Where’s Your Baby, Jennifer James?

Posted: December 9, 2009 by thinkgoat in Murder
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By Thinkgoat

Montgomery, Alabama I’ve refused a lot of things in my lifetime: refused to try sushi, refused to put a new roll of toilet paper “under” instead of “over”, and refused to let my husband have the last word but never ever have I refused to have any of my babies. By the time 9 months of joy have ticked down, believe me…each and every time I’ve looked forward to that day. Not only for the chance to hold my little bundle of needs but also to see the bones in my ankles with no swelling, being able to roll over in bed without feeling like a beached whale, and thank God, the end of complete strangers feeling the need to walk up and put their grubby hand on my stomach. I don’t know a single woman who’s ever hoped that her pregnancy would last just one more day except for now. Jennifer Nanetta James has to be the only bitch walking this planet who has signed a waiver refusing to have her baby when she visited the doctor’s office and split. Something tells me she had other plans…

Yes, you read that correctly – Jennifer James went to her doctor, was experiencing signs of an immediate delivery and refused to have that baby. But a week later she returned to the same doctor complaining of a cold and was no longer pregnant. The doctor found this a bit curious and I imagine asked her some difficult questions like perhaps, “When did you have your baby?” or “Where did you deliver your baby?” or “Where the fuck is your baby?”

Well, she had a miscarriage. Yeah, at nine months. The doctor bought it too, so much so, he called the police. I can only imagine the difficult questions they had for her: “Did you seek medical attention?” “Where did you go into labor?” “Where the fuck is your baby?” The trauma of the birthing ordeal must have been so great, for Jennifer gathered up her tiny bundle of needs and tossed it in the trash can. I sure hope she washed her hands after handling that biohazard. You can never be too careful.

While police were busy hunting through the landfills, Jennifer busied herself with getting the fuck out of dodge. Two months later, as her picture started to flood the local media in form of a “wanted persons” segment, she finally turned herself into authorities late Thurday/early Friday and now is faced with Capital Murder charges. The “miscarried” baby has never been found.

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  1. absinthe says:

    refused to try sushi? you crazy bitch


  2. FlamingFox says:

    I’m too tired to put two thoughts together, but this bitch??? Well, at least I have an excuse for being stupid. Damn. I can’t believe she went back to the doctor. What a cold-hearted callous cunt! Thank goodness her own stupidity and selfishness led to her arrest. RIP little baby, where ever you may be.


  3. and she’s n ot sayin’ ANYTHING??. Wow this is too much…
    this gurl must have some mental issues.


  4. She look like a crackhead.


  5. Peeperann says:

    Cunt. She should die and be thrown in the trash just like she did to that little miracle God gave her. She’s no kid, you can see that in the pic, why not have the baby, turn it over to the state and let the baby be adopted?

    Rest with God tiny one. I don’t even know if you were a boy or girl, but, you were precious and amazing. You deserved to be loved and taken care of. Jesus will do that for you now.


  6. Jen McMillan says:

    Speechless…I don’t know how any human could be so heartless. Honestly..the fact that she chose to run out on the doc when she was about to give birth..makes me guess she was planning to sell her baby ..which would explain why they haven’t found the child & her insane behavior ..any updates?


  7. invisible says:

    Fc*k Yall Tlkin Bout Her


  8. thinkgoat says:

    What the fuck are you trying to say?


  9. Karrie says:

    Wow.. How sick. How in the heck can someone just throw a baby in the trash. That baby was born alive, more than likely, and for her to just throw it away like garbage is absolutely inhumane.



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