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By Thinkgoat

Brooklyn, New York These are some serious questions for our female readers: What would you do if you suspected your husband fathered a child with someone else? After the initial beating to a bloody pulp, the crying, the beating to a bloody pulp, the screaming, and the beating to a bloody pulp, do you seek therapy? Just short of performing a Bobbit, do you threaten him with some sort of surgical procedure that will guarantee this sort of thing will never happen again? Or, do you sit down with him and rationally start to plan for the future of his bastard spawn? Really, any one or a number of these reactions are normal and/or would be condoned by me…but when the reaction is “must kill that fetus”, well…that pretty much border lines on ‘that bitch is just crazy’.

Actually, part of Kisha’s plan was well thought out. Cleverly evil if you will. But she obviously was flawed by actually going through with it and not realizing it’s damn near impossible to get away with a crime in today’s world, especially when it involves trying to off someone’s unborn baby.

Quick thinking Kisha, armed with some research skills, decided upon thieving a prescription pad from some unsuspecting doctor. Knowing she had gold in her hands, that crazy woman wrote all kinds of scripts for Vicodin, Percocet, and Valium knowing she could get those puppies filled and make a shit load of money. Ha, not really. She only needed to write out one script and that was for Cytotec – a drug known to induce abortions. (that sure wasn’t known by me) After dropping the prescription off at Kings Pharmacy, she called  Monique Hunter, her husband’s suspected mistress and identified herself as the doctor’s staff member. Something like, ‘get to the pharmacy quickly – there’s a prescription waiting for you that will keep your baby from developing Down’s Syndrome’. And you know? That’s pretty fucking devious…and clever.

Of course, Monique (25) rushed to pick up her meds and immediately dosed herself…then immediately started having stomach cramps. Damned if she didn’t abort that baby boy – 2 months early. And unfortunately for Kisha, the baby lived. Not being in any mood to give up, plan #2 was put into action – this one not so well thought out. It’s got to be pretty tough to think of two well laid plans all aimed at killing an infant. Sure, there are lots of ways to do it but Kisha was a far cry from ordinary. Persuading some poor idiot of a man (oxymoron, I know), he went strolling into the hospital and tried to pass off bottles of a toxic concoction as breast milk for this preemie that had already beaten death once. Fortunately, the hospital staff was paying a smidgen of attention. How often is it that some strange guy comes strolling in saying, “hey, I’ve got some bottles of titty juice for Monique Hunter’s kid”. Yeah, that’s something that happens every day.

Although the authorities are still looking for the patsy that delivered the poison to the hospital, they’ve arrested Kisha Jones (38) on charges of attempted abortion, assault, reckless endangerment, forgery of a medical prescription, possession of a forged instrument and criminal impersonation. Heh, I think that should just about cover it.

Stupid, stupid, crazy assed bitch. She should have just beat the bloody pulp out of her husband Anthony, then gone about her daily business raising their four children with a gimped up spouse. Instead, she’s hopefully going to be spending a very long time getting to know Unique, Monique’s pissed off sisters behind the prison’s bars and maybe, just maybe, Anthony will bring home that new baby boy to meet his siblings. That is if the baby is even his. Something else Kisha forgot to find out for sure.

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  1. SHELLY says:

    There are all kinds of crazy bitches out there, this one takes the cake! You dont kill the baby, you go after the sperm doner! Ugg


  2. Lizard wants to fuck you. That’s gross.


  3. Or maybe she was talking about fucking an actual goat. Bitch has got to get her shit from somewhere…it’s not like people actually wanna hit that. Desperate as I am, I still wouldn’t hit it.


  4. thinkgoat says:

    Well Shelly, she obviously lacked the imagination to pick on someone her own size and decided the unborn baby was a better match.

    Hopefully they’ll push for the maximum sentence on each count against her and she’ll never have a free day for the rest of her life. It’s New York so maybe there’s a chance for that. If it were Florida – well – they see loonies every single day in their court system!

    And Deathstalker. Yeah, thanks man.


  5. The world is full of people whose half assed plans blow up in their faces.


  6. Epic article 🙂 I am definitely looking forward to seeing more 🙂



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