the-job training program not only benefits the homeless, but also the community as a whole. Regular renewable energy fairs, where the formerly homeless trainees share renewable energy skills they learn, have introduced thousands throughout the Midwest to the world of renewable energy. Through and the Here’s Help Radio and TV network, staffed by the formerly homeless, educational and informational programming is reaching more people. And, the new nationwide Renewable Energy Satellite network will teach sustainable living, renewable energy, gardening and much more — providing even more opportunities.


    Okay, NOW do you understand why the media has attached the word “Homeless” to Zach? Do you see how one would draw that conclusion?


  33. ravenblackehart says:

    A person can be homeless, and NOT be a piece of shit. A person CAN also be homeless and a piece of shit. OR a person can have a home and be a piece of shit, or have a home and NOT be a piece of shit.

    There is a special place in Hell for those pieces of shit who troll Internet message boards.
    They only have dial-up there and you are limited to staying on AOL.


  34. brubru2 says:

    come on Tyler thinkgoat isnt against Zach and he isnt calling him names- He is reporting more truth and finding out more things than any!!! any one else!! I know you are just venting- there is sooo many coments being posted on sooo many sites- but this isnt one to be pissed at believe me I know cause I am also a cousin-
    thinkgoat you might think ok how many cousins are there… well on zach’s mother’s side he had 100, and aunts and uncles and great aunts and uncles all who loved him and who would have helped him- why he was there- where he was staying we dont know and prob will never know- I do know zach was the kind of person who many times handed over every penny he had to homeless-he would say they need it more than I do- he had a cell phone that he used on that sunday to call his dad and leave him a message- a post reporter reported zach was eating at rice’s on that sunday Iagulli and he argued and Iagulli and pierson lured zach to the warehouse where they tied him to a chair to control him- if there is truth to that I dont know- reporters have reported his legs and 1 arm was missing but a det. told his mother he was all there when the burnt remains were released- Zach loved God- read the bible knew scriptur and wanted to help those who had less then he did- he wanted a job and make a new life- I can see why Rices church appealed to him- I dont know if he was staying there or not

    Thinkgoat – I want to thank you for taking the time to dig into Iagulli- Thank you for seeing Zach as someone worth looking into
    please try and understand this has crushed sooo many people and part of it is finding out things from news and not police- there is commits threads all over the net- some are soo bad saying things like burn- burn bring the marshmellows and just its homeless- that is prob- part of tylers problem but your right he should take 1 min to read and see some good


  35. Evil Twin Jess says:

    I think Tyler is allowing his own prejudice to cloud his judgement. Stating that Zach was homeless at the time of his death is not an insult. Homeless does not equal being a piece of shit, vermin, or a fucking bum. There are of course homeless people who become those things, but no one here has even implied any of those things about Zach. The police officer who made the statement about 3 homeless guys having a beef was out of line, and was clearly called out as such by Thinkgoat.

    The fact remains that Zach was indeed homeless at the time of his death. He had left his home in St. Elmo and gone to NLEC, where for whatever reason he was not taken in. Having no physical address, no residence, is the very definition of homelessness.

    I can certainly understand that there are comments being made on other sites saying insensitive and innapropriate things about the victim, but please take the time to actually read and confirm that the site you are on is taking part in that, before issuing a blanket response that does not apply here and in context makes you look irrational.


  36. thinkgoat says:

    Brubru, you’re right, Zach’s murder has crushed so many people – family, friends, and total strangers.

    I don’t know how many places are covering this story – I get emails with “this” and “thats” – some verifiable and some not. And it’s a great thing your family is so large. No one can put the squeeze on someone’s nuts like a pissed off community and a pissed off large and resourceful family. If there can be any suggestions offered to all of you – keep the pressure on. The last thing that needs to happen is these two copping to an “insanity” plea and being placed in a mental institution for “rehabilitation”.

    I’m not against the mentally ill. I fully understand their need for medical assistance. What I AM against are these sick fuckers who perform the most heinous crimes getting softball sentences in institutions ill-equipped to handle pure evil. And in my opinion, Iagulli is pure evil.

    I covered a story over a year ago that featured a murderer who copped out on the “insanity” plea, was sentenced to an “institution” and was granted day trips with the loons because he’d been good. A murderer. When the field trip landed them at the County Fair, this guy planned his escape. And was successful. It took a few days to locate him. My problem is: how does our justice system allow a cold-blooded killer to have more freedom and benefits than so many law-abiding taxpayers? How is it we allow these pukes a grand time at the fair when the family of the victim is still trudging through the dark trenches struggling to come to grips with all that had been ripped from them? It’s pure and simple bullshit.

    Here, we poke the sick fuckers who do unspeakable things with sharp sticks. But at the same time – it’s our hope that, while doing so in the most in-your-face fashion imaginable, we’re also raising awareness to those who read. By featuring stories like Zach’s murder, people get the picture this world, while it can be full of great things, also has a dark and sinister undertone that, if it’s not addressed, continues to grow until it’s almost too large to address.

    Idiotic officers, like Baker are making things much worse. While I understand the need to keep the situation under control and not wanting to cause mass hysteria, he’s doing a grave disservice to others who are young and naive, those who DO venture to a new place in search of a different life. Kids venture out on their own all the time – uneducated about their surroundings. Uneducated about the real and present dangers that lurk around the corners.

    It fucking sucks that Zach was turned away from Rice’s organization, for whatever reason. It sounds as though he were banking on being able to reside there until he found other provisions. And I hope to hell that organization comes under some scrutiny – just by reading the little I have on Rice, it seems as though he’s 100% publicity/talk and when push comes to shove, he doesn’t deliver. There are REAL places who aren’t high profile like NLEC that do all the good work with no accolades thrown their way because they do so without needing praise. I’m just very cynical. I hate seeing pictures such as Rice displays on his site, where they tout handing out fans to the needy for a photo-op. They get contributions left and right like that. Then there are people who do these things on a daily basis, like your cousin Zach – who, according to those who knew him, would give you his last dime. And when it comes around to needing a hand-up, not hand-out, he’s ignored by the very organization who promises help. Again, complete and utter bullshit.


  37. trinity says:

    I would like to say something on Tyler’s behalf. I can understand how he can jump down our throats on this site. I can also understand how fucking mad he is right now, at everyone. He probably sees us as part of the problem. Anyone involved in his cousins murder are the enemies. I don’t condone his actions, but I understand them. This musthave been a devastating blow to his family and friends.

    We write on news articles, we can only use what we are given or dig up. We don’t go out and write some lollipop and cotton candy story, we write on some pretty disgusting stories that involve not only law abiding men and women but children as well. I prefer to write about children. I want people, parents, anyone and everyone to know just what other individuals are capable of doing to a baby, a toddler, a child or a teen. We unfortunately live in a sick fucking world and we have a tendency to get lulled into a rut where people wear their rose colored glasses. I wish it was not this way, but it is so we have to deal with it. The best way for me to deal with it is write about it.

    Tyler and family, I am sure that there are other websites that may not have been quite as nice and may put a different spin on the story. For that I’m sorry that they are out there and do that but they do and there is nothing that you can do about it. It sucks, I know. Please know that here at Crime Crawlers take a stand for the victim. I haven’t been writing here long but I have been around for a whle. I can tell you that if something was misstated and the writer was called on it, there is usually some explanation why it was stated that way or an apology. The writers here go to great lengths to research their stories. I have been in your shoes in finding out the death of a loved one via the media. My cousin rolled his loaded semi while taking an off ramp. His load of gravel shifted and that was all it wrote. The picture was on the front page of the local paper. I had to call my dad who was on the road and tell him and he had to call the other family members because no one had notified them either. The wife and kids were out of town. There was only a message left on their answering machine.

    So once again Tyler and family, I am so very sorry that your family is dealing with such a horrendous loss. My heart goes out to each and everyone of you. If you can, try and remember the positives and celebrate his life and the time that you all shared together. While his life was cut short, the memories you have will last forever.

    Now, with that being said, Tyler, I do believe that you need to man-up and you can apologize to TG for writing a very good aricle and showing these monsters for who they really are, mean,murderous, demonic bastards! May the Devil have a special place in hell for their tormented fuckers. Even with the information she had, she did not call Zach a loser, a bum, a degenerate. I don’t recall her calling him anything but a victim. Tyler, you want to be a lose cannon, then take it out on the right people, but not the people here. The fact that your cousin left home looking to advance his life and make it better for himself. That is very admirable.

    My sincere condolances.


  38. Karrie says:

    I’m sorry Trinity, but you don’t make any sense at all. I read your statement above and it just sound like a bunch of rambling on and on. First, you say maybe we (CC) are part of the problem. Then, you go on to say that Tyler needs to apologize to TG for such a good article. And no offense but half of your post wasn’t even related to the article written.


  39. cousin says:

    @ trinity….Thanks for all those words of kindness, really means alot. Thanks for understanding what we are going thru.

    @thinkgoat… these two men have pleaded not guilty, so we will see if the insanity issue comes up. I have not seen any new court dates yet but my family does plan on attending so these two monsters can see what they are up against.

    this link kinda keeps you updated on court dates and such


  40. Peeperann says:

    Fucking Flying Monkey’s you just can trust them at all…….. Great, great write up TG!

    But Trinity, seriously?? You are apologizing????? WTF???? That is NOT what we do here!! TG and no one else did a damn thing wrong here!! You need to retract that apology real fast!! What were you thinking????

    When in Fucks names did TG call him a homeless bum? She SAID he was trying to BETTER his life!!! BAD girl, just BAD……


  41. Peeperann says:

    Oh, and before you ask who the fuck I am? I am Peeperann. Ask TG and Raven who I am. Co-founder of this site. Just haven’t been around much as i’ve been in the process of moving lately. So I do know of what I speak….


  42. thinkgoat says:

    Cousin – I’m not sure why your original didn’t post – It went into my mod queue for some reason – probably because of the link. All should be cool now. And thanks for the info.

    Has there been a coroner’s inquest yet? If so, has the family obtained a copy? (it’s public record) It would detail if the appendages were still there. If there’s not been an inquest yet, be sure to find out when it is.


  43. Lazlo says:

    Just so that there is no confusion: Trinity is a new writer, who, while considered staff, has no voice for this site at large. Please take her comments as personal opinion, and not as a reflection of the opinions and policies of Crime Crawlers.

    Furthermore, this site has never had to retract a story, nor issue an apology. I am saying this as an admin of this site, and one who has been here since the very beginning.

    Also, we treat trolls and flamers the same way, without exception. You come on here spouting your shit, you will be slammed, humiliated, trivialized and if you persist – banned. So shut the fuck up Tyler; and be a little choosy about who you buddy up with, Trinity.


  44. Peeperann says:

    Thanks Laz, but I still say you can’t trust flying monkeys….. hey, just sayin…..


  45. thinkgoat says:


    I wouldn’t take a fucking apology from Tyler if it were lined in gold, Trinity. I don’t give a diddly fuck if he liked the article – I don’t give a fuck if anyone likes any of the articles. Besides, he didn’t fucking READ THE ARTICLE. Tyler can bite my ass. I’m not here to play nice with anyone, especially not a internet conman. (Tyler will know what the fuck I’m talking about)

    While I sympathize with most families of victims, it must be realized there are some victim’s families that deserve none. Sometimes they’re just as guilty as the perp. (not in Irvin’s case, mind you)

    Further: I make no apologies for anything I write. None. Never will. I’ve not had to retract anything yet – but if I ever have to, I only will through proper channels and it must be documented through the mainstream media first.

    I’ll cut Trinity a little slack here for stepping out of line – she’s just been writing here a week. My staff is comprised of professionals. We’ve been doing this for a long time. We go to great lengths to never “misstate” anything. We throw in our own opinion but when it comes to facts – they are strictly sourced. When writing the articles, we never pull any facts out of our ass. Never.

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled program…


  46. cousin says:

    I have not heard about his mother receiving an inquest yet, i am guessing not since she had to call a detective after hearing it on the news. the detective told her that only a femur was missing but who knows at this point. We have had funeral services for zach so i am guessing if they released the body, there is a report somewhere.


  47. thinkgoat says:

    The body can be released prior to the inquest…and almost always is. An inquest can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months in extreme cases. You might want to check on if it’s been held yet.


  48. cousin says:

    So a detective told zachs mother that they have a full confession from iagulli, bloody fingerprints, shell casings and the gun. Now i guess he is recanting and they are pointing fingers at each other now. So please keep your fingers crossed that all this evidence holds up and BOTH of these creatures get what is coming to them.


  49. brubru2 says:

    fingers crossed that they dont go for mental- Pierson was telling on Iagulli from the start- it took grand jury indictments to charge him-I still would like to know what/ who ruebyn is and where the hell the other campers were in that warehouse


  50. cousin says:

    I know right, there had to be other ppl in that warehouse. Unless, these two scared them out. I hope the mental thing doesnt happen either but ya know a lawyer will prob do anything to get a W on is reocrd. I wonder if their lawyer is scared for his own life just having to look into their eyes, i would be. Glad i don’t have his job!!!


  51. deadmyron says:

    They won’t stand a chance on an insanity defense. They tried to conceal the homicide.


  52. brubru2 says:

    Iagulli got a very good lawyer- not sure about pierson’s-


  53. Evil Twin Jess says:

    I don’t know DM, if they play up the whole “Satanic ritual” thing, and say the burning was part of it, a good lawyer just might convince some jurors these two are batshit.


  54. ravenblackehart says:

    How is a homeless person supposed to get a good lawyer? Who’s footing the bill for this shitsack?


  55. thinkgoat says:

    Gooooood question, RaVen. Just HOW does a homeless fuckwad obtain a good lawyer? I’ve got it, they’re going through Rev. Rice. Since he fucked up the first time by not allowing Zachary to stay there, he thought he’d make it up to the homeless community and spend some of that fundraising money for a lawyer.


  56. cousin says:

    So Iagulli’s lawyer is thomas q keefe III and has been doing this for awhile and has won several awards(according to my google search). Pierson’s lawyer is Latoya Berry and has 4 years experience. So, i am not sure how iagulli got a millionare lawyer, who has won several awards either. Maybe he volunteered since he obviously doesn’t need the extra money. Who knows?!


  57. Lazlo says:

    thomas q keefe III is a minion of Satan! Lagulli is a player in the Quickening. The stars are aligning, the seas are rising and beginning to boil. Seek ye your redemption now, or be cast forever into a lake of fire. Mwahahahahahaha


  58. thinkgoat says:

    Thomas the III works for his father, Thomas Jr. who’s won several awards.

    Keefe established his own practice in 1992 after leaving his longtime pal and mentor Bruce Cook at Hildebrand, Cook, Shevlin & Keefe, because, he said, “I am too crazy.”

    “No one should have to work with me,” he said.

    Good God.

    Edit to add reference to his son, Thomas Keefe, III

    Today, he works with his son, attorney Thomas Keefe, III and daughter Kelli, a legal assistant. He also employs five secretaries.

    Richard Hudlin Award

    Keefe was awarded the Chief Judge Richard Hudlin Memorial Award at a Law Day breakfast in Belleville May 1 for embodying the “best aspects of the legal community and its relationship to society at large.”

    By virtue of his success, Keefe and his wife of nearly 30 years, Rita, have been generous donors to charitable causes. He said they have given away “millions” not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it feels good.

    Some of those recipients include the Land of Lincoln Legal Aid Society, the Griffin Center in East St. Louis, St. Louis University School of Law, Women’s Crisis Center in Belleville and Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis.

    Keefe makes no apologies for pointing out which lawyers he believes have cast dark shadows on the profession: Thomas Lakin, indicted on charges of sexually abusing a minor and cocaine use, Stephen Tillery who files massive class actions and Randy Bono who made Madison County the busiest asbestos courthouse in the nation.

    “This is a free country and I am entitled to my opinion,” he said. “When I perceive abuse I am going to speak up.”

    Representing clients in a civil sexual assault lawsuit pending against Lakin, Keefe said he “didn’t care” that he called out a fellow practitioner.

    “I went after him because he needed to be gone after,” Keefe said. “I understand that a person is innocent until proven guilty.

    “I went after him because of how he treated children.”

    Indicted last year in federal court in East St. Louis, Lakin faces charges he sexually abused a 15-year-old boy and that he used cocaine.

    On the class action front, Keefe is a critic of mass litigation, although he believes some cases have merit.

    “Class actions as a form of litigation went to hell when the sharks got in the water,” he said.

    “It’s utterly ridiculous when lawyers are getting two-, three-, four-times as much money as what is paid to claimants,” he said. “It’s wrong. It doesn’t make sense.”



  59. thinkgoat says:

    I found another article referencing Keefe III which indicates he was a public defender in 2009.

    Edit to add: The Rev. Rice/bucket of shit (attorney) connection was a “wouldn’t it just figure if…” kind of reference. However I do believe they belong in the same category.


  60. brubru2 says:

    Defendant Name Search Results Attorney CalendarCase DetailsDefendant Case HistoryPending AppearancesAssessment HistoryAssessment TransactionsDocument HistoryAppearance Calendar
    Last First DOB
    IAGULLI DENNIS M. 02/14/1969
    IAMS JOHN R. 07/01/1937
    IAMS KELLY L. 06/11/1982
    IAMS VICKI L. 09/08/1962
    IANACONE MARY 03/12/1957
    IANNAZO TORREY D. 07/14/1981
    IANNAZZO LONNIE J. 05/19/1959
    IANNELLI VINCENZO 02/02/1951
    IBANEZ JUAN T. Jr 11/15/1979
    Next 10 Results

    View Case History View Pending Appearances View Assessment History

    Date Of Birth: 02/14/1969
    Age: 41
    Gender: Male
    Ethnic Group: Unknown
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 145
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown Fines Owed: $0.00
    Restitution Owed: $0.00
    Bond Posted: $0.00

    Felony Cases Misdemeanor Cases Other Cases
    Filed: 2 Filed: 0 Filed: 0
    Pending: 0 Pending: 0 Pending: 0
    Last Filed: 07/16/2010 Last Filed: Last Filed:

    Print Friendly PDF Calendar

    Defendant: DENNIS M. IAGULLI – Male – D.O.B.: 02/14/1969
    Includes all Pending Appearance for this Defendant

    Scheduled Date / Time Appearance Detail
    Tuesday August 17, 2010 at 1:30 pm Courtroom 410 – Hearing – Plea of Guilty
    10CF00619 Count: 1 – Amended to FIRST DEGREE MURDER – Class M Felony – BELLEVILLE
    10CF00619 Count: 2 – Amended to CONCEALMENT OF A HOMICIDAL DEATH – Class 3 Felony – BELLEVILLE


  61. thinkgoat says:

    Are you going to be able to attend on the 17th, Brubru?


  62. thinkgoat says:

    I just read today that East St. Louis is looking to reduce their police force by 30%. Starting Sunday. What in the hell are those idiots thinking?

    East St. Louis has been crippled by crime and poverty for decades. Police officials say the cuts will mean fewer officers for patrols, investigations and juvenile cases. Fire officials said the region should be upset because the department will have fewer people at the ready to fight fires on some of the region’s major highways and bridges.

    The police already rely on other agencies to handle some of the heavy case load. For example, the Illinois State Police routinely work on the city’s homicide investigations.

    Capt. Steve Johnson, of the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department, said his agency has no plans for stepping up work in East St. Louis.
    “We don’t do calls for service in East St. Louis,” Johnson said. “But, if we’re called for assistance, we will help when we can.”

    Worries about East St. Louis’ crime rate got little sympathy from Councilman Roy Mosley, who gave a 10-minute speech on Friday blasting the city’s police officers.

    “We don’t have the money,” Mosley said. “You lay off when you don’t have the money. The money’s gone.”

    Mosley complained that police officers take patrol cars home, park them in other jurisdictions, and misuse the city’s gasoline.
    “I’m only telling the truth,” he shouted.
    The crowd jeered.

    “You can see how disrespectful they are,” Mosley said while pointing at the police officers. “You see what they’re doing to me right now.”

    Richard V. Stewart Jr., an attorney for the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police union, said Mosley’s claims are untrue.

    Stewart said the words amounted to nothing more than “political grandstanding.”

    “Unfortunately, this is what I expected,” Stewart said.


    If any of you readers live around East St. Louis, get the fuck out now. That place needs to increase the police force instead of the opposite. No wonder the idiot Lt. was down-playing the Irvin mutilation. He knew what the hell was coming.


  63. brubru2 says:

    makes you want to want to go to the queen doesnt it….lol you would be nice and safe nice safe town/ area


  64. brubru2 says:

    I still want to know what or who ruebyn is


  65. cousin says:

    I have not heard of this ruebyn you are asking about?


  66. cousin says:

    Tuesday August 17, 2010 at 1:30 pm Courtroom 410 – Hearing – Plea of Guilty

    I have not formally heard, have these two changed there plea to guilty, is that what this means. So, are they going to get some kind of deal they don’t deserve?


  67. cousin says:

    brubru- figured it out, the saying on the wall. Not sure what that means.


  68. cousin says:

    …found this post on posted by “portia”.

    so i know this is total hearsay, but i was in CPR training saturday and our instructor was an East St. Louis firefighter. So i asked him about the case, he said he was there and went through the warehouse. i said i thought DJ had plead not guilty and he just shook his head and said that it didn’t matter, from what he knows they have more than enough evidence.

    i also asked him what led them to DJ and the other man, and he said the other homeless people living in the warehouse turned them in without hesitation.

    i don’t know if that is true, but it’s what he told me on saturday.


  69. deadmyron says:

    Thanks for the updates, cousin, keep them coming.


  70. cousin says:

    so, this is what i am hearing. They have a large amount of evidence against these two, so in order to elude the death penality, they changed their plea to guilty. So, no jury trial. I have also heard that there was a reward($1200)out for any info. about this case and that is prob why the other homeless turned them in. They are prob scared for their lives too. I am guessing that they will learn their fate at this upcoming trial. I am hoping to be there and that many other family memebers will be there in honor of Zach.


  71. brubru2 says:

    waiting til Oct for guilty plea now…..
    anyone hear any thing else about the body pulled from miss. river couple weeks ago? it was a just the torso with head- they wasnt sure if fish ate the rest-


  72. brubru2 says:

    this thur would have been Zach’s 23rd b-day


  73. cousin says:

    so pierson went back to trial yesterday i didn’t attend but followed up with the website. He now has to go back to court in oct. It reads with the date, fitness to stand trial. So, i guess this is were the mental insanity card comes into play. Wondering if this is just protocol? They have plead guilty why are we dragging this out.


  74. brubru2 says:



  75. brubru2 says:

    lets not forget the body they found that was a head and torso nothing has been said about it- it was bout 3 miles down stream from that warehouse hung up in logs


  76. brubru2 says:

    looks like on the 12th they plead guilty but the judge continued it again, I still think they are waiting to see if there is other victims- maybe even the body/ head and torso in the river still nothing on who ruebyn is/was


  77. cousin says:

    well piersons trial got another month extension for his fit to stand trial case. come on already!!!


  78. mike iagulli says:

    hey look face the facts that was no fucking rital it was some evil shit but dennis iagulli is my uncle and he had some fucked up problems my uncle and that james guy my uncle dennis is a fucking psycho path i dont know the other guy but he sounds like hes fucked up too i feel bad for that 22 year old boy he didn’t desever to get murdered he was just looking for a job and my uncle dennis and james get what they desrever thats how i fucking feel…….


  79. thinkgoat says:

    You’re right, Mike. Sometimes evil is just that….evil. No explanation, no “reasons why”.

    Thanks for coming on and commenting. That takes some major balls. I can’t imagine, if you’re in that area, what sharing the same last name is like right now. It sucks your family is having to suffer through the actions of your uncle. Hang in there.


  80. brubru2 says:

    mike can you fill us in more on dennis’s dad involved in a murder june 23 1971 with some kind of rabbit sacrifice – your uncle took Zach on june 20 his body found the 22- what is with this time of June? zach wasnt just murdered he was sexually assaulted, shot, tortured, cut up then set on fire


  81. brubru2 says:

    mike you state hey look face the facts- what are the facts that you know????????


  82. Tonya says:

    This just scared the crap out of me, you see on March 14, 2000 I married James Pierson. By May I had a restraining order and feared for my life. He had moved to my small town in Virginia befriended some mutual friends of mine and spun a story about having been married and recently divorced after the tragic death of their daughter. (He claimed her name was Tiffany and she had died after running into the street and being hit by a car)He claimed he had needed a fresh start after the tragedy and had left settling in the first town that had seemd nice to him. We were all stupid I guess, but we bought his story hook line and sinker all of us feeling very sorry for him. Where we’re from it’s a small close knit community we tend to take people word at face value and try to help them. My friends set us up on a double date and for a time James was the perfect boyfriend. I had just gotten divorce a few years earlier and I was very lonely and struggling to make ends meet on my own. He took advantage of that and proposed marriage I accepted and my nightmare began.

    Let me just say this Dr. Jeckle turned into Mr. Hyde. Our wedding night he threatened to kill me. I lived in constant fear as I planned my escape. The smallest thing and he would accuse me of cheating and beat me. He quit his job and expected me to support him while he played Nintendo all day. He told me things scary things like how he hated his mother, molested his litle sister, and was a practioner of black magic. I thought he was just nuts on the black magic thing and that he was just trying to scare me because he knew I was a Christian now I’m not so sure. Look the guy grew up in Columbus Ohio, he had a bad relationship with his mother, and the rest of his family. I can assure you he is a sociopath/psychopath and I believe somewhat dillusional. I honestly believe there may have been a ritual element to the murder simple because of the things he had told me back then. He is or at least was sane enough to stand trial, and I truly hope they throw the book at him because believe me he deserves it. He has a criminal history in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Kansas and Missouri and was incarcerated for sexual assualt at one point.

    To the family of the victim I am truly sorry. If I can be of any help to you in getting justice for Zachary I would be more than willing to help. You have my deepest condolences and you are in my prayers.


  83. thinkgoat says:

    Jesus, Tonya. Your post gave me goosebumps. You’re one lucky gal to have made it out alive.

    Why don’t you email me at – We’ll see what we can do about getting you hooked up with the Prosecution team.


  84. cousin2 says:

    Wow, i too got goosebumps. Sorry that u had to deal with this cleary crazy man. thank u for ur kind words for my cousin zach. We are still trying to figure out all of this. Pierson is sill trying to plead insanity to this crime and has been for the past few months. they keep getting the court to give them more time for some reason they keeping dragging it out. I thank u for coming here tho because the other guys name seems to be the only one everyone is remembering. well both names will forever be stuck in my head and i am glad that pierson will not just get the title of the victim of iagulli.


  85. Tonya says:

    Actually guys it’s not just me who would be willing to testify against him I know of at least two others who would, both tried to befriend him and help him out but he scared them off with his behavior. One lived in the same apartment house as he did and knows he beat the girlfriend he had previous to me.


  86. brubru2 says:

    thanks tonya I wondered about his history please call the prosecutor I really think there are more victims there was a body…head and torso found in the river down stream from that warehouse nothing has ever been said about it- did he know Iagulli from ohio?


  87. brubru2 says:

    pierson was back in court today its continued until 3/2


  88. thinkgoat says:

    Thanks for the info, Bru – I would like to believe Tonya followed through with her word of going forward.


  89. brubru2 says:

    tonya why was pierson in st. louis? you mentioned 5 states he has been in was he a wonder’r like Iagulli? what was he charged with in the other states? do you know how long he was in st louis? and was there anything like this murder in the other places he had been? please email thinkgoat and get intouch with the prosecution


  90. brubru2 says:

    thank you tonya for step’n up- I know if you are talking to the prosecution you cant post back here- so thanks for coming forth with info


  91. Tonya says:

    Well I did contact them through email and by phone, but no one ever contacted me back so I guess they’re not interested. I assume with the evidence they have they think they have a pretty solid case. As far as I know he didn’t know Iagulli until he ended up in East St. Louis. James has been homeless and a transient for most of his adult life, but his birth certificate says he was born in Columbus Ohio. He has a juvenile record there. He mentioned a girlfriend in Florida that had pressed charges against him there. Here in Virginia he has domestic abuse and failure to obey a court order charges. In Missouri he was convicted of sexual battery as for Kansas he may have been using an alias, so I’m not 100% sure he has a record there. Most of this info you can find on the internet if you do a Google search for James Edward Pierson.


  92. brubru2 says:

    thank you Tonya for trying and the info- im not sure what they are doing with the case- I still think there are more victims


  93. cousin says:

    As of yesterday James Pierson was found fit to stand trial. The next hearing for Iagulli states hearing plea of guilty so hopefully this case if finally moving forward. I cant wait for the day these two are senteced to life in prison for what they did. To bad IL no long has the death penality because that is what they deserve.


  94. thinkgoat says:

    That’s encouraging news, Cousin. Thank you for keeping us posted.

    How are all of you holding up?


  95. cousin says:

    I think we are “ok”. Some better than others of course. I believe we will all be better after these two are senteced and zach has some justice. As we all know tho murder trials can last forever. Cant believe that it has almost been a year since we all woke up to this nightmare.


  96. […] The evil overtook me here. […]


  97. Phil says:

    I am just finding out about this….

    I was introduced to Dennis (DJ) at the age of 12. (I am 27 now) He was a very caring guy, very nice, patient. He had very big dreams. You could see the stars in his eyes. We would walk everywhere in town, take the bus to places. He always seemed to know the workings of everything. NEVER once though did I see the side that everyone knows him for now. I am in utter shock and disbelief that this has happened. Although it did, I’m guessing that he fell on hard times. I tried to keep up with him through the years with little to no findings of him. Then I see this.

    To the family of DJ, he never liked you. You never accepted him as a gay man. We had so many chats about this subject.

    To the family of the victim, I have lost family members to senseless violence. I feel your pain. But after years of it all sinking in, an eye for an eye truely does make the whole world blind.


  98. thinkgoat says:

    Phil, I’m really glad you didn’t include me in your little “eye for an eye” lecture because I’m holding out hope Dennis gets fucked up so badly in prison that he suffers every single day for the rest of his pathetic life.


  99. cousin says:

    @phil, really stars in his eyes what kind of drug was is slipping you. I think you prob saw the twinkling of a sick evil man. Senseless violence yes but lets remember that this plan of your friends was premeditated. Did you not find it strange that a 25 yr old man took such interest in a 12 yr old boy. Well i find it creepy that a 25 yr old man was talking about his sexuality with a 12 yr old boy. this should have been a light bulb moment for somebody. I would consider myself lucky that u lost contact with him otherwise you prob would have been raped and left for dead too. so the eye for an eye thing well that is out of our hands but i do hope god finds a special corner in hell for him. If he dies a slow painful death to get there so be it.


  100. brubru2 says:

    well the sick bastard is going to get a jury trial
    11/14/2011 at 8:30 am Courtroom 410 [Jury Trial (Felony)] ** APPEARANCE COMPLETION PENDING **
    10/19/2011 at 1:30 pm Courtroom 410 [Hearing Motions] ** APPEARANCE COMPLETION PENDING **

    still no word on if there was other victims- there was blood other then Zach’s found in the warehouse and never no more mentioned about the head and torso found down from there in the river and cousin you are soo right- phil did you know Iagulli in Ohio?


  101. brubru2 says:

    one yr ago yesterday r.i.p Zach


  102. thinkgoat says:

    Wow, one year. That seems unreal, Brubru.


  103. ladyjustice84 says:

    Wow, what weird freaks! I’m really sorry for Zack’s family. I have to admit, I didn’t read all of the posts but have they had a trial? What became of all of the like father like son criminal mastermind crap?


  104. Phil says:

    He never slipped me anything, and being from a small, poor town you use slurs that some others may find offensive. I, at the time, used those and homophobic ones at that. He taught tolerance for others, and never ‘introduced me to that lifestyle’, but if i had a question, he was willing to explain. He took interest in me because I was troubled and he helped me through a very tough time in my life. He never once took advantage of me. I was never put in a questionable situation with him.

    I know Dennis from his time in Kentucky.


  105. thinkgoat says:

    @ Phil – Your paragraph was pertaining to Dennis?

    At what age did you know Iagulli and how long did you know each other?

    Sorry – I’m going to pelt you with questions, I hope you’ll come back to shed some more light on his background.

    Did Dennis display any anger issues? Were you shocked to hear that he’d brutally and savagely destroyed a human life?

    We’ve seen pictures of Dennis in a “home” setting – what was he doing hanging out at abandoned warehouses along the Mississippi River?


  106. cousin says:

    James Pierson will also be facing a jury trial on October 10. Wow, that is less than a month away. Hopefully and finally there might be some closure to this.


  107. Phil says:

    Yes, Think, my paragraph was pertaining to Dennis. I knew him for right at about a year. He lived with my next door neighbor. He was always very calm, and willing to open up and talk. (He was the first gay man I, so of course I had questions) He was always very eloquent in the way he spoke, had a clear plan on what his life entailed, and was very thorough in everything he did. All in all, (please family members of the victims, dont shoot me for this, because I’m trying to give you an accurate portrait of Denis) he was a very nice guy.

    I didn’t find Dennis, per se. He found me in a way. He was staying with my next door neighbor and he had this drawing power, like you wanted to be next to him. Like I said previously, he had big dreams.

    I found this site and information over a year ago and it still haunts me to this day, a person that could have allegedly done this to another person helped shape the fabric of who I am as a man today. My dad was a bit of an absentee father, Dennis helped fill a void for around a year, helping me with science projects, teaching me about the economy, philosophy, the way of the world as he had travelled a long way. So, to be quite honest, yes I was, and still am shocked that he could do something like this.

    I live, and met Dennis in, Owensboro, we are right off of the Ohio River, not the Mississippi.

    I’m not sure where my neighbor met him, but if memory served correctly I had met James as well. James was a cross dresser. He was ‘Jamie’. I had only met him a couple of times though, he was very in and out.

    If you have any other questions about him, I have a pretty impeccable memory of my life at that point, so if you have another question, I’ll come back again a lot sooner and answer.


  108. Bubbs says:

    Iagulli was sentenced yesterday to 35 yrs,


  109. brubru2 says:

    iagulli cop’d a plea notice how he removed himself from the murder- pierson will tell a dif story next month- the sick sob had the best lawyer around to me they didnt need iagulli’s plea they already had the story and phil he was so wonderful what do u think of what he admitted to let alone what he didnt


  110. thinkgoat says:

    Frankly, I don’t believe that he wasn’t a part of the murder. And I’m curious, since he was being all “honest and shit”, why he didn’t elaborate on why they felt the need to mutilate Zachary’s body.

    Pierson’s trial will be interesting – we’ll see what he has to say…if anything.


  111. brubru2 says:

    and maybe tell what happened to the other body parts- both post and belleville demo say some of the body parts were burning and I still remember the torso they found in the river 2 miles from that ware house


  112. brubru2 says:

    pierson has been found guilty in his jury trial and again it is reported a head torso and a leg was found burning where the hell was the other body parts sentencing july 30


  113. brubru2 says:

    zach would have been 25 yesterday


  114. brubru2 says:

    phil most murderers try to seem normal and thank you for posting I found it interesting they bastards knew each other before the streets of east st. louis- weither u think it or not you prob. would have ended upike zach
    Iagulli testified he wasnt at the warehouse when zach was killed but I still remember he posted on my space that day he claimned that after being exhausted from rape’n zach he thought he better go eat after returning from eating james was waiting for him under the metro and said they had a mess to clean- but I DO REMEMBER the myspace post funny he wasnt questioned on how and where he posted from I also remember there was another name spray painted on that ware house wall by pierson and Iagullis prob is another victim or got the hell out in time-

    one good thing that came from zach’s death is these 2 are off the streets and cant do this again phil u need to that God this didnt happen to you


  115. I really Think that posting, “Dennis Iagulli and
    James Pierson – You Just Dont F**k With That Kind of Evil Crime Crawlers” was in fact correctly written!

    I personallycannot see eye to eye together with u more!
    At last appears like I actuallycame across a webpage worth browsing.

    Thank you, Brittney


  116. brubru2 says:

    zach is at rest he has a beautiful stone with his pic on it


  117. […] And just to show you what exactly Loki saved me from I’ll link you to these articles about my ex-husband.… or […]


  118. thinkgoat says:

    I’m bumping this thread in hope of hearing from cousin and brubru.

    Hope you guys are doing well – drop me an email.


  119. michael iagulli says:

    My uncle dennis iagulli he is a fucked up son of a bitch im pissed he is a nasty motherfucker and he deserves what he gets he needs put on death row



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