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New Yorker Levi Aron Arrested After Missing Boy, Leiby Kletzky, is Found Dismembered and Frozen in Aron’s Refrigerator


8-year-old Leiby Kletzky

By LadyJustice

Brooklyn, New York-The search for 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky was finally brought to an end early this morning. Police tracked down a man that they saw talking to him in a grainy surveillance tape just before he disappeared. That man turned out to be Levi Aron and when they asked him where the child was he nodded toward his kitchen. There the investigators discovered parts of the boy’s body in his refrigerator, bloody knives, a bloody cutting board, and lots of blood but that wasn’t the end of the story. (more…)

Marie Tooker had them Snookered

Marie at a Gala

Marie at a Gala

By NotABreed

What people used to say about Marie Tooker in 2007:

“Ms. Marie Tooker is the founder of Abbess Farms and the Abbess Foundation. She is a philanthropist in the truest sense of the word. She is dedicated to providing a stable environment for children and for the homeless. Her vision is to create a permanent legacy for future generations of young people in need by preparing them to be active, responsible and productive members of society. Marie Tooker is an active parent and very much dedicated to the preservation of the family.  (1)


Jodi Gilbert “Nails” Her Boyfriend

By Athena

Jamestown, N.Y. A big, white two story house with beautiful red shutters on all the windows, a huge back yard with a white picket fence, and a perfect couple who never argue. Now picture the complete opposite and what do you get? Jodi Gilbert and her boyfriend, whom she allegedly struck in the forehead with a Stanley Hammer Tacker (a Carpenter Stapler). (more…)

Aaron Iacono Proves He Not Only Has One, But Is One

By ThinkGoat

Lyons, New York Crying babies. It happens. It frays the nerves of every parent to the point of locking oneself in the closet with a fifth of grain alcohol and a Widespread Panic cd. That’s only as a last resort though. Every parent goes through the litany of things to check: Is the baby hungry? Nope. Won’t take tit. Wet? Another wasted diaper. Cold? Wrap it up. Hot? Do the opposite. Does this screaming lung-sac have gas? Walk, rock, pat, and gently bounce him. Seriously, these are just a few tricks of the trade that anyone with an ounce of brain matter can come up with – but – there is a rapidly increasing breed of stupid that thinks the only way to silence a crying baby is to teach her a lesson:  inflict pain. Unless you’re really good at this technique it almost always increases the intensity of the cries. But this breed of stupid is perfecting things. They can quiet this whaling midget with a couple good blows to the head, a little sip of Methadone, trying to stick the baby into the drywall through tremendous force, etc. But our new asshat, Aaron Iacono decided to reenact a scene from Harry Potter’s “Goblet of Fire” perhaps wondering if his little bundle of joy’s screams could be transformed to the beautiful mermaid’s song while under water. (more…)

C.J. Jones – From Young Man To Monster In a Matter of Minutes

By ThinkGoat

Port Richmond, Staten Island, New York C.J. Jones was once the “man of the house”, caring for his younger siblings in an attempt to assist his mother who worked as a security guard at Macy’s. Friends and family state C.J. was a troublemaker when he was younger but that he’d grown out of it. It now seems as though that wasn’t exactly the case – C.J. may have just suppressed whatever issues he had brewing deep inside. And the warning signs he exhibited weren’t exactly ignored but rather may not have been taken as seriously as they should have been. Now it’s too late. The actions of this 14-year-old “man of the house” have now resonated across the country and left a trail of blood and embers in his wake. (more…)

Text Harassment Against John Noel. May Others Follow

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By Thinkgoat

Brocton, New York Chautauqua County will hopefully be lauded as paving the way for victims. As it was, the only course of action for a victim to quit receiving harassing phone calls and text messages has been to incur financial burdens and a hell of a lot of hassle by changing their phone number. With cyber bullying, it’s easy to block the user who’s so pathetic and attempts to fill their useless life by harassing others. But now that law enforcement is stepping up the game, these scum are being busted. (more…)

What Methods Would Kisha Jones Use to Kill That Unborn Baby?

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By Thinkgoat

Brooklyn, New York These are some serious questions for our female readers: What would you do if you suspected your husband fathered a child with someone else? After the initial beating to a bloody pulp, the crying, the beating to a bloody pulp, the screaming, and the beating to a bloody pulp, do you seek therapy? Just short of performing a Bobbit, do you threaten him with some sort of surgical procedure that will guarantee this sort of thing will never happen again? Or, do you sit down with him and rationally start to plan for the future of his bastard spawn? Really, any one or a number of these reactions are normal and/or would be condoned by me…but when the reaction is “must kill that fetus”, well…that pretty much border lines on ‘that bitch is just crazy’. (more…)


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