By ThinkGoat

Kunkletown, Pennsylvania You’re pregnant and you start having contractions. Your loved one is not with you so you call, a little freaked-out and wanting reassurance everything is going to be fine. In a normal world, the loved one promises to high-tail it home and arranges for someone to get to the house who may be a little closer. And if it’s become an emergency situation, they call 911 and defy the speed of sounds getting to the hospital so as to not miss this special moment. In a normal world. But when it involves a 13-year-old girl, her 30-year-old boyfriend, and a self-induced abortion with a pencil, the normalcy goes out of the window and the bizarre takes hold.

Michael Lisk started having a sexual relationship with this girl when she was merely 12-years-old as she lived right down the street. Lisk’s father stated he thought his son was friends with the mother. What fucking mother under the sun would allow a 30-year-old man to hang out with their young daughter? And how the fuck didn’t she know what was happening between them? Come on, a horny guy, a love-struck little girl…those signs are impossible to ignore. Even for a blind person.

When it appeared the girl was pregnant, this young thing started with the plan of aborting the fetus. With a pencil. They haven’t said…yet…but I imagine this was a two-headed decision and that Michael didn’t do much to encourage her otherwise. I say this because he didn’t seem to be too surprised nor upset when he was telling her over the phone to “push hard” resulting in that bloody booger making it’s splash into this world via the toilet.

Once it was clear she’d given birth, Michael allegedly told her to lovingly clear its mouth and if it wasn’t breathing, start gentle breaths and little compressions until the emergency crew got there. Oops, normal world insertion there, sorry. No, he told her to put the slimy thing in a bag until he could get there. And allegedly, that’s exactly what she did…put the baby in a bag, sealed it for locked-in freshness, and threw it by a tree. The baby was later picked up by Michael and walked down the sidewalk (because he can’t drive due to his fondness of driving and drinking troubles) and buried close to his house.

As if this little saga isn’t strange enough, naturally that pencil used to promote the abortion caused the little girl some physical issues. After a few days of not getting any better, her mother took her to the hospital (pediatrics unit) where the medical staff quickly realized she’d recently given birth. And she admitted so. Michael was tipped off that the authorities were high-tailing it to his house by receiving two phone calls. One from his young lover. One from her mother. What.The.Fuck?

Instead of running, Michael quickly explained to his father, who’d given him a roof over his head, exactly what was going on and went ’round back, dug up that sack, wrapped it in a couple of blankets and set it out for the State Police. The only normal part to this story is his father’s reaction. He’s hoping the authorities will keep his son in jail and that it’s past time for him to get his shit together. The only thing the Sr. Mr. Lisk is wanting is for people to consider the 13-year-old victim in his son’s wake. “Above everything else, everyone ought to have concern for this child right now,” said the distraught older Lisk. “The whole thing sickens me. How could any rational human being walk down the street with a baby in a grocery bag?” he asked. “Everybody is safer because he is in prison. This is where I feel he belongs.” Amen “We raised him differently. He chose the path he chose. I cannot be responsible for what my 30-year-old adult son does,” he said. “There is no doubt in my mind that he has psychological issues.”

Lisk is charged with rape of a child, statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, corruption of a minor, concealing the death of a child and abuse of a corpse. He’s admitted to having sex “hundreds” of times with this child. What is equally disturbing about this case is the State’s inability to relay through bond amount, how these crimes will be taken seriously. Michael Lisk’s bond was set at $50,ooo for 110 sexual offenses. Way to go. That sends a clear picture. It’s better to rape and impregnate a young girl, encourage a homemade abortion, and instruct that child to throw the baby away like a used tampon than it is to sell an ounce of pot.

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  1. thinkgoat says:

    The autopsy results came back a day early. The child was male and was believed to be dead upon birth. The official cause of death is intrauterine fetal demise. They’re not stating how many weeks gestation the baby was.

    Michael Lisk’s Myspace pages

    Cached myspace


    Probable cause statement

    Love his last FB status: Mike Lisk I dont know what I want to do with my
    future.But I know I’m not gonna waste today complaining about my life on

    Nope Michael. They don’t allow Facebook in prison



  2. Evil Twin Jess says:

    “They’re not stating how many weeks gestation the baby was”

    This was my first question. The way the articles are written makes it sound like this baby looked like a baby. So I’m guessing she was pretty far along. This makes it all the more grotesque to me. It’s sick and disgusting either way, but if she had been early in her pregnancy and the “abortion” had just resulted in a large blood clot being flushed down the toilet, we would never have known anything about this disgusting situation. I guess in a way the girl is lucky she and her boyfriend are as dumb as they are.


  3. thinkgoat says:

    Intrauterine fetal demise is sometimes used to describe a fetus past 20 weeks gestation but they would not commit to an age because an investigation is ongoing.

    At 20 weeks, a “baby” weighs about 10.5 ounces and is about 10 inches head to heal.

    They choose these phrases very carefully. He would have been more than a blood clot for them to determine a cause of death


  4. Miss Bella says:

    This is sick & the 13 year olds mother should also be charged with being a fucking worthless mother… Facebook post was interesting.


  5. Karrie says:

    Wow… “at least Mike was decent enough to bury it”… SERIOUSLY?! That is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.


  6. Karrie says:

    Decent-adj: kind; obliging; generous:

    —Does burying an aborted baby in a grocery bag sound decent to you? Didn’t think so.


  7. Evil Twin Jess says:

    LMAO! I wish that Lara bitch was on this site. “He didn’t kill the baby the girl did” and “not focusing on the truth”.

    Ok, let’s focus on the truth. Your 30 year old friend had sex with a 13 year old girl hundreds of times by his own admission. He obviously didn’t use protection because he knocked her up. Then, no, he did not kill the baby. He instructed this child to stick a pencil up herself and “push hard”. Over the phone. And let’s face it the only reason he buried the baby instead of leaving in by the tree is because it was too easily found just laying in a bag out in the open.

    Yep, that all sounds real decent to me.


  8. thinkgoat says:

    Absofuckinglutely, ETJ. There’s no way a child of that age has a firm grasp of what an abortion is nor how it works. You’re right on track with thinking the instructions came from him (or mommy).

    Michael Lisk is so decent: he picks up that sack of flesh and walks it down the fucking sidewalk. I wonder if he swung it back and forth during his stroll. Peeked inside. He’s a fucking child predator who likes to fuck small children. Period. What in the hell can a 30-year-old man find attractive and sexually appealing in a child that young? It’s far from a natural attraction.

    His apologists can tell the world what a nice guy he was until they’re blue in the face. Just like his son.


  9. Karrie says:

    I will Lara would make an appearance too 🙂


  10. Karrie says:



  11. Lazlo says:

    I wonder if he tried to fuck the dead baby?


  12. ThinkGoat says:

    Haha. Thank god it was male, Laz


  13. Lazlo says:

    “Haha. Thank god it was male, Laz”



  14. Karrie says:

    Yah, if he sodomized that child what makes you think he wouldn’t do it again? –Sick fuck. I hope his dick gets ripped off and shoved up his ass in prison.


  15. Concerned says:



  16. thinkgoat says:

    Whoa, you must really be pissed to keep your caps lock on. Or are you of the moron type that can’t figure out how to take it off?

    Why don’t you tell us the “full story”. I realize you know Michael very well but hopefully not too well. You two didn’t sex it up, did you? You having a little lover’s jealousy? (Please say “no” – brothers and sisters fucking each other kind of turns my stomach…unless they’re hot. I’ve seen Michael’s picture and that pretty much ruined the whole thing for me)

    We’ll be waiting…


  17. Naomi says:

    So what happened with this? I tried Googling it with no luck. Just old article on it. Um, he is a sick fuck, and I hope he gets raped many times in prison and gets herpes of the eye.


  18. Anonym_us says:

    I have known Mike for many years. He was always disturbed. I never thought he would do something like this, but it does not surprise me. At one point in his life, he was a very nice man. He lost his mother, and after that he was never right in the head. He was a pervert to the fullest and creepiest extent. I always tried to avoid him and he would always find me. What he did is disgusting and he deserves his time in jail, nor do I want him out in my area again. He is the last person I’d want to see around here. However, that girl is fucking sick too, Regardless of whether or not Mike “convinced” her to do something, she still did it on her own accord. I know for a fact that when I was her age, nothing could have convinced me to kill a fetus in my body with a pencil. She did that herself, she stuck the child in a bag, her shame was part of the murder. Sick people in this world. More sick when you have known them almost your entire life. Enjoy your stay in jail Sir, you need it!


  19. nomess says:

    Walks to Mike’s cell and slides a fresh pack of razor blades under his door….happy birthday….time for you to go.


  20. Doug says:

    I met Mike while in prison on a marijuana trafficking charge. I never asked him his offense, and Never would have thought this was it. Mike has become a model inmate and has improved his way of thinking from how he must have been so many years ago. We spoke about his alcohol and drug problems and how they had messed up his life. I honestly thought he was incarcerated for vehicle manslaughter, because of the length of his sentence. I will not judge him on his past, nor try to excuse it. However, he is a good person now and I will continue to wish him well. When I met Mike, he had already served 5 years behind bars, in case someone might be wondering. He behaves in a mild fashion and is well spoken. Mike keeps busy in prison by helping others deal with their problems. Helping other inmates overcome hardships and their own demons they may have. This takes up much of his own time when he could be doing what he would prefer to be doing, but he is Always there to listen, and offer good moral advise when able. He is an excellent asset to the inner workings of the correctional facility. He helps inmates be more positive about the problems they may have and how to perhaps fix them, or at least change their own way of thinking to be better people themselves. No one is perfect, and Mike does not act in a way to make one think he believes he is either. I wish Mike well and have faith he will continue to be a positive role model in the future. I also hope when he is released, he will have the opportunity to be the best person he is able to be. Thanks for reading, and hope you can forgive him. Sober Mike, is a decent human being and deserves to show this to anyone interested. Take care, be safe!!


  21. thinkgoat says:

    @Doug – That’s a nice post to read. Some use their incarcerated time to go further down the rabbit hole and a smaller percentage actually grow up and use that time to make amends. (or as close to it as possible)

    Good luck to you, too, Doug. Thanks for the update.


  22. doug says:

    You’re welcome for the update. I do hope the girl involved here is healthy, physically and emotionally as well. I pray she is as able to maintain a normal life for herself. No idea if she received punishment also, but hope she has found peace by now.



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