By Lazlo

Sacramento, California I am sure most of you will have heard of this Stand-off, and it’s successful completion, before reading this article.  For those of you lucky bastards that actually have a life instead of sitting around soaking up crime news, let me bring you up to speed.

Sacramento law enforcement spent 55 1/2 hours molly-coddling a straight up schizo who took a 15-month-old-child hostage. Anthony Alvarez, 26, decided to go Masada when police arrived to arrest him for possible involvement with three robberies and a shooting of a police officer. At the end of the siege, police dropped two “flash-bang” explosives on his ass. Alvarez fired, and the cops finished the job.

Yeah. They knew him.

It seems that Alvarez was not a stranger to mental health officials. He had been living in transitional housing prior to his meltdown, and reportedly was having trouble finding work. When he was cornered, he was staying at his cousins apartment. The sources I have found do not say why Anthony was no longer living at the “home”. Was he kicked out for being too bat-shit crazy; even for a lunatic halfway house? Was he behind on the pittance of rent these places charge? Or was he in sufficient possession of his faculties to realize that robbery and cop shootin’ were crimes, and that he had best hide out for a while? At the moment, we just don’t know.

What we do know is that when the police came knocking, Alvarez picked up his 15-month-old nephew and barricaded himself in the apartment. It turned into a classic stand-off, as the police waited outside and tried to figure out how to end this without pissing off the diaper wetting crowd, and Anthony fluctuated from being lucid to crazy-as-a shit-house-rat.


Alvarez managed to stop traffic on a busy thoroughfare and displace the residents of the other 81 apartments in the building. For two and a half days! And it’s not like he was sitting in there quiet as a church mouse, conducting negotiations for his nephews release. The reports out of Sacramento state that there were episodes – yes, plural – episodes of gunfire exchanged. This wing-nut would talk for a while and then pop a few shots of at the gendarme I guess.

It is not clear when the Commander gave the order to use deadly force. But when they finally moved against Anthony, the reports make the scene seem pretty intense. One or both of the flash grenades blew an 18″ hole in the wall. One of the swat deputies looked in the hole, and Alvarez saw him. Alvarez fired. The cop fired back, hitting Anthony – who continued to fire. Additional deputies entered through the windows and successfully terminated the operation; one grabbing the child and covering him, another neutralizing the suspect. A radio transmission from inside the apartment said “the suspect is dead”. Chalk one up for the good guys.

So now a bit of commentary. I suspect I will get some mental health apologists responding to my blatant insensitivity in referencing our “troubled” “victim”. I will be told that mental illness is a disease, like brain cancer or diabetes. I will be told that with proper care it can be controlled, perhaps even cured. And all of this will be true. What the Nancys will overlook is that this was a man who was in the system. He was being “treated”. The news reports are that he hadn’t taken his meds for a month!

Jesus fucking Christ, people! Don’t you get it? This guy was dangerous. He had evidently been institutionalized, because he was in a “transitional” facility. He left the facility, stopped taking his happy drugs, and he flipped the fuck out. How does this happen? Too often we are lectured about the humane treatment of the profound mentally ill. We are schooled on their rights. All they need is treatment, it is said. Well, the treatments failed. Somehow they let this lunatic loose to run amongst us. He was ok’ed to be “transitioned”  back into society. There is too much failure in the mental health industry. From the Napoleonic bum who freezes on the street to this asshole who uses his nephew for kevlar, we are doing it wrong! But I’m getting off point, so back to this example.

Where's Atticus?

At the point we pick up this story there is no “treatment” anymore. At this point, sometime after the first shots are exchanged, you take off the stethoscope, grab your rifle, and put down the rabid dog. Because it doesn’t matter what form of fuckupedness the perp displays; be they a sociopath, a psychopath, a schizophrenic, or a blacked out drunk; when a certain line is crossed you respond to the behavior with the most effective and efficient means available. God Damn us when we let our views of  “humanity” and “sensitivity” get someone else’s mommy, daddy, little buster or daddy’s girl killed.


Lead Photo thanks to The Sacramento Bee

  1. deadmyron says:

    Another great job, Laz. I can’t help but feel that the dog picture has some esoteric meaning…just can’t place it. Looks so familiar…

    I don’t shed any tears over assholes like this. When a child is involved and placed in this kind of danger, his life is forfeit.

    Where the FUCK have I seen this dog…lol!


  2. thinkgoat says:

    Hey DM – It looked familiar to me as well and so I asked Laz where he got it…rabid dogs!


  3. Lazlo says:

    The neat thing is, when I drop the comments down, there are Carl and B-Town; Together again on the same page. Ahhhh, the good old days.



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