Christopher Sharpe Isn’t So Sharp

Posted: November 24, 2009 by thinkgoat in Crime, Murder
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Christopher Sharpe

By Thinkgoat

Boca Raton, Florida Any news clip that starts with, “He had nailed and duct-taped blankets to the windows and set the air conditioner on high in attempts to conceal the body decaying…” is going to one that grabs my attention. This particular tale seemed to grow stranger by the paragraph. And I’m afraid to admit, if it appeared strange to me, the rest of you are really going to enjoy it. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to Christopher Sharpe (49) and his ex-girlfriend, Pamela Powers (46).

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Pamela Powers

Pamela is said to have lived a life of glamour. Once a Playboy model, she was exposed to a life of hobnobbing with some celebrities. How the fuck she ran across Christopher is a mind-bender. I believe it’s safe to say the last years of her life didn’t go so well. She and Christopher lived together off and on – and I imagine the “off” times more than likely followed them beating the shit out of each other which has been documented with the numerous arrests they both shared for battery. At least they shared in the responsibility.

I think it’s also safe to say they were in the “off” cycle of their relationship around Halloween. That’s when her roommate last saw her – as she left their place to attend a party. He called the police a couple of weeks later to report a concern and hesitated that long because he thought she had either decided to go on a vacation or had hooked back up with her old ass beau.

The cops went to Christopher’s house and knocked upon the door but he wasn’t gonna have any company at that time I guess. He was kind of busy watching Pamela rot on the floor. It was shortly before midnight the following evening that police executed a search warrant and broke into the house. There they found Christopher asleep on the couch and I imagine a bit surprised. Especially when they found a 2 1/2-week rotting naked body smelling to high heaven melting onto other surfaces.

Police said Sharpe appeared puzzled about her body there doing all sorts of funky things and stated he must have been in a black-out. “He said that in his mind, there was no way he could do anything like this.” Although it’s a stretch and a big one at that, say he stabbed her numerous times (which is what the preliminary accounts state), wouldn’t that smell bring him straight out of a black out at some point in time? I mean, come on…that fucking stinks like nothing you’ve ever smelled. Surely you’ve smelled what a dead mouse is like…they’re tiny. Compound that smell and you’ll be on the same page as me.

I think the most bizarre aspect of this story is the great lengths he went through to try to control the smell…in a black out mind you. He nailed and taped blankets over the windows, cranked the AC, and get this: he lathered her smelly corpse with air fresheners and baby powder. Oh. Hell. Yes. That’s some serious black-out brain power happening there, folks.

Needless to say, Christopher was so busted. For murder. No shit.

Wonder what scents he tried…

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  1. twisted terrors says:

    Congratulations on getting this site up and running. excellent story! Love the sarcasm!


  2. FlamingFox says:

    [quote]Wonder what scents he tried…[/quote]

    I’m gonna go with Pine Scent. It gives the room a living/earthly smell.


  3. scorpiogirl says:

    heya, having issues



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