Corey Conaway May Work in Prison as a Fry Chef

Posted: January 22, 2010 by thinkgoat in Burglary, Murder
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By ThinkGoat

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I don’t know who hasn’t chuckled at the old-time shows and cartoons where the wife takes a frying pan to her husband’s head. I am not sure that the younger generation has been exposed to the hilarity because, for some damn reason, that act alone became frowned upon as it was deemed abuse. Pffft. There’s nothing that says, “I’m sick of your shit” than a skillet-melon meeting. And as I type this out, my smile is quickly wiped off my face as the subject comes back into focus. When I was younger, the image ended with the recipient reaching up to their head rubbing it with a sorry look on their face. Not once did it end with a broken skillet resulted by smashing someone’s head completely in. Damn teenagers these days have no sense of proportion.

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Ellen Walton

Corey Conaway, (18) described as an intelligent young man, seemed to have a lapse of smarts when he allegedly broke in to his neighbor’s house to burglarize it while she was gone. His well laid plan quickly turned to disaster when Ellen Walton (68) returned home. Knowing she’d be able to identify him, (he grew up right behind her house) he supposedly took her frying pan and knocked her to the ground. Then he beat her again. And again. Perhaps another time for good measure thus breaking the skillet and breaking her skull.

This next act is the quintessential example of his intelligence…he packed her belongings into her vehicle and drove off. One would venture to guess that he was busted pretty quick, right? Not exactly. Although beating someone lifeless with a pan is good enough to earn this fucker a prime spot on Crime Crawlers, it was the rest of the story that secured that position.

10 days. That’s how long Ms. Walton laid dead on her floor and how many days Corey drove her car around Philly. Around their neighborhood. Not only that, he was driving like a moron, calling attention to himself. And hell, the other neighbors recognized the car. So much so, one neighbor marched over to Walton’s house and was pounding on the door while another neighbor was phoning the police thinking the informant was breaking in. Neighbors. Gotta love them.

As the police arrived, they noticed the back door ajar and upon entering, found Ellen’s body. I imagine, had they stood outside for very long, they probably could have smelled her prior to seeing her. Some mighty nasty things happen to a un-embalmed dead body in 10 days. Especially if she had her thermostat set on a warm temperature. That heat would have been constantly running due to a door that was ajar.

Walton’s car was found abandoned with a couple of flat tires. Commander of the Homicide Unit, Capt. James Clark, would not disclose exactly how detectives honed in on Conaway but praised them by calling their detective work “stellar”. Had it not been for a couple of stories I’ve written up lately, taking fingerprints, eye-witness accounts, etc. would seem like shit cops should be doing as it is. It would seem that way. Tis not always the case – so I’d agree.

Intelligence bought this ass 10 days of joy riding and hopefully life without parole in prison if found guilty of murder.

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  1. ravenblackehart says:

    Hopefully when he gets t the Graybar Hotel something else will get stuffed into his purty little mouth.


  2. thinkgoat says:

    Heh, RaVen. That is exactly the first thing I thought of when I found his picture. 😉


  3. How do you think that he picked up the money that was in his mouth? When he broke into his neighbor’s house, he was just short on cash that day — because he had already sucked the neighborhood dry!




  5. ashley says:

    i knew corey very well and till this day still dont think he did it! and you dont no him to be tlkn bout him that way! you only no the stuff you all heard. corey was a sweet kid and would do anything for anyone. honestly i think hes covering up for someone.


  6. thinkgoat says:

    I’m assuming your sweet kid Corey was formally identified by all the people who recognized the dead woman’s car with him driving, don’t you? It’s kind of hard to “cover” for someone when fingerprints are all over the place, don’t you think?

    Look, we get the same shit on here all the time, family and friends of perpetrators saying “you don’t know him”, “he’s so sweet”, “he’d never do anything like this”, blah blah blah. Some of the nicest people have committed some of the most heinous crimes leaving those who knew them shaking their heads in disbelief.

    Any idea when his trial will be or any follow-ups in the news?



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