This Is Why Some Folks Believe in Forced Sterilization

Posted: December 8, 2009 by scorpiogril in Child Abuse
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By Scorpiogirl

New Port Richey, Florida Meet Keisha Young.  She has apparently spent her adult life being too loaded to remember to take her birth control pills.  I mean hey, why take a pill that doesn’t get you high right?

She has given birth four times.  The first three children were removed at birth because she didn’t forget to get loaded before going into labor.  All three tested positive for drugs when born and didn’t go home with dear Mommy.  She somehow was able to bring baby number four home but was apparently still good at remembering to get high.  She just happened to take a bit more than she should have and left her little one to fend for himself.  She was found  overdosed, along with another person, and her last memory was of putting her one year old in the crib thirteen hours prior.  The child has been removed and Mommy faces charges of neglect. At the hospital, Young’s explanation to staffers was that she was simply trying to “get high.” The child was unharmed, thankfully, but can I get a big round of “tie this worthless bitche’s tubes”?


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  1. thinkgoat says:

    Welcome to the front page Scorpiogirl! Thanks for the write-up.

    “A 30-year-old woman who survived a drug overdose last month has been charged with child neglect.

    Keisha Young told authorities that she consumed five 10-milligram Valium pills, one 10-milligram methadone tablet and six Keystone Light beers”

    Hahahahaaa that Keystone will get you each and every time.

    What the hell are these people thinking? Getting so fucked up to the point of almost dying with an infant in the house? If you want to kill yourself, do it while your children are elsewhere…


  2. this is terrible! she surely doesnt deserve reproductive organs…


  3. Peeperann says:

    Hey ScorpioGirl!! Welcome!! So happy you’re here and great write up!!

    And i’m raising my hand on the round of forced sterilization. Thank God the baby is ok. This worthless POS just needs to have her uterus yanked out and left to get high enough to leave this world.



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