By Lazlo

Temecula, California I’ll admit to being prone to moral outrage on a daily basis. I turn on the BBC news broadcast on PBS simply to yell at the television. I have a definite idea about what is right and wrong, and it seems that modern society slips further away from my ideals with every passing season. Where is John Wayne when you need him?

I came across this gem while perusing one of my favorite news sites, and my righteous anger indicator went off the chart. A man, and I am assuming a good man, has landed himself in a world of trouble for letting his anger to override his better judgement. William Atwood Sr. has been charged with multiple felonies for doling out a bit of justice to a 23-year-old man that sent pictures of his cock to William’s teen-aged daughter.

Let me just say right off the bat here (due to TG’s nagging unfailing professional advice) that what William allegedly did was “illegal”. That means it is against the law, and therefore a “crime”. Whatthefuckever. I am a father, with daughters, and I can’t help but applauding the actions of this man.

According to the news reports, the 23-year-old-pervert, Justin Moore, admitted to sending pictures of his genitals to several friends. Mr. Atwood’s daughter was among them. He said it was a joke. You know, ha ha, real fucking funny. It must have something to do with my age, or perhaps my status as a father, but I fail to see anything remotely humorous about sending pictures of your junk to under-aged girls. But then again, Saturday Night Live hasn’t been funny to me in decades either, so go figure. Mr. Atwood agrees with my assessment. He wasn’t amused.

According to to the article, William reported the picture to authorities. But before the detectives could investigate (It doesn’t say how long the interim was. I am sure they were right on it. I’ve had some experience in these so called “investigations”, and nothing happens unless you become a major pain in the ass.) Mr. Atwood claims that Justin showed up at his place unannounced. I am sure Mr. Atwood was aware of the illegalities of the situation, and tried to cover his ass.

This claim was debunked by phone records that showed Mr. Atwood called an hour before Justin arrived, bolstering Justin’s story that he was invited to talk about the picture. To his credit, Justin knew he was walking into a shitstorm, because he sent a text to his friends saying where he was going and “if he didn’t get back, let everyone know”.

Like this, but nekkid!

So it seems dad got tired of waiting for the “proper authorities” to “investigate”, and called our cyber-exhibitionist to come over for a little talk. According to Moore, when he arrived at the Atwood’s house our hero met him with a shotgun. (Great start!). For the next hour, William proceeded to scare the holy shit right out of the deviate. He made him strip, and trussed him up with wire ties. He told the reprobate that he had friends on the reservation, and that he was going to bury him where he would never be found. He even got to see the young man flop around when he used a stun gun on his shoulder for a while. Now at this point, I’m guessing dad’s aim could be improved some. If it had been my daughter, the shoulder would NOT have been the target. Let’s light up that equipment he is so proud of!

After holding Justin for over an hour, Atwood turned him over to sheriffs deputies. They found him bare ass naked, bound and “extremely frightened”. Laughing. My. Fucking. Ass. Right. The. Fuck. OFF!!


Of course, as I mentioned earlier, it is against the law to take justice into your own hands. So instead of giving William a ticker tape parade, and declaring the entire month of May as William Atwood – The Badass Dad That Every Dad Wishes He Could Be month, he was arrested on charges of  making criminal threats, false imprisonment, assault with a stun gun, assault with a deadly weapon and other gun charges. And to add insult to injury, Justin Moore was not charged. The DA cites a lack of evidence.

None of this matters though. Justice WAS served. Mr. Moore will think long and hard about sending his tiny genitalia pics to little girls again, and Mr. Atwood had the satisfaction of seeing him squirm. Some jail time would be worth it, I think. My hats off to you William Atwood – for having the guts and the extremely bad judgement to do what fathers across the nation, nay, the world, would love to do.


  1. lazlo45 says:

    Interestingly enough, a window peeper was caught by a father in a small town not far from us. The paper reported that the man gave the deputies 5 minutes to come arrest him, before the father “took care of the situation”. LOL You can bet that there was some gasoline burnt and some tires squealed, because I imagine that the father left doubt in the Sheriff’s Department’s minds that he intended to carry out his threat. LE made it in time, to the perps benefit, and the story ended there. Don’t mess with dad’s and their daughters. We tend to lose our minds.


  2. thinkgoat says:

    When my girls were very little, they said, “the boogie man is outside our window” and I swear to fucking god…had I caught the sick motherfucker, I would have maimed him.

    More on topic – sexting has gotten out of hand. What idiots. Who in their right mind takes those pictures and sends them to all their buddies? I mean, seriously?

    Even though what Mr. Atwood allegedly did was illegal, I don’t blame him one fucking bit.


  3. 16yrvictim says:

    Lack of evidence? They couldn’t hold the pix from the text next to the real thing as proof? Or by the time LE got there, it had shriveled up and disappeared? Score one for Dad’s everywhere!!!


  4. Dexter says:

    William Atwood is an idiot! Plain and simple… A little time in jail Lazlo? Multiple felonies is going get him hard time. You go ahead and keep praising your fallen hero.


  5. Lazlo says:

    I really doubt this guy will receive hard time Dexter. Hopefully, he will draw a sympathetic prosecutor and get probation.

    He acted based on emotion. Never a good thing. But understandable in this case.

    Grow up, take on a mortgage, have some children and I guarantee your perspective will change. It’s easy to have idealistic opinions when you have no responsibility, and can afford to worry only about yourself.


  6. thinkgoat says:

    If Mr. Atwood has no priors, most of his charges will be (or should be) reduced with the minor charges dropped.

    What’s your problem with Atwood, Dexter? Did he catch you trying to diddle his daughter in some manner as well?


  7. Dexter says:

    Lazlo, I am 48 years old with three children of my own. And, a mortgage if that really matters. Unlike you, I am looking at the big picture. He is going to be a felon. As a felon, he will lose most of his rights as an American citizen. He wont be able to vote. He wont be able to keep the twelve guns and two stun guns anymore. He may lose his job depending on what type of work he does and the list will keep going and going. The 17-year-old daughter he was trying to protect will have a felon dad that will most likely serve time and may not be able to pay his mortgage! Not counting the upcoming legal fees.

    How much firepower does one person need? Twelve guns and two stun guns! Sounds like a guy that wanted an excuse to try them out on someone… Unfortunately, this idiot 23 year old gave him a reason. Nonetheless, William has made his bed, screwed up his life and his family will ultimately be the ones that suffer.

    I wonder what has done more damage to his daughter. The picture of the guy’s package or, the ongoing misery William has caused. To me, any jail time is hard time. We will see what happens. Probation would be good but the district attorney’s office on Wednesday charged him with making criminal threats, false imprisonment, assault with a stun gun, assault with a deadly weapon and other gun charges. Serious stuff!

    Thinkgoat, I am not condoning Justin Moore “The Flasher” in any way. I think he should get his just deserve. Maybe he already did don’t know to what extent is deserved justice. I do know William Atwood Sr. has served it up and will ultimately pay dear for it.


  8. Lazlo says:

    A very well reasoned response Dexter. I had you pigeon-holed wrong. You are just a liberal.

    I hope I was able to convey that I thought this man had used very poor judgement. He was a hot-head unable to control his primal urges of instant revenge. And yes – he is my hero. Much as are those in films who are able to do the things we wish we could do, but common sense prevents us.

    What makes this story so unfair to me is that the DA’s office and law-enforcement laid down on the job when it came to the root of the problem, then come out throwing the book when Joe Citizen does their job for them. This complaint should have been followed up on immediately, with plenty of communication with the victim’s father, and things would have never progressed as far as they did. But we both know that this case was given a very low priority, and probably filed with no action whatsoever.

    The fact that the complaint against Justin was ignored due to no evidence is a crock as well. The records are there. All it takes is the will to seek them out. These assholes in the justice branch are still looking at this as a prank, and doing nothing, even after this incident. At the very least arrest this freak and register him as a sex offender. Let the world know what he his idea of fun is. Stop handling these future rapists with kids gloves, and then reacting with shock and horror when they do something really sick.

    As to your comment about the guns. I have many friends that own fire arms. Lots of fire arms. I don’t own guns myself, but I enjoy talking with them about their interests.Each weapon has a specific purpose for most, but there are also enthusiasts who collect rare or powerful examples as a hobby. They are not itching to use them on a person. It is the very rare gun-owner that is the rabid dog the leftists like to throw up as their poster child for gun control.

    And any passing student of early American history knows that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms had nothing to do with hunting or sportsmanship. It was written to prevent tyranny originating from our own government. The founders considered an armed citizenry to be the major obstacle to an oppressive regime. It was key in preserving the freedoms our new country had bled for while casting off the stifling yoke of England and continental Europe.

    So the number of guns William had is immaterial. It only becomes an issue when used as fodder in the arguments used by the nanny coddlers, and those afraid of their own shadows.

    And finally, I have to agree with Thinkgoat. These charges will be pleaded down to misdemeanors, resulting in him doing a weekend in jail if that. There are real criminals out there to occupy the courts time.

    Once again, it was a great post Dexter. It is a pleasure to disagree with someone who is intelligent and literate.


  9. Dexter says:

    You still have me pigeon-holed wrong. I am a registered Republican and gun owner. I do believe in the right to keep and bear arms. I also know as a gun owner, as your friends do too, there is a time and place to use them. I am not trying to get in the last word in here but the liberal spin needed addressing.


  10. thinkgoat says:

    LMAO Holy shit, Dexter…a registered pug in California? Who’d have known? 😛

    I was raised in a small rural community in the heartland of America. Of course times have changed since fathers met their daughter’s young suitors at the door with a shotgun when 15 minutes had ticked past curfew. The point is, it wasn’t until idiots with shotguns started actually using them on people that law enforcement started frowning upon anyone advertising they’re a father without a sense of humor when it came to “of-age” assholes waving their dick at “underage” daughters. And really, around my old area, I’m sure some fathers (educated even) have set theirs out (guns, not dicks) upon the first visit of their children’s first date. Mine? Fuck, he owned a funeral home. There was nothing like laying a few embalming tools and a corpse around to get my date’s attention. Why he never got arrested and called an idiot was beyond me…

    In all fairness – I will stand and applaud any parent who goes to battle for their children. I may snicker, shake my head, and question their judgement but I’m sick to fucking death of having to spotlight the opposite: parents who don’t give a rat’s ass about their children, mothers who trade their young daughter’s virginity for drugs, and fathers who can’t wait for their new bundles of joy to get home from the hospital so they can fuck them to death. (or wait until the really impressionable years when they run less risk of dying from a perforated colon and instead choose death by suicide). So yeah, a parent willing to protect his daughter in extreme measures is much better than the alternative any day.

    You brought up such a valid point – what did Mr. Atwood do to his family? Hopefully his daughter will learn that life is full of consequences. And hopefully she’ll know how much her father loves her – so much so – he was willing to go to any length to keep the asshats away from her as long as he humanly could.


  11. Lazlo says:

    It begs the question Dexter: As a responsible gun owner, what possessed you to pop off in the fashion of the pinkest of the diaper crowd?

    “How much firepower does one person need? Twelve guns and two stun guns! Sounds like a guy that wanted an excuse to try them out on someone…”

    That is liberal tripe right out of Pelosi-ville. See why I may be confused? When the “conservative” among us start making cracks like that, I fear the time is near when these same “conservatives” will think it reasonable to further restrict gun ownership. And why not throw in a ban on the depiction of weapons in movies and TV programs to boot? It would be a better world if everyone just watched Billie Crystal and Meg Ryan 😛


  12. Steve G. says:

    Lazlo, you start out saying every family man should think like you do, and then when Dexter tells you wrong, you just slap a “liberal” label on him. You like labels, huh? How about “a-hole”?

    Is accountability no longer a conservative value? Atwood got mad and decided to break the law. Okay, fine, he did what he wanted to do, now he pays the price. Don’t suggest special treatment because he’s an angry daddy.

    For my money, Atwood’s behavior isn’t just criminal, it’s cowardly. You want to teach the punk a lesson? Ball up your fist and jack his jaw. But Atwood lured this twerp into coming onto his property unarmed, then pulled a gun on him, bound him, and tortured him. Atwood’s a big guy too, six foot two inches, weighing three-fifty. Man ain’t no hero. Man’s gutless.


  13. Karrie says:

    I don’t necessarily think holding him hostage and stun gunning him was the best course of action but hey, he got his point across right?! Now I’m going out on a limb here and just guessing, but I bet his daughter won’t have many more boyfriends after this unless her father does end up going to prison!


  14. Lazlo says:

    I wear the asshole label proudly Steve. I also have the balls to spell the word ass.

    And I never claimed he should have special treatment. In fact, I am kinda counting on him getting the same treatment that’s doled out to all the other perps. If he has no extensive criminal record it will be a slap on the wrist, and some probation. The hefty charges make great headlines, but have a snowballs chance in hell of making it to trial.

    Call him a coward Steve. I know you would go all MMA on the dude. But I’m guessing coward is not a word that Justin will use within earshot of William. He will be too busy trying to maintain continence.


  15. thinkgoat says:

    “pulled a gun on him, bound him, and tortured him”

    Let me put things into perspective for everyone. A 15-year-old girl’s mother and father kept food from her for a month…ate in front of her. They took towel rods and beat her until the rod bent and part of her scalp came back on it. Why? They caught her drinking out of the toilet. If she ran the shower or faucet, they’d hear that. They beat her until her limbs were so mangled she could no longer walk. They maimed her arms so she couldn’t reach for food.

    Or Kristina for example: her father showed his love by taking a hair straightener and beating her head so badly she had very little scalp left. And when she wanted to lay down after that (because this 4-year-old wasn’t feeling so hot) he used his fist and punched her repeatedly in the face until her zygomatic arch broke. With a sunken eye, a head showing bone, during the night this little girl succumbed to her injuries.

    Or this: a 5-year-old little girl’s father decided he wasn’t getting enough action from his wife and his girlfriends on the side so he took to sodomizing his own daughter one delightful afternoon. She’d scream in pain and he’d cut off another of her stuffed animal’s heads in front of her and exclaim he’d do the same to her siblings and mother if she continued. So she shut the fuck up. She died because, as small of a dick as he must have had…it was too much for the ass of a child and she died from a perforated colon. Happens all the time.

    I can provide hundreds and hundreds of examples such as the ones I just listed. They’re not extreme cases – they happen daily. So before you go off using your California form of “conservatism” let me be the first in line to tell you to get a grip. This fucking idiot wasn’t tortured. The victims in the cases I cited were tortured. This prick was allegedly made to strip down, he was bound so he couldn’t run away from an angry father, and he was stunned. Stupid on Atwood’s part – no one here is going to actually condone illegal activities such as that. The most the pervert is going to suffer from this is a little twitch when he hears an electrical current discharged and perhaps piss his pants.

    Again, what Atwood did was illegal but he didn’t even come close to torturing this fucking idiot.

    And seriously? You’re all wanting to prosecute this to the extent of the law? Try saving that advocacy for real crimes. Start keeping baby rapers behind bars (if you must – I prefer just getting the shit over with – hanging). Prosecute and keep baby beaters behind bars. If these motherfuckers can plead down to a lesser crime and walk out of court with a few rules attached to probation, why the hell can’t Atwood?

    And Steve, before you come on here throwing big terms around like “torture”, make sure you understand what it means.


  16. Lazlo says:

    It’s the new breed of Girlie Man TG. The “Metro-sexual”. All about protecting the deviates of society from “hate” and “changing the societal norms”. Or it could be they enjoy cyber-flashing little girls too.

    I think it is good to have examples of fathers that will go to the extreme. Yep – he did the crime, he does the time. I doubt if he would argue with you. But he sent an object lesson to perverts everywhere that there may be a consequence to their actions beyond having to check in with their P.O. every month and pick up litter for 40 hours.

    What ever happened to the centuries old tradition of fathers stepping up to save the honor of their daughters? Lost with pick up sand-lot games and 50 cent gas I guess.


  17. Steve G. says:

    “It’s the new breed of Girlie Man TG. The “Metro-sexual”. All about protecting the deviates of society from “hate” and “changing the societal norms”. Or it could be they enjoy cyber-flashing little girls too.”

    What the hell you babbling about? You don’t have much use for the truth, do you? Much easier to put words in people’s mouths, isn’t it?


  18. Steve G. says:

    When you got a gun and the other guy doesn’t, it’s pretty easy to act tough.

    I suspect Atwood will be sued to hell and back.


  19. thinkgoat says:

    Yeah, you’re right…Lazlo does tend to use big words – those of us who do a great deal of reading can follow him with ease.

    What “truth” is it exactly that Lazlo has no use for? And while we’re on the subject of truth Steve, why don’t you explain to our “lurkers” out here how you’re related to the story? That kind of levels the playing field.


  20. thinkgoat says:

    Ah, more California justice…sue someone. The underage girl should sue your buddy who can’t keep his cock to himself. Sue for what exactly? Torture? Sue because a father stood up for his daughter? Sue because the idiot was too stupid to keep his pictures to himself? Sue because he wasn’t bright enough to leave the shit well enough alone and not go to Atwood’s meeting? And you’re speaking about accountability? Pffft.

    How exactly are you related to the “victim”?


  21. Steve G. says:

    The truth that neither of you two lovebirds has any use for is that I never said word in defense of Justin Moore. I called him a punk from the get-go and said he should get a boot up his bunghole.

    So, all of Lazlo’s rambling about me sympathizing with that screwhead is just him making stuff up. Same goes for you too.


  22. Steve G. says:

    That’s all you guys can do, isn’t it? Somebody’s not a family man, then they’re a liberal, then they’re a metro-sexual, then they’re related to the victim. You just got a little ball of rhetoric that you unroll, and you look for someone you can straw man by assigning them your little package of predetermined labels and motives regardless of anything they actually say.

    Fact of the matter is, despite how bad you want it to be otherwise, nobody in this thread is the least bit sympathetic to Moore. Like I said to your little friend, like I said from the very start if you had bothered to pay attention, the kid could stand to be slapped around a bit. If Atwood had driven over to Moore’s house with the express intention of stomping him a new cornshoot, I’d sympathize. That’s proper righteous wrath. But his little bushwhacking scheme was pure cowardice. Right sentiment, weak execution.

    Now, please continue to dance around the issue and find some entertaining new way to twist “fight like a man” into a bleeding heart mantra.


  23. lazlo45 says:

    Ok Steve. Just for the sake of argument, let us say that you don’t flash your insignificant manhood around the digital cloud. And, heh,heh, lets assume you have nothing personal against Atwood. We’ll say that your whole point is that Willy is a coward because he didn’t go bare fisted, mano a mano, up against Justin’s head.

    Are a complete fucking idiot? (Rhetorical – no response necessary) Have you no concept of tactics? Do you not get the theory of overwhelming force? Atwood didn’t go charging down there with nothing but a smile because he is not a complete moron. There is no need to cede to an adversary the element of surprise or superior force, nor does one let the enemy chose the ground upon which one fights. Only the very inexperienced, or the very foolish, indulge themselves in such romantic notions. Nope. Old William was pissed, but in that cold and enduring way that surpasses the drooling and simple minded. He planned, and he executed the plan. He didn’t allow this piece of child abusing shit(exposing your cock to an under-age girl is considered child sexual abuse)the privilege of a fair fight. He set out to exact retribution for this gutter-slurping clowns pedophile behavior, and he did it in the most efficient and earth shattering way he could conceive. An axiom that I have come to respect goes – “Age and treachery will always defeat youth and skill”. And the effects of his assault have been recorded for posterity. Justin was “very frightened” and thought he was going to die. In my mind, the very attributes that William sought to invoke. Score!


  24. Krammmer says:

    TG is mine. I lured Lazlo over to my house hog tied and stunned his ass and hung his balls from the handlebars of my bicycle. I rode around that pasture three times before she smelled the blood and looked my way.

    If hell ever freezes over and the gods of war decide it is time I should have a Krammmerette (or if I succeed in knocking a chick out long enough to finish fucking her) my arsenal of firearms will find their way to the hallway by the front door. I have not got a problem with chopping some fucking jerks nuts off with an ax while my 30-06 is aimed prominently at his third eye.

    Now excuse me while I go down a bottle of gin. All this talk of little balls of rhetoric and cornshootin has made my ass bleed just trying to figure out what the fuck it all means.

    Sory about your nuts Laz. They are all dried out now but they sound like those bamboo windchimes. I think I am going to move them to my porch to ward off my new neighbors. That is if they do not fuck me up first bastards


  25. lazlo45 says:

    No sweat Krammer. I wasn’t using them much anyway. If they work to scare off the voo-doo hordes, more power to you!


  26. truth says:

    This is .1 side of the story. THE FAKE SIDE.


  27. trinity says:

    Damn it! The Mr Atwood’s of this world are not the only ones having to defend our daughters honours! Why, I have had a GREAT deal of pleasure doing it for my oldest and for what it matters, have shown my boys how the hell they had better behave when they decide to enter the dating world.

    When the boys started coming around why I met them on the front porch, along with my beautiful and extremely sharp meat cleaver. In telling these young men what I expected from them, I would continue to sharpen my best buddy without taking my icy stare from theirs. To drive the point home, as if I really needed to but having a flare for the dramatic every now and again, I would then slam the meatcleaver into the railing on my front porch. Many times I thought I could actually hear their little willy’s suck back inside them and once I had one piss himself right there. After a few times, the losers decided just not to come calling on my daughter.

    Now to be fair, I have informed my boys that I would be more than happy to lop of their nuts as well. I don’t believe in playing favorites.

    As for Truth, Steve and Dexter….stop your pussy-assed whining, are ya jealous that Atwood didn’t tickle yall’s ivories?


  28. thinkgoat says:

    @ “truth” – it’s the side the media reports. If there’s been a retraction – no one has seen it.


  29. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Truth, if this is not the real story, why don’t you tell us all the “truth”?


  30. truth says:

    This is one side of the story. Moores side. Atwoods side is probably the true one becayse he is an adult. Pedofiles should be locked in prison. Justin is a sick sick man!!!


  31. Kuriko89 says:

    How the fuck was there insufficient evidence???? I would call a picture sufficient. All they had to do was track down his daughters cell phone and find it, or better yet get on Justin’s phone and find it because im sure he didn’t delete it. Fucktards never do. They keep it to laugh at.


  32. Tom says:

    I don’t follow how google thought this article had to do with my search, but I’m glad I found it. This write up along with the comments thread was a joy to read since it actually hits close to home. Fathers and daughters. What a riot.

    Let me make clear where this is coming from: I’m in my 20’s, older than the young man in this story, and I fuck teenage girls. Regularly. Why? They’re fun, they’re easy, and they look good. Why would I not? The red-faced, angry shotgun daddies? I couldn’t be less worried. That’s because these guys are oblivious and, more importantly, I’m not stupid. I certainly don’t knock at the front door and wait patiently with dad while his princess gets ready. Any kid who does that is an asshole. I tell her to come see me, she does it.

    Anyway, I’m getting long-winded. Basically, what amuses me about all this diatribe is what my experience has been with girls living under “tough” fathers and how they describe their home life. And they do. Part of why I do so well with these girls is because I know how to listen and ask the questions they need to be asked. And what’s so absurd about the “vigilant” father figure is that it’s the type that seems most likely to be taking liberties with his child. I’ve had 4 different girls claim to me that they’ve been abused in their homes. Every case, what’s dad like? Yup. An atwood. If you think about it honestly it makes sense. Overcompensation springs from what?

    Thanks for the education, and keep those shotguns ready. Can’t have people getting suspicious right?


  33. Lazlo says:

    Thanks Tom! Law Enforcement loves this kind of “anonymous” admission. All your pertinent connection information is being sent to the appropriate agencies. Way to go smart guy.


  34. thinkgoat says:

    Wow Tom, Thanks for basically stating you’re into statutory rape. Your entire post screams rapist/power trip. Get yourself some help before you find yourself featured right along with the other sick fucks on this page…or others.


  35. Jim says:

    I was just wonder what became of this case did Me Atwood have to do time or has it went to court yet



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