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Aggravated Battery

Roxanne Jeskey Got a Little Crazy With The Pliers, The Box Cutter, and the Plastic Ball Bat


By ThinkGoat

Bangor, Maine  I know there are some extremely jealous married women out there, especially when it comes to any “ex” their husband may have. At one time, prior to being married, Mr. Goat called me by his ex’s name. I stopped in my tracks, turned around, and gave him one of those “What the…” looks and as the realization of what had happened settled into that sometimes confusing head of his, he explained how it should be taken as a compliment. Fourteen years later, I’m still processing that statement. My point is: I didn’t beat him to a bloody pulp over the mention of her name, I didn’t maim him after running into her at some store. No. I save those feelings of rage for leaving cabinet doors open, toilet seat lids up, and grape jelly smeared across the counter-top – those daily reminders that some men are just brain damaged. Not once has jealousy sent me into a tailspin to where I’d take a plastic ball bat and ram it through his ballsack to his guts.

The same cannot be said for Roxanne Jeskey, the 48-year-old crazy bitch who’s now accused of the torture and death of her husband because of a phone call between he and his ex.  (more…)

Heather Ator Finds Herself a New Chew Toy

By ThinkGoat

Pittsfield, Illinois Some children are just dealt a shitty hand from the get-go. When some children should be off playing with other children, riding their bikes, climbing trees, they’re left having to worry about raising their parents. When some toddlers should be learning to walk, learning to talk, getting weaned from a bottle or pacifier, they’re instead having to teach their parents lessons on behavioral issues like: it’s not nice to bite. And society doesn’t look fondly on any parent who can’t seem to recognize their own need for a chew toy and instead uses the flesh of their children to satisfy the urge to gnaw. (more…)

Amy Hager Acts Like a Cute Little Monkey in the Zoo

By ThinkGoat

Manatee, Florida Domestic disputes have to be a major pain in the ass for cops. I mean, how the hell does one go about sorting the “he said” “she said” shit out? Most generally the cops arrive and they’ve just walked into a situation where the woman is in hysterics and the man indignant. But every so often there is the case where it’s quite apparent the woman is the shit-stirrer and the husband/boyfriend has simply had enough and calls the cops to get the crazy cat out of his face. Such was the case with Amy Hager and her adoring husband. I’m left wondering if police got a warning from Mr. Hager: “Watch out, she’s got a shitty attitude”. (more…)

William Atwood Sr. Has a Shocking Discussion

By Lazlo

Temecula, California I’ll admit to being prone to moral outrage on a daily basis. I turn on the BBC news broadcast on PBS simply to yell at the television. I have a definite idea about what is right and wrong, and it seems that modern society slips further away from my ideals with every passing season. Where is John Wayne when you need him?

I came across this gem while perusing one of my favorite news sites, and my righteous anger indicator went off the chart. A man, and I am assuming a good man, has landed himself in a world of trouble for letting his anger to override his better judgement. William Atwood Sr. has been charged with multiple felonies for doling out a bit of justice to a 23-year-old man that sent pictures of his cock to William’s teen-aged daughter. (more…)

The Neal Clan Ends the Debate

By Lazlo

Collinsville, Illinois There are three things in this world that inspire irrational emotional outbursts: love, religion, and money. Add alcohol to any of these three, and the results are unpredictable. But you can bet that nothing good can come of it.

Take love for instance. Two people, deeply in love, can become maddened row-house street-fighters with the proper application of grape or grain – sometimes causing irreparable harm both to themselves and to their relationship. (Nah – when he gets out of jail she’ll claim she lurves him, take him back, and they’ll wait for the next round). (more…)

Cozy Up To Fania Robinson. I Dare You.

By ThinkGoat

Zephyrhillis, Florida How could I possibly turn away from this picture? What do you hear while you gaze upon this fine specimen of a woman? I hear, “Shit, what the fuck are you looking at, bitch?” And, uncharacteristically for me, had I met that face and that question in person, I would have melted my shoes to the pavement in my mad dash to get the hell away from her. There are some people whom you can tell just aren’t right by looking at them. Fania Robinson is one. (more…)


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