By: Deadmyron

Greenwood, In. You know those real cool sites that you can go to with the trick pictures?  You may see one thing, but it’s something else entirely?  Know what I’m talking about?  The twenty-three year old woman (yeah 23) pictured above is actually a piece of shit.  She gave up all rights to be a human when she slammed her 10 month-old daughter to the pavement, head first, in an apartment parking lot in Greenwood, In. last Thursday.  Now you can see the piece of shit can’t you?  Isn’t that amazing?

Things have sure changed since my childhood.  Where I grew up, this bitch would have been a speck by the time the police arrived, and know what?  Nobody would have seen a fucking thing.  The mentality being that no punishment can ever fit the crime.  Since the court can’t do it, they would.  Fuck treating someone like this ‘humanely’.   Does it seem that the more humanely these people are treated, the more monstrous their acts have become over time?

Now old Kayla Neighbors here, got the attention of her neighbors by screaming hysterically that she had dropped her baby on the ground.  Of course, concerned neighbors came to her rescue.  One of the neighbors took little 10-month-old Aryana Neighbors and the neighbors collectively concluded that Aryana was just fine.  It was at this point that the baby was returned to her slop jar of a mother.  Things went horribly wrong at this point.

Neighbors’ neighbors (c’mon, I had to) and police reports allege that at this point she got that “got a cracked-out look on her face.”   Kayla slammed her baby head first onto the concrete.  Several of the neighbor’s were traumatized by the noise made when the child’s head hit the ground.  I would have been one of them, but only after I finished stabbing her.

“It was just like a rock on concrete,” witness Mary Jeffers said.  “It was bad for all of us to see.  She just picked her up and threw her down.”

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After Kayla attempted to kill the only good thing that ever came out of her snatch, she became hysterical, not that too many people were paying too much attention to her at this point, though.   Aryana had all the attention, some neighbors ran for first aid supplies, others tended to the baby as Fly Paper Thighs screamed about her husband being dead.  In actuality, a search subsequently located daddy John, though it was not said where he was found.  I could imagine they found him banging his head against a tree, screaming “Why?“.   Although John was away from the house at the time of the incident, he was charged with neglect.  Apparently, both these crazy kids like smoking a little Methamphetamine once in a while.

The good news is that Aryana is already out of the hospital after being treated at a local hospital.  She is now with her paternal grandparents who said Aryana came home Saturday after being treated for a fractured skull.  Let’s hope she does well and never has to see that wretch of a mother of hers ever again.  More good news, Skankella remains in Johnson County Jail, where hopefully someone will crash her head against the concrete and save the Johnson County a trial.

There is a bit of bad news, though.  Kayla Neighbors is six months pregnant!


  1. thinkgoat says:

    What pisses me off (besides this cumbucket’s actions) is that Child Protective Services was called at the time of the baby’s birth because the child tested positive for Meth. The fucking case was closed. Lazy sacks of shit. They’re lucky this baby didn’t die and they better be there to yank the new baby from her uterus as soon as she feels the first cramp. Don’t let the bitch touch that child.

    One of the coolest intros to a story I’ve read Deadmyron. At first I just saw an ugly bitch with glassy eyes…then after that first paragraph, you’re right, I saw shit.


  2. deadmyron says:

    Someone in CPS better have covered their asses. I would be screaming for blood. Thanks for the info, TG.


  3. thinkgoat says:

    I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge CPS doing some good – BUT – there are too many cases where they drop the ball and children end up dead. Fuck, one who’s slipped through their wide cracks is way too many.

    Excellent write-up Deadmyron.


  4. Karrie says:

    WHY THE HELL DO WE EVEN HAVE DCFS? They obviously can’t even do their fuckin job with is to protect children from pieces of SHIT like her. I seriously want to punch this meth whore in the face!! God she needs to have her head slammed on the concrete a few tiems and the neighbors can just stand around and watch.


  5. Lanie says:

    According to the police report, doctors discovered Aryana had a second, previous skull fracture that had since healed.


  6. Lazlo says:

    I hate stories like these, and very rarely read them. My world does not suffer for not knowing. But you sucked me in, DM. Stellar write up. Thanks a fucking lot!


  7. deadmyron says:

    Yeah, this was a tough one to write, Laz. So many people are desperate to adopt a child, yet this cock-rotten gutter slut gets to be a parent?


  8. shelly says:

    I would love to be in the same cell with this bitch for just an hour!


  9. grandma says:

    This was denied by riley hospital. She is being re-checked on Thursday and hopefully all will be doing well. Thank you all for your concern. She is much more beautiful than the hospital picture!


  10. thinkgoat says:

    Grandma, thank you for coming on with an update. We’ll continue to send all the love and healing thoughts to Aryana and to all of you who will fight to protect her.

    Please come back and keep the updates coming. As we cover so many stories, we rely heavily on our readers when it comes to that end. And we love happy endings which we so rarely get.


  11. Lanie says:

    Darn, I feel really stupid, but I copied and pasted that from our news channel in Indy. Sorry for the false info. Thanks Grandma for the update and welcome.


  12. thinkgoat says:

    Don’t feel that way, Lanie. I know as well as anyone, varying news sources give out different information. It happens way too much. With some very in depth stories, I’ll research a dozen sources all with incredible differences.

    I love that you’re posting information that you find. It helps us tremendously. I generally post a link with any update so others can go read it as well.

    Thanks again.


  13. deadmyron says:

    Grandma…thank you for the update. This made me sick to write. I can’t even conceive of someone being so evil. I hope little Aryana never has to see that demon again. I would like to ask a favor. Would you please give her just a little kiss on the cheek for me? I am so glad she’s doing alright. Thank you once more and God Bless!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Kayla says:

    Im Kayla Neighbors and i just want to say fuck you deadmyron! Guess what? Yeah i did my time, 3 and 1/2 years in prison, but i came out on top. I been out for 2 years now and im doing great! Got custody of both my girls and couldn’t be happier! They’re both unbelievably smart and the most beautiful little girls I’ve ever seen. And guess what else? They both love me “to the moon and back”. So fuck you and your judgemental comments, what skeleton you got hanging in your closet? Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Mine’s turned out quite amazing. And yes, maybe it did take prison time to get me off the drugs, but mother fucker im clean and sober for 6 years now and im back!! Look at this piece of shit now!!


  15. thinkgoat says:

    The date on this article was 2010, back when you were pretty much a piece of shit and before you miraculously reinvented yourself and your perfect little life.

    A real winner would admit they were shit at the time but hey, I don’t expect you to get that.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. deadmyron says:

    So Kayla, still alive and kicking, I see. And cocky as hell! Ain’t that precious? What were you doing? Googling your name, just for kicks? Did you expect to read endearing platitudes and superlatives? You fucking power bombed a baby on the concrete! You can be as proud as you want, but that fact will never change. I’d have a bit more respect for you if you were less cocky and more apologetic. Fuck you back, Kayla! Next time you wanna practice your rasslin’ moves, try using a doll.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. thinkgoat says:

    Oh Dead dude, I want you to rassle Kayla. My money would always be on you.

    Liked by 1 person


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