By ThinkGoat

Pittsfield, Illinois Some children are just dealt a shitty hand from the get-go. When some children should be off playing with other children, riding their bikes, climbing trees, they’re left having to worry about raising their parents. When some toddlers should be learning to walk, learning to talk, getting weaned from a bottle or pacifier, they’re instead having to teach their parents lessons on behavioral issues like: it’s not nice to bite. And society doesn’t look fondly on any parent who can’t seem to recognize their own need for a chew toy and instead uses the flesh of their children to satisfy the urge to gnaw.

Heather Ator was arrested late Saturday evening after authorities received two 911 calls and was charged with aggravated battery to a child.

According to Heather’s aunt, she’s a loving mother who’d never spank her children, never yell at them, the quintessential June Cleaver type mother who’d never dream of doing something such as this to their 18-month-old child. Well Ms. Martin, if she was such a peach of a mother, why the fuck didn’t she report the 15-20 bite marks that appeared all over that child’s body? Why did it take the act of another person (or people) for authorities to be called and this child’s safety considered? She knew about it and remains completely perplexed how those marks got there – dumbfounded as to who repeatedly bit that child.

Although this 25-year-old mother has other children – at least one other as pictured on her Facebook page (which is currently open to general viewing), there’s a pretty distinct difference between a child’s bite marks and an adults. So before anyone starts assuming it was the older sibling who was role-playing as Clifford, let’s go with the authorities inclination to believe the impressions from the pearly-whites were that of an “adult”…and I do use that term lightly. Also, according to her last “status” on her Facebook page,

Heather Ator only trying 2 be me……$hit gets me n trouble everytime…..perhaps i should be sum1 else 4 awhile…??

Impersonating the neighbor’s pitbull isn’t working out so well for you, pumpkin. Why not try Wanda the Good Witch? Or maybe a real mother – one who protects their children from assholes and at the very least, seeks medical attention for a couple dozen human bites…

Believe it or not, parents do abuse their children in various ways – biting being one. Hell, I featured an over-zealous father who bit his young boy’s eye out. The shit happens – it’s real – it’s horrible abuse. And nine times out of ten it’s either the mother, the father, or the mother’s newest sex-toy who has the tolerance of a gnat.

Again. The mother acknowledges seeing the marks all over her child. Take a look at the picture – and 18-month-old has very little body surface (that is until it comes to cleaning shit off them – then multiply that surface by 30%). It’s easy to see that one bite mark would stand out, let alone 15-20. It’d be hard to conceal that area via clothing on a child unlike Mr. Goat can when I’ve finished with him. But that’s consensual.

Heather Ator remains in the Pike County jail and is being held on a measly $20,ooo bond.

I tip my hat to whomever tipped off the police – you may well have saved the lives of two children.


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  1. thinkgoat says:

    Thank you to a couple of astute Facebook contacts for the lead on this story.


  2. Lamplighter says:

    Amazing. A.m.a.z.i.n.g. The horrible things people do to their children are just beyond belief.


  3. tina says:

    It makes me sick to live in a town where something like this has happened. i will never understand how people can hurt their own children. not only did she bite her child repeatedly, but apparently, according to the news, she burned her with cigarettes, and dragged her around on the floor. this woman should rot in jail for the rest of her life, and those poor little babies should be given to someone who will take care of them. heather needs to be burned, bit, and dragged around on the floor. maybe someone will do that to her in jail.


  4. crtial_rn says:

    I normally would generalize and say, “that’s (insert county) for ya” but in this instance I’m not about to. I know too many awesome mama’s from Pike County that would claw your eyes out with a pair of nail clippers if you so much as looked at her kids wrong.

    I’ve been around the block more than a few times and have seen alot of shit either in the field, the ER, to the ICU. I can honestly say that I have never heard nor seen a child that has been snacked on. I cannot imagine them tasting good as they are many fat. Maybe she was on a bad trip and thought that she was acting out the Hansel & Gretal story.

    Hopefully she will remain in jail on that measly amount that they call bond. If she is any relation to the Ator’s that have all the farm land and such, she might be free as we speak having a snack. hell, she is probably sitting around with that wonderful Aunt watching herself on the boob tube, calling everyone she knows thinking she is famous or something. Hell, I don’t know who all saw the news cast but the Aunt was grinning ear to ear when she was talking to the reporter about how many bites there was. When asked how many she said she didn’t count them. When the reporter asked if there were more than five she had a michevous little grin and said, “Yea”. Then he asked if there was more than ten, she grinned some more and said “Yea”. When asked if there were more than fifteen, once again, “yea”. Poor thing would have been as famous as her niece had she just put her teeth in. Oops, maybe she hid them because they just might match up. Hmmmmmm


  5. thinkgoat says:

    They’re little bags of mostly water. Maybe she was dehydrated?

    There have been several stories of children being bitten by their caretakers. (or those suspected of filling that role) It’s not terribly uncommon but very troubling.


  6. Karrie says:

    “Bio I’m…I guess you’d say a lil different.. ”

    That was on her facebook page… She obviously wasn’t fucking joking!


  7. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    I saw that news cast also, critical, and I was like you! I said “what the hell is she smiling/giggling about?” Couldn’t believe it. Why don’t these people look straight in the mirror when they get these psychotic urges and tell themselves “No, I can’t do that!” Makes me sick. Where were her parents, the babies grandparents? How could anyone not do something?


  8. deadmyron says:

    I think the public could better deal with this than the courts…know what I mean?


  9. thinkgoat says:

    There are those in the public who’d attempt to justify her actions and make apologies for her (alleged) actions. They just need to move out of the fucking way. Give her to me for a few minutes. That’s all it’d take.


  10. kevin harrell says:

    I’m sad to say that I’m related to the babies father and the prick is taking her side although he can’t say how the abuse happened either.I just want to say I hope someone will step up and take those kids as far away from both of them as possible. Those kids deserve better than having to ever look at them again. I hope she rots in jail.


  11. thinkgoat says:

    Kevin, thanks for posting.

    We’ll see how the Pike County justice system works – and DCFS. Hopefully IL will not be so complacent as to return the children to this mother. If indeed she did this (and I know it does happen – arresting the wrong person, blah blah blah – it’s merely a stepping stone to bigger and more effective child abuse.


  12. Parents can hurt their kids. This is the sad truth. There is always a battle between good and evil when it comes to parenting. May good prevail this time.


  13. shelly says:

    The babies grandparents are no prize pigs themselves! I went to school with grandma and auntie…can you say… backwoods white trash?


  14. leAnn says:

    I cried when I heard this story at work. Within 24 hours I think all of Pike Co. knew what had happened. Supposively she had to have a rape kid done because she had a yeast infection so severe that they thought she had been “messed with”. I sat down that night and looked at my babies and I bawled. I don’t see how you could do something so HORRIFIC to someone so PRECIOUS! I’d die so my kids wouldn’t have to be hurt like this…then this mother conflicts the pain on her own baby ?!? Psychological issues maybe? Who the hell knows…she should have delt with it. I don’t know heather, and don’t wish to. I don’t know her parents, or the baby’s dad. But I do know that someone stepped in, and tried to save this baby. I just hope the screwed up system we have these days will straighten out for a minute and deal with this girl the way she should be handled. As small as this town is, when she does finally get out, she will probably wish she was still in jail. Her face is all over the net, the news, and there is talk about her in every office, school, and home in pike co. I wouldn’t want to be her…NOPE!


  15. Jlas10 says:

    ok guys she wasent the 1 who did it she addmitted to it but it wasent her she got forced to take the charges u dont kno the whole story this is just what ppl r making it out to be so u guys need the whole story the teeth marks on the baby did nt match hers so u guys can get over it she didnt do it so yea


  16. thinkgoat says:

    Try complete sentences and some punctuation – maybe your point would get across better.



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