Jarrod Wyatt Got to the Heart of the Matter as his Buddy Kept His Eye on the Floor

Posted: May 26, 2010 by thinkgoat in Crime, Mug Shot, Murder, Torture
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By ThinkGoat

Eureka, California Just how crazy is crazy? This seems to be an ongoing debate in the court system these days when defense attorneys are using the “insanity” plea as a way to get their client a reduced sentence, sentenced to a mental facility, or better yet, acquittal. I really believe anyone who’s committing the majority of these crimes are crazy and should face the same fate to which everyone else is subjected. There have been too many cases “won” under this umbrella and honestly, it just fucking makes me sick. One of my favorite examples is Andrea Yates, the female-type psycho bitch from hell who systematically drowned her 5 children in their bathtub and then laid their dead bodies out for display on a bed. Is that the act of a rational human being? HELL NO. Is she insane? Probably – again, that was not the act of a rational human being. However, I will never believe, in the course of time it took to chase, hunt down, and drown each child, something didn’t snap in that fucked up head of hers that made her say, ‘hey, this is insane”, and like quit at drowning child #3. But now instead of a jail cell, she spends her time sitting in the day room of some “home”, drugged up and happy as a clam away from other women in prison who had to leave their children at home. But then there’s criminals like Jarrod Wyatt, who also did not display the actions of a rational human being as cops charged his home and found him standing naked and bloody on the couch towering over the body of his good friend.

What seemingly started out as an innocent day of sipping some nice tea between a couple of buddies turned a little south as the trip wore on. And although this psilocybin induced mayhem occurred in March, details of the evening’s events have just started filtering out as Jarrod Wyatt (26) begins his pre-trial circus with his defense attorney. A defense strategy that’s going to attempt to show evidence to either reduce the murder charge or better yet – show his client was a little unstable when he performed open-heart-surgery on an alert 21-year-old buddy.

Authorities received what I imagine was quite an excited phone call from Wyatt’s neighbor stating he’d gone to his neighbor’s house to retrieve his dog and witnessed an … odd … sight. His neighbor was standing butt-ass nekkid on the couch covered in what looked like blood.

When authorities stepped through the door I imagine they felt like they were stepping into a totally new and twisted world. Jarrod Wyatt, a known mixed-martial arts fighter had systematically disassembled his buddy the old-fashioned way. Allegedly with a pair of scissors and a knife. I’m interested in knowing what caught their attention first: was it Taylor Powell’s (21) gaping wound in his chest, his half cut-off face, or the eye that was sitting in the middle of the living room floor? Or the crazy mother fucker towering over them all from the couch?

Wyatt told the police he ripped out Taylor’s heart and threw it into the fire. A team of experts, in trying to make some sense out of this whole bloody mess have attempted to describe the sheer difficulty of this procedure. Haven’t they watched any good movies? That shit’s possible when you’re a kung-fu fighter. You use your fingers to penetrate someone’s chest and pull their heart out before they know what’s happened. It takes like 1 second to do. (and I think about 50 edits, a team of make-up and special effects artists) They also indicated several other organs were missing as well but didn’t mention what led them to this conclusion. And damn it, I need to know. Was Taylor’s body abdomen devoid of everything but a pond of blood? And did the other organs go into the fire as well? And who got to pick up the eye? OH, and I also have a need to know if, when the officers and crime scene techs were walking around, did that eye seem to follow their movements? Like in the movies? Don’t these officials and local reporters realize there are some of us out here that have a desire of obtaining the whole picture?

As if the information we have been given isn’t enough: the coroner’s report via the autopsy performed (on what was left of Taylor’s body) indicated he was more than likely aware of what was happening…he was alive and more than likely alert as his heart was being cut and pulled out of his body. Can you even imagine that shit? Again, more questions. Were there defensive wounds? Did Wyatt have injuries from this guy trying to fight back? Or was he tied down to the couch in some manner? Because I can pretty much state without hesitation, it’d take a log chain to hold my ass down on a couch before some drugged-up psycho started harvesting my organs.

Like it will come as any surprise, Jarrod Wyatt was taken into custody but his arraignment was postponed for a few days afterward citing it would take that amount of time before he became lucid. LOL Well, if it were me, I don’t think I’d ever recover from that shit. I’d just want to stay in my happy little world pretending I was having a nice relaxing evening with friends playing the old Hasbro game of Operation. Anything but completely torturing and mutilating another human. Enter insanity plea.

Can they prove this freak had no idea what he was doing was wrong? Can anyone be so completely fucked up they don’t realize peeling someone’s face off, removing an eye, pulling their heart and other organs out and throwing them in a fire is wrong? Even while tripping your ass off? I don’t buy it. I’ve a little experience with psychedelics – not one time did I ever fear one of my college buddies slap-chopping my ass…they were more concerned with spinning a tiny metal disc on a string hanging from a staple…for hours.

Jarrod Wyatt entered a “not guilty” plea to charges of murder, aggravated mayhem and torture.

I can’t imagine having to sit on this jury. It’s impossible to imagine anyone in their right mind could do something such as this – would you find him legally “insane” and send him to a mental institution for “X” number of years? Or would you lean toward finding him guilty of all charges and throw him in the pen? I’m not a defense attorney – but if I were and wanted to make sure my client had a solid insanity plea, I wouldn’t let him get rid of that dead squirrel he’s wearing on top of his head.

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  1. Lazlo says:

    Dead squirrel on his head! OMG, LMFAO!!! What a sick and fucked up story TG! Thank you


  2. Miss Bella says:

    This guy cleaned out a mans body in his own home, what would he try to do to his cell mate in prison.


  3. thinkgoat says:

    I’m thinking it might be worth it to find out, Miss Bella. A sure way of reducing the population in prisons. And wouldn’t you hate to be the unlucky bastard that is going to be his roommate – either in the “home” or in prison? Fortunately for the other inmates though – they’ll put Jarrod in his own little secluded room where he can’t skin anything but hopefully himself.

    Side note: I couldn’t help but remember another California story last year involving an eye. The police responded to a home where a little 4-year-old said, “Daddy ate my eye out” and sure enough, he had. (the other eye was severely damaged)WTF is in their water?


  4. celesbells says:

    And to think all those years ago ( while experimenting …wink wink) I was entertained just by throwing empty beer cans at a ceiling fan that was set on high speed and watching everyone duck for cover !!.. I’m thinking that the “trips ” this new generation gets off on just really isn’t my cup of tea !!


  5. deadmyron says:

    He took ‘playing doctor’ to a whole new level. LOL! Great write-up, TG.


  6. Piggy Q says:

    Why isn’t it “Guilty” by reason of insanity and give him life without posability of parol at least. You don’t just get better from insanity.


  7. Piggy Q says:

    does anyone know what he says his reason was for doing it. I bet the guy slept with psycho boys girlfriend.


  8. thinkgoat says:

    I haven’t seen that he gave a reason – until recently no details of the crime scene were released. And since he’s plead “not guilty”, I’m sure we’ll never know.


  9. Miss Bella says:

    I never thought about him “cutting” down on the prison population, hell they need to do something so why not…Is it weird that I wanna know how long it took him to do all of this.


  10. thinkgoat says:

    Hahahaaa. I’m right along with you, Miss Bella. I think we need to add that to the list of questions!


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