Veronica Deramous Tried to Steal an Unborn Baby FAIL

Posted: December 9, 2009 by scorpiogril in Assault, Attempted Murder, Child Abduction, Theft
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By Scorpiogirl

Suitland, Md 40-year-old Veronica Deramous has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, false imprisonment and other related charges after she apparently tried to hack a baby from its mothers womb.  Veronica had been telling people she was pregnant, although she was not, thus setting the scene for her attempt to get a baby.

Police say Veronica befriended Teka Adams at a homeless shelter and promised her some much-needed baby items.  Teka, most likely in desperate need for these things, followed Veronica home.  Imagine her shock when Veronica and her 17-year-old son tied her up with duck tape and held her in a room.   After a few days of being held captive, Veronica got her nerve up and decided to cut the baby out.  She started hacking on ter tummy with a box cutter but couldn’t take it when Teka started to moan.  She stopped cutting her leaving her abdomen open exposing intestines and placenta.  Teka got her opportunity  when Veronica went to sleep, she escaped the apartment and began beating on the neighbors doors until someone called the Police.  Teka was given an emergency C-section and now has a little girl she named Miracle Sky.


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  1. thinkgoat says:

    Jesus, what a twisted tale. I hope Veronica hears those moans every day for the rest of her life behind those cold steel bars. Perhaps she’s too young or never paid attention to the Manson Murders…she didn’t take the blood and write PIG on the door…


  2. Lazlo says:

    You knock them on the head first! DUH!


  3. thinkgoat says:

    Hahahahaaaa, Lazlo. You’re right…


  4. msbella2006 says:

    That’s so disturbing.



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