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Armand Pacher Gets Arrested for Sexing-Up Christie Brinkley

By ThinkGoat

Miami, Florida It’s not often a regular old insurance executive from Florida gets to hook-up with Supermodel Christie Brinkley and it’s not unusual for this sort of news to hit the wires. I mean, she’s been through 4 marriages and 4 divorces, she’s still in great shape – inquiring minds with a finger on the pulse of entertainment news jump on these stories. Especially when there are little tid-bits of very personal details revealed such as: ¬†“She doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much when we have sex.” “Maybe it is because I haven’t been as energetic lately, and that’s why she’s not enjoying it.” Poor guy. But why tell this shit to the¬†veterinary worker? (more…)

Byron Jordan Was Only Horsing Around

By ThinkGoat

Covington, Georgia is a town of around 12,000 – the Newton County seat. According to the 2000 census (man will I be glad when all that shit is updated – a lot can change in ten years but let’s assume things are basically as the statistics state they are): Covington is made up of 51% white, 45% black, 40% married couples living together, 23% female head-of-household with no husband present, 31.8% “non-family” households. Those numbers add up to this: not a whole hell of a lot of “action” in the partner market. The women far out-numbered the men in Covington back in 2000, for every 100 women, there were 88.5 men. I’m perplexed. How the fuck is there .5 of a man? Did someone test positive for the “Y” chromosome but lacked the physical male attributes? Let’s hope Mr. .5 was still around during this census because I think I just found someone who’ll partner up with him to round that number down – that is if the owner of the horse farm ever catches him near his pasture again. (more…)

For Dovie Kerner – Breaking Up Is Herd To Do

By ThinkGoat

Clymer,¬†Pennsylvania If this doesn’t make your “what the fuck” meter tremble and break, there isn’t much hope anything else will. I respect the work that is performed by those working for the Humane Society. I really do. I hate the commercials and programs that show pictures of injured, neglected, and abused pets. I cannot imagine working with those animals on a daily basis – animals that have no voice – animals that cannot say, “no, I don’t want to sex it up with that. Not her. Not again.” (more…)


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