Deangelo Veus Threw His Mother’s Caged Dogs into Lake

Posted: December 8, 2009 by thinkgoat in Animal Cruelty
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By Thinkgoat

Pampano Beach, Florida There’s not a lot of preface to this fucker’s story other than some people are just plain evil. Deangelo, a 29-year-old spoiled rotten brat, got in a little spat with his momma. That’s right – damn near 30-years-old and fighting with the very woman who raised him. Being the grateful son he is, instead of acting his age and merely walking away from the argument like the majority of adults would do, he decided to plot revenge. But it’s exactly what he did that has the authorities breathing down his neck and the rest of us disgusted…

A witness called the police around 10 in the morning stating he just saw some crazy guy heading to the lake with a couple of cages and threw them in. It just so happened the crates were occupied with his mother’s two dogs…a terrier mix and a pregnant miniature pinscher. An animal control officer (who consequently was a diver as well) dove into the water and was able to retrieve the cages from about 15 feet of water. Unfortunately, the pregnant dog drowned.

People who torture children and small animals can rot in hell in my opinion. It takes a big person to act upon something so defenseless.

It’s generally the norm for someone with this propensity, to start out torturing animals and then escalate. Deangelo, however, is no stranger to the system. With this arrest, he celebrated his 18th mug shot being entered into the system. At least he’s consistent there.

Florida Department of Corrections’ records show Deangelo Veus spent 19 months in prison for robbery, carrying a concealed firearm and felony driving with a suspended license. Now, if convicted, he’ll have two counts of animal cruelty to his resume. Congrats asshat.

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  1. FlamingFox says:

    Oh, how I wish I could give asshats like this a good thunk on the head and a spork in the throat! Repeatedly! Unfortunately, he will never get what he really deserves for torturing and killing those dogs. It’s stories like this one that really piss me off!


  2. sandysays1 says:

    Seems as if some folks just aren’t worth the oxygen they consume.


  3. SHELLY says:

    Id like to put that dick in a cage and drop him in the water just long enough that he would feel like his chest was gonna explode, bring him up for a nice breath of air and do it again….and leave him!


  4. his poor momma! i have pets and if something happened to Kula or Kela i would die!

    this cretin deserves the needle even if they ARE only dogs…


  5. Peeperann says:

    People who torture children and small animals can rot in hell in my opinion.”

    Amen to that. And of course you’re right. Pretty much all serial killers and rapist’s started out torturing bugs and animals. Who wants to lay bets we’ll see him again soon for something much worse.



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