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Lake Cushman, Washington I know better than to “read more” on a child abuse story. I really do. As anyone who’s read me for a long time knows, I hate these stories but believe in exposing the monsters who prey upon them. I’m just not the person for the writing job. They affect me deeply and once I get sucked in, I become so consumed with what the hell drives adults to do these things that I end up writing them. And I would have looked over this story with hope someone else would pick it up had it not been for the picture of this darling little girl and the words, “slashed throat”. And after reading about a dozen police accounts, mother’s statement, and probable cause report, I was so disgusted and sucked in that I had to tell little 5-year-old Clare Louise Shelwell’s story.

On vacation with her mother, sister, and stepprick Peter Wilson, an argument over discipline (between adults) ensued sparking the most tragic and extreme “solution”.

Police state they initially received the report of an 18-year-old with an accidental cut which was quickly amended to a child…and no accident. When they arrived, paramedics were already on-scene and Clare was lying on her back in a pool of blood, the knife present, with a nearly decapitated head. Her throat had been slashed.

Clare’s mother stated she and Peter had been arguing in their vacation rental when her resourceful hubby decided to exert his authority and took Clare downstairs to the kitchen. It was only after this “diagnosed” bi-polar assfuck slashed the 5-year-old’s throat, that Sarah Wilson heard screams and ran down to find her baby holding her throat, dying on the floor…with the famous words of Peter ringing in her head telling her, “not to worry” and that he would “take care of things.” Well, one thing’s for sure. He sure as fuck did.

Police found Peter Wilson outside the rental, covered in blood and sitting on a swing in the gazebo. He admitted to his involvement and was arrested without incident.

As if the actual murder of a child isn’t horrific enough, the recurring theme of “bi-polar” is. I don’t give a fiddlyfuck what ailments an adult has – it makes my pussy sick to see the mainstream media using this as some form of excuse. In a letter written to and published in the Vancouver Sun, it doesn’t sound like Sarah Wilson is willing to use this mental deficiency as an excuse for the hidden monster she married.  At the time of the publishing of the letter, Peter Wilson had not been formally charged so the news organization redacted his name. Sarah didn’t have a problem stating that shit though. She called the fucker out as any mother should.

Let’s hope the judicial system sees this as one of the most god-awful acts committed against a child. Let’s hope Sarah gains the strength to take the stand and describe the screams emitting from her little Clare as this child clutched her neck and fell to the cold hard floor and died in a pool of her own blood. Let’s hope the jury gets to be sickened by the crime scene photos of a once precious child who’s head was damn-near severed by a knife-wielding motherfucker with zero ability to deal with children being children. And finally, let’s hope the punishment is painful followed by a quick death for this 29-year-old.

Here’s an excerpt from the 911 call placed by Sarah Wilson, a nurse…

Wilson:”My daughter’s throat has just been cut. I need you to come right now! I can’t stop the bleeding.”

911 operator: “OK, what’s the address?”

Wilson: “I don’t know. Near Cushman Lake. I don’t know! I don’t know where!”

911 operator: “Ma’am, you need to calm down and give me an address, or we can’t come.”

Wilson: “North Cushman Lake- she’s bleeding so much, I can’t stop it. Oh, my God! Oh, my God…Oh my God, my baby.”

911 operator: “Keep pressure on it, please.”

Wilson: “You have to come right now.”

911 operator: “Ma’am, we’re getting people en route right now, OK? … Hang on. We’re dispatching the fire department right now.”

Wilson: (panting) “You have to come now, please.”

911 operator: “Ma’am, they are. Please keep pressure on that wound. Don’t take anything off of it.”

Wilson: “Oh, my God, please. I don’t think she’s breathing.”

Wilson tried to calm down enough to explain to the 911 operator what had just happened.

911 operator: “How did this happen?”

Wilson: “My husband took a knife to her throat.”

911 operator: “Your husb- purposely?”

Wilson: “Yes.”

911 operator: “Where is he now?”

Wilson: “He’s here, but he’s away from her.”

911 operator: “Does he still have the weapon, ma’am?”

Wilson: “No, he does not.”

911 operator: “OK, where is the weapon?”

Wilson: “It’s on the floor in the kitchen – where I am, not where he is.”

911 operator: “OK, where is he in the house?”

Wilson: “He’s sitting in the next room, but he’s pretty docile right now.”

911 operator: “OK, why is he so docile?”

Wilson: “Probably because he’s in shock over what he just did.”

Wilson: “She is not breathing.”

911 operator: “OK, then you’re going to get her some air. Is there anybody else there who can hold that bandage on while you tilt the head back and give her CPR?”

Wilson: “Yeah, but I’m going to have to keep the phone down.”

911 operator: “OK, just keep it as close to you as you can, and let me know what’s going on.”

Wilson: “Nothing is getting through to her chest. When I breathe through her mouth, it is all exiting out through the gash in her throat.”

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  1. Jean says:

    The sick fucker needs to have his own throat slashed.


  2. ravenblackehart says:

    He needs to get every part of him slashed, slowly.


  3. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Damnit. Can’t do it for the same reason you made yourself do it, TG. I didn’t even read past “Read more”. That sweet little girl’s face is not allowing me to read about the horrible things that were done to her. 😦


  4. Yarddog says:

    This fucker should have to die like Clare did. Awake and aware that he was dying. It makes me long for vigilante justice.


  5. thinkgoat says:

    I just reread the 911 transcripts and ache. I hate this story.


  6. Lazlo says:

    Amen Jess. I can’t do the crimes against children either. I just skip over them. That which has been seen cannot be unseen, right?

    The problem is, these asswipes are the ones who deserve to be named and shamed the most! So anyone out there who feels like they can stand to wallow in that insanity, and is capable of hanging two sentences together in a literate fashion – submit a story to TG. She will pass it around the committee, and if we like it, you’ll be a famous published writer, and get hate mail of your own!

    Come on! What can it hurt? These victims need a voice.


  7. peeperann says:

    I can’t. Because all I want to do is KILL THE MOTHER FUCKERS who do these things in the most painful, slowest way possible.

    I mean like peeling the skin off, then cutting thru the muscle, then bones, ect. And doing it slowly enough they live thru it all till the very end.

    Bi-polar my ass. Bi-polar does not a murderer make. He’s a monster period. I know many bi-polar people (including one of my daughters) and none of them are violent. Messed up? Sure they are. Do they hurt themselves by doing stupid things? Yes, a lot of them do. Drugging, drinking to try to kill the pain. But they do NOT violently attack anyone, especially small children!

    Sigh, now all I can think about is the ways this bastard should die…..


  8. thinkgoat says:

    Holy fucking shit. Don’t listen if you’re easily disturbed by this sort of thing. They just released audio of the 911 call.

    [audio src="" /]

    It’s one of the most disturbing and heart-wrenching things I’ve listened to. And the audio is such you can hear the air exiting the gash in this child’s neck as the mother frantically attempts resuscitation of her daughter. The call is 23 minutes.

    Here’s an extended transcript of the 911 call but it doesn’t include the vast majority.

    This 911 operator is fantastic. He remains cool, calm, and collected.

    911 operator: What’s going on ma’am

    Wilson (screaming): Oh my God, my baby, you need to send an ambulance right now

    911 operator: You need to tell me what’s happening and calm down

    Wilson: My daughter’s throat has just been cut. I need you to come right now! I can’t stop the bleeding.

    911 operator: OK, what’s the address?

    Wilson: I don’t know… by Cushman Lake.

    911 operator: North, south of Seattle Lake?

    Wilson: I don’t know! I don’t know where!

    911 operator: Ma’am, you need to calm down and give me an address, or we can’t come.

    Wilson: North Cushman Lake- she’s bleeding so much, I can’t stop it. Oh, my God! Oh, my God…Oh my God, my baby.”

    911 operator: Keep pressure on that cut now, keep pressure on it, please.

    Wilson: “I can’t stop it, please, you have to come right now.”

    911 operator: “Ma’am, we’re getting people en route right now, OK? … Hang on. We’re dispatching the fire department right now.”

    Wilson: (panting) “You have to come now, please.”

    911 operator: “Ma’am, they are. Please keep pressure on that wound. Don’t take anything off of it.”

    Wilson: ( crying) “You have to come now, please. Oh, my God, please. I don’t think she’s breathing…Please, please, please….

    Wilson (panting): Please, please, please, God….

    911 operator: How’s she doing ma’am?

    Wilson: She’s barely breathing, she’s barely breathing.

    911 operator: Ok get her on the floor, on her back

    Wilson: She is on her back, but I’ve got her head up, the cut is on her throat…you have to hurry up please, you need to come now

    911 operator: They are on their way ma’am, I dispatched them out.

    Wilson: You need to send the police too

    911 operator: They are getting there ma’am

    Wilson: She’s breathing but it’s really, really ragged and infrequent

    911 operator: Is she changing colour?

    Wilson: She’s really pale, I’m cradling her

    911 operator: Ok I want you to keep pressure on that wound, whatever you do, don’t take the rag off, if it gets soaked through, put another on top of that…

    Wilson: Ok I started on that

    911 operator: Ok keep doing that, we have people en route now..either monitor her breathing very closely, if she stops breathing I need to know right away…is she conscious and alert?

    Wilson: No she is unconscious, not alert of anything. Respiratory rate is 4 to 6 a minute

    911 operator: Does anyone there know CPR in case she stops breathing?

    Wilson: I’m a nurse but the gash on her throat is so big there’s no way it would work. I don’t know if [bleeding] is under control

    911 operator: “How did this happen?”

    Wilson: “My husband took a knife to her throat.”

    911 operator: “Your husb- purposely?”

    Wilson: “Yes.”

    911 operator: “We need law enforcement on that call. Where is he now?”

    Wilson: “He’s here, but he’s away from her. This is what I said you need to send police too…I haven’t really examined the wound, she’s still breathing…hang in there baby, hang in there.

    (Talking to someone in the background)

    911 operator: What’s going on with her right now?

    Wilson: Her respiratory rate seems to have improved a little bit. She’s still pale, but conforming with the rest of the colour of her body

    911 operator: What did you say her respiration was?

    Wilson: Approximately 8 a minute now.

    911 operator: “Does he still have the weapon, ma’am?”

    Wilson: “No, he does not.”

    911 operator: “OK, where is the weapon?”

    Wilson: “It’s on the floor in the kitchen – where I am, not where he is.”

    911 operator: “OK, where is he in the house?”

    Wilson: “He’s sitting in the next room, but he’s pretty docile right now.”

    911 operator: “OK, why is he so docile?”

    Wilson: “Probably because he’s in shock over what he just did.”

    911 operator: how’s she doing now?

    Wilson: Breathing is becoming faster, but definitely more shallow. You need to move right now.

    911 operator: They are ma’am

    Wilson: ETA?

    Wilson: I can’t give you an ETA, ma’am. Stand by.

    Wilson talking to another person in the room (“Is she breathing? Yeah. Can you see the wound..can somebody stay out front, get Arthur out front?)

    911 operator: Ok ma’am, is there someone there with you?


    911 operator: Is there any way they can get him out of the house

    Probably, why?

    911 operator: Because we don’t need him the house

    Ok, the only complication with that is if we do that there might be a second

    911 operator: If you don’t think that’s safe to try and get him out of the house I don’t want you to do that, i’m just giving you some ideas.

    Wilson: “She is not breathing.”

    911 operator: “OK, then you’re going to get her some air then. Is there anybody else there who can hold that bandage on while you tilt the head back and give her CPR?”

    Wilson: “Yeah, but I’m going to have to keep the phone down.”

    911 operator: “OK, just keep it as close to you as you can, and let me know what’s going on.”

    Here is the part where the it gets confusing…it seems that another woman is now talking on the phone with the 911 operator while the mother is helping the daughter, but can’t confirm who this woman is.

    It does not look like she’s breathing

    911 operator: So dad is in the other room?

    Yeah…the air is just coming right through her throat

    911 operator: ok, stand by, I will talk to my unit

    Wilson (in background): Oh my god, they have to hurry now!

    911 operator: What happened when you tried to attempt CPR?

    It sounds like the air is going right through her throat…I can’t feel her chest rising

    (crying in the background)

    Wilson (in the background): Nothing is getting into her chest when I breathe through her mouth, it’s all exiting in the gash in her throat! She is not breathing, she is not breathing, hurry up! Goddamnit! You have to hurry!

    911 operator: Ma’am we are getting there as fast as we can, please try to get some air into her. Is there someone helping you?

    Continue with the CPR, Sarah

    911 operator: Can you feel a pulse, a heartbeat, anything?


    Wilson (in the background): Her chest is not rising at all, the gash in her throat is too big, they have to hurry up!

    911 operator: They are coming as fast as they can

    Wilson (in the background): Give me another rag, oh my god, my baby..

    911 operator: Are you guys the owner of the property?

    No we’re renting the cabin for the weekend

    911 operator: What started this tonight?

    I don’t even know, I was gone, I just got back here

    Wilson (in the background): Please, they have to hurry!

    911 operator: Ma’am do you feel comfortable moving her out of the house at all?

    I don’t think that’s a good idea

    Wilson (in the background): There’s no difference, she’s dying!

    911 operator: Is the dad still in the house?


    911 operator: What is he doing?

    Sitting on the floor

    911 operator: Is her alert at all?

    Wilson (in the background): It’s not him, you need to get the ambulance here for her!

    911 Operator: Ma’am.


    911 operator: Can you get her outside? If you can get her outside away from dad, we have a better chance of aid coming in without law enforcement

    That’s not important, that’s not relevant

    911 operator: Ma’am can you get her outside?

    There’s no point in that

    911 operator: Why is that?

    He’s not doing anything, he’s just sitting on the floor

    Wilson (in the background): Where are the paramedics?

    911 operator: I can’t make my units come in without law enforcement being there

    There’s nobody here

    911 operator: We need to do something to try and save her

    If he leaves, can you come in?

    911 operator: Yes

    {Speaking to dad): Can you leave? (To operator): He’s leaving

    911 operator: Tell him to get as far as he can but stay in the area

    (She repeats the instruction)}

    911 operator: Is there vehicle he can go sit in? Is he out of the house?


    911 operator: Someone needs to tell me where dad went now

    He went to other side of property, he’s sitting outside

    911 operator: How far away?

    He’s literally non-coherent

    911 operator: I know, please answer my question. How far away from the house is he?

    The next lot over…Ok listen to me she has not been breathing for approximately 10 minutes at this point, if the paramedics don’t get there stat she is not going to survive. How far out are they?

    911 operator: I’ve advised paramedics Dad is out of the house. Does he have any weapons on him?

    No he has nothing.

    911 operator: Ok, stand by…What’s going on with her now?

    She’s dead. We’re doing cpr but she’s effectively dead unless they’re here now.

    911 operator: Are you there ma’am?


    911 operator: Are you doing CPR and chest compressions?

    She’s just doing CPR can’t do chest compressions while she’s doing CPR

    Wilson (in the background): How far out are they?!

    911 operator: Can you give me description of male?

    5’8”, 250 pounds, brown hair, shorts and a polo shirt, I can’t tell from here, I really wasn’t paying attention

    911 Operator: You were not there when this started?

    I was not there, no one witnessed it

    911 operator: Is the Dad still on the other property?


    Wilson (in the background): We can deal with legal ratifications later! Can we please not have this be about a homicide

    Sarah, the mom, is doing CPR

    911 operator: How many people are in the house?

    Two of us, Clare and two people upstairs

    911 operator: What are the people upstairs doing?

    There’s another daughter, she is upstairs with my sister-in-law, trying to keep her away from this scene

    911 Operator: how old is the daughter?

    Clare is 5, maybe 6

    911 operator: Is that the one with injury?

    Yes..(says to Dad): They want you to stay where you are

    911 operator: How old is victim?

    Clare is 5

    911 operator: Who’s there, ma’am?

    The paramedics and police

    (Sobbing in the background)

    911 Operator: Alright ma’am, i’m going to let you go now


  9. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Alright, I just read the fucking thing. I told myself I would just keep up with the comments, but then I read the 911 transcript and had to know what could possibly lead to this.
    I am deeply, deeply sorry for this child and her family. I honestly can’t even express everything I felt reading that 911 transcript. My kids are about that age and I just can’t even fathom the feelings that mother was having while she was trying to save her child’s life.
    I agree the bi-polar excuse is nonsense. No one cares if he’s bi-polar. As Peeperann said, bi-polar does NOT a murderer make. The monster has to be there to start with. It also troubles me that he was allowed to take the child to the kitchen alone when he was obviously not in an appropriate state of mind to be dealing with a child. These types almost always show signs before they do something like this.
    I don’t care if this child was the worst possible discipline problem, I don’t care if she was tearing the house apart and hitting and biting people. She was a CHILD and there are about a billion ways of disciplining a child without nearly taking her head off.
    I really want to cut a hole in this guy’s throat so the air comes out and then point and laugh while he struggles to breathe.


  10. thinkgoat says:

    In one of the articles I read, it said the girls were both wonderful children. That even a lady at McDonalds commented on what well-behaved children they were.

    I’m now very interested in how long Sarah and Peter had been married and the length of their courtship.

    I also read where the bio-father had given up all parental rights to his girls. (I’ll go back and see if I can find that link). So here’s the million-dollar question. Say you fall in love with a man (or woman) who appears to be “normal” by everyday standards. Even IF/WHEN diagnosed with bi-polar…they’d been taking their medication and you’ve never witnessed any strange behavior. At what point do you allow the new “parent” to assume some disciplinary authority? Or do you? I’d say, more than likely you do. Otherwise there’s no chance of melding as a family unit. There are bound to be arguments/discussions with how to discipline a child who will constantly test the boundaries. Even the best of children do to some extent. It’s not been disclosed whether there were any warning signs – but I’m not ready to blame the mother for allowing him to take Clare with him. Not without more information. Perhaps she thought he was just going to speak to her…I don’t know. I cannot fathom her letting him take that child to another part of the house if she feared what might happen. Jesus. I’d certainly hope that wasn’t the case.


  11. thinkgoat says:

    It’s the 2nd source I referenced, the father James speaks to the press. I did read somewhere else he gave up his parental rights but I cannot locate that source.


  12. Evil Twin Jess says:

    I wasn’t trying to blame the mother, I just think it’s odd if this came out of nowhere. It would be very strange for this man to have never shown any signs of being excessively violent or out of control, and then suddenly do something of this magnitude. Normally there are signals there before something this extreme happens, but I also realize people become blind to a lot of that when it is someone they love. I, too, would like to know how long he and the mother have known each other and been married.
    In a case like this, even if I thought the mother was less than diligent about his actions in relation to time spent with the child, I would never blame her. Nothing can ever come close to what she went through that night and what she will go through for the rest of her life.


  13. thinkgoat says:

    I’m generally the opposite – I’m quick to examine the mother’s role. I’m always quite skeptical of their role.

    The thing that really really gets to me, mothers always seem to “go on” after a failed marriage and although she’s had enough time to “fall in love”, I don’t ever think it’s ample time to examine how they are around other children. What’s that timeline? I haven’t a clue. Is 6 months sufficient? I doubt it. Don’t know. Is a year? Again, who knows. But what I do know by nature of dealing with these stories for so long, it seems women are blinded to subtle signs their new partner may give off. And if there are signs, are they recognizable to the point of causing grave concern?

    There’s a local story/case that’s still in pre-trial, a mother met her new love online and moved in with him…with her young daughter. 3 days later, the daughter is dead from blunt-force trauma. This shit happens all too often, the carnal needs and desire to be with someone overrides better judgement and “love” blinds what should never be ignored. The needs of the children. The safety of the children. So I think your original question was a very normal one to have, ETJ. And had I not read the 911 transcripts and then listened to the call, I would more than likely be slightly skeptical of the situation as well.

    There are several things to examine with his fucker….had he been drinking while on his medication…had he been “set off” by something else? I’ll tell you one thing, it takes a lot to grab a knife, hold that child, and damn near cut her head off.

    I sat in the parking lot tonight waiting for the Goatman and I tried to imagine what that poor little girl went through. She obviously knew she was in trouble…and having to follow this guy probably expecting to have an unpleasant discussion or to have her bottom spanked. I imagine the trip downstairs was agonizing. Then the confusion, seeing him grab the knife (or hearing it). And knowing what had happened because reports state she had grabbed her neck.

    I really hope this fuck is placed in general population – and I hope his final days are made as miserable as humanly possible.


  14. 2noakiller says:

    I just read this article. I know that James got together with Sarah right after she had Claire. I’m just sick to my stomach and have not been able to get the mental picture of this monster doing this to this poor little girl. I, myself, knew James as a coworker for a short period of time, and met Sarah and her beautiful girls. He was married when he got involved with her, and I do know that he and his previous wife never wanted children. Such a tragedy… He will get what’s due to him… my heart goes out to Sarah….poor sweet Claire …


  15. thinkgoat says:

    Thanks for coming by, 2noakiller. I’m not quite sure what I’d be thinking had I been a coworker of someone who had the capability to murder…let alone an innocent child.

    If you don’t mind me asking, did James have anger issues that you noticed at work or was he just an ordinary guy? As you can imagine, those of us who have delved into Clare’s story can’t wrap our heads around this. Nor any crime committed against a child.


  16. 2noakiller says:

    Hi. I do recall him saying that he did have an anger issue. I didn’t know he was bi-polar, shitty reason for a defense. He was a little odd, how can I say, kind of immature and quorky. I knew him for only about a year, but knew of him through friends who had worked with him for many years before I worked with him. I would have to say that I myself, didn’t feel comfortable around him if no one else was around. I don’t know why, just a girls’ intuition. I keep racking my brain and remember that when he married his first wife, I use to say to him, you’ll change your mind and want kids, and he told me not unless he had a reverse vasectomy. So obviously there are reasons why he shouldn’t have been around children. This has been all too consuming for me….hits too close to home. I’ll never wrap my mind around this.


  17. thinkgoat says:

    I like to call it the “hinky meter” going off. Although certain people give no reason in which we feel uncomfortable, the hinky meter still goes off the chart – I’ve run across a few myself.

    I don’t know if you listened to the 911 call, 2no, it was chilling to hear that this asswipe was sitting on the floor, within view, as the mother and her sister (?) were attempting to keep this child alive. It was chilling to hear the calm voice, in a normal speaking volume, telling him he has to leave the house. It’s a 23 minute glimpse into hell that hopefully not a single one of us will experience first-hand.

    I thank you for coming back to address the questions I posed. Please feel free to “sound off” on this thread anytime – we’re generally not this “nice” when it comes to people who do these things – I think it’s the insane nature of this crime against an innocent child that has us reeling from disbelief as well.


  18. shelly says:

    I listened to the call and felt ill, I think the mother should have found where the stepprick was- a relavent question, after all he just slit an innocent childs throat! Regardless of his “illness” I hope the fucker rots in the deepest depths of hell!


  19. Darling Violetta says:


    This poor, sweet angel.

    I do have to wonder if this prick had incurred some sort of frontal lobe brain injury in the past. This before, event, and after behavior of someone who is having a psychotic episode due to a TBI at the frontal lobe.

    Regardless of the reasoning in his mind….

    There’s not pit in hell deep or hot enough for this sick son of a bitch.


  20. thinkgoat says:

    A B.C. man has pleaded not guilty in a U.S. court to killing his five-year-old stepdaughter by slashing her throat.

    Peter Wilson, 29, of Abbotsford, entered the plea Monday. Wilson has been held in a Washington state jail on a charge of first-degree murder since Clare Shelswell’s body was found in a pool of blood on June 27 in a vacation home in Hoodsport, Wash.

    Wilson’s lawyer Ron Sergi said his client’s bipolar disorder and his state of mind at the time of the killing may be used as a defence.

    “We’re still exploring that,” he said.

    Sergi said the not-guilty plea was procedural because the defence has not seen police reports in the case yet; he is hoping to receive them this week.

    “Once I get those, we’ll be able to have an intelligent conversation with Mr. Wilson,” Sergi said Monday.

    Wilson, who was handcuffed and wearing a bulletproof vest in the courtroom, mostly kept his head down during his brief Monday court appearance and answered only to the charge.

    Sergi said the vest could be for his client’s protection, but he hasn’t heard of any death threats.

    “Police don’t share that with me, necessarily,” he said.

    County prosecutor Gary Burleson said Monday that state officials want Wilson to serve an “exceptional” sentence if convicted in the slaying, which means he would spend more time in prison.

    Burleson said officials filed a notice of intent based on mitigating factors, including Clare’s age and helplessness, the cruel nature of the murder and the horrific impact on her family.

    But Burleson confirmed that Wilson — who has both Canadian and U.S. citizenship — will not face the death penalty if convicted of the slaying.

    “It’s not in the case at this time. First-degree aggravated murder carries the possibility of the death penalty. This was not first-degree aggravated murder, this was first-degree murder,” he said.

    “Aggravated murder” includes killing a judge, killing more than one person in a premeditated manner or committing a robbery with intent to kill, he said.



  21. Lynn says:

    I can’t and won’t read the story! I did read all comments though and he needs his neck slashed and bled to death slowly! I can’t imagine what this mother is going through, its making me sick just to think of what had happened. That poor baby girl! May that sweet child RIP!


  22. Evil Twin Jess says:

    The bi-polar defense is bullshit and it makes me want him to die even more painfully if that is possible just for considering using it. Being bi-polar does not make one a murdered and is not an excuse.

    And “his state of mind at the time of the killing”? Are they fucking serious? If that was any kind of defense, no one would ever go to jail for murder, because obviously no one who murders is in a good state of mind at the time!

    About the death penalty, I don’t really care. It’s too good for him. The best thing they can do in my opinion is send him to maximum security for life and leave him in general population. His fellow inmates will take care of him.


  23. Kuriko89 says:

    That pisses me off! Being bi-polar is NOT an excuse! I should know I AM BI-POLAR!!!!!! FUCK THAT SELF RIGHTEOUS, WORTHLESS, NO GOOD, LOW DOWN PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! (As you see I was calm up until the point of finding out his FUCKING MORON of an attorney wants to use that to his defense!) There are a PLETHORA of people out there with bi-polar disorder but you don’t see THEM killing somebody OR using that as an excuse! UnFUCKING believable! If I have to DRAG that fuck tard to hell MYSELF I will! Make no mistake about that!


  24. julie woods says:

    this is something of a nightmare … think goat is ee what you mean by exposing this piece of trash.. tht precious lil girl didnt have be done this way . bipolar? BULLSHIT!!! thats the problem with this world try to blame a sick ass crime on a mental disorder! tht’s really is low . sorry for the abusive language jus thoroughly pisses me off after all i went through and to see this child fall to this fate it saddens as a mother to know what monsters like tht do but most of they are getting three hotts and a cott.. fry the fucker i say!!!


  25. thinkgoat says:

    Never apologize for use of language on this site, Julie!

    This was such a horrible story and it’ll be interesting to hear his defense. I can almost guarantee they’ll attempt a “temporary insanity” plea using his “bi-polar” condition. Just fry the fucker indeed. And soon.


  26. elizabeth bridges says:

    i agree with julie and a few more of these writers, he needs his throat slashed slowly, just like the colored lady in south carolina that killed her 2 lil boys and then put them in the car and let the car go in the river,it gets so tiring hearing mental illness, if they kill someone then they are aware of it and don’t need to blame it on any illness


  27. nick says:

    I hope people on this forum don’t paint all people who suffer bipolar disorder with the same brush. Being bipolar is no excuse for killing an innocent child, I would be more curious to see if he didn’t suffer from a schizophrenia that would cause him to do such a terrible thing. people who suffer from bipolar disorder are FAR more likely to harm themselves than others, its a terrible disease.


  28. thinkgoat says:

    Nick, we paint all fuckers who do horrible things to children with the same brush and it’s infuriating to think this particular one will use Bipolar as part of his defense.

    I will search for the article – his ex-wife was interviewed and she stated she had no clue he had a screw loose…had no idea he was bipolar, etc. We’re not bashing those who suffer with this disorder but rather a system that’d allow someone to get a lesser sentence (if convicted at all) while blaming his actions on his defect.


  29. julie woods says:

    nick i see what you are saying and to be . alot of people perfectly healthy tend to use mental disorder as a insanity plea or what ever… but as for that fucker : well i say fry his ass, take him in the middle of a field and throw him in a behive pain is all i wish for him ..


  30. julie woods says:

    thinkgoat how are ya ? thanks for making me welcome here you rock !!!!!


  31. thinkgoat says:

    Hey Julie, I’m doing just fine, thank you! And I hope you know you can come visit us any time you please. You’re always welcome. =)


  32. thinkgoat says:

    A B.C. man was sentenced to more than 55 years in a U.S. prison Friday for slashing the throat of his five-yearold stepdaughter while vacationing in Washington State.

    Peter James Wilson, dressed in white prison-issue clothing, quietly listened to Mason County Superior Court Judge Toni Sheldon as she sentenced him to 640 months in prison, with an additional 24 months for use of a deadly weapon in the slaying of Clare Shelswell.

    The judge outlined the reasons for Wilson’s “exceptional sentence,” citing Clare’s vulnerability, the stepfather’s abuse of trust and the destructive nature of the crime for the family.



  33. Juggalomama says:

    Okay, so, I read the comments and noticed noone else said anything like this. Now I realize that I don’t know where they were in relation to the fire/police department but.. WHY THE FUCK DID IT TAKE 23 MINUTES FOR THEM TO GET THERE!!!! They were actually there in about 15-20 but they wouldn’t go in without police!? HE WAS SITTING ON THE FLOOR WITH NO WEAPONS!!! OUT OF IT!!! IF THEY HAD ACTUALLY GONE IN TO TAKE CARE OF THE DYING BABY WHEN THEY WERE “IN THE AREA” SHE COULD HAVE POSSIBLY LIVED. WHAT THE FUCK!!??!?!?!


  34. […] True Crime Report article BC CTV News article and video Crime Crawlers article […]



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