By Trinity

Albuquerque, New Mexico In today’s world there are a lot of really stupid people. If you go to your local discount store to buy a hairdryer, it has a note attached on the cord that warns of death if used while using in water. Now, that seems pretty straightforward to me. There are actually a lot of different products that have such warnings; coffee pots, can openers, curling irons, table saws, except one. No where could I find in my car manual that it would be harmful if I left my child in a car that wasn’t running and went to my appointment. So, does the car company have any liability? Ehh, not sure. Oh what a pleasure it would be to take the car manual and smack Stephanie Pinon straight across the head. What the fuck where you thinking? DUH!!

How the hell do you forget to take a child out of the car? Especially when there are two of them? Damn, any parent with a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old KNOWS the noise decibel is over-the-top when you have two children. You take one out of the car and the other one instantly bursts into a screaming tyrade because you got the other one first. As a parent of many children, I can remember wanting to get out of the car when the children were screaming and curl up in the fetal position and chant la-la-la-la, but I never did. I happened to love my children but I really loved that fucking Barney tape that I could pop in and suddenly, you could hear a pin drop and then, instead of fighting and screaming, you hear these little voices that belong to these cherub faces singing the I love you song. Ahhhh, how tranquil. So you would think that the simple assed twit would figure out that when she started across the parking lot that she had an empty hand. Shit any mother KNOWS having an empty hand is something to be excited about. If she was to dense to notice when walking across the parking lot, she should have noticed when she say opened the door and didn’t have to shuffle things around. You would have thought that if she signed in to what the fuck ever appointment was so damned important that she forgot the 2-year-old that she was able to pick up the pen and scratch out an “X” with relative ease that something was missing. Well, you would be surprised.

Stephanie Pinon, (27) went to the Early Childhood Learning Center at the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute on Coors Boulevard in Albuquerque, NM for a 9:30 appointment with her two children, a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old in tow. When she exited the van, she removed the 4-year-old and went into the building, forgetting to get the 2 yr old, who was still secured in her car seat; the heat that morning had already reached a sultry 84 degrees. When Stephanie and the 4-year- old returned to their van, she found her daughter unresponsive. It has been reported that she started screaming for help and that center employees went outside to find Stephanie and her daughter who was not breathing. The center employees took the child inside and was said to have started CPR and called 911. The child was left in the vehicle for approximately 2 1/2 hours and it was estimated that the temperatures inside the van reached 128-135 degrees. The child was then taken to Lovelace Westside Hospital where, sadly, she later died.

Stephanie was taken downtown to the police station for questioning, inquiring minds wanted to know what the fuck she was thinking. She has been charged with child abuse resulting in death. Fortunately the 4-year-old was released to Children, Youth and Families Department, people Stephanie was familiar with, however, it is uncertain in what capacity.

Hopefully, CYFD will not only keep this child in a protected home but get this child some counseling. For the death of the sister will forever be present in the 4-year-old’s mind. As for Stephanie, may she have her baby making equipment ripped out thru her noise and that whenever she closes her eyes, may she see that dead baby.

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  1. deadmyron says:

    Aww! Look at her sad little young innocent face. She would look so much better with my grubby little fingers around her throat. I think of that ‘hot box’ on Cool Hand Luke and wonder if they have one where she is going. If not, they should build one and that is where she should spend every daylight hour…not dying, mind you…just experiencing what she put a little baby through.

    Good first article!


  2. thinkgoat says:

    Thanks for the first article, Trinity. Awesome job.

    As crazy as it sounds – some parents do forget their children. How? I don’t know.

    A couple of years ago there was an elementary school teacher who’s morning routine was interrupted – her infant fast asleep in the backseat of her vehicle. She proceeded to the school as normal not even realizing she’d not been to the daycare yet. When she returned to her vehicle after her long day of teaching her child had died. She was…well…completely fucked up. It was completely unintentional.

    A lady who used to work with me left for vacation and got to the state line before she realized she left one of her young children at home by himself. No shit. Awesome mother – she just got so distracted and caught in other shit…she packed everything and checked shit off the list…who thinks you need to sometimes include the number of children you’re toting?

    There are clear-cut cases of intentional neglect – the idiots who put their children in a vehicle and park it in the casino lot and gamble all night without having to pay a babysitter…it’s difficult to say if this young twat was intentional in her actions… either way, her child is dead and charges need to be applied regardless. The severity should depend on their findings…

    I’m curious as to how she had a “relationship” with child services – was it her decision to get some form of parenting classes or did they make their presence know as a “surprise”.


  3. Lazlo says:

    Welcome aboard Trinity!


  4. Evil Twin Jess says:

    I have seen stories similar to those TG referenced, and I agree those cases are clearly innocent but horrible mistakes. I myself admit to having come home with a child having fallen asleep on the way and walking inside alone. But as Trinity said in the article, most mother quickly realize something is not right. Anyone who has children who have spent the night away from home knows the silence is deafening when you are used to noise from kids. Within minutes of being in my house, I realized what I had done and ran back out to my car. I do not think that makes me or anyone who has done similar a bad parent.

    What I have a hard time with in this story is that Stephanie had two children, but only “forgot” one. This seems odd to me for a number of reasons. How did she get the four year old out of her carseat and not plainly see the two year old sitting right next to her? It seems odd that even a busy, stressed out mom could forget in the amount of time it takes to walk around to the other side of the car. Also, did the presence of one child not remind her of the other? A similar rule applies to multiple children as the rule I stated above, one missing is very noticeable. Unless she routinely spent time with the four year old while the two year old was elsewhere, I have a hard time understanding how she went through her entire appointment without noticing she was short a child. I want to believe that is the case, but the fact that she took the older child (who could have attended preschool, explaining her often being absent outings) coupled with the statement that she had a “prior relationship” with child protective services, makes me wonder if this really was the mistake of a forgetful mom.


  5. robi says:

    It’ ashame how so many people can be so judgmental.How is it that you all can just get on the internet type up all kinds of bullshit that you don’t even know about. Maybe if you got you facts straight you all would’nt be so ignorant and type all these awfull things of this poor young lady that has lost her child. It may sound impossible yes, but she is not the first person in the world that this has happened to and through no fault of thier own. You all ignorant people should do some research before you talk out of of your ass. This young lady has family, Imagine her family seeing the crap yall right about her I am sure it is heart breaking. My advice to you all is Let GOD in your heart and hopefully this never happens to you or any of your loved ones because its a known FACT it happens and onlt the man upstairs knows why! Who the hell are you all to judge!! May God Bless you all…


  6. annon says:

    So judgemental she didn’t put her kid in the car her husband did and her 4 year old got out of the car on her own this woman wouldn’t harm any child she is an amazing mom who had more patience then anyone I know


  7. sergio villa says:

    I cant believe they let such a stupid person , Trinity , write such an article ,with out knowledge of all the facts !


  8. thinkgoat says:

    Well Serg, what are all the facts?

    In July, 2010 (which is when this article was written), Trinity included the facts that were given at the time, which are sourced.

    Did you notice those things or did you just want to come on this site and flex your muscle?


  9. scorpiogril says:

    Ah how I miss these blogs


  10. Israel piñon says:

    For those who bash my wife I feel sorry for Yall! You guys have nothing , no facts except what you ignorant people saw on News Media


  11. thinkgoat says:

    Would she like to give us an interview?


  12. Stephanie A. Piñón says:

    I would absolutely give an interview.



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