Angel Miguel Perez

Posted: November 24, 2009 by dawn in Crime, Missing Persons
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Angel Miguel Perez

By Twisted Terrors

Charleston, SC– If you are a mother or about to be a mother, I really hope you read this article. If you are a mother then you know how tempting it is to think “I’m just going to run in and do this, it will only take a second” and leave your baby resting in his carseat. It makes things so much more convenient for us and the baby won’t be interrupted from his blissful slumber. But while we are thinking these thoughts, somehow we fail to think about in those seconds the many things that can go wrong.

In the case of Angel Miguel Perez, something did go horribly wrong. Is started out pretty normal for Angel’s mother on Monday. She did all the normal stuff all us mothers do, such as doctors appointments, shopping, etc. She had one more stop to make before she would be finished. She needed to run in the post office to buy some stamps. She decided to leave little Angel in the car and left the car running all the doors were locked except the driver’s door. When she came out of the post office, little Angel was missing.

A witness reported seeing a heavyset black woman, believed to be in her mid 20’s “that was sort of running across the parking lot of the post office to a nearby church parking lot with a child in hand”. The witness described the suspects car as a silver or grey four door compact car with a rear spoiler. The suspect is being described as 5’1″ tall and about 175 pounds, wearing a blue and white striped shirt.


  1. FlamingFox says:

    This is one of the many nightmares every mother fears. I hope they find this baby soon. I like the way you wrote this up. How a simple decision can change your life. Truly heartbreaking!


  2. twisted terrors says:

    Thank you flaming fox! I also think it is really heartbreaking!



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